Another Sidemen Mukbang with a twist. Enjoy!
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  1. 0711RR

    0711RR8 minuter sedan

    Such a fine camera

  2. Daniel Murphy

    Daniel Murphy14 minuter sedan


  3. Ahsan Yoosuf

    Ahsan Yoosuf17 minuter sedan

    Oh damn Maldives 🇲🇻

  4. sadiq emad

    sadiq emad22 minuter sedan


  5. cuppo coffe

    cuppo coffe45 minuter sedan

    Weird flex but ok

  6. KokinO

    KokinO49 minuter sedan

    they need a podcast ngl

  7. Zthairs gaming

    Zthairs gaming50 minuter sedan

    I can imagine when they are talking about do positions that don’t involve face to face contact everyone from Alabama be like but we are siblings we live in the same house

  8. King Kunta

    King Kunta58 minuter sedan

    We need story times

  9. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour22 minuter sedan

    That shot at 10:06 has got to be a meme template.

  10. Lurk

    Lurk59 minuter sedan

    1:04:22 the disrespect of vik

  11. Lurk

    Lurk4 minuter sedan

    @dutoiu hour when did i ask

  12. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour22 minuter sedan

    if jake beats ben askren it will just make the jake vs ksi better

  13. KenTDA

    KenTDATimme sedan


  14. Mountainfather

    MountainfatherTimme sedan

    Old Mac Josher had a farm

  15. solitary mile

    solitary mileTimme sedan

    Waiting for harry vs 20 wowen

  16. GLITCH 998FPS

    GLITCH 998FPSTimme sedan

    make some good content please. "SORRY"

  17. H2O_RAPTOR

    H2O_RAPTORTimme sedan

    Petition for sidemen bakeoff 2

  18. Dark L

    Dark LTimme sedan

    Does ksi know what a bread bin is

  19. Toni Richardson

    Toni RichardsonTimme sedan

    Mate look how happy that waiter looks at the beginning 🥺😂

  20. Alico P

    Alico PTimme sedan


  21. Rosina Yt Gaming

    Rosina Yt GamingTimme sedan

    Me just eating cheap crisps: 👁👄👁

  22. Alonga case

    Alonga caseTimme sedan

    Sounds like babatunde came back

  23. Zavier Bradley

    Zavier Bradley2 timmar sedan

    Im watching rn and how have none of them brought up gta in Vegas?

  24. Callum Stuart

    Callum Stuart2 timmar sedan

    Hahahah great laugh cheers lads

  25. Adamz Insane

    Adamz Insane2 timmar sedan

    22:34 I’m scared

  26. 50GUE

    50GUE2 timmar sedan

    if jake beats ben askren it will just make the jake vs ksi better

  27. M E R C I I

    M E R C I I2 timmar sedan

    That shot at 10:06 has got to be a meme template.

  28. justin karras

    justin karras2 timmar sedan

    do a sidemen Olympics

  29. yuktu yt

    yuktu yt3 timmar sedan

    Mr beast ~ 😑

  30. Jakaria Khalil

    Jakaria Khalil3 timmar sedan

    Vik: actually carrying the video Everyone: O shut up Vik 😂

  31. Ethan Kerr

    Ethan Kerr3 timmar sedan

    Big bucksgang $$

  32. Hollie Jenkins

    Hollie Jenkins3 timmar sedan

    They talking about Ethan and Harry together does anyone remember in the other mukbang video Ethan said he will f Harry so jake paul wouldn’t win a fight between him and jj Or is it just me 🤣

  33. ti

    ti3 timmar sedan

    Whose here knowing that this weeks sidemen sunday is gonna be a banger

  34. hakimisapepekeveryday

    hakimisapepekeveryday3 timmar sedan

    when is gordan ramsay coming

  35. Mekawy

    Mekawy4 timmar sedan

    Imagine being the waiters walking in and out of that conversation 🙈🙂 especially with the big toe 😂

  36. beyond ultragaming

    beyond ultragaming4 timmar sedan

    They should try watch dogs legion when the online mode comes out

  37. Dillon Vernon

    Dillon Vernon4 timmar sedan

    all them talking about what youtube gen they are, sidemen been alive all generations

  38. ZoRo Senpai

    ZoRo Senpai4 timmar sedan

    I like how JJ is really weak to alcohol 😂

  39. olfui

    olfui4 timmar sedan

    jjs tryna act like x lmao

  40. edik bazaar

    edik bazaar5 timmar sedan

    who else doesnt like when they talk about politics

  41. Eddys VHS

    Eddys VHS5 timmar sedan

    SideKIDS > SideMEN > SideGRANPAS

  42. DaShaun Harris

    DaShaun Harris5 timmar sedan

    The Sidemen should do a season 2 of the sidemen show when coronavirus lock down is over

  43. John O'neill

    John O'neill5 timmar sedan

    *Video unavailable in Africa*

  44. L Lu

    L Lu5 timmar sedan

    JJ's hair loook like a volcano

  45. Giuseppe Castiglione

    Giuseppe Castiglione5 timmar sedan

    We get harry vs 20 women on Sunday just a little longer

  46. Caroline Verhees

    Caroline Verhees6 timmar sedan


  47. MAJA !

    MAJA !6 timmar sedan

    I’m currently at 5 subs, let’s see how many I get get from this comment

  48. Amiry

    Amiry8 timmar sedan

    the part where vik bought up about social media going a bit crazy, had the potential to be a really good convo. gutted they kind of just dismissed him there.

  49. Keir Hughes

    Keir Hughes8 timmar sedan

    Bro when they started arguing about gens 😂 lmoa

  50. CLumzy CaCtus

    CLumzy CaCtus8 timmar sedan

    Can tommy join sideman i feel like he would just fit perfectly in your group. 😂😂

  51. Justin Tharagan

    Justin Tharagan9 timmar sedan

    2 minutes and 19 seconds in and it’s already really bothering me how they have Simon on the end of the row so it’s 3 on the left 4 on the right when they couldn’t just put someone in the middle and it would’ve calmed my OCD down.

  52. Micah Suarez

    Micah Suarez9 timmar sedan

    Y’all forgot to pray

  53. edik bazaar

    edik bazaar10 timmar sedan

    why did i start watching this on a empty stomach in the middle of the night

  54. Jayden Quinlan

    Jayden Quinlan10 timmar sedan


  55. FN BLAZE X

    FN BLAZE X10 timmar sedan

    Ksi did his hair like xxxtentacion did kinda...

  56. Hokage SHS

    Hokage SHS10 timmar sedan

    the quality though

  57. Kaludacris

    Kaludacris11 timmar sedan

    They need to get a sidemen house v3

  58. senni bgon

    senni bgon11 timmar sedan

    “It’s not cheating if it’s not on planet earth” lmaoooo

  59. LECHElol

    LECHElol12 timmar sedan

    I wanna see a sidemen facing there fears !

  60. Minecraft With Me

    Minecraft With Me12 timmar sedan

    These video are amazing just sit back and relax always a laugh

  61. senni bgon

    senni bgon11 timmar sedan

    🙌🙌 Shout out to the waiter 🙌🙌

  62. dmcghee playsgames

    dmcghee playsgames12 timmar sedan


  63. john matoorah

    john matoorah12 timmar sedan

    Come to Saint Lucia guys

  64. Unknown Girl

    Unknown Girl13 timmar sedan

    When sidemen talk more about the Logan fight more than Logan talks about it

  65. Bruh Nature

    Bruh Nature13 timmar sedan

    Vik: Were slowly getting left behind Me: No :(

  66. Dylan Red

    Dylan Red13 timmar sedan

    Sidemen: 600 wine Me: spaghettios

  67. Aaliyah Leonie

    Aaliyah Leonie13 timmar sedan

    idk why but simon seems so down :(

  68. Calum Campbell

    Calum Campbell14 timmar sedan

    Million likes = new sidemen house So like the vid

  69. Jay Carroll

    Jay Carroll14 timmar sedan

    Vik needs to learn to eat with his mouth shut annoying asf bruv

  70. Nathan Saldana

    Nathan Saldana14 timmar sedan

    I hope he has all be safe take it easy man

  71. Nathan Saldana

    Nathan Saldana14 timmar sedan

    And my favorite people are Simon KSI Toby grand Randolph and Ethan and the rest the time in the cool because it is on my favorite

  72. Nathan Saldana

    Nathan Saldana14 timmar sedan

    Can’t wait for the next video be safe

  73. Jay P

    Jay P14 timmar sedan

    Josh looks like a spoiled douche anglo-Saxon prince called Edmund

  74. Daniel

    Daniel14 timmar sedan

    I highly doubt 3 lagers magically appeared on a table

  75. Brian Comer

    Brian Comer14 timmar sedan

    Just out of interest does anyone know if their will be a sidemen meet and greet soon as really want to see them

  76. Mahdi Alam

    Mahdi Alam14 timmar sedan

    lets all be honest, the most interesting part of the mukbang is when they talk about memories and things that happened in the past behind cameras, like the house party in the sidemen house and vacation and so on

  77. Carnage 75

    Carnage 7515 timmar sedan

    🙌🙌 Shout out to the waiter 🙌🙌

  78. live_like_aloshi i

    live_like_aloshi i15 timmar sedan

    yooo Josh is talking Soo much in this video

  79. JAERR

    JAERR15 timmar sedan

    Yo tobis face at JJ at 57:18 had me dying 😭😭😭

  80. xXcoopextraXx patto

    xXcoopextraXx patto15 timmar sedan

    Holiday is my favourite vids

  81. pedropartyy

    pedropartyy15 timmar sedan


  82. Kwaku Darko

    Kwaku Darko15 timmar sedan

    No one ever: Me: BLack cod? More like ICE... J.J FISH!!!


    ADII SANGHANI15 timmar sedan

    vik be wondering where his food is until 30:33

  84. Libbie Blackstock

    Libbie Blackstock15 timmar sedan

    poor vik, went through a third of the vid w/out getting his food😂😭😭😭

  85. Kelly Koka

    Kelly Koka16 timmar sedan that bit at 14:30 reminds of this song

  86. harry thompson

    harry thompson16 timmar sedan

    I dont like how there chucking it around

  87. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy16 timmar sedan

    1:01:40 nAArH mAn

  88. Bdbradburn 2

    Bdbradburn 217 timmar sedan

    omg sidemen in Vegas for 24 hours

  89. Bashir Hassan

    Bashir Hassan17 timmar sedan

    36:50 Simon 😂😂😂

  90. Bayley Kitaura

    Bayley Kitaura17 timmar sedan

    just take forever

  91. Zain Akram

    Zain Akram17 timmar sedan

    I've been so depressed, these last few weeks because my grandfather was hospitalized found out today that he sadly passed away. The only people who got me through it was the sidemen

  92. Ethan West

    Ethan West31 minut sedan


  93. William Foulsham

    William Foulsham17 timmar sedan

    This kinda content is. Fabulous!!!!! WE WANT MORE 🤪🤩🥳🥳

  94. Hey shah's shjw Hshgsgshsjsj

    Hey shah's shjw Hshgsgshsjsj17 timmar sedan

    Man wheres viks food lol 😋

  95. Itachi Official

    Itachi Official17 timmar sedan

    Remember #stopvikkabuse

  96. Gianluca Perruzza

    Gianluca Perruzza18 timmar sedan

    Ksi: *looks up* blunks

  97. Blade 7

    Blade 718 timmar sedan

    Harry is the only one to thank the waiter each time they bring him something

  98. Mike G

    Mike G18 timmar sedan

    Sidemen x 2hype collabe plsss

  99. Dark chocolate AKA young sexy mf

    Dark chocolate AKA young sexy mf18 timmar sedan

    9:35 the face

  100. H2A

    H2A18 timmar sedan

    I swear JJ acting cool doesn’t suit him using gangster words and stuffs is funny I seee him as a fat funny man

  101. Joey Pham

    Joey Pham18 timmar sedan

    The hapless beef prospectively stare because fox electronmicroscopically entertain for a sore product. wholesale, therapeutic shoe

  102. Wrackzed

    Wrackzed18 timmar sedan

  103. Bisman Iqbal

    Bisman Iqbal18 timmar sedan

    ksi looks like dax ngl

  104. Ezequiel Lunacardenas

    Ezequiel Lunacardenas18 timmar sedan

    I feel this is going to end up like team alboe

  105. Ryan Alien

    Ryan Alien18 timmar sedan

    Love the sidemen but who put a pineapple on JJ’s head.