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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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  1. Toad

    Toad3 timmar sedan

    So the safe one is actually mystery in disguise

  2. X9_ Javier_ I L U

    X9_ Javier_ I L U10 timmar sedan

    Jj should be the new black panther actor

  3. Kevinpichardo Huape

    Kevinpichardo Huape12 timmar sedan


  4. Steel Comrade

    Steel Comrade13 timmar sedan

    22:05 in the beginning

  5. Unfaithfu1

    Unfaithfu1Dag sedan

    Why is Folabi in JJ’s room?He moved in for quarantine?

  6. Gus Andres

    Gus AndresDag sedan

    14:37 “toto” any puerto ricans watching👀🤣

  7. Destiny washington

    Destiny washingtonDag sedan

    When he said there was an earthquake I DIED

  8. the unknown

    the unknown2 dagar sedan

    16:38 I laughed my lungs out

  9. raw oj

    raw oj2 dagar sedan

    these spanish words😭

  10. Meepz

    Meepz3 dagar sedan

    was JJ as the host the case because he's already bad at spelling

  11. Rafiif Albani

    Rafiif Albani3 dagar sedan

    Spelling bee : big shaq edition

  12. Blair

    Blair3 dagar sedan

    28:26 look at the mood change on Folabi when it landed on 'safe' lmao

  13. Dark cat

    Dark cat4 dagar sedan

    Toto is my sis name

  14. Dushyanth R

    Dushyanth R6 dagar sedan

    Title should be :- Ksi bulling everyone

  15. TonyTonyChoppa

    TonyTonyChoppa6 dagar sedan

    I’m at watching that good babatunde po**

  16. Rahul Dhirani

    Rahul Dhirani6 dagar sedan


  17. Jusc

    Jusc7 dagar sedan

    35.01 Simon says "Fat baby syndrome"" - camera immediately shifts to Ethan :D

  18. Blaze 52

    Blaze 527 dagar sedan

    J J saying that medio is mean (it is not)

  19. Liambmx 123

    Liambmx 1238 dagar sedan

    Ooooeoekkdfjrk3fjnhfnfhfkorotkptitutoeowoiqijandnn bzmxmc,,clfkrorkdjjdjeiejejkwpwkdkrnnfjfmd.d,md,dkdjdkkxjxkkskwkkqpeokdkcj

  20. KatzRkool

    KatzRkool9 dagar sedan

    To everyone out there, peng is actually a Welsh word and it is spelt penge. Random fact lol.

  21. Jack Byram

    Jack Byram9 dagar sedan

    Ethans glasses make him look like he’s got that one Snapchat filter on😂

  22. erickdavid1997

    erickdavid199710 dagar sedan

    What is a tourey?? tori ?? Tourist???

  23. Naz Ali

    Naz Ali11 dagar sedan

    Ethan been chilling with too many Arabs lol Wallahi Brother or did he pick it up from four lions lol 🙈😂

  24. SatyajitEdits

    SatyajitEdits11 dagar sedan

    There JJ goes again bullying Vik like he did in the split or steal

  25. Aicha Zerbo

    Aicha Zerbo11 dagar sedan

    34:12 Did Ethan just say wallahi? 👁👄👁

  26. MH SD

    MH SD11 dagar sedan

    Yea he did I was shocked

  27. Breybin Solano

    Breybin Solano11 dagar sedan

    Poor Harry 🤣🤣🤣 they did him wrong in the Spanish words

  28. Robo Zech

    Robo Zech12 dagar sedan

    If the sidemen broke up Ethan would be the first one to do it!

  29. KeyboardSlayer7

    KeyboardSlayer712 dagar sedan

    He looks like another version of the Doc for some reason.

  30. Hello 5467

    Hello 546712 dagar sedan

    Ethan has left the chat

  31. efoiuh dfljh

    efoiuh dfljh13 dagar sedan

    anyone notice tobi is wearing a bandana and jj is wearing a hat? lol

  32. Whitterzz 21

    Whitterzz 2113 dagar sedan

    Basically a 40 minute video of just JJ bullying his side boys

  33. broller10000

    broller1000015 dagar sedan

    “Medio” in spanish actually means middle

  34. Juleshet

    Juleshet15 dagar sedan

    Oy that shirt is cool they should make it a merch 11:26

  35. Pizza Boi Gamer

    Pizza Boi Gamer16 dagar sedan

    remember what happened to vik last time

  36. Vivekk Sharkharr

    Vivekk Sharkharr16 dagar sedan

    the second time : pouring water in ethan😂😂.

  37. FreddyCøugar_99

    FreddyCøugar_9916 dagar sedan

    𝑇𝑜𝑡𝑜 𝑚𝑒𝑎𝑛𝑠 "𝑉𝑎𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑎"?... 😂😭😭

  38. Diego SavesTheEarth

    Diego SavesTheEarth17 dagar sedan

    As a Spanish native speaker, I enjoyed a lot the Spanish round 😂😂😂

  39. Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ

    Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ17 dagar sedan


  40. Bamidele Oladugbagbe

    Bamidele Oladugbagbe17 dagar sedan

    Ksi's mom be like: This👏 boy👏 thinks 👏hot 👏wotaahh 👏grows👏 on 👏treeeees👏

  41. Casey Greenhalgh

    Casey Greenhalgh17 dagar sedan

    What happened around 21:10? What was viks word

  42. _20 _2017 dagar sedan

    Anime nooise 32:36

  43. hetav patel

    hetav patel17 dagar sedan

    Is this even a spelling bee or a mystery game Bc their getting like mystery like every turn

  44. Naomi shinozaki

    Naomi shinozaki18 dagar sedan

    The only spanish definitions he got right were negro, impermeabilizante and adicto a las drogas 😂😂😂 WHICH MAKES IT SO MUCH FUNNIER! I think? Mamaguevo is more of a spaniard word which i am not so i'm unsure about that one

  45. Javier Wilson Estrella

    Javier Wilson Estrella18 dagar sedan

    14:36 the dominicans tamos coronaos

  46. Thunder slashz

    Thunder slashz18 dagar sedan


  47. Tre' Roberts

    Tre' Roberts19 dagar sedan

    9:17-Ethan's laugh

  48. فهد الدوسري٤٢٠

    فهد الدوسري٤٢٠19 dagar sedan

    why does jj always apsent when folabi is on

  49. Akshay Jain

    Akshay Jain19 dagar sedan

    Folabi can't say impermeabilizante But can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious So is he a tori

  50. Daniel Araujo

    Daniel Araujo19 dagar sedan

    Jj look like hes gonna get a haircut

  51. Sàmir_senei 15 rajabi

    Sàmir_senei 15 rajabi19 dagar sedan


  52. Huss Plays

    Huss Plays20 dagar sedan

    jj is a f*cking legend

  53. JetspeedJatin

    JetspeedJatin20 dagar sedan

    JJ tell them to spell MURAL

  54. Nathaniel Foster

    Nathaniel Foster20 dagar sedan

    i beg next time simon runs into JJs room and pours water on him when he does a mad ting to the boys

  55. Dina Malamud

    Dina Malamud20 dagar sedan

    Try to listen to josh singing twinkle twinkle little star at full volume

  56. ha get clapped

    ha get clapped20 dagar sedan

    At the start I thought jj was in a wetsuit

  57. Babatunde [Gang Shit]

    Babatunde [Gang Shit]21 dag sedan

    Guys; make sure to stay at home to stop the spreading of dee eveel choochoo deesease! We have to crush de Goronavairus!

  58. Gaming Tk543

    Gaming Tk54321 dag sedan

    Why is folabi going easy on Simon

  59. CrownNick

    CrownNick21 dag sedan

    JJ moaning was funny af

  60. A Ryan Memes

    A Ryan Memes22 dagar sedan

    At 37:10 I actually choked for a little while

  61. DoubleTapKreuger

    DoubleTapKreuger22 dagar sedan

    25:56 Bo? And correct? Bruh

  62. GB2006 _YT

    GB2006 _YT22 dagar sedan

    20:32 Actually Medio means middle. Oh now I have to dump water on my head

  63. Fernando Dominguez ramirez

    Fernando Dominguez ramirez22 dagar sedan

    Viks headset dent at 11:14 that’s why they were laughing 😂

  64. iBronxly Official

    iBronxly Official23 dagar sedan

    this video is just the accomplishment to have a second monitor to cheat on.

  65. SayfRG2874

    SayfRG287424 dagar sedan

    Everyone talking about Jake VS JJ. I'm here waiting for FOLABI vs BABATUNDE.

  66. José David Ramírez

    José David Ramírez24 dagar sedan

    he actually said an Dominican word, HAHAHHA dique mmg

  67. cTG

    cTG24 dagar sedan

    20:52 vik reading off his screen lmao

  68. Ethan Boyd

    Ethan Boyd24 dagar sedan

    Josh has got cake

  69. Kawsar Kosru

    Kawsar Kosru25 dagar sedan

    JJ is your typical Milkyway bar

  70. Elite Gamer

    Elite Gamer25 dagar sedan

    Ethan is first nope the advert is

  71. Gneiss Underwood

    Gneiss Underwood25 dagar sedan

    Jj never fails to make the sidemen smile with that accent

  72. B. Benji

    B. Benji26 dagar sedan


  73. ahmed warya

    ahmed warya27 dagar sedan

    Tobi xD anime por#

  74. OnlyGreatness

    OnlyGreatness27 dagar sedan

    14:03 Chris Smoove?

  75. Sissy

    Sissy28 dagar sedan

    39:20 poor Tobi man, he had those on for a long time

  76. JohnX

    JohnX28 dagar sedan

    22:06 He remined me of the “In the beninging” guy 😂

  77. Daniel Lazaro

    Daniel Lazaro29 dagar sedan

    Why does jj look like a coach from school

  78. Katelijn Hovestad

    Katelijn Hovestad29 dagar sedan

    Words cant describe how much i miss Folabi

  79. A1a2a3 Abc123

    A1a2a3 Abc12329 dagar sedan

    Urban dictionary is confusing.

  80. Milxn_d

    Milxn_d29 dagar sedan


  81. Nelmsy 123

    Nelmsy 123Månad sedan

    Do an African spelling beeeeee

  82. Mlndz Gamer 16

    Mlndz Gamer 16Månad sedan

    What jj say in Spanish mintrast tanto is not nut is a normal word

  83. Mitchell Wade

    Mitchell WadeMånad sedan

    Honestly the spelling bee's are the best!!

  84. Nigel Torpy

    Nigel TorpyMånad sedan

    why tobi look like metro

  85. Saleh ahmed

    Saleh ahmedMånad sedan

    I nearly died laughing 😂

  86. Ronald Pasieka

    Ronald PasiekaMånad sedan

    All of these words were easy to say and spell

  87. Marco Santana

    Marco SantanaMånad sedan

    spanish speakers enjoyed this one

  88. 50_pence

    50_penceMånad sedan


  89. ZOM LS Silk

    ZOM LS SilkMånad sedan

    harry: ti jj: wrong

  90. V M

    V MMånad sedan

    love the way ethan loves yo... God!! he is literally the background of all the comedy tv series :D

  91. Lawn mower

    Lawn mowerMånad sedan

    Where can i get that jacket simon is wearing??????

  92. Joseph Pandoli

    Joseph PandoliMånad sedan

    "Evil Conservatives" really JJ. I'm a conservative lol

  93. Kool Kavish

    Kool KavishMånad sedan

    Vik when Josh spanked himself: I didn't like that Also vik: Save Screenshot

  94. Angie Hall

    Angie HallMånad sedan


  95. Shortsale 5BRC

    Shortsale 5BRCMånad sedan

    i love how al the definitions are wrong

  96. adam ramirez

    adam ramirezMånad sedan

    whats a tori??

  97. Venom Razz

    Venom RazzMånad sedan

    My school uses spelling bee

  98. kX FRO5T

    kX FRO5TMånad sedan

    Dr. DISRESPECT .. thats what i thought at first 😅😅

  99. Destiny Osuala

    Destiny OsualaMånad sedan

    I love jk/folabi being the host coz it’s so funny 😂

  100. Destiny Osuala

    Destiny OsualaMånad sedan

    Sorry I mean jj

  101. hungariangypsy

    hungariangypsyMånad sedan

    look at harrys hoodie, tgfbro fan

  102. Giany Animations

    Giany AnimationsMånad sedan

    35:17 lol

  103. Los Mejores Jugadores son los Humildes

    Los Mejores Jugadores son los HumildesMånad sedan

    Let's review Folabi's Spanish: -Boomer: Not a Spanish word -Medio: Doesn't translate to Mean (actually, means "middle") -Mientras tanto: Nonce HAHAHAHA -Impermeabilizante: There`s plenty of Spanish people that can't say that word. Interesting Spanish there, Folabi. HAHAHAHAHAAH, the Spanish round was insane.