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  1. YoungBlitzer

    YoungBlitzer26 minuter sedan

    W2s non bionary that’s crazy

  2. Raghav D

    Raghav D13 timmar sedan

    Simon's dads name is Peter Minter?

  3. James Hills

    James Hills16 timmar sedan

    this video is so dogshit simon vikk tobi and ethan so passive aggressive for no reason

  4. Damon Prasad

    Damon PrasadDag sedan

    47:52 super excited😂

  5. DannyIfc1892

    DannyIfc1892Dag sedan

    Ethans trim in this is awful

  6. Sara Tribuna

    Sara Tribuna2 dagar sedan

    Toby is soooo smart jezz ahah

  7. Charmaine Mansfield

    Charmaine Mansfield4 dagar sedan


  8. DaringGrizzly

    DaringGrizzly4 dagar sedan

    and they were still in the good team like what

  9. SeanDaDestroyer 1

    SeanDaDestroyer 15 dagar sedan

    At 6:57 Ethan and Tobi are weirdly in sync

  10. 999 orbxk

    999 orbxk6 dagar sedan

    Can I still get the discount

  11. Thigh Guys

    Thigh Guys2 dagar sedan

    its a new discount code every week, people that watch the newest videos see the code

  12. Naino

    Naino6 dagar sedan

    58:46 where does Harry's bottle go

  13. Callum Hardwick

    Callum Hardwick6 dagar sedan

    Via: What comes before k Me: kk

  14. Logan Ethington

    Logan Ethington6 dagar sedan

    who else knew it was “leaning tower of pisa” on the first 1 before they even started guessing letters

  15. CSV 02

    CSV 027 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks that fcking josh is the worst thing on every video, the only reason he doesn’t ruin the videos is because the others are really funny


    LUCAS BURGE8 dagar sedan

    I don’t understand y Harry is not potere don’t leave me don’t leave my

  17. Noah De Simone

    Noah De Simone8 dagar sedan

    I only knew orange is the new black when simon relised

  18. JMae

    JMae8 dagar sedan

    Drink every time Ethan says "thAts ExacTly wHerE I thOughT it woUld bE"

  19. hnyuHykciR ;-;

    hnyuHykciR ;-;9 dagar sedan

    This s a troll


    SHREYAS RAUT9 dagar sedan

    Harry and JJ are so confused 😂

  21. Harry S

    Harry S9 dagar sedan

    mini ladd lol

  22. Kai Hill

    Kai Hill10 dagar sedan

    59:21 Harry hit that first

  23. Mxks 77

    Mxks 7710 dagar sedan


  24. Jonathan Menard

    Jonathan Menard11 dagar sedan

    They both got the good team anyways

  25. Yuval3383

    Yuval338311 dagar sedan

    58:44 this didn't age well

  26. Kampeth

    Kampeth11 dagar sedan

    33:23 IT WAS THE MIDDLE!!!!!!


    XAVIER PEREZ12 dagar sedan


  28. Jarne Kompier

    Jarne Kompier12 dagar sedan

    Everytime I watch their videos Simon is getting more boring to me

  29. Dylan Jones

    Dylan Jones12 dagar sedan

    Ethans trim in this video he's had a glow up 😂😂

  30. Tom Jr.

    Tom Jr.12 dagar sedan

    Josh is just oversmart .

  31. Ps Now

    Ps Now12 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  32. Jacob Overton

    Jacob Overton12 dagar sedan

    The exact moment Harry figured cliffs out is priceless

  33. Ps Now

    Ps Now12 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  34. Michael Chase

    Michael Chase13 dagar sedan

    12:14 anyone else go to "keep up"?

  35. weebyboi

    weebyboi13 dagar sedan

    No vowels=a e i o u also Josh: jaackmate

  36. King Lazy

    King Lazy14 dagar sedan

    JJ didn’t realize Simon was mocking him and Harry

  37. Sirag Arzoumanian

    Sirag Arzoumanian14 dagar sedan

    why does josh do that lip thing after he finishes talking sometimes.

  38. Mace Face

    Mace Face14 dagar sedan

    I'm convinced KSI purposely sabotages every game he plays just to make it more entertaining

  39. Kaden Morvant

    Kaden Morvant15 dagar sedan

    Mini ladd 🤢🤢🤢

  40. Louwop Louwop

    Louwop Louwop16 dagar sedan

    JJ can only be smart sometimes😂

  41. Liam Stephenson

    Liam Stephenson16 dagar sedan

    1:01:04 cracked me up so hard

  42. claudia corr

    claudia corr16 dagar sedan

    Harry deserved that prize

  43. claudia corr

    claudia corr16 dagar sedan

    JJ and Harry are adorable together

  44. claudia corr

    claudia corr16 dagar sedan

    Harry and JJ have the biggest personalities, them two on the same team is guaranteed to be entertaining

  45. Kishaun Balgobin

    Kishaun Balgobin18 dagar sedan


  46. mustafa omer

    mustafa omer18 dagar sedan


  47. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach18 dagar sedan

    Family is everything and family is going to live with me forever

  48. Fin Story

    Fin Story20 dagar sedan

    Never realised Harry and I had something in common lmao being an enby is rough

  49. Lol

    Lol23 dagar sedan

    JJ and Harry still got on the good team

  50. Matt McSherry

    Matt McSherry23 dagar sedan

    58:40 The category is... "PedoTuber"!

  51. Mc Tobus

    Mc Tobus23 dagar sedan

    Harry: give me an L *takes the L*

  52. hazerdouse 123

    hazerdouse 12323 dagar sedan

    Ksi K-knowledge S-strength I-im london

  53. Noah Caupp

    Noah Caupp23 dagar sedan

    Josh is bullying JJ and harry in this

  54. Noah Caupp

    Noah Caupp23 dagar sedan

    The funny thing is JJ and harry were on the good team any way

  55. Noah Caupp

    Noah Caupp24 dagar sedan


  56. Awais Muhammad

    Awais Muhammad24 dagar sedan

    Me being confused of Ksi not saying he is Harry dad

  57. xgamer 23465

    xgamer 2346524 dagar sedan

    Non binary lmao harry

  58. KRATØS

    KRATØS24 dagar sedan

    I can spend my entire life just by watching there videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. jensen

    jensen25 dagar sedan

    Watching this for the first time. I'm guessing the youtuber is Jaackmaate with no letters on yet. Let's see 😂🤑

  60. stee venn

    stee venn26 dagar sedan

    did vick actually ask what free spin does? he needs sacked from sidemen honestly. I kinda feel sorry for him but at the same time he just trys to hard to fit in

  61. ThatZupergamer 1

    ThatZupergamer 126 dagar sedan

    anyone else's sound cut out at 59:01 ?

  62. Denzel Polantika

    Denzel Polantika26 dagar sedan

    the only one whos cheating in this game is freya.

  63. Swing King

    Swing King27 dagar sedan

    Everyone can watch these 1 hour+ videos of Sidemen without skipping and thats a fact🔥

  64. Mr. Neyo

    Mr. Neyo27 dagar sedan

    "aYo Im niGERiAN"

  65. Elijah Breon

    Elijah Breon27 dagar sedan

    All I can say is poor Harry :(

  66. PeleisLegend

    PeleisLegend28 dagar sedan

    They ended up in the good team anyway

  67. YOYO At once

    YOYO At once28 dagar sedan

    Wait in 2:38 he gave his answer yes and that could have been the discount code 😂😂😂😂

  68. EpiczClutch

    EpiczClutch28 dagar sedan

    Is u gonna dislike the video then just don’t watch it

  69. Tom Bentula

    Tom Bentula28 dagar sedan

    somehow. this is pissing me off. BUT! I Love them tho, so.

  70. Umar Ahmer

    Umar Ahmer29 dagar sedan

    Aw man Ethan was so sweet at 22:49 but Josh said "no thank u" lmao

  71. John Doe

    John DoeMånad sedan

    “I feel like the prize boys” ~Ethan~

  72. Xander Mansell

    Xander MansellMånad sedan

    I watched this after the road trip and both JJ and Harry were on the good team in the end

  73. Jeff Is 21

    Jeff Is 21Månad sedan

    Hol up. The one that was orange is the new black, one of them said “what tv shows are relevant today” and my mind instantly thought to go to Andy sambergs emmy Awards opener And the first show I heard was ‘ orange is the new black

  74. Jeff Is 21

    Jeff Is 21Månad sedan

    Holy Jarvis. At 8:05 seconds I knew it without the letters. I’m the smartiest

  75. LGZ

    LGZMånad sedan

    They still ended up on the good team lmao......

  76. Shekinah Weatherall

    Shekinah WeatherallMånad sedan

    josh is the worst host...

  77. pauliner100

    pauliner100Månad sedan

    Tobi is soooo smart

  78. Thomas Munn

    Thomas MunnMånad sedan

    Can we have another one of these

  79. Corey Halford

    Corey HalfordMånad sedan

    Vick held to that Harry kane for a long time 😂

  80. Ez Fuze

    Ez FuzeMånad sedan

    Bro the sidemen are the only youtubers I can watch for a while a hour and want another hour for the video to come😂

  81. Vaibhav Thalanki

    Vaibhav ThalankiMånad sedan


  82. BenDPB

    BenDPBMånad sedan

    Harry is a LAD, "We gotta stop with these giveaways" hahaha

  83. Amelia X

    Amelia XMånad sedan

    is harry actually non-binary?

  84. George Mills

    George MillsMånad sedan

    Nah he’s not

  85. MrThiccNik YT

    MrThiccNik YTMånad sedan

    Josh is honestly the worst host ever

  86. Luis MadrIgal

    Luis MadrIgalMånad sedan

    37:08 is an ELITE moment🤣

  87. Eva Schipper

    Eva SchipperMånad sedan

    57:32 JJ looking Simon up and down ;)

  88. spill._.thetae

    spill._.thetaeMånad sedan

    Ik a lot of ppl are going to hate me for this but ethan and tobi made my day by saying BTS😅🥺💜

  89. Angielski Lad

    Angielski LadMånad sedan

    Simon doesnt realise that he actually got a sick card

  90. shy

    shyMånad sedan

    Ethan's hair is mad

  91. Muhammad Kevin

    Muhammad KevinMånad sedan

    Jj and Harry still go to the good team


    DEADEYEHIKIMånad sedan

    Well uh... mini ladd ain't gonna be an answer in any youtube gameshow anymore

  93. Izerison 777

    Izerison 777Månad sedan

    Ksi and harry basically got it right when they said Michael Jackson

  94. Abdul M

    Abdul MMånad sedan

    Ethans personality can shine a country

  95. Tasha Blase

    Tasha BlaseMånad sedan

    Imagine sidemen having their own reality tv program, would deffo be entertaining

  96. Dylan Buss

    Dylan BussMånad sedan

    Me wondering how many points each team had the whole time😂

  97. Cora Noel

    Cora NoelMånad sedan

    Is harry really non-binary ?

  98. James Cameron

    James CameronMånad sedan

    @15:50 We'd like to chuck a Q into the mix xD, Bez chopping up for the boys

  99. Tecatum

    TecatumMånad sedan

    Tobi and Behz: I just want KSI and Harry to be involved Also Tobi and Behz: THATS A LOSE TURN! THATS A LOSE TURN!

  100. David James

    David JamesMånad sedan

    miniminter being an absolute clown in this, hate him so much


    TRANSFORMINGMånad sedan

    1:02:59 proudest moment of my life

  102. Mark Boom

    Mark BoomMånad sedan

    This was kinda a shithouse i expected more when i clicked 9n the vid...

  103. Harry

    HarryMånad sedan

    It’s literally just hangman with points.

  104. voovoo osas

    voovoo osasMånad sedan

    Vik and Simon loosing their turn because of Harry’s spin killed me 😂😂🤣🤣🤣