The Sidemen take on the 70,000 calorie challenge as they get to meet up again for the first time since lockdown began!
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  1. Rahul Pradhan

    Rahul Pradhan2 timmar sedan


  2. omid hassani

    omid hassani2 timmar sedan

    this is why we love our fat neek XD

  3. preston underwood

    preston underwood4 timmar sedan

    harry say why wach us eat everyone else satisfaction

  4. Daniel Upcott

    Daniel Upcott6 timmar sedan

    44:57 first time I properly heard Harry laugh 😂😂

  5. TheGringMan

    TheGringMan16 timmar sedan

    "its gonna be ethan now" editor: 😈😈hehe

  6. Wish_Clan _Official

    Wish_Clan _Official17 timmar sedan

    Ethan:I love these protein shakes No one: Me be like:brother that is g fuel Ethan:yes my hay fever Me:OK!


    BLOXYBRAWLER1717 timmar sedan

    I’m waiting for a fellow American to say “ It’s 6 feet not 2 meters” lol know it’ll happen idk

  8. beinglittleisamazing

    beinglittleisamazing18 timmar sedan

    JJ I do not like tomatoes to

  9. Takuya

    Takuya19 timmar sedan

    JJ turned from someone not knowing calories at all to 69 in just 1 second😂😂

  10. Lily Likes lemons

    Lily Likes lemons19 timmar sedan

    Lmao is vik balding?? 😂

  11. Jeremi Gauthier

    Jeremi Gauthier20 timmar sedan

    Viks a nonce

  12. Britannic Unicorn

    Britannic Unicorn20 timmar sedan

    The Mr,Beast of Uber Eats

  13. Jess

    Jess22 timmar sedan

    I got rice advert during there rice argument

  14. Hamish Murphy

    Hamish MurphyDag sedan

    vikk is too annoying

  15. Maham Manzoor

    Maham ManzoorDag sedan

    jj forgot shakeshac

  16. Ollie Sings

    Ollie SingsDag sedan

    The discord call at the end was the best part of any sidemen video ever, I still come back months later to watch it 😂

  17. Mr. Pig

    Mr. PigDag sedan

    Simon- I havent left in 2 months Me- Wait society still exists

  18. Dino DQ

    Dino DQDag sedan

    Harry is literally so funny hahahah

  19. Decryptor

    DecryptorDag sedan

    Can we talk about the fact that JJ spent £1.50 on a can of Fanta 12:30

  20. Manan Iqbal

    Manan IqbalDag sedan

    18:33 2020 is mad vik excuse me !?!?!?!?

  21. Big Daddy

    Big DaddyDag sedan

    Did I just watch 7 men argue about rice for 20 minutes Yes,yes I did

  22. zuri

    zuriDag sedan

    10:08 lol the way he just pops up out of nowhere

  23. BandoBaby24s

    BandoBaby24s2 dagar sedan

    LOOOL i would smash this

  24. Idz MidZu

    Idz MidZu2 dagar sedan

    JJ is generous in this video while vik his mask is big

  25. Rujul Vaidya

    Rujul Vaidya2 dagar sedan

    ਦੁਸਹਿਰਾ ਮੁਬਾਰਕ. ਤੁਹਾਡੇ ਜੀਵਨ ਦੇ ਸਾਰੇ ਤਣਾਅ ਰਾਵਣ ਦੇ ਪੁਤਲੇ ਫੂਕਣ ਦੇ ਨਾਲ ਜਲਣ ਦਿਓ. ਤੁਸੀਂ ਹਮੇਸ਼ਾ ਸਫਲ ਅਤੇ ਖੁਸ਼ ਰਹੋ!

  26. Rujul Vaidya

    Rujul Vaidya2 dagar sedan

    feliz Dussehra. Que todas las tensiones de tu vida ardan junto con la efigie de Ravana. ¡Que tengas éxito y seas feliz para siempre!

  27. Rujul Vaidya

    Rujul Vaidya2 dagar sedan

    幸せなDussehra。 あなたの人生のすべての緊張がラーヴァナの肖像と一緒に燃えますように。 あなたが成功し、幸せになりますように!

  28. Verses .1

    Verses .12 dagar sedan

    for sooo long he finnally ammits 15:28🤣

  29. Emma Shimal

    Emma Shimal2 dagar sedan

    vik is being such a geek in this video with jj

  30. Hassan Rashid

    Hassan Rashid2 dagar sedan

    Can’t believe jj and Simon weren’t social distancing

  31. xgnes#2907

    xgnes#2907Dag sedan

    They live together...

  32. Zain Mallick

    Zain Mallick2 dagar sedan

    12:05 what a legend

  33. Ørjan

    Ørjan2 dagar sedan

    How many times does Harry eat in this???

  34. Sadeem Majid

    Sadeem Majid2 dagar sedan

    Wait did ksi just tip his delivery guys like 100 pounds because he was feeling bad ?

  35. Unfaithfu1

    Unfaithfu12 dagar sedan

    Harry: The toaster doesnt work Also Harry: *puts 6 waffles into the toaster*

  36. joaquin Sanchez

    joaquin Sanchez2 dagar sedan

    At least they are not tik toker

  37. BLINDSIGHT3R722 Gameplays

    BLINDSIGHT3R722 Gameplays3 dagar sedan

    Everyone: eating Harry: let’s go for a swim lads

  38. jonathan campbell

    jonathan campbell3 dagar sedan

    idk why but i just rate vik🤣🤣

  39. jonathan campbell

    jonathan campbell3 dagar sedan

    my brother literally calls him v.i.k

  40. Brayden Peters

    Brayden Peters3 dagar sedan

    anyone else notice that JJ ordered a sprite zero in a calorie challenge 😂

  41. Muhammad Patel

    Muhammad Patel3 dagar sedan

    Imagine spending 100 quid on a sprite 😂

  42. James Harrison

    James Harrison3 dagar sedan

    Harry can’t cook eggs holyyy

  43. Daisy Malory

    Daisy Malory3 dagar sedan

    Did Harry actually eat a scone in one? 😂😂😂😂

  44. A_Lazer96

    A_Lazer963 dagar sedan


  45. The Slader

    The Slader3 dagar sedan

    Harry eats mince like he's 3 hahahahahahahahahahaha

  46. Caitlin Olsen

    Caitlin Olsen3 dagar sedan

    There is nothing more pure than a bunch of guys meeting up after two months and just saying how much they miss each other. The only thing more pure is if Harry could've joined

  47. Zaid Khan

    Zaid Khan3 dagar sedan

    Vick is just trying to put jj s cal count

  48. Zaid Khan

    Zaid Khan3 dagar sedan


  49. burrito master2

    burrito master23 dagar sedan

    As a man of Hispanic culture I cringed at the way Harry ate the tortilla Xd

  50. Thanush

    Thanush3 dagar sedan

    Idk if JJ only did it for this video, but I hope JJ actually tips the Delivery every time he orders, cause I know JJ is a kind person.

  51. William Cormack

    William Cormack3 dagar sedan

    They should of spent lockdown in the sidemen house so they could film videos in lockdown

  52. Batu Alp Gürsoy

    Batu Alp Gürsoy3 dagar sedan

    I got so annoyed at Ethan and Vikk

  53. Stealthy 22

    Stealthy 224 dagar sedan

    Ksi has to stand 4 meters away Cus his fourhead reaches 2 meters

  54. Toby La Cour

    Toby La Cour4 dagar sedan

    Harry is a f**king champ :D He's my favorite

  55. Seth 8

    Seth 84 dagar sedan

    Why was jj so excited for his first poo o

  56. Ben De pater

    Ben De pater4 dagar sedan

    Not to be mean but vik just annoys me

  57. VD Seeker

    VD Seeker4 dagar sedan

    I want to be the man delivering JJ's food

  58. Panda Person

    Panda Person4 dagar sedan

    25:15 just realised that 1 black cod is 50 pounds

  59. The Tank

    The Tank4 dagar sedan

    JJ really tipped like that what a goat

  60. SniperSd Sid

    SniperSd Sid4 dagar sedan

    ksi showing now hes got cash more money then sense

  61. Manchester United News

    Manchester United News4 dagar sedan

    Tobi is fat shaming kJ 🤥🤥

  62. RNG_Annas _BTW

    RNG_Annas _BTW4 dagar sedan

    But we will persevere

  63. TobiTheTurtle

    TobiTheTurtle4 dagar sedan

    Harry looks like he could make some pretty good food

  64. vince mason

    vince mason5 dagar sedan

    Imagine if they were still living in the sidemen house during lockdown, sidemen sundays couldve been sm better

  65. F7Clipz

    F7Clipz5 dagar sedan

    the mask is almost bigger than vicks face

  66. Taha Mahwi

    Taha Mahwi5 dagar sedan

    Hello $2

  67. Ibraheem Nazam

    Ibraheem Nazam5 dagar sedan

    He admitted it he’s a fat neek

  68. M King

    M King5 dagar sedan

    I do dent know vik had a girl friend

  69. TNAO Shinigxmi_

    TNAO Shinigxmi_5 dagar sedan

    How can u eat pringles for breakfast u fat

  70. TNAO Shinigxmi_

    TNAO Shinigxmi_5 dagar sedan

    1:16 mate cream makes u so fat

  71. TNAO Shinigxmi_

    TNAO Shinigxmi_5 dagar sedan

    I swear Ehthan is trying to lose weight why just why

  72. Bread

    Bread5 dagar sedan

    They just argued about rice for the last 10 minutes

  73. Mo Mo

    Mo Mo6 dagar sedan

    If they did this in america the challenge would be over in one visit to Dairy Queen

  74. dylan Arroyo

    dylan Arroyo6 dagar sedan

    Well well well we got em boys 12:50

  75. Ella Greenhill

    Ella Greenhill6 dagar sedan

    They spent like 10 mins fighting over how much rice KSI ate 💀

  76. Retro Wolfs

    Retro Wolfs6 dagar sedan

    Ksi first meal was pure fibre it fills u up my man played himself

  77. Ethan Mayes

    Ethan Mayes6 dagar sedan

    Why is JJ trying to be fat

  78. seraph15

    seraph156 dagar sedan

    has anyone actually kept track of jj's calories cause he definitely forgot about alot of foods

  79. Elite_chaos 15

    Elite_chaos 156 dagar sedan

    me about to sleep simon : I AM GOING TO GO WITH............

  80. karan rajesh

    karan rajesh6 dagar sedan

    I think this is the only video that Harry has actually laughed properly

  81. Jamie Fowler

    Jamie Fowler6 dagar sedan

    They argued about rice for 10 mins

  82. Call me cs:go

    Call me cs:go6 dagar sedan

    Why they doing jj like that

  83. Trippin' 7

    Trippin' 77 dagar sedan

    Vik going bald

  84. lolswag 2028

    lolswag 20287 dagar sedan

    How do I cook better than Harry’s mum and I’m 15

  85. Meepz

    Meepz7 dagar sedan

    This video has the longest arguement about rice I've ever seen.

  86. It Is Me Star

    It Is Me Star7 dagar sedan

    10:54 Haha 😂

  87. PlayzQ

    PlayzQ7 dagar sedan

    Harry check the setting on your toaster it might be on 10

  88. Leyton Bajwa

    Leyton Bajwa8 dagar sedan

    7:14 Ya think JJ

  89. samyar21

    samyar218 dagar sedan

    Ksi didnt tell the calories of the shake shack burger at the beginning. And all the sweets he ate

  90. KC Jordan

    KC Jordan8 dagar sedan

    16:07 look at his calories 😳

  91. Dave Lloyd

    Dave Lloyd8 dagar sedan

    Sidemen learn a skill ie cooking (chopping) ability, meal off, who can produce the best meal from scratch as a future sidemen Sunday (with help provided) love the content though

  92. Hamza el Mahgoub

    Hamza el Mahgoub8 dagar sedan

    44:50 I think is the only time we’ve seen Harry actually laugh

  93. blakeywise 22

    blakeywise 228 dagar sedan

    If the sidemen keeps lacking these food videos there gunno have to change there name to the wide men

  94. Oofage101 Bruh

    Oofage101 Bruh8 dagar sedan

    Why is harry so lonely? :(

  95. king sufyan

    king sufyan8 dagar sedan

    Ethan: what's that 2....................................*breath* 4!

  96. Will Kay

    Will Kay8 dagar sedan

    I love how Harry is just sat watching the arguement happen. Honestly I was wondering when he was gunna whip out the popcorn.

  97. Johnny Furey

    Johnny Furey9 dagar sedan

    Try eating and burning 10000 calories in 1 video

  98. Empire Gamez

    Empire Gamez9 dagar sedan

    Harry just doesn't waste food

  99. K TV

    K TV9 dagar sedan

    Why was vik getting so vexed 😭🤣

  100. Omar Shatila

    Omar Shatila10 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know the song's name on minute 13:00?

  101. Aeisha Rodriguez

    Aeisha Rodriguez10 dagar sedan

    "Yo, I don't care about your science!" 😭😭😭 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  102. Kamsi onyeneke

    Kamsi onyeneke10 dagar sedan

    One of the funniest sidemen videos