The Sidemen form teams & take on the Lockdown Showdown!
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  1. Doozybtw

    DoozybtwDag sedan

    6:14 don’t click this just. Using this to remember where I am lol

  2. Shaheer Ali

    Shaheer Ali9 timmar sedan

    Still clicked it

  3. itzVoidz Btw

    itzVoidz Btw4 dagar sedan

    Russia is not in Europe

  4. Rasmus Sørrnsen

    Rasmus Sørrnsen5 dagar sedan

    F##k harry

  5. Andrew Bryson

    Andrew Bryson7 dagar sedan

    UK isn't a country

  6. UnknownPlayZ

    UnknownPlayZ7 dagar sedan Pls check out this vid it'll help me alot

  7. Hold That L For Luigi

    Hold That L For Luigi7 dagar sedan

    That ain't the nearest year. That's nearest year towards 0.

  8. Juicer

    Juicer8 dagar sedan

    6:51 Harry killed that "Ain't nobody got time for dat"

  9. Marc Asso

    Marc Asso8 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: Bannans aren’t fruits

  10. crazy fool team

    crazy fool team8 dagar sedan

    they look like the village people

  11. Nelson Oke

    Nelson Oke10 dagar sedan

    Just realised that jj is in almost every thumbnail

  12. Mecha Motion

    Mecha Motion13 dagar sedan

    For most of the video it looked like Simon was wearing suspenders

  13. Welsh Gaming

    Welsh Gaming13 dagar sedan

    this would be good if you'd showed the memes kinda hard to engaged without them

  14. Harrison Arcand

    Harrison Arcand14 dagar sedan

    As an American I don’t understand british politics

  15. Sam Blackburn

    Sam Blackburn14 dagar sedan

    They should do some like this but each sideman has a fan on their team

  16. claudia corr

    claudia corr16 dagar sedan

    This is why Harry is the best sideman

  17. It's_Me_Exility

    It's_Me_Exility17 dagar sedan

    Where’s josh

  18. Random Clips

    Random Clips18 dagar sedan

    Does simon say the n word at 31:43

  19. Jacob Webbe

    Jacob Webbe19 dagar sedan

    Why is vik always yelling

  20. User

    User21 dag sedan

    Harry has literally dissed the whole continent of Europe.

  21. Morgan E

    Morgan E21 dag sedan

    Harry is so cute

  22. yam barkan

    yam barkan22 dagar sedan

    Lol I’m not even from the uk neither from Europe but I really enjoy the brexit jokes

  23. Scope Aim

    Scope Aim25 dagar sedan

    Turkey is not in europe

  24. Mecha Motion

    Mecha Motion13 dagar sedan

    Scope Aim wdym

  25. DragonsDutch

    DragonsDutch27 dagar sedan

    51:14 Harry isn’t down for 69?

  26. Anubhav Rao

    Anubhav Rao28 dagar sedan

    does anybody know who corpse is?


    ASPECT GAMEZZ28 dagar sedan

    Wow Apparently Russia is in europe for them

  28. Mecha Motion

    Mecha Motion13 dagar sedan

    Yeah it is in both but it is mainly in Asia

  29. RockBoy123

    RockBoy12322 dagar sedan

    lol russia is both in europe and asia

  30. ToTheLimit 999

    ToTheLimit 99929 dagar sedan

    Bruh Turkey is not in Europe

  31. ToTheLimit 999

    ToTheLimit 99911 dagar sedan

    @Mecha Motion its not a european country. Only istanbul is in europe

  32. Mecha Motion

    Mecha Motion13 dagar sedan

    ToTheLimit 999 wdym it is partly in europe

  33. Tsultrim Zala

    Tsultrim Zala29 dagar sedan


  34. Nalaci

    Nalaci29 dagar sedan

    Simon in weakest link: I'm not sexist Simon in lockdown showdown: wears costume with big breasticels

  35. pro shooters

    pro shooters29 dagar sedan

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Simon at 3:00

  36. JetsAreBad Homie

    JetsAreBad HomieMånad sedan

    ive seen this video 1000 times and ethan pisses me off every time

  37. Ilyas Ghziyel

    Ilyas GhziyelMånad sedan

    Turquie is bot count like a european country. Or I am wrong?

  38. Yousuf

    YousufMånad sedan

    Why was the end more nerf raking than the scores in ksi vs Logan Paul 2

  39. Top5potato

    Top5potatoMånad sedan


  40. Alex

    AlexMånad sedan

    Other team: *Answers correctly* Ethan and Simon: "Uhm actually they shouldn't get the point because..."

  41. incepatorul12

    incepatorul12Månad sedan

    I'm a Romanian, Harry! :))

  42. Hakkyboy

    HakkyboyMånad sedan

    oi mate turky is blody asia lad

  43. XxWhyxX 1918

    XxWhyxX 1918Månad sedan


  44. Batwoman

    BatwomanMånad sedan

    Vikk is the best host 👌👌👌

  45. Kevin Yunhao Wang

    Kevin Yunhao WangMånad sedan

    I love the sidemen but can’t stand Ethans banter is just annoying asf

  46. Nabil Abdi

    Nabil AbdiMånad sedan

    Gib watching this vid:👁💧👁

  47. MTATSE

    MTATSEMånad sedan

    My first sidemen video

  48. Kevin Pacheco

    Kevin PachecoMånad sedan

    Vikstar Brain dead

  49. Flo YT

    Flo YTMånad sedan

    Harry actually knows his memes despite ordering nandos all day everyday

  50. Favour Nache

    Favour NacheMånad sedan

    when JJ got the bonus with the tripod i felt like a proud parent.

  51. Andrew Wakyereza

    Andrew WakyerezaMånad sedan

    I said oh lord Jesus there's a fire, and I ran for my life - lololol.

  52. ayushman kuriyal

    ayushman kuriyalMånad sedan

    Big Up Vik

  53. Ess Enn

    Ess EnnMånad sedan


  54. Sean Ivan

    Sean IvanMånad sedan

    Vick just wants to make it close the red team had the best answers

  55. ted, jas, ellis Farnell

    ted, jas, ellis FarnellMånad sedan

    52:18 viks lisp tho

  56. Lipton Tang

    Lipton TangMånad sedan

    the last one should be "and another cheese burger" jkjk

  57. Rheanna Shakira

    Rheanna ShakiraMånad sedan

    i only knew the bridge in San Francisco because of simons video playing marvels avengers 4 hours ago

  58. Rizzy

    RizzyMånad sedan

    Simon 1:20 thumbnaaaaiilllll. Also him: not in the thumbnail

  59. Edi Abraham

    Edi AbrahamMånad sedan

    Turkey is in Asia

  60. Colin Dickinson

    Colin DickinsonMånad sedan

    18 seconds in and it's my FBI agent at Halloween

  61. Max Mitch

    Max MitchMånad sedan

    is it just me or ethan becoming more annoying

  62. AzRunner

    AzRunnerMånad sedan

    Harry takes his top off JJ: "He was so fast" 𝔼𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕃𝕚𝕜𝕖𝕕 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕥

  63. prathyush gr

    prathyush grMånad sedan

    Tobi: "Captain Punch" 😂🤣🤣😂

  64. Jorden Lowstand

    Jorden LowstandMånad sedan

    this video is a banger, definitely one of their best

  65. Sophie

    SophieMånad sedan

    how is this video not censored

  66. Ellie M

    Ellie MMånad sedan

    It’s not turkey it was Italy the mong

  67. UpsideDownGOD Games

    UpsideDownGOD GamesMånad sedan

    They only need 1.2 Million Subscribers! Subscribe people!

  68. S Hassan

    S HassanMånad sedan

    turkey is in Europe since when🤔🤔

  69. chukwudi eliyon

    chukwudi eliyonMånad sedan

    i like turtles

  70. Hannah Wils

    Hannah WilsMånad sedan

    I knew they was gonna win 🥰

  71. Raihan Yusuf

    Raihan Yusuf2 månader sedan

    Simon: We got a thumbnail boys JJ, Harry and Ethan: We already in the thumbnail mate

  72. Megaerni21

    Megaerni212 månader sedan

    Omg, Ethan is so annoying

  73. Trippie Aym

    Trippie Aym2 månader sedan

    team blue would win automaticly if they didn’t lose that point at the beginning

  74. X1 Falcon Gaming

    X1 Falcon Gaming2 månader sedan


  75. K. Suri

    K. Suri2 månader sedan

    Simon shows his outfit for the thumbnail Simon: this is my chance to be a part of the thumbnail finally Sidemen: I don’t think so

  76. Tobe La

    Tobe La2 månader sedan

    never let vik host again

  77. Akshit rao

    Akshit rao2 månader sedan

    Why mate

  78. Fuzzy McFuzzball

    Fuzzy McFuzzball2 månader sedan

    66,65 millions in the uk is the right answer

  79. Hyperdronic gaming

    Hyperdronic gaming2 månader sedan

    The Sidemen should Watch one piece (the anime) while in quarantine, it is long (pause) but it’s worth the time I’m going to keep commenting this until they watch it.

  80. switch

    switch2 månader sedan

    im romanian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Yigit cagirir Hd V2

    Yigit cagirir Hd V22 månader sedan

    Eathan mate my ears

  82. Aza

    Aza2 månader sedan


  83. mohamed elsayed

    mohamed elsayed2 månader sedan

    boys i dont think that they will get 10 million before the end of the year

  84. matija dzajevic

    matija dzajevic2 månader sedan

    i like jj in this vid

  85. Sonnyd Plays1273

    Sonnyd Plays12732 månader sedan

    Vikraham now the new commontater for the bbc

  86. Alec Harris

    Alec Harris2 månader sedan

    Tobi: I support Manchester United Also tobi: doesn't know where Manchester is

  87. Shaun Pitts

    Shaun Pitts2 månader sedan

    The sidemen should do this with some fan and who ever wins get 5 grand each then who ever wins they should record them spending the 5 Grand this would be a banging video

  88. LearnedChannel

    LearnedChannel2 månader sedan


  89. Emy WizzY

    Emy WizzY2 månader sedan

    Ain't nobody gonna say anything about them believing that russia and turkey are part of European Union ???

  90. Vivan Studio

    Vivan Studio2 månader sedan


  91. David Mihailescu

    David Mihailescu2 månader sedan

    Alright I'm not offended but Harry was sooo offencive 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm romanian btw

  92. SafiyaXOX

    SafiyaXOX2 månader sedan

    Are we not gonna talk about ethans suit, he is half dressed 😂😂

  93. Guðbjörn Máni Guðmundsson

    Guðbjörn Máni Guðmundsson2 månader sedan

    I was so stressed when it was a tie in the rock,paper,scissors shoot but im so glad that harry and tobi won

  94. TheNextStep

    TheNextStep2 månader sedan

    Lets be honest here harry is the funniest sidemen

  95. Fletcher Burke

    Fletcher Burke2 månader sedan

    Anyone notice vikk always gives simon the points when they don’t deserve it

  96. Tango Graphics

    Tango Graphics2 månader sedan

    98% of Turkey is in Asia

  97. Soccer skills uk

    Soccer skills uk2 månader sedan

    18:05 when jj copied what Tob said Toni wadentvhappy

  98. Sky Pik

    Sky Pik2 månader sedan

    New Reporters be like: 39:13

  99. JimmySaville

    JimmySaville2 månader sedan

    Josh looks like captain price

  100. ODaiCu Trixxi

    ODaiCu Trixxi2 månader sedan

    im romanian

  101. john maliasas

    john maliasas2 månader sedan

    My g ethan greece has like 10 million or something he be like "he has bare men"

  102. Its A Nowel Thing

    Its A Nowel Thing2 månader sedan

    I’m sad no one called Tobi Captain Hook


    JOSIAH OFFICIAL2 månader sedan

    It’s actually “Dayumm, dayumm, hammm”

  104. Sahil Sanjay

    Sahil Sanjay2 månader sedan

    Dubai is a city brother

  105. Mark Bodrogi

    Mark Bodrogi2 månader sedan

    Josh is a snitch @ 4:21

  106. Kathryn Foo

    Kathryn Foo2 månader sedan

    I have never been more invested in a game of rock paper scissors

  107. Kxvin.11

    Kxvin.112 månader sedan

    God damn I hate vik