The Sidemen try and complete a bingo checklist around London! (and Guernsey)
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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  1. Evann 143

    Evann 14312 timmar sedan

    The end of this got really heated just saying 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. fcv

    fcv2 dagar sedan

    I sometimes come back to this vid just to watch the end

  3. Blue Maxwell

    Blue Maxwell2 dagar sedan

    This would be so good with Adonis. Or. J. M. E

  4. Florence Durrant

    Florence Durrant3 dagar sedan

    Ethan and animals is all we truly need

  5. Tarunabho Dhali

    Tarunabho Dhali3 dagar sedan

    Josh, Randolph, Behz,Vik,Tobi, Calfreezy and JJ= Lets all wear black n white and not tell Simon

  6. ??????

    ??????3 dagar sedan

    Can some people not understand this is just banter? It’s just a video made to entertain people and if your trigged by something like this, just quite the internet. Clearly your not mature enough to understand that the Sidemen are merely just bantering.

  7. Charlie Manners

    Charlie Manners4 dagar sedan

    that’s not fair

  8. xClap

    xClap4 dagar sedan

    ethan's team won, harry came second and vik's team came dead last

  9. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover5 dagar sedan

    JJ should've said he was a reporter when he asked the cop where the crime is

  10. Tiago Ramos

    Tiago Ramos5 dagar sedan

    Harry was the only one who toke it seriously

  11. Ben Whitton

    Ben Whitton7 dagar sedan

    vikks team was painful, like ethan and that tried, freezy just brings it down

  12. Maliha

    Maliha7 dagar sedan

    Harry talking to his dog is so cute

  13. Abdul Alim

    Abdul Alim8 dagar sedan

    Vik looks like rishi sunak so surely he classes as a politician

  14. Matthew Meza

    Matthew Meza11 dagar sedan

    Randolph the whole time: 🧍🚶

  15. Oliver Donahue

    Oliver Donahue12 dagar sedan

    It wasn’t a live chicken, it was a livestream of a chicken. The water didn’t fall, the bottle holding the water fell.

  16. Adam

    Adam12 dagar sedan

    10:17 What did Harry say then?

  17. NoT k1ama

    NoT k1ama12 dagar sedan

    Harry is legit the only one taking it serious lol

  18. PrivateMunchie

    PrivateMunchie13 dagar sedan

    Ethans reactions at the end had me dying😂😂💀

  19. Phsycic Meatball

    Phsycic Meatball13 dagar sedan

    Harry: there could be someone swimming Also Harry: wears a huge jacket

  20. TuckFrump 4R3al

    TuckFrump 4R3al14 dagar sedan

    I didn’t hear what anyone was saying when the two team meet

  21. Harrison Arcand

    Harrison Arcand14 dagar sedan

    British people use feet?

  22. Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor15 dagar sedan

    Harry: that yacht has got to be worth over a mil.. Me: Yes Harry, that yacht is most likely 400 mil 😳😂

  23. Karruth Baker-tupou

    Karruth Baker-tupou15 dagar sedan

    Ethan mustve pick up carona virus from the squirrel

  24. Karruth Baker-tupou

    Karruth Baker-tupou15 dagar sedan

    Vik - "Drinking is the only way we'll get through this"

  25. Emily Warwick-Watts

    Emily Warwick-Watts17 dagar sedan

    I have never laughed so hard at one of their videos until this one

  26. Dark Shadow 33

    Dark Shadow 3318 dagar sedan

    6 months later: Ethan diss track

  27. Dirt_DGames

    Dirt_DGames18 dagar sedan

    The two busses had 3 bikers in front of it I don’t think they had helmets

  28. Phat AutismSpeaks

    Phat AutismSpeaks18 dagar sedan

    This vid makes me hate the sidemen and I’m a fan

  29. TaseenX Gaming

    TaseenX Gaming19 dagar sedan

    Vik is so annoying 🤮

  30. Evie Collyer

    Evie Collyer18 dagar sedan

    haha say that to his millions of fans

  31. Vansh Chopra

    Vansh Chopra20 dagar sedan

    This video genuinely pissed me off

  32. Griffo

    Griffo5 dagar sedan

    Such a snowflake smh

  33. Choto Mate

    Choto Mate20 dagar sedan

    I'd swap Ethan for Callux to be in sidemen.

  34. Francesca Iori

    Francesca Iori20 dagar sedan

    i am sorry, but why does Vikk keep bringing up Ants ahaha. Too great. I love him

  35. Sameep Shah

    Sameep Shah21 dag sedan

    Good job on the fake mask behaviour other than Tobi.

  36. Reataj Roy

    Reataj Roy21 dag sedan

    Vik is low-key alcoholic. 😂

  37. Ibraheem Khaleel

    Ibraheem Khaleel22 dagar sedan

    for dead chicken they couls have gone kfc

  38. Alessandro Juarez

    Alessandro Juarez23 dagar sedan

    Bruh josh vik and tobis team cheated

  39. Ricky McDermott

    Ricky McDermott23 dagar sedan

    Out of the two teams ethans team won but out of all Harry won from doing it ligitimately

  40. Big H

    Big H24 dagar sedan

    Ethans annoying af

  41. GokuSsjW Omni

    GokuSsjW Omni26 dagar sedan

    Where is the squirrel part

  42. unknxwn

    unknxwn26 dagar sedan

    Dead animal was easy, should have just gone to nando's lol

  43. Adriano Leujim

    Adriano Leujim26 dagar sedan

    11:30 they literally missed a group of cyclists

  44. maddison daley

    maddison daley27 dagar sedan

    That first boy that I found had a bucket hat on!!!!

  45. Connor 91004

    Connor 9100427 dagar sedan

    Calfreezy was great in this video but I just wish Randolph wasn't in this video

  46. Chamo

    Chamo27 dagar sedan

    KSI ain't dumb Ethan and Simon are for not realising sooner.

  47. Cole Cruickshank

    Cole Cruickshank27 dagar sedan

    i’ve seen a lot comments hating on new sidemen fans complaining, but not one comment from a new sidemen fan actually complaining lol. maybe the old fans are the karen’s

  48. Hungry Monkey Gaming13

    Hungry Monkey Gaming1327 dagar sedan

    They have got forgotten that buildings worth millions

  49. Chicken Leg bis

    Chicken Leg bis29 dagar sedan

    no one: litterally no one: harry: 1:37 huhuhahaha

  50. xaplayes

    xaplayes29 dagar sedan

    1 like+1 prayer for ethans mental health

  51. xaplayes

    xaplayes29 dagar sedan

    llama ethan

  52. Hanre Le Roux

    Hanre Le Roux29 dagar sedan

    I dont like freezy, he tryin to hatd to make content

  53. Arjun Patel

    Arjun Patel29 dagar sedan

    Harry took this more seriously than the rest for once lol

  54. Damian Mcinerney

    Damian McinerneyMånad sedan

    That guy on vikks teams a fkn weirdo

  55. Maltory69

    Maltory69Månad sedan

    To all the danish people. Am i the only one hearing a guy saying "Der er point" to Vikk and Vikk knowing what he said at 29:19 ?????

  56. Frosty Flame21

    Frosty Flame21Månad sedan

    Harry: there is a rabbit there and I am contemplating running it over to tick of dead animal Me: 😱😱😱😂😂😂

  57. Hippity Hoppity

    Hippity HoppityMånad sedan

    Bruh if Simon hadn't been like "uh it was Vikk" (it wasn't it was the whole team) this wouldn't of happened. The Talia and Simon fans are sooooo toxic

  58. Hippity Hoppity

    Hippity HoppityMånad sedan

    Randolph: starts out hyped KSI and Simon: hmm he looks too happy, let's fix that real quick


    INXANE GAMINGMånad sedan

    Vikkstar123 after ticking everything off by cheating: “He didn’t specify.”

  60. Unknown Artist

    Unknown ArtistMånad sedan

    Harry is the bossman

  61. Miguel Moreno

    Miguel MorenoMånad sedan

    VAR says the Bingo points are disallowed

  62. Frank Elofsson

    Frank ElofssonMånad sedan

    And ducks

  63. Frank Elofsson

    Frank ElofssonMånad sedan

    Every squirell usually runs away bet behz has summin with squirells.

  64. Prxperty

    PrxpertyMånad sedan

    Josh's team: Calls out Harry for sh*thousery Josh's team: Wins with sh*thousery🤦‍♂️

  65. Christopher Hangshing

    Christopher HangshingMånad sedan

    8:30 there was literally two buses nearby😂😂 but well they didn't notice it

  66. Russell19

    Russell19Månad sedan

    lmaooo 18:07 Tobi looks like he's 3 feet tall

  67. Tyler Brown

    Tyler BrownMånad sedan

    Didn't ask.

  68. lucas playes

    lucas playesMånad sedan

    If im not mistaken when simons team where at the big tree ethan said the n word lmao.

  69. K1NG DReDaY

    K1NG DReDaYMånad sedan

    Vikks team cap 🧢

  70. STR8murduhGames

    STR8murduhGamesMånad sedan

    Can u imagine how confused harrys dog was when he seen him celebrating his poo

  71. Im3_S

    Im3_SMånad sedan


  72. Lexie Calver

    Lexie CalverMånad sedan

    Harry’s brother is pengggg😍

  73. Arlie Coyne

    Arlie CoyneMånad sedan

    What's the $20,000 about?😂

  74. Joe Williams

    Joe WilliamsMånad sedan

    Rip Ethan

  75. Samuel Avalos

    Samuel AvalosMånad sedan

    Viks team definitely won

  76. Samuel Avalos

    Samuel AvalosMånad sedan

    I love how the jokers of the sidemen are the ones complaining when they also cheesed a couple challenges

  77. jumisans

    jumisansMånad sedan

    New Fan here and I hella loved the ending. I love seeing friends arguing against each other cuz it's freaking funny.

  78. Ali Senpai

    Ali SenpaiMånad sedan

    16:12 I can tell he actually tried to kill it wtf 🤣

  79. Sam With a Capital 5

    Sam With a Capital 5Månad sedan

    Viks team cheated so much

  80. RT Subs

    RT SubsMånad sedan


  81. Mark Adamson

    Mark AdamsonMånad sedan

    React to Ozzy Man Reviews

  82. Phoenix 19

    Phoenix 19Månad sedan

    harry just picked things that are in his area

  83. TTMSoma _

    TTMSoma _Månad sedan

    Eathen JJ and Simon try to play fair and the other team is cheat everything

  84. Haser Corp

    Haser CorpMånad sedan

    Was eating when they found shit......I went hungry that day....

  85. Ethan B

    Ethan BMånad sedan

    i swear half of them dont know how to wear a mask

  86. Adam Moussa

    Adam MoussaMånad sedan

    Yo ethan is right I mean it wasn’t fair

  87. Hashim

    HashimMånad sedan

    We need more Calfreezy ngl

  88. Joshua_ Stephen

    Joshua_ StephenMånad sedan

    calfreezy aka sdmns biaatch


    MNL48 MEMES NUMBAWANMånad sedan

    29:52 the part that everyone that this video was sus' 🤣

  90. Wanye Kest

    Wanye KestMånad sedan

    What was the point of Randolph in this video 🤣🤣



    :We got to find a man or woman, we dont discriminate with a 1 foot beard.' harry is the funniest sideman.

  92. NoVanity

    NoVanityMånad sedan

    just me who found vim kind of annoying in this video

  93. Muhammad Hart

    Muhammad HartMånad sedan

    Can we just appreciate that JJ, Ethan and Simon did most of theirs legitimately 🙏🏽

  94. AlexIsLost

    AlexIsLostMånad sedan

    He was actually considering killing it 💀

  95. Daniel Gross

    Daniel GrossMånad sedan

    harry and the rabbit

  96. Kyte Cartlidge

    Kyte CartlidgeMånad sedan

    Naughty naughty

  97. Janitha Dharmabandu

    Janitha DharmabanduMånad sedan

    “Naughty, Naughty”

  98. Noah Worsnop

    Noah WorsnopMånad sedan

    Bruh Ethan when he mad is so funny

  99. Rangclaw r

    Rangclaw rMånad sedan

    vik needs to leave the sidemen so bad

  100. Anthony Solis

    Anthony SolisMånad sedan

    vik is a shithouser

  101. Lester Crest

    Lester CrestMånad sedan

    Calfreezy just annoys me

  102. Oceana Frederick

    Oceana FrederickMånad sedan

    I wonder if that policeman ever ended up watching this video lol