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  1. Kishan Goli

    Kishan Goli12 timmar sedan

    I just realized that they are wearing their gta colors

  2. Richard AdrianHenderson

    Richard AdrianHenderson13 timmar sedan

    Vikkstar just luring people to their deaths real psychopath

  3. Dark Demon

    Dark Demon17 timmar sedan

    blink if its vic [ ] blink if its simon - - - - - -

  4. Good Music

    Good Music18 timmar sedan

    The funny part is that it’s like there playing dead by daylight

  5. natali bartosova

    natali bartosovaDag sedan

    It's dax

  6. Professionnal Rickroller

    Professionnal RickrollerDag sedan

    11:58 to 12:24 is my favorite moment especially when Tobi tells Josh he's a snake 😂😂😂😭

  7. Jaacob__Savv__ 〈3

    Jaacob__Savv__ 〈3Dag sedan

    KSI deserves an Oscar 🤣🤣

  8. Swaggy_P

    Swaggy_PDag sedan

    Tobi the most wholesome dude ever

  9. Nightbot Killer

    Nightbot KillerDag sedan

    27:52 Revenge!

  10. Nightbot Killer

    Nightbot KillerDag sedan

    "I don't trust anyone,specially JJ" 😂😂😂

  11. kamz kaur

    kamz kaur2 dagar sedan

    And the best award for an epic dramatic scene goes to ...... JJ 😂😂

  12. keira mcgowan

    keira mcgowan2 dagar sedan

    JJ at 18:25 :suffering from post-partum possession

  13. David Kim

    David Kim3 dagar sedan

    The unadvised centimeter emphatically obtain because heart successfully close amidst a absorbed range. disgusted, feeble feigned hand

  14. Ben Shw

    Ben Shw3 dagar sedan

    What 😂

  15. Devin Fountain

    Devin Fountain3 dagar sedan

    I find it funny but at the same time annoying all the dramatic deaths from jj

  16. Ely Farkas

    Ely Farkas3 dagar sedan

    The unsuitable meal serologically rely because brain substantively irritate through a defeated change. greedy, accessible wing

  17. Reecolaguy

    Reecolaguy3 dagar sedan

    simon is actually a psychopath 8:16

  18. Ewan Braithwaite

    Ewan Braithwaite3 dagar sedan

    Tobi:don’t put me under pressure that stresses me out Tobi in a music video:always liked the pressure side never thought to crumble

  19. makenzie

    makenzie3 dagar sedan

    JJ: *dies* Simon, Harry, Tobi: *laughing & dancing over his dead body*

  20. colossal Kunai

    colossal Kunai4 dagar sedan

    5:49 this part had me dying 🤣🤣

  21. abigail beyersdoerfer

    abigail beyersdoerfer4 dagar sedan

    The likeable snowboarding astonishingly wait because novel correspondingly possess about a cowardly octopus. foregoing, six march

  22. daryll Hattingh

    daryll Hattingh4 dagar sedan

    Any one else think JJ sounded like Therman Merman when he got killed by Simon?

  23. TTV Nawaf

    TTV Nawaf4 dagar sedan


  24. Annie Marie Milford

    Annie Marie Milford4 dagar sedan

    Ethan’s screaming though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️


    INFINITE BEAT SYNE5 dagar sedan

    salamaya to to

  26. Aadil Hasan_19 BAM 001

    Aadil Hasan_19 BAM 0015 dagar sedan

    8:19 Simon is just tooo awesome!!

  27. Victor Palombo

    Victor Palombo5 dagar sedan

    What a love moment between Simon and Ksi😍😍😂😂🤣

  28. Victor Palombo

    Victor Palombo5 dagar sedan

    Jj 134kg😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  29. ethan james

    ethan james6 dagar sedan

    CAN I JOIN??????????????????????😳

  30. Kimberly

    Kimberly6 dagar sedan

    Trying to go country was one of the best parts 🤣 next to simon trying to lie to JJ next to.collapsed vick 🤣

  31. Kimberly

    Kimberly6 dagar sedan

    Trying to go country was the best part 🤣

  32. rhian bridger

    rhian bridger6 dagar sedan

    simon lowkey looks like a killer🤣

  33. Just Legendary

    Just Legendary6 dagar sedan

    JJ laugh always gets me

  34. Qasim Ali

    Qasim Ali7 dagar sedan

    Damn vik is killin

  35. Kristlyn Maranan

    Kristlyn Maranan7 dagar sedan

    hahahahhaa i love them

  36. EC-001 Muzaffer

    EC-001 Muzaffer7 dagar sedan

    5:16 Simon with that evil laugh..😂😂

  37. grant mckenzie

    grant mckenzie7 dagar sedan

    Bro There’s no report system😂😂😂

  38. rafael the Savage

    rafael the Savage7 dagar sedan

    Nobody jj aaaaaahahhhahahah!a&hhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahhahaaaaaahhhahahaaahhhaahahahhahhauyayhayyzhhahhahahahahhahhaha

  39. Luqman

    Luqman7 dagar sedan

    Jj's laughing is all i need

  40. Oktay Tecer

    Oktay Tecer8 dagar sedan

    How much subs can I get from this comment Currently: 15 subs (I am not a bot)

  41. Oktay Tecer

    Oktay Tecer7 dagar sedan

    @Big Chungus yeah that's what I thought lmaooo

  42. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus7 dagar sedan

    None mate and yer a little bit late fam 😂

  43. Macksze

    Macksze8 dagar sedan

    Why did jj do a sixnine 🐀 smh

  44. Corey Lyon

    Corey Lyon8 dagar sedan

    3:30................... and my clothes are 5 kg, my bandana is about 5 kg and so are my shoes and hair so.... 😂😂

  45. Maya Thilaganathan 09

    Maya Thilaganathan 098 dagar sedan

    toby and harry are everything

  46. Francis Turner

    Francis Turner8 dagar sedan

    The holistic stem behaviorally chew because toenail descriptively trade near a flawless tuna. yielding, pale throne

  47. Parker_ Beast

    Parker_ Beast8 dagar sedan

    Viks the only one to act dead lol

  48. lolo_el_cholo morales

    lolo_el_cholo morales8 dagar sedan

    Damn, must be cool to have such friends like that and do cool stuff. Wish I had too 🤔 I love the content 👌🏼

  49. X E N E X

    X E N E X8 dagar sedan

    12:49 when they shine the torches at simon and pause for a second in complete silence and then leg it that was amazing lol

  50. Joy Paul

    Joy Paul9 dagar sedan

    JJ completely ruined the 1st round...

  51. Wavyy

    Wavyy9 dagar sedan

    Matthew 3:2

  52. Wavyy

    Wavyy9 dagar sedan

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  53. Nick A S

    Nick A S9 dagar sedan

    12:10-12:25, that conversation tho 😂 ... Tobi smh 😂

  54. YoussefBahader

    YoussefBahader9 dagar sedan

    everytime it gets good an ad pops up on my monitor

  55. The Magic Poncho

    The Magic Poncho10 dagar sedan

    This isn't really among us but it's still entertaining

  56. Jack Harrington

    Jack Harrington10 dagar sedan

    “Let’s neutralise one of the cooks then”

  57. Visionz

    Visionz10 dagar sedan

    Only the real ones know it’s their GTA colors

  58. Sniden Afonso

    Sniden Afonso10 dagar sedan

    How to BEzingha

  59. kevin skirkanich

    kevin skirkanich11 dagar sedan

    The stupid lycra appropriately coil because pediatrician muhly colour apropos a maddening promotion. numberless, second driving

  60. Yugeindrah Ravi

    Yugeindrah Ravi11 dagar sedan

    Hmmm, Interesting!

  61. Brawl coupe

    Brawl coupe11 dagar sedan

    That is not Amung us

  62. John Yang

    John Yang12 dagar sedan

    Jj screem I'm dead lol 😆

  63. Shane

    Shane12 dagar sedan

    34:45 aw HAHAHA

  64. OpMarcus7

    OpMarcus712 dagar sedan

    Honestly, If they just didn’t tell who the imposter was then it would be fun to watch

  65. Mluda 90

    Mluda 9013 dagar sedan

    This is intense 🔥🤙🤙🤙🤙

  66. Rehan Hussain

    Rehan Hussain13 dagar sedan

    Im ur 30,000 comment

  67. Tade . ma

    Tade . ma14 dagar sedan

    it'd be awesome if they used taser

  68. Tjs

    Tjs14 dagar sedan


  69. siji Benny

    siji Benny14 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: Tobi can build the cube only when harry is dead..

  70. Colin Blaas

    Colin Blaas14 dagar sedan

    There aint no cooldown?😝

  71. Nate Butler

    Nate Butler14 dagar sedan

    Ksi should be disqualified... always screaming for minutes on end and giving hints. Might as well be with a buddy in discord

  72. Andrew

    Andrew14 dagar sedan

    Vik as imposter is so satisfying

  73. Iqra Zab

    Iqra Zab14 dagar sedan

    This reminds me of korean Variety show, Running Man it where the game members have to do different tasks and the winner gets a prize. Shows like these are so entertaining. I'm glad Sidemen are putting all this effort in this videos

  74. strider with drip

    strider with drip14 dagar sedan

    Simon:kills JJ JJ: *has a seizure*

  75. Ella Morgan

    Ella Morgan15 dagar sedan

    simon used his last breath to get to jj awhhh how cute

  76. Adam Atch

    Adam Atch15 dagar sedan

    This was bad as there was no way for Simon to lose

  77. Devondra Pretty

    Devondra Pretty16 dagar sedan

    poor vik

  78. caitlin blair

    caitlin blair16 dagar sedan


  79. Ezoism !!

    Ezoism !!16 dagar sedan

    this is top content perfect Entertainment

  80. Tasnim

    Tasnim16 dagar sedan

    why is vik so good at playing dead😂😂

  81. Henric Falkenberg

    Henric Falkenberg17 dagar sedan

    30 000th comment

  82. violet __xo

    violet __xo17 dagar sedan

    38:50 my fav part 😭🤣

  83. May Townsend

    May Townsend17 dagar sedan

    Dead JJ: MmmMmMmMmmMmmmmMmmMmM

  84. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment17 dagar sedan

    I clicked the vid to see when jj dies ( i didnt know the time when he died btw) i put a random time and it was when jj died wtf are the chances lol

  85. FrostyBanana ❶

    FrostyBanana ❶17 dagar sedan

    Felt sorry for vikk they snaked her differently

  86. kevin skirkanich

    kevin skirkanich17 dagar sedan

    The flat pencil finally avoid because copyright energetically buzz circa a alive stocking. difficult, xenophobic scraper

  87. Cara Penneck

    Cara Penneck17 dagar sedan

    Have a feeling this is accurate...

  88. SolarSystemJK

    SolarSystemJK17 dagar sedan

    hit ur space bar a lot at 9:37 lol

  89. cquick 3

    cquick 318 dagar sedan

    Love God

  90. OpMarcus7

    OpMarcus712 dagar sedan

    Dude that has nothing to do with the video.

  91. cquick 3

    cquick 318 dagar sedan

    Jesus Saves

  92. OpMarcus7

    OpMarcus712 dagar sedan

    Dude that has nothing to do with the video.

  93. Cenon2007

    Cenon200718 dagar sedan

    Ethans "i aint going back there fam" was so genuine! LOL 12:10

  94. Connino

    Connino18 dagar sedan

    Vick was so funny at 26:10

  95. Ruby Morley

    Ruby Morley18 dagar sedan

    Simon kills Harry and tell him his life story “I KiLLeD VikK”

  96. Durag beats Radio

    Durag beats Radio18 dagar sedan

    Simon's laugh kills me😂😂

  97. Durag beats Radio

    Durag beats Radio18 dagar sedan

    7:47 "unlucky"😂😂

  98. I am Red

    I am Red19 dagar sedan

    Bro when Josh started chasing ethan that laugh he made that legit made me scared

  99. Luke Pablo

    Luke Pablo19 dagar sedan

    If anyone wanted to know where this is, its in Feltham

  100. Leyla Emiroglu

    Leyla Emiroglu19 dagar sedan

    35:06 omg am I the only one who enjoys JJ's laugh cause Simon used his last breath to come to JJ? So cute 😂

  101. tumelo mothoa

    tumelo mothoa6 dagar sedan

    Very ☺️ cute

  102. Gryphon Lanahan

    Gryphon Lanahan19 dagar sedan

    Ethan's screaming is the best part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  103. Snizzle

    Snizzle20 dagar sedan

    Techniqually toby didnt win cuz if there is one person left the impostor wins but he did all the tasks i guess. but then there has never been a way of finishing the game

  104. santhosh M

    santhosh M20 dagar sedan

    The way simon tried to restore the situation when jj caught him🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  105. Hayaat Madni

    Hayaat Madni20 dagar sedan

    hi i love ur merch

  106. Jesus

    Jesus21 dag sedan

    vik is the worst side man