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  1. Juan Camaney

    Juan Camaney15 timmar sedan

    Vik is a fucken fish 😂

  2. Lanthanide

    LanthanideDag sedan

    Anyone else also held their breaths during the pool bit?

  3. STP

    STPDag sedan

    spam the 2 button and see bez in the back also spam 6 and see simon where is da gurl

  4. Julius Batali

    Julius Batali2 dagar sedan

    This is awesome and hilarious, I wonder what Nigahiga are up to now

  5. Deepa

    Deepa2 dagar sedan

    Your favorite two youtube groups TOGETHER. (UNEXPECTED) DREAMS DO COME TRUE 💗

  6. Arian A

    Arian A2 dagar sedan

    Last part : bye 😂😂😂😂

  7. Austin Wells

    Austin Wells3 dagar sedan share get the word out

  8. DarCCD

    DarCCD3 dagar sedan

    when ryan has a beard and JJ doesnt

  9. Bala G

    Bala G4 dagar sedan

    gotta love jj's creativity 😂

  10. Yo Gabba Gabba

    Yo Gabba Gabba5 dagar sedan

    7:57 is holds the cutest moment in the background

  11. Yo Gabba Gabba

    Yo Gabba Gabba5 dagar sedan

    watching this and seeing harry begin stacking with two cups at the bottom is the truest pain

  12. Shogun Shien

    Shogun Shien5 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else see tobi slap ethan

  13. OneFigureOnwards

    OneFigureOnwards7 dagar sedan

    Really really need a part 2 on this

  14. ZACHAR1AH - music

    ZACHAR1AH - music11 dagar sedan

    16:58 Simón just grabbed tobis head lol

  15. Beserk Cheeto

    Beserk Cheeto17 dagar sedan

    I forgot Sidemen and RHPC were in the same universe.

  16. Geo News

    Geo News22 dagar sedan

    Ryan said dejis cooler

  17. Freddie Gurung

    Freddie Gurung29 dagar sedan

    Do corona content

  18. Ibrahim Rashad

    Ibrahim RashadMånad sedan


  19. Samid

    SamidMånad sedan

    British colonization on the Americas (circa 1700s, colorized)

  20. rhiannon conn

    rhiannon connMånad sedan

    was there an obivoius reason why the americans were drink capri-suns and the brits drinking alchol hahaha

  21. BVG Clan

    BVG ClanMånad sedan

    Lol ksi

  22. Monkydollqueen 69

    Monkydollqueen 69Månad sedan

    I went to the doctors recently. He said: "Don't eat anything fatty". I said: "What, like bacon and burgers?". He said, "No, fatty, don't eat anything."

  23. HaydenGold19

    HaydenGold19Månad sedan

    Its almost like they stole all the games from minute to win it 🙄

  24. Salaam

    SalaamMånad sedan

    sidemen kinda choked all rounds they lost

  25. Himanga Mahanta

    Himanga MahantaMånad sedan

    by the time challenge 5 came in, the girl got closer to ksi

  26. MightyMeta

    MightyMetaMånad sedan

    "Jj: 14:35 this round is worth... INFINITY :Simon ThAtS aLoT

  27. i lost my V-card

    i lost my V-cardMånad sedan

    Those tissues couldve been really useful today.

  28. bobby mcnulty

    bobby mcnultyMånad sedan

    whos the most fit - eathan times have changed

  29. Marius Andersen

    Marius AndersenMånad sedan

    Whats the song with KSI called at the end

  30. mick dutthinio

    mick dutthinioMånad sedan

    Ksi and dana or tobi and jana

  31. Master Sticks

    Master SticksMånad sedan

    I don’t think Ryan is just introverted in this video. He was even making like cringe faces at certain things the sidemen were saying and doing. I feel like he just doesn’t like their sense of humor.

  32. Ethan Mcgarvey

    Ethan McgarveyMånad sedan

    The part when he chases after vik it was like a dramatic action scene 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Eba Abdella

    Eba AbdellaMånad sedan

    harrryyyy noooooooooooo

  34. 123fuzzybears

    123fuzzybearsMånad sedan

    This must be nice because Ryan Higa is literally their idol.

  35. ZI

    ZIMånad sedan


  36. Araf Amin

    Araf AminMånad sedan

    JJ: we don't waste the tisues Also jj:alright chuck it in the bin LOL

  37. Aggelos Meremetis

    Aggelos MeremetisMånad sedan

    I know it's just for fun but why did the last guy cheated in the end vs JJ,he pulled his hand closer to him thus JJ couldn't do anything

  38. uiko las

    uiko lasMånad sedan


  39. Fatuma Ahmadzai

    Fatuma AhmadzaiMånad sedan

    JJ: "Just for the record we-we using all the tissues,ye we dont *waste*," Next Second: "Aight, chcuk it in de bin"


    YOUSUF SIDDIQUIMånad sedan

    I love how the sidemen are drinking beer while rhpc is having some caprisuns 2:40

  41. Peter Sabacinski

    Peter SabacinskiMånad sedan

    13:59 bubatunde is sad

  42. Mitali more

    Mitali moreMånad sedan

    Harry putting up cups so fricking slow gave me anxiety

  43. Good Luck

    Good LuckMånad sedan

    KSI: we don't waste anything KSI a few seconds later: alright chuck it into the bin

  44. Good Luck

    Good LuckMånad sedan

    To specify he says they don't waste anything but then throws the tissues in the bin (trash can)

  45. Monkly Blum

    Monkly BlumMånad sedan

    Now this is the biggest crossover of the century

  46. parikshit garg

    parikshit gargMånad sedan

    I died when someone said deji is cooler

  47. Julian Ramirez

    Julian RamirezMånad sedan

    I thought when así lost he was goimg to ask to see their boxing and rap career

  48. فيصل ميمز- Faisalmemes

    فيصل ميمز- FaisalmemesMånad sedan

    They get 9 milion subscribe while i watching the video 😂💞

  49. Antoni Wochna

    Antoni WochnaMånad sedan

    this was uncomfortable. both channels are awesome but idk

  50. Heroshine

    Heroshine2 månader sedan

    It’s sad how they said “Nigahiga team” instead of RHPC

  51. TURNERda kangaroo

    TURNERda kangaroo2 månader sedan

    116:25 when vik swam around the corner he got a speed boost

  52. Pelz

    Pelz2 månader sedan

    Chuck it in the bin🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Tiến Lê Tấn

    Tiến Lê Tấn2 månader sedan

    10:15 , that why he wons logan

  54. L

    L2 månader sedan

    two of my fav channels pornhub vs disney channel

  55. Devansh Khandelwal

    Devansh Khandelwal2 månader sedan

    10:28 wtf is that face vik 😂

  56. Vaseleus Noue

    Vaseleus Noue2 månader sedan

    4:41 jj must of been triggered paco probs thought that he wasnt gonna live much longer

  57. cezz

    cezz2 månader sedan

    This is like dipping fries on your ice cream, not meant to be together but its good.

  58. My father

    My father2 månader sedan

    We want sidemen vs dude perfect..... Only me? Okay

  59. Sebastian Marquez

    Sebastian Marquez2 månader sedan

    9:37 (actual title) babatunde arm wrestle two Asian people over who drink de wotah first

  60. Saugat Garwa

    Saugat Garwa2 månader sedan

    as an indian vikk made me proud!

  61. Doom's Way

    Doom's Way2 månader sedan

    The cringe lol

  62. Doom's Way

    Doom's Way2 månader sedan

    Niga looked like he didn't enjoy this at all

  63. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith2 månader sedan


  64. superfox _300

    superfox _3002 månader sedan

    JJ: we're not gonna waste all that tissue Also JJ: Hey Chuck it in the bin

  65. Jayesh Sinha

    Jayesh Sinha2 månader sedan

    Its liking watching Disney and Twitch collab

  66. Juleshet

    Juleshet2 månader sedan

    That tissue is much needed now ://

  67. Youngthug2 Thug

    Youngthug2 Thug2 månader sedan

    I love how the points are useless but they are very competitive

  68. Ruari Thompson

    Ruari Thompson2 månader sedan

    Who Agree,s with me that nigahiga looks alot like ricegum

  69. Ruari Thompson

    Ruari Thompson2 månader sedan

    Nigahiga looks alot like ricegum he does look alot like hik

  70. Tahmid Ahmed

    Tahmid Ahmed2 månader sedan

    Be honest, who else felt this was really Cringe?

  71. beerůs

    beerůs2 månader sedan

    Should've let Ethan armwrestle

  72. Junaid Ahmed

    Junaid Ahmed2 månader sedan

    Throughout the video rayn looks very uncomfortable

  73. iHuddy

    iHuddy2 månader sedan

    omg it’s nigahiga, the btec sidemen , and the sidemen , the btec nigahiga

  74. Gizelle Enriquez

    Gizelle Enriquez2 månader sedan

    this is crazy watching this today ahh

  75. MJ Lopez

    MJ Lopez3 månader sedan

    thumbs Up for wanking with the tissues Later

  76. Julio black

    Julio black3 månader sedan

    vik saying harry speak up🥺

  77. Jake Scotts

    Jake Scotts3 månader sedan

    10:50 I think its funny how jj's strength arm won and his integrity arm lost 😂

  78. Dilahn GRONICH

    Dilahn GRONICH3 månader sedan

    Look how tall my man VIK is in the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. Loading

    Loading3 månader sedan

    Dong saya dae

  80. Thaddeus Talaga

    Thaddeus Talaga3 månader sedan

    F Niga Higa

  81. BasicallyImOrlly

    BasicallyImOrlly3 månader sedan

    ok 5 year old.

  82. Omar Elahmad

    Omar Elahmad3 månader sedan

    Man i miss this

  83. Dan Mainz

    Dan Mainz3 månader sedan

    Tobi 1 to 100 miles per hour on a carpet 🤣🤣

  84. Fazzy77

    Fazzy773 månader sedan

    still disappointed that gregg and wills personalities couldnt shine in this video. huge fan of both groups are anyone who watches RHPC will now how funny those two are

  85. Ashley

    Ashley3 månader sedan

    Still bangs post-quarentine

  86. Arthur Kraemer

    Arthur Kraemer3 månader sedan

    Viks swimming… Wow.

  87. jacketcriminal

    jacketcriminal3 månader sedan

    This, does put a smile on my face

  88. GeekHero99

    GeekHero993 månader sedan

    Everyone: “Infinity War is the biggest crossover event in history!” Me:

  89. Raise A Glass

    Raise A Glass3 månader sedan

    The biggest choke artist

  90. Bronny

    Bronny3 månader sedan

    10:00 - JJ letting out his inside Beerus

  91. Matthew Strang

    Matthew Strang3 månader sedan

    Get rid of higa and add a extra g to the g and a

  92. Matthew Strang

    Matthew Strang2 månader sedan

    SHUBHAM PATIL bruh go back to tiktok with those comments 😂


    SHUBHAM PATIL2 månader sedan

    Oh wow so original and creative.

  94. jaycean Taylor

    jaycean Taylor3 månader sedan

    Nihahigas team are so much cooler and I'm from the UK lol

  95. CC8

    CC83 månader sedan

    Am I the only one that felt like JJ didn’t want to be there lol

  96. Elysium Black

    Elysium Black3 månader sedan

    Sidemen Parkourse

  97. MrSodaMan

    MrSodaMan3 månader sedan

    Bruh nigahiga had home advantage

  98. maurya gouni

    maurya gouni3 månader sedan

    2020 gang😔😔

  99. A_ W

    A_ W3 månader sedan

    2:10 Ethan could have done the last cup as well!!😂😂

  100. Brevin V

    Brevin V3 månader sedan

    Derrick was mvp

  101. Joshua Bernal

    Joshua Bernal3 månader sedan

    Greg was awkward when KSI said i wna destroy her

  102. Eaeron Bustamantes

    Eaeron Bustamantes3 månader sedan

    I'm rewatching this and I just realize the sidemen are drinking beer and rhpc is drinking stuff like caprisun 😂😂😂

  103. raxgde

    raxgde3 månader sedan

    ryan looked so uncomfortable

  104. Barny v1rgin

    Barny v1rgin3 månader sedan

    I felt rac1st trying to say nigahiga

  105. SayHarry

    SayHarry3 månader sedan

    its neega higa

  106. Y

    Y3 månader sedan

    Dek how i havent seen this yet also what country is this