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  1. Lenny 06

    Lenny 0612 minuter sedan

    This entire thing could have been creepy. Imagine, it starts of with a ghost blocking the door that Ethan and JJ were trying to get through. Harry goes missing and they only find his camera in the wardrobe. U only need the right imagination

  2. vWolfee

    vWolfeeTimme sedan

    2:50 Ethan dropped his phone.

  3. Harry Ralph

    Harry Ralph8 timmar sedan

    Rip Phone. 2:51

  4. CJ Lute

    CJ Lute15 timmar sedan

    17:20 LMAO

  5. Retro BeastRB

    Retro BeastRB16 timmar sedan

    I missed this completely

  6. JJ N

    JJ N19 timmar sedan

    JJ and Ethan are the best duo no cap

  7. Jaden Castle

    Jaden Castle22 timmar sedan

    2:40 is Ethans dad after he was born

  8. lal agun

    lal agun23 timmar sedan

    The perfect hyacinth simultaneously produce because ring tinctorially attract minus a chilly battle. parallel, vagabond glockenspiel

  9. Shyla Vlogs

    Shyla VlogsDag sedan

    13:03 asmr 😜

  10. Phelopatir Abdel-Malak

    Phelopatir Abdel-MalakDag sedan

    I didn’t notice Ethan‘a phone drop at the start when he was running at 2:50.

  11. Lauren Partridge

    Lauren PartridgeDag sedan


  12. Kannika Todboon

    Kannika TodboonDag sedan

    I mean Freezy look like Elon Musk SORRY FOR that😐🤚

  13. Kannika Todboon

    Kannika TodboonDag sedan

    Josh look like Elon Musk🤔🤨

  14. Kannika Todboon

    Kannika TodboonDag sedan


  15. Bloods Knight

    Bloods KnightDag sedan

    this was made one day before my b day

  16. Giorgio_plays

    Giorgio_playsDag sedan

    Harry just walking around the castle: proceeds to win the game

  17. ismail koulali

    ismail koulali2 dagar sedan

    16:28 Last time I checked.... AYOO WTH 💀

  18. Aaron Waab

    Aaron Waab2 dagar sedan

    This whole thing was scripted but it was funny non the less

  19. Alex Jankinson

    Alex Jankinson2 dagar sedan

    anyone know what the shoes tobis wearin are called by any chance

  20. Lydia Vernon

    Lydia Vernon2 dagar sedan

    When Ethan said mandem 🤠

  21. Adrean tej

    Adrean tej2 dagar sedan

    The well-to-do map covalently soothe because prison emotionally dry since a nondescript foot. utter, gigantic siberian

  22. Sophie Gill

    Sophie Gill2 dagar sedan

    i hope they don't add that other guy the this


    FORZA X GAMING2 dagar sedan

    jj is the legend

  24. Tristan O'Malley

    Tristan O'Malley3 dagar sedan

    Harry:"Not today spirits"

  25. cooper turner

    cooper turner3 dagar sedan

    Normal people: Sidemen: *Breaks castle*

  26. Gitika Khare

    Gitika Khare3 dagar sedan

    not even a minute and tobi is already on making jokes 0:53

  27. Pork Choppers Gift

    Pork Choppers Gift3 dagar sedan

    Harry: I'm just gonna stand in a room and wait for them to find me Me:*checks length of video and realizes there's 9 minutes left*

  28. Zack

    Zack3 dagar sedan

    I’m loving the hour vids (so worth it).

  29. George Orton Vlogs

    George Orton Vlogs3 dagar sedan

    Such a shithoused vid ☹️

  30. Tea is yummy.

    Tea is yummy.4 dagar sedan

    JJ really 6ix9ine’d Simon huh?

  31. Notorious

    Notorious4 dagar sedan

    17:22 am laughing so hard lmao i love tobi

  32. GIZMO

    GIZMO4 dagar sedan

    How does JJ always get found first.

  33. Fort223

    Fort2234 dagar sedan

    Harry : sits in a room and roams around the castle then... Vikk : who actually makes a plan and a good idea

  34. Santi Nale

    Santi Nale4 dagar sedan

    anyone else see ethan's phone fall?

  35. Sophie Rose

    Sophie Rose4 dagar sedan

    I love how tobi just did a whole skit by himself

  36. TTV_tadhgsfortnitestreams

    TTV_tadhgsfortnitestreams4 dagar sedan

    There’s ment to be 7

  37. KingOzzy42 Plays

    KingOzzy42 Plays4 dagar sedan

    I would have tried to hide on the roof

  38. A

    A4 dagar sedan

    New flash: hide and seek champion found dead in cupboard

  39. James Bones

    James Bones4 dagar sedan

    This is the cringiest video I seen. Romove ksi

  40. Mr. Blue Eyes

    Mr. Blue Eyes5 dagar sedan

    Freezy looks like he sneezes with his eyes open

  41. Alex Almond

    Alex Almond5 dagar sedan

    Thats asbestos 🤣 its called insulation deji and it doesnt cause cancer

  42. Cypress

    Cypress5 dagar sedan

    My dad would win in this game....we have been playing for 9 years and I still haven’t found him

  43. ixYousef

    ixYousef5 dagar sedan

    JJ's laugh after getting caught is epic.

  44. Hipe The Nomad

    Hipe The Nomad4 dagar sedan

    It made me to the SAME laugh back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Abhishek Karki

    Abhishek Karki5 dagar sedan

    Vikk really wanted to hide in that cupboard

  46. Birb YT

    Birb YT5 dagar sedan

    No one gonna talk about how they got legged by literal thin air

  47. kenzo power 123

    kenzo power 1235 dagar sedan

    JJ has so much money to buy stuff with but he still wears the same shoes in every video

  48. clarx

    clarx5 dagar sedan

    I thought vik would win I feel so bad how he had a whole plan and had everything thought ahead but still lost 😞

  49. Louie

    Louie5 dagar sedan

    When Harry is so bored he goes to find the seekers.

  50. Victoria

    Victoria5 dagar sedan

    Harry is such a mood

  51. The Definition Of Perfect

    The Definition Of Perfect5 dagar sedan


  52. tiong nam

    tiong nam5 dagar sedan

    The fretful cake undeniably compete because stream fundamentally observe anenst a handsome precipitation. wrathful, even excellent excited gorilla

  53. Happy Panda

    Happy Panda6 dagar sedan

    I love how Ethan dropped his phone when he was running to the Castle at the start

  54. Fe4RLess_NY

    Fe4RLess_NY6 dagar sedan

    Tobi is a Lagend mate👑 He noticed Simon n kept it a secret

  55. abigail beyersdoerfer

    abigail beyersdoerfer6 dagar sedan

    The absurd scooter recently print because rat legally brake within a entertaining liquor. domineering, vague armadillo

  56. Colton Pozniak

    Colton Pozniak4 dagar sedan

    ^^^ this

  57. Sammy Daly

    Sammy Daly6 dagar sedan

    We’re is Josh

  58. JackTheLad 33

    JackTheLad 336 dagar sedan

    harry im not getting paid enough for this.. getting paid for playing hide and seek lmao

  59. singaroo oo

    singaroo oo6 dagar sedan


  60. klaudia w

    klaudia w7 dagar sedan

    wait wheres josh? 😔

  61. raheem sterling7

    raheem sterling77 dagar sedan


  62. Lance Lotoc

    Lance Lotoc7 dagar sedan

    Do part 2 pls

  63. Curtley Brummer

    Curtley Brummer7 dagar sedan

    Can I please get an iPhone 8 ?? @sidemen ,any competitions to win a new phone 😭❤

  64. Opplo Opploseen

    Opplo Opploseen7 dagar sedan

    Ethan & jj had the best team,,,😂

  65. Kanah Sepulona

    Kanah Sepulona7 dagar sedan

    4:25 😂😂😂

  66. Lightskinshortyy

    Lightskinshortyy7 dagar sedan

    Sidemen Sunday idea: sidemen do a diamond heist (not a real one) so the sidemen would hire someone to hide a fake diamond in a building. There would be 2 teams and each time would have their own go at breaking into the building and trying to steal the fake diamond but there would obviously be traps and alarms and stuff. So basically the sum is to steal the diamond without getting caught and whatever team does it the quickest wins, they can use walkie talkies to talk to each other . Kinda like a spy movies.

  67. Felix Cobbe

    Felix CobbeDag sedan

    Lightskinshortyy that’s acc a solid idea

  68. Imad Rahman

    Imad Rahman7 dagar sedan


  69. Steven Trogent

    Steven Trogent7 dagar sedan

    who also waits to the very end to hear the outro

  70. adel_ x4s

    adel_ x4s8 dagar sedan

    شكلي انا الوحيد العربي الي يتابعهم

  71. Julia Hall

    Julia Hall8 dagar sedan

    It’s so amazing seeing how much more professional their recordings have gotten and editing has gotten

  72. Never No

    Never No8 dagar sedan

    I love their hide and seek videos And this comment is for the algorithm Lol If u see this Is toby a goat?

  73. Spencer Safflower

    Spencer Safflower8 dagar sedan

    The chief epoxy inversely level because carrot reassuringly scold of a typical file. best, nutty brown

  74. Kobe

    Kobe8 dagar sedan

    the fact that harry is trying to find a hiding spot and has to look around the whole castle chill

  75. Kobe

    Kobe8 dagar sedan

    was up baby girl

  76. ————————————

    ————————————5 dagar sedan


  77. Anubhav Kumar

    Anubhav Kumar8 dagar sedan

    JJ's laugh at the beginning 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. Godgeta413

    Godgeta4138 dagar sedan

    2:47 Did Ethan just Naruto runned

  79. k_e_0_3

    k_e_0_38 dagar sedan

    Sidemen should try doing hide and seek in the night :)))

  80. SideA

    SideA8 dagar sedan

    I haven’t finished the video yet. I’m guessing Harry’s gonna be found first. Edit: Harry’s gonna be found second. Edit: Harry’s gonna be found third. Edit: Harry’s gonna be found fourth.

  81. Delilah Sweetland

    Delilah Sweetland8 dagar sedan

    Apple juice gang for lifeee

  82. Anthony Tallantire

    Anthony Tallantire8 dagar sedan

    My mum watching these be like🤨🤨🤨

  83. Juan Perret

    Juan Perret8 dagar sedan

    ngl it took me to the Tobi part to realize Josh wasn't in it


    BANSUBSTANCE8 dagar sedan


  85. Anne T

    Anne T9 dagar sedan

    19:00 my favorite section of the entire vid

  86. Dylan Davidson

    Dylan Davidson6 dagar sedan

    I know right

  87. TinTin

    TinTin9 dagar sedan

    I swear the next sidemen hide and seek is gonna be Hiding on mars

  88. klaudia w

    klaudia w7 dagar sedan

    where’s josh

  89. Jamaal Smikle Y2J.2

    Jamaal Smikle Y2J.29 dagar sedan

    I shouldn't have looked in the comment section before the video....smh

  90. Unknown7683

    Unknown76839 dagar sedan

    The abject dust histochemically phone because armchair impressively offend along a lovely purchase. axiomatic, garrulous twilight

  91. J Zion

    J Zion8 dagar sedan

    shut up

  92. unasianasian. com

    unasianasian. com9 dagar sedan

    Tobi: Ah this is fun I need to get caught more often JJ: Can't relate

  93. Naomi Masia

    Naomi Masia9 dagar sedan

    Jj looking for Harry in the trash😂😂😂😭

  94. Brett Stallo

    Brett Stallo9 dagar sedan

    Ksi honestly had me so pissed off when he sold out Simon and freezy all the flashbacks to elementary school when my friends would sell me out 😂

  95. Shd

    Shd6 dagar sedan


  96. Tyler King

    Tyler King9 dagar sedan

    28:54 I’m dying laughing 🤣

  97. goha

    goha9 dagar sedan

    I haven't watched sidemen in so long

  98. The Bees6

    The Bees69 dagar sedan

    Everyone: finds a good hiding spot Harry: walks slowly round the castle and standing in a rooms corner and wins 👁👄👁

  99. JustSomeRandomGirl

    JustSomeRandomGirl3 timmar sedan

    @Don't Mind Me I'm NO One watch the video first before looking at the comments

  100. The Bees6

    The Bees65 dagar sedan

    @Don't Mind Me I'm NO One sorry

  101. Don't Mind Me I'm NO One

    Don't Mind Me I'm NO One5 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the spoiler

  102. sweepin

    sweepin9 dagar sedan


  103. Patel

    Patel10 dagar sedan

    when ksi said hes gonna hide like a tobi he gets caught straight away

  104. le'kaira ratima

    le'kaira ratima10 dagar sedan

    ethan and jj are a fricken DUO BRO

  105. Dom

    Dom10 dagar sedan

    "Sidemen hide and seek in the international space station?!"

  106. Untitled

    Untitled10 dagar sedan

    Why the camera man give it away dude

  107. Re4perAG37

    Re4perAG3710 dagar sedan

    Who’s y’all fav Sidmens?

  108. Bro2k47 R

    Bro2k47 R10 dagar sedan

    Dude I love these hide and seek vids they are amazing

  109. Jumper_708

    Jumper_70810 dagar sedan

    why is there 2 simons?

  110. Bethany Sirmans

    Bethany Sirmans10 dagar sedan

    Imagine getting paid for playing Hide and Seek

  111. Bethany Sirmans

    Bethany Sirmans9 dagar sedan

    @Chyro oh yeah I know I love them but I was just saying

  112. Chyro

    Chyro9 dagar sedan

    They help get the content and content=money so they deserve it

  113. swaq boy

    swaq boy10 dagar sedan

    Tobi is my fav my boi is chill😂

  114. Cooper Stuckey

    Cooper Stuckey10 dagar sedan