The Sidemen take on the toughest strength test they've ever had to face, Who do you think is the strongest Sideman?
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  1. Arjun Thasarathakumar

    Arjun ThasarathakumarTimme sedan

    still waiting for 2020 strength test

  2. Filip N.

    Filip N.3 timmar sedan

    Am i the only 1 that thinks the weight tey lift n say they lifted isnt the same sh8t days 80kg but looks like 80 pounds

  3. LukeC07

    LukeC0712 timmar sedan

    0:56 "hee... heeee... HEEEEEEEEEE!!" -Harry

  4. wild wild

    wild wild13 timmar sedan

    Weight to body strength ratio Toby is killing them all

  5. Vynz Brah

    Vynz Brah18 timmar sedan

    y’all just really skipped leg day? wow where are the squats SDMN???

  6. Zynx

    Zynx20 timmar sedan

    Harry has the best six pack😂😂😂

  7. Elian Rodríguez

    Elian RodríguezDag sedan

    😂 why are they all weak

  8. _kItTy_tHe_DiNo _

    _kItTy_tHe_DiNo _Dag sedan


  9. G.C 9

    G.C 9Dag sedan

    On chin ups why do u have your hands that way

  10. Tsultrim Zala

    Tsultrim Zala2 dagar sedan


  11. Leonard Cuka

    Leonard Cuka2 dagar sedan


  12. An Intellectual

    An Intellectual2 dagar sedan

    "1 kg for every year hes been on the planet" Implying josh is so old he was on different planets

  13. SharpGamerz 32

    SharpGamerz 323 dagar sedan

    Deadlifts would’ve been better with belts so they don’t break there backs lmaoo

  14. Danyal Ahmed

    Danyal Ahmed3 dagar sedan

    Lol ksi carried his own weight and still got nine 😯

  15. Orson Bailey

    Orson Bailey5 dagar sedan

    Is this supposed to be a joke is it actually hard for them to do that 20 kg

  16. Destiny washington

    Destiny washington5 dagar sedan

    Well it’s next year guys

  17. patchy64

    patchy645 dagar sedan

    Is it me or do they all look weaker then they actually are, I know guys who go to the gym a load but would definitely be struggling around the 80k mark on the bench

  18. Nader Youssef

    Nader Youssef6 dagar sedan

    why didn't they squat?

  19. Vince van Dijk

    Vince van Dijk6 dagar sedan

    1.2 ksi's 😂

  20. GOTP

    GOTP6 dagar sedan

    ROM in this video made me throw up

  21. SHOGUNNR -_-

    SHOGUNNR -_-6 dagar sedan

    Jj:🥱 Sidemen:👁👄👁 👏

  22. SHOGUNNR -_-

    SHOGUNNR -_-6 dagar sedan

    They 4got 2 dab🥺

  23. SHOGUNNR -_-

    SHOGUNNR -_-6 dagar sedan

    Who else just wants 2 smile @ the camera😂😂

  24. Fredrin Johansen

    Fredrin Johansen7 dagar sedan

    I'm 15 and I can bench 110 kg

  25. Asian Psychopath

    Asian Psychopath7 dagar sedan

    *STRENGTH TEST 2020*

  26. Caffeine

    Caffeine7 dagar sedan

    Vic did more chin-ups then ksi is Vic really hiding his full power

  27. ofirM

    ofirM7 dagar sedan

    It’s been almost 2 years, I’m still waiting

  28. Dal Did

    Dal Did7 dagar sedan

    But strength standards is all.about your body weight to lifting weight ratio so ksi picking 115 at the weight of 100kg isnt really that strong

  29. L R

    L R7 dagar sedan

    Should of done reps of like 3 would of made it harder for certain man 😂

  30. MasterQueef

    MasterQueef8 dagar sedan

    Tbh ksi should be able to lift that much bc it’s just body weight

  31. G59 ALAN

    G59 ALAN8 dagar sedan

    Is it me or simons face is MADDDDDDD fat in this video

  32. The Hart

    The Hart8 dagar sedan

    Vick: can’t deadlift 100kg Me: can deadift 120kg I’m 9

  33. Rusty Dahlke

    Rusty Dahlke8 dagar sedan

    Part 3

  34. ButcherOfBlav1ken

    ButcherOfBlav1ken8 dagar sedan

    we should factor in when harry beat JJ in an arm wrestle last year...

  35. wizzlekicks

    wizzlekicks8 dagar sedan

    4:33 anyone else think JJ looks like Stitch from LILO & Stitch?

  36. I’m Str8

    I’m Str88 dagar sedan

    Hey I do 90kg😂

  37. Bah Randall

    Bah Randall9 dagar sedan

    Anyone ever noticed the disrespect for vik at 21:12

  38. Sufyan Habib

    Sufyan Habib9 dagar sedan

    I am 13 and 6ft

  39. paw the dog

    paw the dog8 dagar sedan

    Let me use the nasa telescope to find who asked

  40. Rooben g

    Rooben g10 dagar sedan

    Wait KSU is not 100 pounds tf is this

  41. R6_kills

    R6_kills10 dagar sedan

    JJ’s face when he saw Harry lift 160 kg

  42. Oscar Reeh

    Oscar Reeh10 dagar sedan

    VIK at 17:00

  43. sam moore

    sam moore10 dagar sedan

    vic bulling #shawn abuse

  44. Dwarfo Gaming

    Dwarfo Gaming10 dagar sedan

    Petition for the yearly strength test in 2020

  45. Theo Cooling

    Theo Cooling11 dagar sedan

    I'm 13yrs and can do 15 chin ups😂

  46. Prav Chap

    Prav Chap12 dagar sedan

    Wow vikks gotten stronger

  47. Scott Weinstock

    Scott Weinstock12 dagar sedan

    Tobi and JJ look like wannabe gangsters.

  48. Anish Thapa

    Anish Thapa12 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or the two black guys actually won the 2 of each... that’s convenient

  49. Ashley's world

    Ashley's world12 dagar sedan

    I can definitely lift more weight than vik allday

  50. David Kitondo

    David Kitondo12 dagar sedan

    Hope this video happens before the year ends. 2020 almost over

  51. Jack x888

    Jack x88813 dagar sedan

    Wait so did Simon actually hurt his arm or not?

  52. Unknown A

    Unknown A13 dagar sedan

    Yall due one of these

  53. JohnX

    JohnX13 dagar sedan

    Simon *broke his wrist* 4:20

  54. identity theft is not a joke Jim

    identity theft is not a joke Jim13 dagar sedan

    I want another one of these but i bet everyone is just lazy

  55. He H

    He H13 dagar sedan

    Always when I watch this video, somehow I totally forget that Simon is standing there

  56. Gabriel Morales

    Gabriel Morales13 dagar sedan

    Why does tobi look like a uncle at the cook out

  57. Aymane Raji

    Aymane Raji14 dagar sedan

    This getting recommend lately indicating a new strength test🤫

  58. Maheishang

    Maheishang14 dagar sedan

    Harry went from huiiiiiiii to aaayyiiii to silenet mode.

  59. GodlyPig

    GodlyPig14 dagar sedan

    18:59 Simons face when harry actually got it was hilarious

  60. Zardio Games

    Zardio Games5 dagar sedan

    Because he realises how strong the rest of the sidemen are compared to him

  61. Rick Wierenga

    Rick Wierenga14 dagar sedan

    I love how Ksi is so proud of his sideman

  62. remy lapointe

    remy lapointe14 dagar sedan

    lmao am 13 and i can lift 95kg

  63. Josh Reid

    Josh Reid14 dagar sedan


  64. Rami Mandavi

    Rami Mandavi15 dagar sedan

    My big brother dead lifted 260 kg

  65. TrueGhostGaming

    TrueGhostGaming15 dagar sedan

    My guy 140 is 308lbs I would stop at like 280😂 these guys got big body strength

  66. Sava Sava

    Sava Sava15 dagar sedan

    Pozz te kum i kaze jos uvek bi da pogura ako das popust,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💣💣💣💣💣ti si smešna strana prostitucije

  67. Sava Sava

    Sava Sava15 dagar sedan

    My get admiral😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Domas Maskalenka

    Domas Maskalenka15 dagar sedan

    Its time for 2020 edition

  69. Flika

    Flika16 dagar sedan

    And I'm 40 kgs

  70. NuclearPikachu7914

    NuclearPikachu791416 dagar sedan

    Simon should've at least tried

  71. Gabe Ratata

    Gabe Ratata16 dagar sedan

    They were deadlifting 350 pounds.....

  72. GrannyZG

    GrannyZG16 dagar sedan

    It's been a year... Still no new strength test...

  73. Vivekk Sharkharr

    Vivekk Sharkharr17 dagar sedan

    Anyone noticed they are doing deadlifts without belts.

  74. Hasoon nine

    Hasoon nine16 dagar sedan

    And? Many people do them without belts

  75. PabloCARP 9-12 te cogí

    PabloCARP 9-12 te cogí17 dagar sedan


  76. Tony Shwe

    Tony Shwe17 dagar sedan


  77. Ella Pollard

    Ella Pollard18 dagar sedan


  78. Lane Waite

    Lane Waite18 dagar sedan

    It’s harder than most people think

  79. __sam.D

    __sam.D18 dagar sedan

    I can guarantee miniminter just has outside out

  80. Mehdi @CESC

    Mehdi @CESC18 dagar sedan

    17:53 poor Tobi( sorry I am late)

  81. Luca Bowyer

    Luca Bowyer19 dagar sedan


  82. Football Freak

    Football Freak19 dagar sedan

    damn bruv toby and give a tough competition to jj

  83. Colt

    Colt20 dagar sedan

    Why do I find it funny that two of the three Nigerians won all of the challenges?

  84. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil20 dagar sedan

    over all toby was super impressive

  85. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil20 dagar sedan

    Love the effort these guys give

  86. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil20 dagar sedan

    toby and harry super impressive

  87. Zeon Flamez

    Zeon Flamez20 dagar sedan


  88. a.

    a.21 dag sedan

    anyone notice tobi was holding his wrist this video and still did well bless him🥺

  89. Will plys

    Will plys21 dag sedan

    see jjs bulkin

  90. Iakobi Checkurishvili

    Iakobi Checkurishvili21 dag sedan

    its been a year where is video

  91. Christopher Pacitti

    Christopher Pacitti22 dagar sedan

    I think its funny that could bench more than all the sidemen bar ksi at t he age of 16

  92. Aryan KC

    Aryan KC22 dagar sedan

    am i the only one that's confused how their bench is so much worse than their deadlift

  93. Staz

    Staz22 dagar sedan

    Do this again

  94. v

    v22 dagar sedan

    someone be a g and drop the lb comparison

  95. Adam Trew

    Adam Trew22 dagar sedan

    We need an updated one

  96. Handsoap Shimada

    Handsoap Shimada23 dagar sedan

    Imagine not being able to bench even 100kg.

  97. 1 THOUSAND SUBS BEFOR 2024 savage

    1 THOUSAND SUBS BEFOR 2024 savage24 dagar sedan


  98. 1 THOUSAND SUBS BEFOR 2024 savage

    1 THOUSAND SUBS BEFOR 2024 savage24 dagar sedan


  99. Drew Neff

    Drew Neff24 dagar sedan

    i can’t get over harry saying, “i’m a fraud!” after the bench press

  100. Pooba Lawsun

    Pooba Lawsun24 dagar sedan

    Why do the thumbnail wheights look like watermelons

  101. The Foxymon

    The Foxymon24 dagar sedan

    JJ's weight: 99.9 JJ: lemme go take a dump... JJ's weight: 97.9

  102. Hulia Mcgough

    Hulia Mcgough26 dagar sedan

    How is nobody talking about how great Vic doing a power scream is😂

  103. Michael XD

    Michael XD27 dagar sedan

    I’m waiting

  104. Connor Berman

    Connor Berman28 dagar sedan

    Me reading title :meh looks wak Sees Harry :👀Gots to watch this now