This weeks #SidemenSunday sees the boys try and see if they have the ability to learn 24 skills within 24 hours, who do you think will complete the most? Hope you enjoy!
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  1. Lil RafRaf

    Lil RafRafTimme sedan

    I’m proud of u tobi 👍🏾

  2. TardusBeats

    TardusBeats3 timmar sedan

    Cheese burger

  3. TardusBeats

    TardusBeats3 timmar sedan

    🥶 I do t like how Harry is bottle flipping on a glass table

  4. Adam N

    Adam N4 timmar sedan

    Fit da how vik your brill at Scottish

  5. wasim akram

    wasim akram10 timmar sedan

    harry's worm had me dead

  6. Mahly Kassem

    Mahly Kassem16 timmar sedan

    shoutout to chris ramsay with the card throwing toutorial

  7. Caitlin Olsen

    Caitlin Olsen18 timmar sedan

    So all UK people are born with soccer skills, yeah?

  8. TardusBeats

    TardusBeats3 timmar sedan


  9. jim jimmy jr

    jim jimmy jr21 timme sedan

    I think Harry did the Magikarp and Not the worm...

  10. Emre Aliosman

    Emre AliosmanDag sedan

    Viks worm is me when i lose on fifa

  11. Shaun Pratt

    Shaun PrattDag sedan

    No one: Vik: Ill put eyes on it to make it more like a dog Also Vik: Puts eyes on the ears

  12. Sebastián Dudek

    Sebastián DudekDag sedan

    53:30 O My God 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. Cassandra Lyons

    Cassandra LyonsDag sedan

    Over an hour of the sidemen having tourettes. 😂😂😂 Such a great video!!!

  14. sarah - maria

    sarah - mariaDag sedan

    it’s 1am and i’m pissing myself at ethan dropping the camera at 13:52 edit: it’s actually 2am i just cant see i have tears in my eyes

  15. infinity lux

    infinity luxDag sedan

    Vikk gave up so quickly if harry managed to stick a card on a small hard apple vikk's apple was completely normal. He didn't give his best efforts and je was 4 hours late so disappointing.

  16. infinity lux

    infinity luxDag sedan

    ONLY harry puts soap and water on the floor to try and do the moon walk😂😂

  17. oh waou

    oh waouDag sedan

    no one: vik: sticks eyes to the dogs ears

  18. Farhan Mirza

    Farhan MirzaDag sedan

    22:04 I thought he got a direct slice in the green one *Next Second* Reveals that it’s barely in the red one

  19. Illusion Heatz

    Illusion HeatzDag sedan

    Ethan try does bottle flip 1st counts in Spanish: realises he has to mess up bc he doesn’t know how to say 4 😂😂

  20. Leah Beckman

    Leah Beckman2 dagar sedan

    Omg Harry man that worm tho I’m dying of laughing at the moment 😂

  21. Dan Tudor

    Dan Tudor2 dagar sedan

    Ok, on a real. Someone please tell me where tobi got those trousers

  22. Komal Saini

    Komal Saini2 dagar sedan

    Vik doing the worm looks like a fish out of sea 😂😂😂😂

  23. Komal Saini

    Komal Saini2 dagar sedan

    Toby throwing the chair 😂😂 I felt the pain

  24. Toke Roworth

    Toke Roworth2 dagar sedan

    seeing harry do the worm made my day

  25. Indrek Tapalt

    Indrek Tapalt3 dagar sedan

    13:51''Allright next up ladies and gentlemen'' *Sets off a hydrogen bomb*

  26. Leonel Diaz

    Leonel Diaz3 dagar sedan

    Did anyone notice at 20:56 there’s a orb on the right side that moves around

  27. Fifa Arjun

    Fifa Arjun3 dagar sedan

    43:16 josh acts like such a baby

  28. Hugo Butterfield

    Hugo Butterfield3 dagar sedan

    20:50 - Viks rage hahahaha

  29. Hamish K

    Hamish K3 dagar sedan

    Hard at 11:59 lmao hahahahaha

  30. andre montes

    andre montes4 dagar sedan

    19:05 she sounded so innocent ...

  31. DeSparky

    DeSparky4 dagar sedan

    That throwing card section hurt me cause I’m really good at throwing cards

  32. Phaizy

    Phaizy4 dagar sedan

    18:08 Jj clearly couldn't be arsed

  33. quipo

    quipo4 dagar sedan


  34. Nikita Harvey

    Nikita Harvey5 dagar sedan

    Tbh I think I could learn the alphabet backwards after watching this 😂

  35. DevilNaga

    DevilNaga5 dagar sedan

    13:52 Best bit in the whole video

  36. Spoons Rule

    Spoons Rule5 dagar sedan

    14:40 I thought Simon was juggling with eggs

  37. Phantomシ

    Phantomシ5 dagar sedan

    Vik Thinks Him Doing The Worm Is Terrible Look At Harrys

  38. Bertie GG

    Bertie GG5 dagar sedan

    18:05 on the tv is the verdict for jake paul against KSI

  39. Bertie GG

    Bertie GG5 dagar sedan

    as soon as i see harrys worm attempt i like

  40. Shinnandra Zetta

    Shinnandra Zetta6 dagar sedan

    I hate when tobi make the balloon the sound is so anoying

  41. Taylor Waligora

    Taylor Waligora6 dagar sedan

    Vik was late and had like 0 commitment or interest in completing the challenges. Must be late for warzone

  42. Battle

    Battle6 dagar sedan

    25:43 100% it

  43. Astr0 AutoFire

    Astr0 AutoFire6 dagar sedan

    Why did I think Harry said” how to fold a teacher” I’m so dumb

  44. De Gekke Voetballers

    De Gekke Voetballers6 dagar sedan

    42:24 wtf vikk said alphaket so does he use ket?? Lol

  45. Hulohot Espagnol

    Hulohot Espagnol6 dagar sedan

    Sidemen: Learning a foreign language is a task * *learns 10 words in Spanish* * Sidemen: We now know Spanish *Comyunicashun*

  46. Itsxoxo 1234

    Itsxoxo 12346 dagar sedan

    when i tell u I LOST IT WHEN VIC TRIED TO DO THE SCOTTISH ACCENT, I WAS ON THE FLOOR hahah we still love u tho

  47. william newell

    william newell6 dagar sedan

    Omg! Anyone else watching this again thinking Harry is about 17

  48. Denzel Slegers

    Denzel Slegers7 dagar sedan

    53:50 It is better than harrys

  49. CandOGamingBros

    CandOGamingBros7 dagar sedan

    Rip all the Spanish people 2:51

  50. Denzel Slegers

    Denzel Slegers7 dagar sedan

    27:20 The F isn't between the I and the J

  51. S Blando

    S Blando7 dagar sedan

    Tobi throwing the chair did it for me😂 I love me some Tobi styll❤️❤️ Tobi follow my ig @s._blando

  52. Cain Sears

    Cain Sears7 dagar sedan

    best part of this vid is vik tryna do the worm had me creasin for ages ahahahha

  53. nicola vance

    nicola vance7 dagar sedan

    is it just me or did vik mean to stick the dogs eyes on the ears

  54. Ngoni Chinogurei

    Ngoni Chinogurei7 dagar sedan

    Vik inner anger came on on the bottle flips

  55. Hyunsung Kim

    Hyunsung Kim7 dagar sedan

    Sees Sidemen struggle with kip up Me who is a taekwondo student: Hehe

  56. ALFIE

    ALFIE8 dagar sedan

    20:48 vik raging

  57. Dr. N3ZUU

    Dr. N3ZUU8 dagar sedan

    To is just to good at life

  58. Cod Clips

    Cod Clips8 dagar sedan

    Vick offended me with his Scottish accent I am from Scotland

  59. N Kamath

    N Kamath8 dagar sedan

    Harry doing the worm had me crying😂

  60. Alexander Rosthof

    Alexander Rosthof9 dagar sedan

    Even though Tobi is like the calmest of sidemen he still threw a chair at a wall when he messed up the last bottle flip

  61. FlashOG

    FlashOG9 dagar sedan

    My mans tobi is always fitted in these videos

  62. FireStrik_R

    FireStrik_R9 dagar sedan

    Fat neek man

  63. Fuse Bros

    Fuse Bros9 dagar sedan

    14:07 are we not gonna talk about the amount of pringles?

  64. Toasted Man

    Toasted Man9 dagar sedan

    Why do they keep saying zed its z

  65. Ps Now

    Ps Now9 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  66. Aleksandr Kink

    Aleksandr Kink9 dagar sedan

    I wish i had full box of pringles. Ethan had it.

  67. Rom J

    Rom J9 dagar sedan

    Harry moans and shouts makes the video even more funnier

  68. TOTEM

    TOTEM10 dagar sedan

    Anyone know where to get tobis pants

  69. Sadeq Al magsosi

    Sadeq Al magsosi10 dagar sedan

    when vik put his scottish accent on i thought that was his real voice

  70. Tunay Skillz

    Tunay Skillz10 dagar sedan

    Vik get tf out of sidemen

  71. GamePepper

    GamePepper10 dagar sedan

    Shut up

  72. Ryan Jagpal

    Ryan Jagpal10 dagar sedan

    Juggling is hard i cant do it

  73. Charlie 8624

    Charlie 862410 dagar sedan

    Pleases me a lot that vik drinks green milk

  74. Fer Beniamin

    Fer Beniamin10 dagar sedan

    I think we all know that harry is the most intelligent 😉

  75. Chris Mbanu

    Chris Mbanu10 dagar sedan

    0:10 me when I try my 10th v bucks glitch

  76. Kristian Burns

    Kristian Burns10 dagar sedan

    21:26 ain’t it funny that Ethan’s got a massive box of pringles 😂😂

  77. Ellie Hutchings

    Ellie Hutchings10 dagar sedan

    This is just a video of the sidemen ragging at the skills they can’t do

  78. Cy Anderson

    Cy Anderson10 dagar sedan

    1:00:11 Me and my dad playing just dance at 12:00.

  79. Tamara

    Tamara11 dagar sedan

    when vikk did the worm i diedddd HAHAHAHAH

  80. Sohan Reddy

    Sohan Reddy11 dagar sedan

    Vik cant rage for the heck of it😂😂

  81. Dominic Lauron

    Dominic Lauron11 dagar sedan

    In my language kolehiyo is college in filipino language :DD

  82. Hannah

    Hannah11 dagar sedan

    Me when Tobi said he knew Spanish: 👌🏻 Me when Tobi said “coche” for car instead of “carro”: 😒

  83. InsaneNacho

    InsaneNacho11 dagar sedan

    why did i watch the whole thing?

  84. Kendalyn Harris

    Kendalyn Harris11 dagar sedan

    Harry's worm, oh my gosh:)

  85. Aran Patel

    Aran Patel11 dagar sedan


  86. ryan hop

    ryan hop11 dagar sedan

    viks Scottish acsent is kinda gid (im from Scotland)

  87. Forever Alone

    Forever Alone11 dagar sedan

    32:13. I like your cut G

  88. Ben Coates

    Ben Coates11 dagar sedan

    Why does Harry look like a fish out of water doing the worm

  89. romelu lukaku

    romelu lukaku11 dagar sedan

    5:06 only packed out fans

  90. Tracy lumsden

    Tracy lumsden12 dagar sedan

    Harry doing the worm looks like a fish out of water

  91. alyssa givens

    alyssa givens12 dagar sedan

    i keep coming back to this vid just to watch josh because he really is baby. like idk man josh isn't boring like everyone says

  92. Renee Dubuque

    Renee Dubuque12 dagar sedan

    35:10 when u get toty Ronaldo lmao

  93. Jhosiah Estick

    Jhosiah Estick12 dagar sedan

    Vik killed the accent

  94. Owen Clarke

    Owen Clarke12 dagar sedan

    Anyone notice when Ethan photoshopping that was a vid from po*n h*b

  95. Takeda Takahashi

    Takeda Takahashi12 dagar sedan

    46:27 me(the balloon) when a new Riley Reid video is posted

  96. Liam Kearney

    Liam Kearney13 dagar sedan

    Hs anybody saw viks worm he looks like a floping fish

  97. Iisahn Holweg

    Iisahn Holweg13 dagar sedan

    where do i get those cards

  98. Ronnie Henry

    Ronnie Henry13 dagar sedan

    Bruh tobi’s moonwalk is so good

  99. Mr_ Fear

    Mr_ Fear13 dagar sedan

    Ha ha. Lucky Ethan my sister looked at my screen and said "is that John Cena?" And I said he wishes

  100. Bidoof

    Bidoof13 dagar sedan

    44:58 53:30

  101. Oliver Arrar

    Oliver Arrar14 dagar sedan

    I move how they call « fluking a skill » « learning a skill »

  102. Lachy

    Lachy14 dagar sedan

    Jjs hat trick is so dead