The Sidemen to a Mukbang because their other video idea fell apart haha
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  1. Gareth Wood

    Gareth Wood50 minuter sedan

    Its mad the love and respect these guys have for eachother, for real.

  2. Raees Akhtar

    Raees AkhtarTimme sedan

    JJ - "1 million likes and we'll do a football event next year" Harry - "its a mukbang" Fans "gets 1 million likes we are waiting for our charity match 1.1 million

  3. mohammed waleed

    mohammed waleed5 timmar sedan

    i was shocked when the hit one millon likes

  4. YJP Gaming

    YJP Gaming5 timmar sedan

    1 mil likes is here

  5. Elthegr8est_

    Elthegr8est_7 timmar sedan

    if jj and tobi went 500 years back im pretty sure they would be slaves ......

  6. Hdhshahahsh Ehrjrhjejdjdkjdjt

    Hdhshahahsh Ehrjrhjejdjdkjdjt7 timmar sedan

    This video actually got 1million L

  7. Zsyy is a qt

    Zsyy is a qt14 timmar sedan


  8. JessiahFN

    JessiahFN14 timmar sedan

    Guys it hit 1 million likes football match next year let’s go

  9. Victoria Phillips

    Victoria Phillips16 timmar sedan

    Hey guys, it got 1 Million likes. CHARITY MATCH TIMEEE

  10. Jorge Alvarez

    Jorge Alvarez17 timmar sedan

    The part about Behz's dad hits different after his documentary

  11. Tech Ninja07

    Tech Ninja0718 timmar sedan

    how to be bazinga

  12. Manvinder Matharu

    Manvinder Matharu18 timmar sedan

    Kanye west goat of music???????

  13. DontKnow B

    DontKnow B20 timmar sedan

    When they laugh at the thought of them getting 1 million likes to make a football charity match lmao😂

  14. TTT SSS

    TTT SSS20 timmar sedan

    Unpopular opinion these videos are actually some of the better ones

  15. KingDukesy

    KingDukesy23 timmar sedan

    I mean 1mill likes

  16. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro KujoDag sedan

    1.1m likes lol

  17. Karen Trennery

    Karen TrenneryDag sedan

    We did we hit 1mil likes yayyyyyy!,!,!

  18. Hugh Janus

    Hugh JanusDag sedan

    Why is vik out of the circle lmao

  19. Faceless Beanie

    Faceless BeanieDag sedan

    As someone who almost exclusively listens to electronic music I've never cringed more in my life than 32:08

  20. TTV_Trash_BTW06

    TTV_Trash_BTW06Dag sedan

    Ima watch this later

  21. TTV_Trash_BTW06

    TTV_Trash_BTW06Dag sedan

    Like months years

  22. Tommy Tucker

    Tommy TuckerDag sedan

    I want pewds upfront with jj

  23. Dangler1969 Dangle

    Dangler1969 DangleDag sedan

    Is it just me or does anyone find it weird they all call it Caprisun instead of Capri Sun?

  24. Dangler1969 Dangle

    Dangler1969 DangleDag sedan

    @Atif Mohammed No, they pronounce it like it is one word, it's two...

  25. Atif Mohammed

    Atif MohammedDag sedan

    Same thing u donut lol

  26. Banana smoothie

    Banana smoothieDag sedan

    Spam the Reddit yea?

  27. Banana smoothie

    Banana smoothieDag sedan

    Well boys time to pay up

  28. Seth Wolins

    Seth WolinsDag sedan

    boys... we hit 1 million

  29. Mohamad Ali

    Mohamad AliDag sedan


  30. Gharwall Ahmadzai

    Gharwall AhmadzaiDag sedan

    *peta has entered the game*

  31. Jacky

    JackyDag sedan

    Idk how but I really enjoyed this video

  32. Eerie_

    Eerie_Dag sedan

    44:20 just pour salt on the slug

  33. Rohin Sen

    Rohin SenDag sedan

    Where's our football charity match? We hit a mill likes

  34. iTz_KarTh1K

    iTz_KarTh1KDag sedan

    There's a pandemic going on rn

  35. Ziad Mohamed

    Ziad MohamedDag sedan

    next year mate

  36. Fearless_playzz

    Fearless_playzzDag sedan

    15:44 aren’t some giraffes sexually attracted to men giraffe

  37. Just here for a laugh Xoxo

    Just here for a laugh XoxoDag sedan

    We all know Harry didn’t order his own dinner

  38. Alex Gray

    Alex GrayDag sedan

    These mukbangs are sick !

  39. DenPlays

    DenPlays2 dagar sedan

    KSI in his element

  40. Zahra Islam

    Zahra Islam2 dagar sedan

    1mil and now what

  41. Grinn

    Grinn2 dagar sedan

    JJ in this video is both funny and unsatisfying

  42. ATRIX_ 99

    ATRIX_ 992 dagar sedan

    I’d throw the toddler a Mike Tyson and run away

  43. kristian pockpas

    kristian pockpas2 dagar sedan

    This man thinks he can take a horse And he has knowledge in his name

  44. Ryan Bullis

    Ryan Bullis2 dagar sedan

    all im. saying is Sidemen among us in real life

  45. JAKE FD123

    JAKE FD1232 dagar sedan

    I wanna see there reaction to this actually hitting 1M likes

  46. king James

    king James2 dagar sedan

    JJ man

  47. PlayBoyOmar Jsjs

    PlayBoyOmar Jsjs2 dagar sedan

    Guys I think it got 1m🙈

  48. Lord

    Lord2 dagar sedan

    Vil is the most unfunny person ever

  49. Big Tuna

    Big Tuna2 dagar sedan

    Do a sidemen fashion show with all sidemen branded clothes that are funny some cool😂

  50. Amear Gopie

    Amear Gopie2 dagar sedan

    JJ can't be with Simone so he has a son to get Simone daughter

  51. Brett Joyce

    Brett Joyce2 dagar sedan

    Charity match is happening I guess

  52. Diabolic 2d

    Diabolic 2d2 dagar sedan

    jj thinks his sick wen he is not

  53. Tennessee Elliott

    Tennessee Elliott2 dagar sedan

    Eminem1 kanye2 drake3 akon4 dr.dre5

  54. Carlo Marcel

    Carlo Marcel2 dagar sedan

    Jj thinks hes mike tyson now 😂

  55. AQuaZYT

    AQuaZYT2 dagar sedan

    Sidemen: talking about beating a cow Vik: How dare they talk about beating up my mothers

  56. Nightrunner15 6

    Nightrunner15 62 dagar sedan

    It’s wierd how this is one of the most diverse groups

  57. Dongwoo Jegal

    Dongwoo Jegal2 dagar sedan

    Someones getting diabetes

  58. Khoerudin Affendi

    Khoerudin Affendi2 dagar sedan

    After watching this video in 4k, my eyes hurt when i turn youtube video quality into 1080p

  59. There Is Only Darkness For You

    There Is Only Darkness For You2 dagar sedan

    JJ with the Breaking Benjamin shout I like it

  60. Kevin Nava

    Kevin Nava2 dagar sedan

    1.1Mil likes

  61. Ugly Unicorn

    Ugly Unicorn2 dagar sedan

    I might have heard it incorrectly, but dismissing Beyonce on the best artists discussion because "Kanye and Drake did the production" when Lemonade exists is a little bit bs to me...

  62. Badorta_laphet

    Badorta_laphet2 dagar sedan


  63. ConnorJN

    ConnorJN2 dagar sedan

    They have to do the charity match!

  64. samcoek

    samcoek2 dagar sedan

    The convo about the best artist was painful

  65. TheMixGuy

    TheMixGuy2 dagar sedan


  66. squishable1000

    squishable10003 dagar sedan

    "I made this book when I was three" *First page profile: Age 6*

  67. Aaron Hickton

    Aaron Hickton3 dagar sedan

    Million likes that means the football match will happen

  68. dancogle

    dancogle3 dagar sedan

    where’s that massive bear from

  69. Ziyanda Nzimande

    Ziyanda Nzimande3 dagar sedan

    That music question Was poooorly anwsered Kanye???😪😪😪(clearly they do not listen to music)

  70. Darren Fenner

    Darren Fenner3 dagar sedan

    They should do a big brother version fully and add like more people also maybe do it like a 3 hr thing or do a small series

  71. Darren Fenner

    Darren Fenner3 dagar sedan

    Son: Mum Big Brother Is Back On Mum: No It’s Not Son: It Is Sidemen Addition

  72. Sean 1608

    Sean 16083 dagar sedan

    Wait this vids got a million likes there’s gonna be another charity football match then....

  73. YoungDeuce_D

    YoungDeuce_D3 dagar sedan

    Looks like there doing a charity match


    ELECTRO UV3 dagar sedan

    human being is also an animal , i dont think they have brains{ethan} he is also a pig\

  75. progamer 135

    progamer 1353 dagar sedan

    1.1mill football match

  76. Cherryl Grover

    Cherryl Grover3 dagar sedan

    the video got 1 million likes.. i guess there's gonna be a sidemen charity match 2021

  77. Fisics. Exe -_-

    Fisics. Exe -_-3 dagar sedan

    Alternative title: *a bunch of 5 year olds steal their mums credit card and spends it all on food, then does show and tell, and truth or dare talking about crushes*

  78. Joe Epiueto

    Joe Epiueto3 dagar sedan

    Me: *Sees 3 year old Ethan's writing* Also Me: *realises I write worse*

  79. T2 CRIZZ

    T2 CRIZZ3 dagar sedan

    6:20 it says Ethan's dad is good at football he can tackle me well he can also leave well

  80. I'm Lonely

    I'm Lonely3 dagar sedan

    There's literally videos of giraffes killing lions and everyone in the comments are there cuz of Vikk

  81. Riley

    Riley3 dagar sedan

    plz another onee

  82. MrGoonervideos

    MrGoonervideos3 dagar sedan

    The best musician of all time question gave me aids

  83. Haikki

    Haikki3 dagar sedan

    Guys, ik we chillin. Just story tellin and stuffs. But i just cant calm doen about the knocking out animals on how they chill imaginative beating em such a animal abuse...

  84. Official khyzyy

    Official khyzyy3 dagar sedan


  85. pedlex

    pedlex3 dagar sedan

    where is the footbal event?

  86. Lucas Battles

    Lucas Battles3 dagar sedan

    The Mukbang got the million likes

  87. Liv Dford

    Liv Dford4 dagar sedan

    I feel so bad for Vik because he is just sat on his own whilst everybody is sat around in a Circle

  88. Gage Linnear

    Gage Linnear2 dagar sedan

    @Adam Warsame him or me

  89. Adam Warsame

    Adam Warsame2 dagar sedan

    Chill the f out u snowflake

  90. Gage Linnear

    Gage Linnear2 dagar sedan

    @Liv Dford there all talking to eachother having a good time and maybe he didnt want to be in the fake grass

  91. Liv Dford

    Liv Dford3 dagar sedan

    @Gage Linnear but he is always left out like yeah he’s in the convos but just look where he is sitting

  92. Gage Linnear

    Gage Linnear3 dagar sedan

    Nah he's in the convo

  93. Electrifying Destroyer

    Electrifying Destroyer4 dagar sedan

    Welp it’s at 1.1M likes 😂 37:50

  94. Kye Henry

    Kye Henry4 dagar sedan

    Ksi laughing because he doesn’t understand the word vikks saying

  95. Strange _shdws

    Strange _shdws4 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or do Toni vik and josh seem really irrelevant

  96. Strange _shdws

    Strange _shdwsDag sedan

    @SouL mAn oUt meant Tobi

  97. SouL mAn oUt

    SouL mAn oUt4 dagar sedan

    Who the hell is Toni ¿

  98. Dan Diego

    Dan Diego4 dagar sedan

    i didnt know the pubgolf idea came from this video

  99. Owen Barnwell

    Owen Barnwell4 dagar sedan

    I would bring called and freezy

  100. harrystreams

    harrystreams4 dagar sedan

    new charity football match, Sidemen vs. NDL.

  101. Mazy

    Mazy4 dagar sedan

    me drinking water whole video.

  102. teddy_10

    teddy_104 dagar sedan

    Simon looks so different with a hat on

  103. LoudAswin

    LoudAswin4 dagar sedan

    Bruh imagine during show and tell Ethan went like "I brought my dad"

  104. wahab warraich

    wahab warraich4 dagar sedan

    Ksi vs a horse coming 25 augustus 2021

  105. May Thant

    May Thant4 dagar sedan

    When josh said one direction and simon said harry styles, i exploded

  106. Cali Breeze

    Cali Breeze4 dagar sedan

    Sidemen, my healthiest friend circle right now. Thanks for the company. Much love Bros

  107. Jxngii

    Jxngii4 dagar sedan

    the video has 1 mil likes ! c’ mon then lets see a match :)

  108. Andrew Martinez

    Andrew Martinez4 dagar sedan

    Get Quadeca to play if the charity match does happen🥺

  109. Robert Blunt

    Robert Blunt4 dagar sedan

    a slug moves less than 300 meters in 24 hours.

  110. Eradicle

    Eradicle4 dagar sedan

    Why does Vick always look left out

  111. Gabe MacLennan

    Gabe MacLennan4 dagar sedan

    Have any of these guys ever heard of Garth Brooks

  112. michael parada

    michael parada4 dagar sedan

    all viks joke always goes wrong