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  1. wtfkaijaa

    wtfkaijaaDag sedan

    i was hoping he would hit harry’s belend lol🕉

  2. Ps Now

    Ps Now9 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  3. Matthew Shireling

    Matthew Shireling11 dagar sedan

    But they scratched on the 8 ball... they lose lol

  4. jodh hdhg

    jodh hdhg12 dagar sedan


  5. Robert Blunt

    Robert Blunt15 dagar sedan

    Yellow lost.

  6. Robert Blunt

    Robert Blunt15 dagar sedan

    cant wax a deodorized armpit lol

  7. John kirby Ragaas

    John kirby Ragaas17 dagar sedan

    7:01 Simon sacrifice his hair for jj I ship with them

  8. JohnX

    JohnX18 dagar sedan

    “Whip it to the- uagh uaagh uagh ugagh”

  9. Cole Evers

    Cole Evers18 dagar sedan

    how they aren't breathing fire after that chip is beyond me

  10. TheAkiDragon Slayer

    TheAkiDragon Slayer19 dagar sedan

    Let’s just notice how the yellow team should’ve lost

  11. godly

    godly19 dagar sedan

    Kinda sus how tobi wanted to take it

  12. help me

    help me22 dagar sedan

    22:01 wtf happened here

  13. jerry

    jerry23 dagar sedan

    27:09 Some DaVinci Drawing in the Wheel.

  14. SayfRG2874

    SayfRG287424 dagar sedan

    When your crush roasts someone but it's lame 0:08

  15. E Kennedy

    E Kennedy26 dagar sedan

    Damn, didn't know JJ said "Wakanda Forever" in this fam😢

  16. Freddie Cox

    Freddie Cox29 dagar sedan

    Vikk potting the white ball with a dunk is what brings me back to this video another 1000 times 🤣🤣🤣🤣(*^◯^*)

  17. Alfie Middleton

    Alfie MiddletonMånad sedan

    15:07 vik turns into the start of that crazy frog song

  18. Sergio Marquez

    Sergio MarquezMånad sedan

    Bruhh ethan's reaction had me dying at 5:55

  19. Ezekiel Bravo

    Ezekiel BravoMånad sedan

    tobi a real g he stopped the filming and they had to use the other camera frame

  20. Gulinder Oberoi

    Gulinder OberoiMånad sedan

    Harry ❤️

  21. Jovani Zuniga

    Jovani ZunigaMånad sedan

    Man I would’ve eaten that chip like nothing I’m just built different😈

  22. Phantom Reloaded A-Z

    Phantom Reloaded A-ZMånad sedan

    16:43 haha, laughed so hard.

  23. DoWhatIWant

    DoWhatIWantMånad sedan

    Harry after that first line 0:08

  24. Cora Noel

    Cora NoelMånad sedan

    18:34 Harry in the background is killing me. Someone for the love of god save that boy

  25. GeneralMcSealy

    GeneralMcSealyMånad sedan

    I wonder if anyone ever got the hair

  26. No Tea

    No TeaMånad sedan

    Walking on legos don't even hurt wtf

  27. its wainc3

    its wainc3Månad sedan

    jj eatin chip ethan thats demo 2020 sidemen on hot ones

  28. Bartek P

    Bartek PMånad sedan

    8:45 well that didn't age well :(

  29. thomas webster

    thomas websterMånad sedan


  30. IestDerr

    IestDerrMånad sedan


  31. Marcel Carlito

    Marcel CarlitoMånad sedan

    Wakanda forever ✊🏽✊🏽

  32. Ramakrishna Balachandran

    Ramakrishna BalachandranMånad sedan

    It’s ok watching the others getting punished, but jj, that’s next level funny

  33. Kaif Javed

    Kaif JavedMånad sedan

    8:45 ksi said wakanda forever Rip Chadwick Boseman

  34. Harrison Masterson

    Harrison MastersonMånad sedan

    Vikstar drunk is low-key jokes 🤣

  35. Zox Designs

    Zox DesignsMånad sedan

    The Wakanda forever hits different now 😞

  36. Ysless

    YslessMånad sedan

    Why was Josh taking The jar The funniest thing ever.

  37. vivid VZNZ

    vivid VZNZMånad sedan

    when jj said wakanda forever that hit different😔 RIP chadwick boseman

  38. UniqueKing

    UniqueKingMånad sedan

    8:45 damn

  39. Calum Goodwin

    Calum GoodwinMånad sedan

    jj's wakanda forever at 8:45 hits different now 😔

  40. Rishabh Ashok Kumar

    Rishabh Ashok KumarMånad sedan

    shutup fake fan

  41. Glass'oPint

    Glass'oPintMånad sedan

    R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

  42. Skand Shukla

    Skand ShuklaMånad sedan

    Kamal Miah black panther actor died 😔

  43. Kamal Miah

    Kamal MiahMånad sedan

    Me don’t understand ?

  44. Angel Seguinot

    Angel SeguinotMånad sedan

    Rip chadwick

  45. Luan Gashi

    Luan GashiMånad sedan

    This is so much better than punishment basketball

  46. tariel farzali

    tariel farzaliMånad sedan

    Luan Gashi agreed

  47. Damon Prasad

    Damon Prasad2 månader sedan


  48. Vintxge

    Vintxge2 månader sedan

    What candy is Harry eating

  49. Dolly Hodgson

    Dolly Hodgson2 månader sedan

    Ethan: welcome to the punishment pool No one: Harry:woowowokehehekisndveosowjwiwowowowowowo

  50. Isaac Savage

    Isaac Savage2 månader sedan

    Everyone get these geezas to 10 mil subs

  51. Whore

    Whore2 månader sedan

    7:00 9:21 12:10 12:43 20:55 22:07 26:14

  52. Bradley Kater

    Bradley Kater2 månader sedan

    12:20 from there is why Harry and JJ are the biggest of the sideman they really make the videos 100x funnier

  53. Luc A

    Luc A2 månader sedan

    This legit the best sidemen video So underrated


    CRESCENT2 månader sedan

    What's the name of the intro song?

  55. Jay Brogdon

    Jay Brogdon2 månader sedan

    22:01 when someone touches my food.

  56. 50_Sukirth Shivakumar

    50_Sukirth Shivakumar2 månader sedan

    Simon looks like MGK 😂

  57. Granga Dang

    Granga Dang2 månader sedan


  58. Dylan Cushing

    Dylan Cushing2 månader sedan

    if i were to show someone the sidemen for the first time, this would be the video

  59. Kenneth Guajardo

    Kenneth Guajardo2 månader sedan

    Simón when vik gets pies simons says he is one of us 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  60. Emir hasif

    Emir hasif2 månader sedan

    Use caption at 12:10

  61. Zeezee Gils

    Zeezee Gils2 månader sedan

    Tobi is the nicest friend in the whole group, shows it so much throughout this video

  62. Exequiel Sendon

    Exequiel Sendon2 månader sedan

    The intro killed me

  63. Aerial_Beam 147

    Aerial_Beam 1472 månader sedan

    No one mentions any merch brand in a video apart from simon

  64. RJC

    RJC2 månader sedan

    funny how simon gets to his knees as soon as he sees Harry's balls

  65. Azur Hadžić

    Azur Hadžić2 månader sedan

    26:23 how can he choose the hole. Shouldn’t black go into the hole where the previous ball went

  66. Rizzy

    Rizzy2 månader sedan


  67. Boop the boop

    Boop the boop2 månader sedan

    Harry just thought it was winter in the house and who is watching this in quarantine

  68. Tom Clague

    Tom Clague2 månader sedan

    Nobody: Everyone I’m the comments: EUURGHHH VIK MORE LIKE SHANNON BRIGSS

  69. Tom Clague

    Tom Clague2 månader sedan

    Just scroll down man

  70. Marcel Martin

    Marcel Martin2 månader sedan


  71. Mullet Brandon Productions

    Mullet Brandon Productions2 månader sedan

    Vick pulled the “let’s go champ” a couple years early

  72. Joseph Agresta

    Joseph Agresta2 månader sedan

    The wimps didn’t even walk on the legos on a hard floor

  73. Siam Hasnat

    Siam Hasnat2 månader sedan

    is tobi's gag real at 8:11

  74. Solo Does Music

    Solo Does Music2 månader sedan

    8:11 just a time stamp for me

  75. Xx_crimson_zer0 _

    Xx_crimson_zer0 _2 månader sedan

    What jj look like hes about to take Toby....oof

  76. Paresh Jailall

    Paresh Jailall2 månader sedan

    Why never give Vik yo chow the chip He's used to super hot n spicy food

  77. King WolfSoJ

    King WolfSoJ2 månader sedan

    Oh my I’m watching all the sports now cause of recommend

  78. Andro _

    Andro _2 månader sedan

    First 30 secs an JJs bullying Vik

  79. Cool name Right?

    Cool name Right?2 månader sedan

    It’s funny how some of these forfeits are stuff that I like I.e onions

  80. G_ Mars

    G_ Mars2 månader sedan

    anyone else down to see a 2020 version?

  81. Waffle_man 0

    Waffle_man 03 månader sedan


  82. Bailey Vids

    Bailey Vids3 månader sedan

    That is not Harry’s video

  83. Kaustubh Thakur

    Kaustubh Thakur3 månader sedan

    The most underrated sidemen sunday

  84. Julian Ramirez

    Julian Ramirez3 månader sedan

    No one waited for vikk outside just because they waited for Tobi don’t mean they are nice.

  85. Dunny_06

    Dunny_063 månader sedan

    They don't know how to set the pool balls up

  86. The Ikey Flow

    The Ikey Flow3 månader sedan

    I finally found Waldo

  87. Joel Calleja

    Joel Calleja3 månader sedan

    No cap I ate 4 of them chips ate school

  88. SlashThumbSlime

    SlashThumbSlime3 månader sedan

    Harry and JJ dying in the background. 10/10

  89. Haashim Rashid

    Haashim Rashid3 månader sedan

    5:53 who said that 😂

  90. Jay Brogdon

    Jay Brogdon2 månader sedan


  91. MrMonkGaming

    MrMonkGaming3 månader sedan

    Nobody Ethan: “Welcome to sidemen punishment pool”. W2s: “WOAOAaaaHaHaoHaoHOAHooajaHoaHHoahaoah”

  92. MB Empire

    MB Empire3 månader sedan

    Ya kno those chips are the real fucken deal I’ve had a nibble too and I swear to god

  93. FilmCunt

    FilmCunt3 månader sedan

    Who else agrees that this is one of their funniest/best videos

  94. D4RK Sh4rDz

    D4RK Sh4rDz3 månader sedan

    Harry is a gem

  95. Tilly

    Tilly3 månader sedan

    is it just me or it Ethan the best looking of the Sidemen??

  96. King_is_a_qt_

    King_is_a_qt_3 månader sedan


  97. Decay Trillix

    Decay Trillix3 månader sedan

    the way harry said lego

  98. Not Me

    Not Me3 månader sedan


  99. Bruh

    Bruh3 månader sedan

    0:34 oh so that's how communism works

  100. V0L1TUDE

    V0L1TUDE3 månader sedan

    who's voice was that at 16:23

  101. jahid ali

    jahid ali3 månader sedan

    My favourite part 9:46

  102. Zehx

    Zehx4 månader sedan

    The sidemen channel has more subs than Ethan

  103. Tom Parker

    Tom Parker4 månader sedan

    6:01 listen to joshes laugh in 0.25 playback speed

  104. Jay Brogdon

    Jay Brogdon2 månader sedan


  105. danial aqil

    danial aqil4 månader sedan

    19:05 “LET’S GO CHAMP”

  106. shrek wazowski

    shrek wazowski4 månader sedan


  107. Jarrell B

    Jarrell B4 månader sedan

    Why'd harry start screaming? 22:00

  108. solo p0wer

    solo p0wer4 månader sedan

    5:25 jj's face got me crying

  109. Julian Griffiths

    Julian Griffiths4 månader sedan

    24:41 no one: ethan: sounds like goat screaming

  110. Julian Griffiths

    Julian Griffiths4 månader sedan

    my favorite sidemen sunday of all time