We tried a new concept of the Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Holiday by doing a Christmas Day version with new rules and new ways to choose the teams. Leave a like for more Holidays in 2020! #SidemenSunday
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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  1. Fluid Edits

    Fluid Edits2 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks that he is not the only one that zerkaa is the riches sideman

  2. FearFull

    FearFull3 timmar sedan

    I actually thought Ethan got run over 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. FearFull

    FearFull3 timmar sedan

    Best video I’ve seen on earth proof me wrong

  4. Shehzad Singh

    Shehzad Singh8 timmar sedan

    I mean Ethan deserves this.

  5. Evie H

    Evie H12 timmar sedan


  6. Humberto Benitez

    Humberto Benitez16 timmar sedan

    1:14:-33-55 amazing absolutely amazing

  7. Ahmed Elsaid

    Ahmed ElsaidDag sedan

    What's that coat that jj had on? it looked super comfy

  8. George Nowacek

    George NowacekDag sedan

    To be fair though

  9. Atban Bin Aslam

    Atban Bin AslamDag sedan

    Bro this clip 8:03 - 8:10 just keeps playing in my head. I have an exam tmr ffs

  10. Shoto

    ShotoDag sedan

    Who else is watching this on october?

  11. Nguyễn H.Linh

    Nguyễn H.LinhDag sedan

    T cười chết mất=)))))

  12. YesLegend

    YesLegendDag sedan

    "Size doesn't matter" -Santa

  13. Oscar Cortez

    Oscar CortezDag sedan

    Ethen was salty

  14. DaBoyQuince

    DaBoyQuinceDag sedan


  15. MattCatt

    MattCattDag sedan

    Honestly the fancy one is just like my house at Christmas but smaller

  16. holy crap

    holy crap2 dagar sedan

    27:43 anybody know the song

  17. holy crap

    holy crap2 dagar sedan

    27:42 anybody know this song

  18. Hey Bro

    Hey Bro2 dagar sedan


  19. holy crap

    holy crap2 dagar sedan

    28:12 anybody know the song harry plays

  20. holy crap

    holy crap2 dagar sedan


  21. holy crap

    holy crap2 dagar sedan


  22. Jeet Malhotra

    Jeet Malhotra2 dagar sedan

    Gets water for desert JJ: Fam this isn't even desert Africa:This is the best gift ever!!!

  23. Matthew Friend

    Matthew Friend2 dagar sedan

    I have that rc car

  24. Bryan Frisco Peraira

    Bryan Frisco Peraira2 dagar sedan

    9:44 vik is simon's and jj's son

  25. Keanen Schroeder

    Keanen Schroeder2 dagar sedan

    1:21:22 absolute PERFECT timing

  26. Filip Hovland

    Filip Hovland2 dagar sedan

    59:53 the face of Simon when Josh asks if he enjoyed his nice food🤣🤣🤣

  27. Bloogiz and the boys

    Bloogiz and the boys3 dagar sedan

    Ethan he got 1 bad and 2 good but at the end he still act like he got the worst day ever

  28. MSTR Raid

    MSTR Raid3 dagar sedan

    I think the thumbnail is messed up lolol

  29. Yastin Morales

    Yastin Morales3 dagar sedan

    watching the sidemen late at night is a risky task bc of how much they yell lmaooo

  30. Fat Man Plays

    Fat Man Plays3 dagar sedan

    It is a tradition to watch this series every week

  31. Medhansh Shetty

    Medhansh Shetty3 dagar sedan

    Ethan doesn't deserve the good stuff, he is too ungrateful

  32. Ciaran

    Ciaran3 dagar sedan

    1:25:14 the origins of bearus

  33. Mo Malo

    Mo Malo4 dagar sedan

    Guys anyone please, what is the tune at 8:08

  34. Slicey slice of a pancake

    Slicey slice of a pancake4 dagar sedan

    Alternative title: Normal Christmas vs My Christmas

  35. Rdnewk 2

    Rdnewk 25 dagar sedan

    Tobi banged that song

  36. Jessica Seamons

    Jessica Seamons5 dagar sedan

    Omg this is when beerus was brought to life

  37. It’s ya Boi

    It’s ya Boi5 dagar sedan

    Bro the sidemen only know England housing England housing is so much better than Americans “ Ethan said the bad house looked like a crack den. They need to do a holiday in america

  38. Ethan Ree

    Ethan Ree5 dagar sedan

    Bruhhhhhhh tobys gratefulness is just so wholesome 😅

  39. Bombdroppr

    Bombdroppr6 dagar sedan

    Probably my favourite sidemen video other than the water wipeout one

  40. iMammoth

    iMammoth6 dagar sedan

    Simon and JJ are def Homiesexual

  41. tiernan millard

    tiernan millard6 dagar sedan

    Jj was meant to be on the cheap team if he wasn't he would never have beerus

  42. jack tarrant

    jack tarrant6 dagar sedan

    harry simon and jj got the good team for the last part. everyone liked that

  43. C0ma _

    C0ma _6 dagar sedan

    When harry is in the thumbnail twice

  44. Daury Paulino

    Daury Paulino6 dagar sedan

    6:56 Tobi looking for the opps

  45. Jahir Galeas

    Jahir Galeas6 dagar sedan

    Why is no one talking about Tobi sounding really good when he sung?

  46. Leighton Hazlett

    Leighton Hazlett6 dagar sedan

    I really fell like if i was with the bad team i would have a amotion breackdown

  47. Big lad

    Big lad7 dagar sedan

    Josh should make the challenges up. They get the most views and are the most enjoyable

  48. xlax

    xlax7 dagar sedan

    my heart dropped when he got "ran over" 😂 , scared the living sh!t out of me

  49. NElton 07

    NElton 077 dagar sedan

    How can Harry be in both pictures in the thumbnail

  50. thetrue rubiks

    thetrue rubiks7 dagar sedan

    RIP bearus (2019-2020)

  51. Dead_hype424

    Dead_hype4247 dagar sedan

    25:15 got me dead

  52. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi7 dagar sedan

    1:24:37 what a bad camra man.

  53. Daniel F

    Daniel F7 dagar sedan

    RIP Bearus 1:25:15 gone but never forgoten...

  54. Brian Herrera

    Brian Herrera7 dagar sedan

    and funny

  55. Brian Herrera

    Brian Herrera7 dagar sedan

    jj is the best

  56. Josh Hume

    Josh Hume8 dagar sedan

    20:23 why did jj just turn into a 13 yr old girl lmao

  57. Red Hood 124

    Red Hood 1248 dagar sedan

    bro how is harry 12 and 25 at the same time

  58. Charlie Cooke

    Charlie Cooke8 dagar sedan

    Who here in October 2020 wanting to go back to Christmas 2019

  59. Sacha PEARCE

    Sacha PEARCE8 dagar sedan


  60. Gneiss Underwood

    Gneiss Underwood8 dagar sedan

    Ayyye bro, just watch it

  61. edg810

    edg8108 dagar sedan


  62. Luka Munro

    Luka Munro9 dagar sedan

    Bruhhhhh I want to see a $50,000 vs $500 holiday with the good team being Harry, JJ and Simon in Australia man there are some Boujee places and some trashy places here and there are a lot of activities

  63. Lenin Mckay

    Lenin Mckay9 dagar sedan

    50:45 and pause he’s so sad

  64. GlitchJedi

    GlitchJedi9 dagar sedan

    Why is harry in both thumbnails

  65. Nathan Millar

    Nathan Millar10 dagar sedan

    Can we just clarafy that Harry at the start of the vid is wearing a childish hoodie from tgf?

  66. babatunde

    babatunde10 dagar sedan

    Josh's smile is so wholesome..:)

  67. IndoorAquarium

    IndoorAquarium10 dagar sedan

    Deadass I’d be happy with the turkey sandwiches 😂

  68. SJ 21

    SJ 2110 dagar sedan

    Why are they so harsh to Ethan and always want him to fail?! Like, he’s had the bad team EVERY TIME and they STILL want him to be on the bad team! Allow it fam!😑🤦‍♂️

  69. Mikes Car reviews

    Mikes Car reviews6 dagar sedan

    Cause they get more views if Ethan gets the bad ones

  70. pineappl sofia

    pineappl sofia10 dagar sedan

    Tobi Christmas Carol karaoke performance was great tho

  71. YES_DATA

    YES_DATA11 dagar sedan

    In the thumbnail why is harry on both pics?

  72. Miwø

    Miwø11 dagar sedan

    I would eat the sandwich

  73. R u skunked

    R u skunked11 dagar sedan

    Wtf happend to the thumbnail

  74. Grayson

    Grayson11 dagar sedan

    The introduction of bearus

  75. Ethan Boyd

    Ethan Boyd11 dagar sedan

    1:21:21 to 1:21:25 the music was timed perfectly for when JJ slid down the pole

  76. Ethan Boyd

    Ethan Boyd12 dagar sedan

    the end parts the best

  77. malaina sharapan

    malaina sharapan12 dagar sedan

    why did i get every question from the christmas trivia right

  78. Yurihsora Shimomura

    Yurihsora Shimomura12 dagar sedan

    What song is at 27:45?

  79. John Xander Aguon

    John Xander Aguon12 dagar sedan

    I dislike because JJ loss

  80. Muhammed Hamzah

    Muhammed Hamzah12 dagar sedan

    Watching this again to see the birth of bearus lol

  81. elad shina

    elad shina13 dagar sedan

    VIK sack

  82. Tornado Xix

    Tornado Xix13 dagar sedan

    IMAO 😂😂😂😂😂 8:14

  83. Rohan Gogna

    Rohan Gogna13 dagar sedan

    when the teams reverse

  84. Danish Umar

    Danish Umar13 dagar sedan

    1:25:15 the origins of bearus

  85. tareen loku weligamage

    tareen loku weligamage13 dagar sedan

    the birth of beerus

  86. Eden Anaiah

    Eden Anaiah13 dagar sedan

    anyone here in October 2020? I've been binging ALL sidemen videos wehhh

  87. KeanuDaKat

    KeanuDaKat13 dagar sedan

    Hearing Simon say Bethnal Green after his old disstrack hits diff

  88. Natte 123

    Natte 12314 dagar sedan

    The way that JJ hugged bearus kinda makes me sad now

  89. David Romo

    David Romo14 dagar sedan

    1:25:14 BEARUS!!!!!!!!

  90. RCT-34 -

    RCT-34 -14 dagar sedan

    October 2020 and I love how KSI going down the pole right as it says I feel good

  91. descaft

    descaft14 dagar sedan

    Tobi fs is my favorite

  92. Fruity Salad

    Fruity Salad14 dagar sedan

    Didn’t know beerus was won on this

  93. Cy Anderson

    Cy Anderson15 dagar sedan

    Just imagine if they made the rain deer song with the names that they guessed for Santa’s rain deer

  94. Dan Giles

    Dan Giles15 dagar sedan

    Although this is hilarious! it’s hard to think that people live both of these ways.

  95. JND

    JND16 dagar sedan

    25:20 I'm dead!

  96. Noah Fernandes

    Noah Fernandes16 dagar sedan

    And beerus is born

  97. Beedog907

    Beedog90716 dagar sedan

    54:28 song?

  98. Jack Atkinson

    Jack Atkinson17 dagar sedan

    This is easily one of my favourite sidemen vids

  99. Jakob Z

    Jakob Z17 dagar sedan

    Anybody else randomly watching this in october 2020?

  100. Jay 19

    Jay 1917 dagar sedan

    1:13:38 I think speaks for itself

  101. GayLord

    GayLord17 dagar sedan

    Tobi been getting all the good ones just saying

  102. Kirsten Clarke

    Kirsten Clarke17 dagar sedan

    Knowing this year I won’t even get to see my grandparents makes me wish we could go back in time 😞 I hate 2020

  103. Daniel Abboud

    Daniel Abboud17 dagar sedan

    Vick’s picture made my day even better

  104. Daniel Abboud

    Daniel Abboud17 dagar sedan

    His crack head self portrait