This weeks #SidemenSunday we decided to try lying to each other with the weirdest objects possible. Let us know who you thought was the best at it!
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● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:


  1. Mitchell Isabella

    Mitchell Isabella12 timmar sedan


  2. Memes

    Memes22 timmar sedan

    vikk:the sun has corona Me : TF

  3. Aditvir Rinwa

    Aditvir Rinwa22 timmar sedan

    Vikk : says * corona * Me : gets tensed


    DEADLYDAN07 YTDag sedan

    Ethen lol 11:06

  5. christopher jack cole

    christopher jack coleDag sedan

    Vikk is a telekinesis freak it was 2019 and starts talking about corona a year later here it is lol

  6. Omar AK

    Omar AK2 dagar sedan

    Guys wtf Vik predicted Covid 6:50

  7. Harviyo

    Harviyo2 dagar sedan

    why is the sidemen predicting the future

  8. King Skurpy The III

    King Skurpy The III3 dagar sedan

    6:52 corona 👀

  9. Amanda Lindley

    Amanda Lindley4 dagar sedan

    I love that they make fun of Donald trump. Global resentment against our common enemy

  10. Chef Pee Pee

    Chef Pee Pee6 dagar sedan

    6:48 Vik just predicted the future

  11. AceWillTaylor

    AceWillTaylor7 dagar sedan

    This would be kinda cool over zoom call

  12. IkkaCR

    IkkaCR8 dagar sedan

    Vik the abracadabra corona predicter

  13. Carl Estepa

    Carl Estepa8 dagar sedan

    Happy #7YearsofSidemen

  14. Julia Azpeitia

    Julia Azpeitia8 dagar sedan

    JJ literally sounds like my manager named Tola

  15. Wae Lallish

    Wae Lallish9 dagar sedan

    *well this is boring HAHAHHAHAHHAHaHAHHAHHAHAH*

  16. DeadPool CutieFace

    DeadPool CutieFace10 dagar sedan

    Bruh i never knew tobi was so short jeez

  17. Ggikgamer pr0

    Ggikgamer pr010 dagar sedan

    6:48 virus

  18. Matthew Bernatowicz

    Matthew Bernatowicz11 dagar sedan

    Wow the sun actually had corona so we are dead ok

  19. gabereddy8

    gabereddy812 dagar sedan

    “let’s all wear black and not tell JJ”

  20. Wai Yan Min Khant

    Wai Yan Min Khant13 dagar sedan

    if u guys watching this vid in 2020 like this and go sub and yeah there is a secret of ksi

  21. D B

    D B13 dagar sedan

    harry and unknown t

  22. Jiv Ishaan Janghi

    Jiv Ishaan Janghi14 dagar sedan

    3:12 this was the most honest thing ethan could have said in his whole career

  23. Amanda Kelly

    Amanda Kelly14 dagar sedan


  24. Ava Muller

    Ava Muller14 dagar sedan


  25. Noar's Place

    Noar's Place14 dagar sedan

    me too

  26. Relix痛

    Relix痛14 dagar sedan

    Tobi and Josh are honestly the cringiest sidemen

  27. Siddharth Kumar

    Siddharth Kumar15 dagar sedan

    bruh when vik said corona i realy thought he was god

  28. Gavin Hui

    Gavin Hui15 dagar sedan

    89% of these comments are about vik predicting corona


    ROSHAN TAKHELLAMBAM15 dagar sedan

    Vik looks like Jay Sean's little brother

  30. Wi ll

    Wi ll16 dagar sedan

    They need to make part 2....

  31. Ted

    Ted16 dagar sedan

    Once I heard vik say the sun has a corona i ran to the comments 😂

  32. Noddy

    Noddy16 dagar sedan

    Why does ksi get ksi related stuff tobi get tobi related stuff? Is it coincidence?

  33. Mustapha Tahir

    Mustapha Tahir16 dagar sedan

    6:48 vik predicted corona

  34. Hi ?

    Hi ?16 dagar sedan

    Vik new corona was gonna happing😯

  35. Jack Attack9743 _

    Jack Attack9743 _16 dagar sedan

    6:48 corona hey nah time travellers

  36. Evan Riley

    Evan Riley17 dagar sedan

    21:05 yw

  37. Noah Caupp

    Noah Caupp17 dagar sedan

    It's crazy that JJ got the Christmas one with him and his brother

  38. Danilegend9

    Danilegend918 dagar sedan


  39. kishan

    kishan18 dagar sedan

    Wow what's that tension between JJ and Tobi 😬

  40. John316

    John31618 dagar sedan

    For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life

  41. Tweaks Lmao

    Tweaks Lmao19 dagar sedan

    6:40 that didn’t age well lmao

  42. Football_Bryan -17

    Football_Bryan -1719 dagar sedan

    I don’t know why but I feel like JJ was a little bit uncomfortable doing the boxing one round.

  43. Mads B Olsen

    Mads B Olsen19 dagar sedan

    This is when KSI started his lying career

  44. Fracture

    Fracture20 dagar sedan

    Tobi always eating sweets 😂

  45. Janam Gurung

    Janam Gurung20 dagar sedan

    I thought jj’s name was batunde

  46. Daha Abdinasir

    Daha Abdinasir21 dag sedan

    He could see the reflection of his glasses

  47. DehezaMX

    DehezaMX21 dag sedan

    6:45 Vik predicts Corona Virus a bit😐😐😳

  48. Soaring

    Soaring22 dagar sedan

    As soon as vik said the sun has a Corona The world:DAMMMMM

  49. Luke Brennan

    Luke Brennan22 dagar sedan

    When he said the sponsor is yellow I laughed my head off

  50. Vishal

    Vishal24 dagar sedan

    Well now we know the best person that can predict when Corona will end is Vik. *He a nerdy one Vik*

  51. Bahri Erdem

    Bahri Erdem25 dagar sedan


  52. Alexander Allen

    Alexander Allen26 dagar sedan

    this video is so good

  53. Arcisy

    Arcisy27 dagar sedan

    Every comment be like 'THe sUn HaS CoRoNA OmG'

  54. egg sauce

    egg sauce27 dagar sedan

    JJ height

  55. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT29 dagar sedan

    I know he will laigh ksi

  56. William Bermack

    William Bermack29 dagar sedan

    Literally everyone : No one: Vik: tHe SuN hAs CoRoNa

  57. James Smith

    James SmithMånad sedan

    The photo with the 7 gnomes looks like it’d fit perfectly in the hole of the barrier between Ethan and Tobi

  58. MonsterAlex 6573

    MonsterAlex 6573Månad sedan

    5:27 When my cousin comes at me

  59. Giggty Deng

    Giggty DengMånad sedan

    Dude when boo said Corona I had to look at the year

  60. prodbyfaithon

    prodbyfaithonMånad sedan

    was about to make a comment about vik but i scrolled down and instantly regretted it

  61. Sophie Leaa

    Sophie LeaaMånad sedan

    Anyone else want box of lies 2?

  62. _DustifieD _

    _DustifieD _Månad sedan

    what can i say vikk's a shaman

  63. Athithan

    AthithanMånad sedan

    6:48 THE VIRUS!!!

  64. Conor Gamer51

    Conor Gamer51Månad sedan

    Corona time

  65. Dylan Rowe

    Dylan RoweMånad sedan

    Predicted corona

  66. Levi Mobisa

    Levi MobisaMånad sedan

    Corona 😳

  67. Riraki Momobami

    Riraki MomobamiMånad sedan

    POV: your going through the comments wondering why so many people are talking about how the sun has corona

  68. Marius Raustys

    Marius Raustys29 dagar sedan

    Yeah Xd

  69. MyleHighStreich

    MyleHighStreichMånad sedan

    Anyone else comparing the peanut butter to vik?

  70. Bilaal Adam

    Bilaal AdamMånad sedan

    A durex ad played as the condom was being described

  71. dangerhamster

    dangerhamsterMånad sedan

    When Vik said Corona and no one reacted I immediately checked the date lol


    AZWAD SIFATMånad sedan


  73. Sahil Shaikh

    Sahil ShaikhMånad sedan

    Watching this while in a zoom meeting 🤣😂

  74. JackO47

    JackO47Månad sedan

    The sun has corona?

  75. Scoped Hyams

    Scoped HyamsMånad sedan

    There’s no way ethans fat face will fit on it hahahah😂😂

  76. Kester Goodson

    Kester GoodsonMånad sedan

    Vik actually predicted corona 😂😂 Mad😂😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Kester Goodson

    Kester GoodsonMånad sedan

    Bilawal Ahmed Rahim u idiot u can’t take a joke so shut up

  78. Bilawal Ahmed Rahim

    Bilawal Ahmed RahimMånad sedan

    He didn't, Corona is around for years, but only in animals. And he said the word corona, he didn't predict it in any way

  79. Amritpreet Singh

    Amritpreet SinghMånad sedan

    Anyone else hear Harry say “That’s what she said” at 3:46

  80. Rehan Y

    Rehan Y28 dagar sedan

    It was toby

  81. Juliette Owen-Jones

    Juliette Owen-JonesMånad sedan

    6:48 triggered

  82. dylan broome

    dylan broomeMånad sedan

    Corona nah mate it was the time 4:20

  83. Quinn Haynes

    Quinn HaynesMånad sedan

    21:15 Ethan sounds like Mario

  84. Craig

    CraigMånad sedan

    Another one

  85. Atta ul Mustafa Akram

    Atta ul Mustafa AkramMånad sedan

    Sun has corona... 2o2o :whoa how did he know it.

  86. Kermit

    KermitMånad sedan

    Literally every recent comment: VIK SAID CORONA

  87. Binky Tinky

    Binky TinkyMånad sedan

    Wtf the sun got corona

  88. Gigg Itty

    Gigg IttyMånad sedan


  89. Khaylan Lalla

    Khaylan LallaMånad sedan

    Vik predicted the Corona virus in April 2019!! Illuminati confirmed 😂😂

  90. Khalil Odelio

    Khalil OdelioMånad sedan

    Maybe the sun is the one that's giving us corona (mind blown)

  91. GrandmasToecrust

    GrandmasToecrustMånad sedan

    I've watched this video to many times

  92. Josh Vlogs

    Josh VlogsMånad sedan

    Vik said corona so I immediately thought of the pandemic. Did vik predict the virus? 😂

  93. Ryan Laine-Turner

    Ryan Laine-TurnerMånad sedan

    Why did tobi play so many times?

  94. yahtzee 007

    yahtzee 007Månad sedan

    6:48 vik talking about 2020

  95. Matt Davidson

    Matt DavidsonMånad sedan

    Y do ppl say josh is boring he isn’t in my view 😂

  96. BJ Official

    BJ OfficialMånad sedan

    The atmosphere of Sun is known as Corona

  97. brody smith

    brody smithMånad sedan

    The sidemen watching give everything away

  98. D. Playz

    D. PlayzMånad sedan

    Not the last time he said corona

  99. Noah Jacks

    Noah JacksMånad sedan

    Tollah is the best KSI character

  100. Almin Dizdarevic

    Almin DizdarevicMånad sedan

    Only me watching this in september because i am bord and there is nothing else to do and watch

  101. Joe Is here

    Joe Is hereMånad sedan

    6:49 foreshadowing

  102. Rhianna Francis

    Rhianna FrancisMånad sedan

    When toby said *GET OFF MY SWEEEEETS*

  103. Allan Appiah

    Allan AppiahMånad sedan

    I felt that

  104. Cody Gormley

    Cody GormleyMånad sedan

    But i have a Mandingo

  105. vibing pig

    vibing pigMånad sedan

    vik: the sun has a corona me:So DoEs 2020