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  1. Anni Atk

    Anni Atk31 minut sedan

    8:45 when Harry says “there’s so many nooks and crannies!” He sounds like horrid Henry!

  2. khushi goswami

    khushi goswami53 minuter sedan

    I was wondering why they sound British since I started watching them years ago to only realise they live in UK💀

  3. Veronica Wilson

    Veronica Wilson3 timmar sedan

    No way in hell I would hide in a “haunted” hiding spot

  4. Veronica Wilson

    Veronica Wilson4 timmar sedan

    I came for KSI and fell in love with Harry

  5. Evan Moolman

    Evan Moolman4 timmar sedan

    26:30 Ethan throwing gang signs

  6. Leo Robson-neal

    Leo Robson-neal14 timmar sedan

    At 4:55 who noticed the giant nerf dart

  7. LaFantum

    LaFantum15 timmar sedan

    Pause at 14:06

  8. Kebba Danso

    Kebba Danso15 timmar sedan

    35:45 sypher pk

  9. Roy Long

    Roy Long16 timmar sedan

    harry: Ooh the wine cellar

  10. Floopperz Blitz

    Floopperz Blitz19 timmar sedan

    sorry mate thats not a private lsland that was a military base

  11. Rosie Still

    Rosie Still19 timmar sedan

    *me in portsmouth* yo i recognize that island, think i've seen it in a video *revisits this video* oh

  12. I do lets plays unironically for fun

    I do lets plays unironically for fun20 timmar sedan

    i live on the isle of wight i can see that fort from where I live

  13. kumiho _

    kumiho _21 timme sedan

    why did that island look like a fortnite island

  14. THADZ

    THADZDag sedan

    Did I just hear someone say *"Ze Germanz are Kaming!!"* ?

  15. James Smith

    James SmithDag sedan

    I live in Portsmouth (the city Harry zooms into when counted) and I've always wanted to know what was on this island

  16. Mystic Light

    Mystic LightDag sedan

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Ethan: I’m gonna make use of this and do a poo.

  17. z. mortannia

    z. mortanniaDag sedan

    harry- look at this view *literally off the coast of p o r t s m o u t h*

  18. TomGTM

    TomGTMDag sedan

    I’m from Portsmouth boi

  19. Conasia Wilson

    Conasia WilsonDag sedan

    Ima watch sidemen all day until I drop

  20. Oscar Mitchell

    Oscar MitchellDag sedan

    Y does Behz always need a poo

  21. WerF er

    WerF er2 dagar sedan

    Harry: There's a bloody bird Me: Wut first time seeing a bird bloody hell

  22. Mihir Naran

    Mihir Naran2 dagar sedan

    Their is a looooot ofs adds

  23. Adam Jasper

    Adam Jasper2 dagar sedan

    I was curious about the haunted tunnels Josh hid in so did a bit of digging and found that the series Most Haunted did an episode on Spitbank Fort so gave it a watch here: I am 100% sure if they had seen this Josh wouldn't have gone anywhere near those tunnels. Edit: After more digging I've found that it's all fake, which is predictable as something seems to happen every 5 seconds and Josh was in there for about an hour. It's just disappointing that they'd lie to viewers faces and present it as the truth.

  24. Paddy lloyd

    Paddy lloyd2 dagar sedan

    anyone gonna talk about 13:08

  25. Gurman Chahal

    Gurman Chahal2 dagar sedan

    Everyone “let’s find a hiding spot” Ethan "I gotta take a big dump”

  26. FNL Nerd

    FNL Nerd2 dagar sedan

    Honestly the editing on these videos is Hollywood quality

  27. Shane Colaco

    Shane Colaco2 dagar sedan

    19:09 looks the size of the lame post

  28. Tia Simpson

    Tia Simpson3 dagar sedan

    Hide and seek begins Ethan: Right I need a poo Ethan a few minutes later: my shoes are really squeaky I love how he is so confident to say to millions that he needs a poo 😂

  29. Nguyen Nguyen

    Nguyen Nguyen3 dagar sedan

    Ethan is now like Chandler

  30. Xavier Roberts

    Xavier Roberts3 dagar sedan

    omg at 2:56 there is someone behind Simon and then they disappear

  31. Bradley Vincent

    Bradley Vincent3 dagar sedan

    30:07 is where someone was behind josh peaking around the corner 😬😬🤭

  32. Perran Lemoine

    Perran Lemoine3 dagar sedan

    Tobi I be like: CoZy

  33. FireStrik_R

    FireStrik_R4 dagar sedan

    If that is a private island, than my dog house is a mansion

  34. Marvin Cannon

    Marvin Cannon4 dagar sedan

    The fact that this video was uploaded on my birthday.......doesn't mean anything *It's just cool*

  35. Faith Kirigo

    Faith Kirigo5 dagar sedan

    Ethan's the sweetest he covered for Vick😫

  36. Jwood Games

    Jwood Games6 dagar sedan

    27:16 saving my spot

  37. vZr0 Playz

    vZr0 Playz6 dagar sedan

    Bro they need to learn not to talk lol I sware there always there at the worst time😂

  38. key-rock chronic

    key-rock chronic6 dagar sedan


  39. Jasper vV

    Jasper vV6 dagar sedan

    21:48 when your girlfriends father comes upstairs

  40. Tharun Kumar

    Tharun Kumar6 dagar sedan

    * everyone hiding nervously * JJ - 23:33

  41. Tharun Kumar

    Tharun Kumar6 dagar sedan

    After a certain amount of time JJ just forgot he's playing hide and seek

  42. Everardo Gomez

    Everardo Gomez6 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else hear vik say the Germans are coming at 1:52

  43. Jayko Cruz

    Jayko Cruz7 dagar sedan

    8:38 omfg he got caught

  44. Jamaal Un-Deen

    Jamaal Un-Deen7 dagar sedan

    35:45 did harry say astakh firullah?

  45. Lauren

    Lauren7 dagar sedan

    Insulting sideman part 1 Josh it is a group channel not your own JJ litteraly no one asked

  46. eshal khan

    eshal khan8 dagar sedan

    Yo Ethan's a real G, he gave himself up for Tobi and Vik

  47. keenan williams

    keenan williams8 dagar sedan

    is no one going to talk about Vik saying "the Germans are coming!" 1:50

  48. keenan williams

    keenan williams8 dagar sedan


  49. Vysulo

    Vysulo8 dagar sedan

    "im in the generator room i think ive won" lmao this clown gets caught first

  50. Harrison Hopwood15

    Harrison Hopwood158 dagar sedan

    Anyone else notice they’re in pourtsmouth

  51. Runitup C

    Runitup C8 dagar sedan

    JJ is a little camper lmaoo

  52. spain without the s

    spain without the s8 dagar sedan

    35:12 big black man gets destroyed by skinny white boys

  53. spain without the s

    spain without the s8 dagar sedan

    30:40 13 yr olds at 3am (edited)

  54. XzillaAidan

    XzillaAidan9 dagar sedan

    13:10 for a surprise

  55. blake kroeger

    blake kroeger9 dagar sedan

    Ethan documenting his poo 💀

  56. Evan Dowling

    Evan Dowling10 dagar sedan

    JJ was stupid funny this video😂😂

  57. Dbestnoob _oofmaster

    Dbestnoob _oofmaster10 dagar sedan

    Imagine the go to Alcatraz

  58. Saurabh Adate

    Saurabh Adate10 dagar sedan

    Tobi: 36:31 Jj: pees down a hole and all over himself

  59. Henry Bond

    Henry Bond10 dagar sedan

    Just realised this is Portsmouth and I was at there on a boat a few months ago which is cool.

  60. Reece Flanagan

    Reece Flanagan11 dagar sedan

    Anyone noticed the hole jj pissed in was on the news

  61. That Weeb Bruh

    That Weeb Bruh11 dagar sedan

    Harry needs to grow some funny cells

  62. Arran King

    Arran King11 dagar sedan


  63. Comoh

    Comoh12 dagar sedan

    I was soo happy that Harry was in this entire vid

  64. Brandyn Hoskins Vivo

    Brandyn Hoskins Vivo12 dagar sedan

    when vik ring the bell my gf woke up gg

  65. Manas Kambli

    Manas Kambli12 dagar sedan

    13:10 i always see this face in my dreams!

  66. NikkiBoy

    NikkiBoy12 dagar sedan

    Everyone: Hides, JJ: sleep

  67. CSV 02

    CSV 0212 dagar sedan

    Josh is just so dumb lol

  68. CSV 02

    CSV 0212 dagar sedan

    Can we have at least one video without josh plsss

  69. Kira Mckeown

    Kira Mckeown12 dagar sedan

    Big up Portsmouth ahah love Harry’s zoom

  70. Liam Finn

    Liam Finn12 dagar sedan

    It’s all fun and games till jj decides to come out the closest 😭🤣

  71. Puichi Hau

    Puichi Hau12 dagar sedan

    "I need a poo"

  72. Tofu Vr

    Tofu Vr12 dagar sedan

    Fun fact believe it or not I used to live and work on that same fort

  73. James Langan

    James Langan13 dagar sedan

    41:01 jj teeth are green

  74. Gavriel Rosenberg

    Gavriel Rosenberg13 dagar sedan

    Does anybody have any advice on starting a SEtoos channel

  75. Gavriel Rosenberg

    Gavriel Rosenberg13 dagar sedan

    Nice try KSI pewds video

  76. AlwaysNate

    AlwaysNate13 dagar sedan

    3:40 maybe the funniest part of the video

  77. Cadynce Williams

    Cadynce Williams14 dagar sedan

    Harry: a 69... ooohh yeah *laughs*

  78. Cadynce Williams

    Cadynce Williams14 dagar sedan

    is no one talking about how harry's still wearing the jacket from the video where they could only eat there specific color for 24 hours!!!!! period harry

  79. Nehimiah Wairia

    Nehimiah Wairia14 dagar sedan

    Lol Jj's voice crack 26:24

  80. avatedia

    avatedia14 dagar sedan

    New video idea: Sidemen hide and seek on Epstein's Island

  81. Caitlyn Grace

    Caitlyn Grace14 dagar sedan

    When jj left the hot tub and went onto the roof I died 😂😂😂😂

  82. brian allison

    brian allison14 dagar sedan

    Ethans laugh at 35:45 lol

  83. DeathToUbuntu

    DeathToUbuntu14 dagar sedan

    Harry: Bezingha the filthy acholcy Also Harry:

  84. Amir terkill

    Amir terkill15 dagar sedan

    39:20 ksimon 😂😂

  85. Skvj Abs

    Skvj Abs15 dagar sedan

    JJ forgot to cover his trails

  86. Im a Dino Main

    Im a Dino Main15 dagar sedan

    *JJ with one shoe no pants* Bird: hawhawhawhawhaw

  87. Tim

    Tim15 dagar sedan

    Lol That’s Portsmouth

  88. SOSA

    SOSA15 dagar sedan

    Tobi and vik are awesome teammates

  89. SOSA

    SOSA15 dagar sedan

    Ran circles around Harry literally

  90. CertyplayZz ツ

    CertyplayZz ツ15 dagar sedan

    I DoNt bUlLy ViK

  91. Henry Rouse

    Henry Rouse16 dagar sedan

    38:56 sittin on tha toilet

  92. Palin Vance

    Palin Vance17 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks Harry is cute 🥴😓


    HELL BLAZE17 dagar sedan

    Air raid siren goes of vik “The Germans are coming

  94. Emilio Quiogue

    Emilio Quiogue17 dagar sedan

    Harry: Ethan’s a pyromaniac Also Harry: (sets fire in Ethan’s flat during Come Dine With Me video)

  95. HazardDream

    HazardDream18 dagar sedan

    That seagull for sure from Norway, that’s where that size come from

  96. Memelius Pandarieus

    Memelius Pandarieus18 dagar sedan

    I can't believe that KSI actually peed in the hole I'm dying with laughter

  97. I don't Like sand

    I don't Like sand19 dagar sedan

    13:10 creepy

  98. Seagull_in_space

    Seagull_in_space19 dagar sedan

    1:53 the Germans are coming

  99. National Socialist

    National Socialist15 dagar sedan

    @Oof that's a reference for ww2 German Air raids all over the UK

  100. Oof

    Oof19 dagar sedan

    Seagulls Seagull not as funny as I thought it would be but A for effort

  101. Seagull_in_space

    Seagull_in_space19 dagar sedan


  102. claudia corr

    claudia corr19 dagar sedan

    Harry getting slowly creeped out walking around alone 😂😂

  103. claudia corr

    claudia corr19 dagar sedan

    Harry spent €240 on that jacket and he will wear it every chance he gets 😂😂