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  1. RiPe Waffles

    RiPe Waffles37 minuter sedan

    I don’t know why, but the Sidemen Dragon defeating the Vanoss dragon is kinda funny.

  2. sedd1234

    sedd1234Timme sedan

    Tobi deserves better here. Hes a top lad :(

  3. Raafay Adeni

    Raafay Adeni4 timmar sedan

    57:41 I feel bad for tobi

  4. Raafay Adeni

    Raafay Adeni5 timmar sedan

    Love how harry tries his best to give vikk the best presents

  5. Raafay Adeni

    Raafay Adeni5 timmar sedan

    Simon and harry are the most wholesome and funny in this video

  6. Mohammed Safi

    Mohammed Safi5 timmar sedan

    They are mad rich

  7. Hashtag Rice

    Hashtag Rice9 timmar sedan

    No body: Literally Nobody: JJ to Simon: Na Na Na

  8. Billybomjoe

    Billybomjoe20 timmar sedan

    damn exactly 1 hour long

  9. Rahima begum

    Rahima begumDag sedan


  10. 01DYG

    01DYGDag sedan

    ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ,Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK.

  11. Teen Eats

    Teen EatsDag sedan

    Usually I don’t have time to watch an hour of SEtoos consecutively, that and I lose interest at some point through it, but the laughs never ended.

  12. Denysovich Lev

    Denysovich LevDag sedan

    Y’all should do another video like this

  13. XєnoOncracked

    XєnoOncrackedDag sedan

    So your telling me that Dragon city spend all this money just for a video, it’s about a million! Like wtf

  14. Umaamah

    UmaamahDag sedan

    £500 for that Rd car and I got it for £60 new lol

  15. James Monroe

    James MonroeDag sedan

    My respect for JJ 📉📉 but because I’m a Christian I will forgive

  16. DecliningDreams

    DecliningDreamsDag sedan

    This feels like all 7 of the Sidemen are staring me down and calling me poor.

  17. Filipo Talitau-tio

    Filipo Talitau-tioDag sedan

    Harry carries the humour ✊🏿

  18. Bavneet Singh

    Bavneet SinghDag sedan

    can u do part 2 plezzzzz

  19. Lil Mel

    Lil MelDag sedan

    Lil Mel soundcloud Impatient freestyle

  20. Lil Mel

    Lil MelDag sedan

    Lil Mel soundcloud Impatient freestyle

  21. J Eel

    J EelDag sedan

    y’all just gonna ignore how fire tobis fit is

  22. Hrithik Nilmadhub

    Hrithik NilmadhubDag sedan

    am i the only who thought jj looks like ski mas lmao

  23. Kerri Myers

    Kerri MyersDag sedan

    Oh to be this rich

  24. Aaron Orlando Figueroa Pita

    Aaron Orlando Figueroa PitaDag sedan

    Ethan is the worst buyer ever

  25. ella mccoy

    ella mccoyDag sedan

    my respect for tobi is at a level i didn't know existed

  26. habib shafiq

    habib shafiqDag sedan

    Kind of upset they didn't bring back Addonis (hype man) :(

  27. Henry J Steen

    Henry J SteenDag sedan

    25:31 JJ giving Billie Eilish vibes

  28. Stacey Murphy

    Stacey MurphyDag sedan

    Seriously jj is the worst member of the sidemen

  29. CHASE world of cars and series games

    CHASE world of cars and series gamesDag sedan

    Guys look we all now JJ did something bad to his Nigerian brother Tobi but let's remember that they have been friends for a while so of course Tobi has forgiven him and aswell JJ did get a lot of problems with him and his family this year and the 2 last years so yea and he hasn't even talked to his brother or his parents which means he has lost some of the bible and God things that his parents thought him and Tobi knows that JJ could so bad things but they have been friends for years and Tobi knows so let's leave him but I'm sure JJ will make it up to Tobi and his friends for doing the bad stuff

  30. MS - 06SN 780992 Shaw PS

    MS - 06SN 780992 Shaw PS2 dagar sedan

    this is called secret santa

  31. Ronan gadaev

    Ronan gadaev2 dagar sedan

    Bruh jj lookin like an alien

  32. xxchoksixx

    xxchoksixx2 dagar sedan

    I like literally feel bad for Tobi JJ took the flipping piss out of him

  33. SwingDemCirclez G

    SwingDemCirclez G2 dagar sedan

    *imagine being the richest out of your friends* JJ: Gets Christian themed presents going for £25

  34. sam mends

    sam mends2 dagar sedan

    Who's here after JJ snaked vikk.

  35. Craig Mitch

    Craig Mitch2 dagar sedan

    44:48 😂😂😂

  36. kaumil 8

    kaumil 82 dagar sedan

    Why’s Josh’s head soo big in the intro

  37. Lunageddon

    Lunageddon2 dagar sedan

    A watch or food for 2 years

  38. Oliver Leger

    Oliver Leger2 dagar sedan

    Love dragon city such a fun game

  39. SlinkyM alinksky

    SlinkyM alinksky2 dagar sedan

    Love how tobi is all bout them SEtoos laws

  40. eiflow96

    eiflow962 dagar sedan

    Anybody know where Tobi’s pants are from?

  41. Nikolai Rigden-Briscall

    Nikolai Rigden-Briscall2 dagar sedan

    Who ever was with JJ when he was getting stuff for Tobi didn’t do a good job. Seriously my man Tobi deserves so much moreeeee.

  42. luis palomo

    luis palomo2 dagar sedan

    KSI is so ungrateful lmao

  43. Danny Abraham

    Danny Abraham2 dagar sedan

    Coulda bought a car

  44. kael stice

    kael stice2 dagar sedan

    JJ is really the biggest wasteman out of them fr

  45. Amir Yeganeh

    Amir Yeganeh3 dagar sedan

    What’s the song called at 10:20

  46. Cole Slaw

    Cole Slaw3 dagar sedan

    Yea 4 BAGS is just a night out

  47. SLY on 240 fps

    SLY on 240 fps3 dagar sedan

    6:56 look how uncomfortable she is

  48. Melissa Dreesman

    Melissa Dreesman3 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else just notice that u can see jjs red hair at 1:19

  49. mridul sharma

    mridul sharma3 dagar sedan

    JJ had to say moving mad....xd

  50. Batty Fish

    Batty Fish3 dagar sedan

    I feel bad 4 Tobi man

  51. ItzWildinho

    ItzWildinho3 dagar sedan

    Best video we love harry

  52. I SwallowCum

    I SwallowCum3 dagar sedan

    f u tobi

  53. Carlos Armien-Afu

    Carlos Armien-Afu3 dagar sedan

    All Simon said was jeeez ok

  54. Zlatan Junior

    Zlatan Junior3 dagar sedan

    Ethan be willing to spend the whole cash on himself

  55. M2S

    M2S3 dagar sedan

    Why cant i have friends like these, my friends haven't even surprised me with a lollipop

  56. Aidan Brown

    Aidan Brown3 dagar sedan

    11:32 we only have a hour left? Look at the titile🤣

  57. Rainsy

    Rainsy3 dagar sedan

    I get really annoyed that they say dollar when they live in the uk and it’s pounds

  58. Scraggie

    Scraggie3 dagar sedan

    why is it 1hour and 1 second

  59. itmatt

    itmatt3 dagar sedan

    ayo simon said that the best present was a video idea and jj got simon and toby both a video idea... soo, he got the best presents?

  60. FatHuntsman

    FatHuntsman3 dagar sedan

    Why is JJ wearing a jumpsuit?

  61. Qwake

    Qwake3 dagar sedan

    It pisses me off how Vick is just complaining the entire time when Harry was just trying to make him happy

  62. Afsar Ahmad

    Afsar Ahmad3 dagar sedan

    He really wasn’t tho

  63. SwitchTeamK

    SwitchTeamK3 dagar sedan

    31:12 whats that jacket that harry got

  64. Jamie Sim

    Jamie Sim4 dagar sedan

    I could of had that money

  65. Dylan Borge

    Dylan Borge4 dagar sedan

    the main thing i like about the sidemen channel is it feels like a group channel not one persons channel with their friends

  66. ㄙㄈㄋ

    ㄙㄈㄋ4 dagar sedan

    That's like the entire money I will ever spent before dying

  67. Jared Gabriel

    Jared Gabriel4 dagar sedan

    Poor JJ he gave as much as he can to Toby but Tobyjizle wasnt at all apreciative...

  68. B I V Y g

    B I V Y g4 dagar sedan

    KSi is hitler but Black

  69. Adil Houdini

    Adil Houdini4 dagar sedan

    Starting to dislike JJ more and more. The last video i watched was the Escape room video where he was useless and annoying and now this :o.

  70. Storm Curser

    Storm Curser4 dagar sedan

    Simon Buying for his Bf

  71. Amaan Mohamed

    Amaan Mohamed4 dagar sedan

    Im here after JJ snaked Vikk for 93k. He thinks he's being funny but he is actually ruining good moments to support his closest friends.

  72. Will 57

    Will 574 dagar sedan

    Let’s not get past the fact that raccoon apparently cost £25

  73. jiminycricketsmate

    jiminycricketsmate4 dagar sedan

    33:30 I don't think going to a different till will solve the salesman not losing his commission problem ... thats not how retail works lol

  74. Jamesjhsn07

    Jamesjhsn074 dagar sedan

    25:43 how did tobi predict domain music video (before it was cancelled)

  75. Josh Maeda

    Josh Maeda4 dagar sedan

    Bruh is no one going to talk about how the guy in the background showed of his car key😂 3:30

  76. Ana B

    Ana B4 dagar sedan

    Ksi complaining to Simon about his gift than screwing over Toby

  77. Ana B

    Ana B4 dagar sedan


  78. Solo Man

    Solo Man4 dagar sedan

    Honestly this is the point where I don’t really like jj anymore. It’s just because obnoxious and very immature continually and it’s just because to much.

  79. Fizzy Drink

    Fizzy Drink4 dagar sedan

    Stfu snowflake it aint that deep

  80. Kayla Blooperson

    Kayla Blooperson4 dagar sedan

    It’s kinda annoying how JJ was upset with Simon, but JJ got Tobi a bunch of bs

  81. AQT 1152

    AQT 115211 timmar sedan

    Okay snowflake

  82. Kayla Blooperson

    Kayla Blooperson4 dagar sedan

    Josh knew exactly what to get Ethan to make him happy

  83. Sean _Hoover

    Sean _Hoover4 dagar sedan

    my bday august 2 to vic pls awnser

  84. DeRooieRidder

    DeRooieRidder4 dagar sedan

    JJ looks like an inmate when he is wearing that orange gucci with the white shirt :D

  85. VOAV

    VOAV4 dagar sedan

    aw jj did simon dirty😂

  86. Switch IOS

    Switch IOS5 dagar sedan


  87. Ryan Petty

    Ryan Petty5 dagar sedan

    JJ look like he just got out of a Dubai prison.

  88. Martyna Krzesaj

    Martyna Krzesaj5 dagar sedan

    Harry’s face when talking about adventures

  89. Shadow Playz

    Shadow Playz5 dagar sedan

    38:41 KSI is jealossssssss

  90. Alexander Swart

    Alexander Swart5 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or does that one second on the end of the video annoy anyone else

  91. Aqwashere

    Aqwashere5 dagar sedan

    did no one notice that dude behind jj vikk and josh just flexing his keys or somethin XD (at 3:30)

  92. Venox

    Venox5 dagar sedan

    the fact that sidemen dragon one shoted vanoss😂

  93. mazza bazza

    mazza bazza5 dagar sedan

    jj actually die in a fire how dare u disrespect someone like that

  94. Susannah Cliff

    Susannah Cliff6 dagar sedan

    Ngl I don't like Ethan

  95. animation 123

    animation 1236 dagar sedan

    JJ looks like a excaped prisoner

  96. Caitlin Olsen

    Caitlin Olsen6 dagar sedan

    Ethan's excited levels peaking with each thing Josh pulled out, he was so cute XD

  97. Watered-Down Squash

    Watered-Down Squash6 dagar sedan

    How jj that unfunny

  98. Just C-Rob

    Just C-Rob6 dagar sedan

    I’m very confused, did they mean to say $10,000?

  99. MoTion Sneaky

    MoTion Sneaky6 dagar sedan

    Ksi looks like ski mask when he chucks on the orange

  100. Cristian Castro

    Cristian Castro6 dagar sedan

    JJ should have bought tobi the Nike Jesus shoes

  101. Elliott Gould

    Elliott Gould6 dagar sedan

    Ethan buying joshs girl shoes, bruddas probably boning her behind closed doors

  102. Meghan Strange

    Meghan Strange6 dagar sedan

    Omg i cringed so hard when JJ is giving out gifts to Tobi.. Tobi deserves better.

  103. Jayden Owusu

    Jayden Owusu2 dagar sedan


  104. BlaZe DaOfficial

    BlaZe DaOfficial2 dagar sedan

    Sometimes he is not funny

  105. Batty Fish

    Batty Fish3 dagar sedan


  106. mushroom !!

    mushroom !!6 dagar sedan

    Yall are blind saying ksi is ungrateful he was shocked and speechless he was so happy

  107. Esma Sülü

    Esma Sülü6 dagar sedan

    It would be great to donate money to a hospital or anything in his name