The Sidemen look back on 2019 one last time by answering questions about the years events!
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  1. Marvelego_fan

    Marvelego_fan18 timmar sedan


  2. Isma'eel Chohan

    Isma'eel Chohan22 timmar sedan

    KSI deserves his toy

  3. Sexydon

    SexydonDag sedan

    Harry and Vik are a powerhouse when it comes to trivia

  4. zanik

    zanik3 dagar sedan

    "The brown and the clown. - Harry 2019

  5. Martim Lourenço

    Martim Lourenço4 dagar sedan

    The Kobe joke didn't age well

  6. Under 11 Wonder kids

    Under 11 Wonder kids6 dagar sedan

    Poor jj all he wanted was his toy lol

  7. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW7 dagar sedan

    Zendaya wasn’t even in The Lion King 💀

  8. Indim Mm

    Indim Mm7 dagar sedan

    My biggest flex is that my dad is mates with Anthony Joshua and I have met him twice

  9. Xenomorph

    Xenomorph8 dagar sedan

    The brown and the clown😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Olivia Marriott

    Olivia Marriott8 dagar sedan

    7:20 the best of Ethan

  11. Darian Wiratama

    Darian Wiratama9 dagar sedan

    Tobi's mean

  12. Steph Curry And Surfing

    Steph Curry And Surfing9 dagar sedan

    As an nba fan, that question pissed me off

  13. Leon Šteblaj

    Leon Šteblaj9 dagar sedan

    i watched that again just because of ethan's Shane dawson interpretration lmao

  14. Christian Zanelli

    Christian Zanelli10 dagar sedan

    The Brown and The Clown is such a legendary duo

  15. Sajjadalali Alali

    Sajjadalali Alali10 dagar sedan

    Give ksi his toy 😂 lol but for real give him he’s toy 👿 hhehe

  16. R.I FC

    R.I FC11 dagar sedan

    It’s funny how miniminter said we don’t mess with the prem

  17. Ashley Nguyen

    Ashley Nguyen12 dagar sedan

    do this for 2020: "what item sold out across supermarkets due to fear and stock?" - toilet paper

  18. Alexis McCray

    Alexis McCray12 dagar sedan

    Hand sanitizer

  19. Safa Munir

    Safa Munir12 dagar sedan


  20. Jonas Horlacher

    Jonas Horlacher13 dagar sedan

    Harry jokes about Kobe is so dead, along with Kobe

  21. Asthon Philp

    Asthon Philp13 dagar sedan

    KSI = Big annoying fat baby

  22. Nawaz Salie

    Nawaz Salie13 dagar sedan

    South Africa represent😍😍

  23. arb 348

    arb 34813 dagar sedan

    JJ is so fuckin stupid and annoying in this video


    GRILLS CORNER DUBAI14 dagar sedan

    jj is an actual 2 year old

  25. owen power

    owen power14 dagar sedan


  26. SmashGaming93

    SmashGaming9316 dagar sedan

    17:23 Well that didn't age well after last Sidemen Sunday lmao

  27. Cexb

    Cexb8 dagar sedan


  28. TTM Trick shots

    TTM Trick shots16 dagar sedan

    Vik’s laugh is unmatched it gets me every time

  29. Sasha Davis

    Sasha Davis16 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait for 2020’s version 💀

  30. Melvin Varghese.

    Melvin Varghese.16 dagar sedan


  31. Lachy

    Lachy18 dagar sedan

    Should have called it ksi quiz of the year

  32. Sam Birmingham

    Sam Birmingham19 dagar sedan

    Simon ruined this

  33. NateDawgg 16

    NateDawgg 1620 dagar sedan

    Tobi is mean for that

  34. javier m27

    javier m2720 dagar sedan

    Little did they know......

  35. Lakye Cross

    Lakye Cross20 dagar sedan

    Vik needs to shut the fu** up

  36. Jollythejesterr

    Jollythejesterr21 dag sedan

    Late but I only just seen it. Jj and Ethan were drunk af

  37. Skidsey08 YT

    Skidsey08 YT23 dagar sedan

    It's pissing me off how Ethan says he is african, HE IS LIKE 0.05% NIGERIAN, GET OVER IT

  38. Lachy

    Lachy18 dagar sedan

    Its a joke fam

  39. khot ngara

    khot ngara24 dagar sedan

    Who's watched this video in 2020

  40. Chris Woodhead

    Chris WoodheadMånad sedan

    Starting off shouting lockdown, they called 2020

  41. voovoo osas

    voovoo osasMånad sedan

    Poo is my breakfast lol

  42. Asbas

    AsbasMånad sedan

    Thanks for sharing i feel enlightend

  43. slater mavrek

    slater mavrekMånad sedan


  44. wassupcracka

    wassupcrackaMånad sedan

    14:16 being an nba fan this pained me that Harry went like ‘oh no’

  45. low-key autummn

    low-key autummnMånad sedan

    Bro when harry and Ethan farted I fucken died

  46. G H O S T G A M I N G

    G H O S T G A M I N GMånad sedan

    Tobi is my least fav out of all the sidemen

  47. Official Kdawg

    Official KdawgMånad sedan

    i always knew simon was special ... spraying window cleaner in people’s eyes

  48. Ziggy Dutton

    Ziggy DuttonMånad sedan

    as a south african im happy they mensioned south africa i have been watching for 4 years

  49. James Hubbard

    James HubbardMånad sedan

    Why does Simon talk like he’s on road sometimes lmao

  50. Dr.DidloMaster

    Dr.DidloMasterMånad sedan

    Tobi is mean

  51. LiLStrayans

    LiLStrayansMånad sedan

    tobi's mean jj deserves his toy

  52. Leo Butz

    Leo ButzMånad sedan

    Went full American starting going out like KSI at the end and heard 9/11 and immediately jumped up

  53. Juicyfruit

    JuicyfruitMånad sedan

    That beginning did not age well...😂

  54. erikar james

    erikar jamesMånad sedan

    lol is this what life has turned into :(

  55. William Lehfeldt

    William LehfeldtMånad sedan

    JJ and Ethan are 3 year old

  56. 食ベるケツを

    食ベるケツをMånad sedan


  57. JG7

    JG7Månad sedan

    I had 21 and 23 and 27

  58. Gloriousgamer

    GloriousgamerMånad sedan

    rip kobe

  59. Owen W.02

    Owen W.02Månad sedan

    17:32 Ethan knows gugafoods

  60. John316

    John316Månad sedan

    For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life

  61. Maggie Carolin

    Maggie CarolinMånad sedan

    45:20 🥰

  62. Grace Shire

    Grace ShireMånad sedan


  63. ShadowFrost

    ShadowFrostMånad sedan

    Tody did the right thing

  64. Andrew K

    Andrew KMånad sedan

    Harry should be the host for a trivia and instead of listing the categories he should call them keta-gories.

  65. OpE TespeK

    OpE TespeKMånad sedan

    Tobis mean

  66. RyanGames93

    RyanGames93Månad sedan

    My name is Ryan and my dads name is paul -_-

  67. Joe Welbourn

    Joe WelbournMånad sedan

    35:36 the way Ethan’s face changed and went dead serious when telling JJ who timone was 🤣

  68. AC Star

    AC StarMånad sedan

    i cant believe tobi said my name omg. at like 14:16

  69. The Pancake Alchemist

    The Pancake AlchemistMånad sedan

    Starts with Lock down, just like 2020 but this time is was most of it

  70. mAx_ Junior

    mAx_ JuniorMånad sedan

    Tobi iiisss mmmmeeeeaaaannnn

  71. Mac Z

    Mac ZMånad sedan

    JJ doesn't know TImon? I'm out. *backflip out the window* oh and: HOW DOES HE SLEEP MID QUIZ SHOW?!

  72. jims0udis

    jims0udisMånad sedan

    Pause at 0:22 Tobi what?

  73. Gigg Itty

    Gigg IttyMånad sedan

    There should be a moresidemen compilation of them farting

  74. Shayur Chaithram

    Shayur ChaithramMånad sedan

    Anyone else realise JJ looks like walmart juiceworld

  75. Lionel Emmanuel

    Lionel EmmanuelMånad sedan

    Tobi is mean

  76. Alloy Wavy

    Alloy WavyMånad sedan


  77. Alloy Wavy

    Alloy WavyMånad sedan


  78. Cookie_Girl64

    Cookie_Girl64Månad sedan

    JJ being treated like a little toddler by tobi is so funny 27:52

  79. Alisha Tariq

    Alisha TariqMånad sedan

    Give JJ his toy

  80. Stephanie R

    Stephanie RMånad sedan

    The only one I knew for sure was noel Gallagher

  81. Risharn Rao

    Risharn RaoMånad sedan

    Jj is sooo drunk. Lmao 😂

  82. مغ

    مغMånad sedan

    Imagine Jimmy Carr hosting this

  83. zeus my booz

    zeus my boozMånad sedan

    why is tobi just so boring for me as a host

  84. Saahil Pahilajani

    Saahil PahilajaniMånad sedan

    Harry: When India and Guernsey are combined no one is safe

  85. Marie Renea Gonzalez

    Marie Renea GonzalezMånad sedan

    2020 will be a excellent quiz with 1,000 virus related and blamed for except SEtoos

  86. X1 Falcon Gaming

    X1 Falcon Gaming2 månader sedan


  87. Jamie Ryan

    Jamie Ryan2 månader sedan

    Rip Kobe

  88. Gillie’s life in Agriculture

    Gillie’s life in Agriculture2 månader sedan

    3:00 Ethan is the same colour as the box on front of him

  89. Irrelevant _

    Irrelevant _2 månader sedan

    "i got that knockdown" sounds like lockdown and i think i just got triggered .....

  90. C Padgett

    C Padgett2 månader sedan

    Tobis mean

  91. james Wroath

    james Wroath2 månader sedan

    Why does ethan not know a singLe real gang sign 😂

  92. Aiden Marshall

    Aiden Marshall2 månader sedan

    Me watching this when Leeds have gone up to the prem

  93. swag

    swag2 månader sedan

    harry sounded so upset at 13:10

  94. swag

    swag2 månader sedan

    omg harry looked and sounded so upset at 13:11

  95. Mohamed Awus Asim

    Mohamed Awus Asim2 månader sedan

    👦🏻 💪🏻👕💪🏻 Who’s This Sidemen??? 👖

  96. anthony t alfano

    anthony t alfano2 månader sedan

    The team are the same a the countdown time but Tobi the host instead of Simon

  97. FN Glory

    FN Glory2 månader sedan


  98. FN Glory

    FN Glory2 månader sedan


  99. FN Glory

    FN Glory2 månader sedan



    EXTREME TONNY2 månader sedan

    38:10 him in car sings JJ songs in future

  101. Lil UFO

    Lil UFO2 månader sedan


  102. Gammofication

    Gammofication2 månader sedan

    tobi is mean .....................

  103. Mookka4

    Mookka42 månader sedan

    4:55 "i dont shag cats" lmao

  104. Xavier York

    Xavier York2 månader sedan

    Tobi’s mean he ain’t giving me my toy