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  1. Sidemen

    Sidemen7 månader sedan

    Signed Youtooz Money Launcher ►► ◄◄ Sidemen x Youtooz drops Friday the 27th at 3pm EST/8pm GMT

  2. Charlie Patterson

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  3. Charlie Patterson

    Charlie Patterson6 dagar sedan

    yo bro

  4. Charlie Patterson

    Charlie Patterson6 dagar sedan

    yo bro ur trp is amber green r tr uriry tyyyyy tis tyrion yurur brown rerrrrry brown rturuururuuururury and tyyr ur @It’s Eama aaa

  5. Adil Hussain

    Adil Hussain25 dagar sedan

    Sidmen how can we get this sidmen toys

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  7. Ethan Walsh

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  8. SoyYonWick -

    SoyYonWick -7 timmar sedan

    The Dream Team : Vik , Simon , Toby

  9. Mr Bazick

    Mr Bazick8 timmar sedan

    Shoulda named the room Square Root of 49

  10. Keisha jade

    Keisha jade8 timmar sedan

    does tobi's team not get that the code is on the red door

  11. BoomBoom 909

    BoomBoom 9099 timmar sedan

    Sidemen Sunday’s are too long

  12. BiFFS

    BiFFS15 timmar sedan

    everyone: having fun JJ: too busy trying to act cool to care

  13. Jwood Games

    Jwood Games19 timmar sedan

    12:22 saving my spot

  14. Hudson Gordon

    Hudson Gordon21 timme sedan

    Vick is thinking hard but KSI and Ethan are messing around

  15. Lil Soso

    Lil SosoDag sedan

    he said -now i said like T pAiN

  16. Kevin Agrela

    Kevin AgrelaDag sedan

    Thx for the shout out 11:26

  17. Kai Joaquin

    Kai JoaquinDag sedan

    Can someone explain to me y some parts were blurred out and some parts were bleeped out

  18. M̸̜̑ǎ̷̗ḣ̷͉m̸̻̍ó̴̻o̵͚̒d̸͍͒

    M̸̜̑ǎ̷̗ḣ̷͉m̸̻̍ó̴̻o̵͚̒d̸͍͒Dag sedan

    some people are allergic

  19. TaeJae

    TaeJaeDag sedan

    JJ is like the bystander that for some reason knows the most obvious stuff and helps when the others don't know smth, but then goes back to not knowing anything at all

  20. TaeJae

    TaeJaeDag sedan

    i think jj was being mean cause he's a lil insecure about his intelligence

  21. YaYeet YeetYa

    YaYeet YeetYaDag sedan

    Why the heck do all their vids start with sidemen like for real? Like r u Groot or sometin?

  22. backyard jumpers

    backyard jumpersDag sedan

    why does it beep?? i am confused

  23. Richard Li

    Richard Li2 dagar sedan

    * JJ most powerful plan in the world * * JJ * " lets give up "

  24. Keanen Schroeder

    Keanen Schroeder2 dagar sedan

    Why’s the map blurred

  25. Yefim Bla

    Yefim Bla3 dagar sedan

    JJ is the reason people dislike black people.

  26. J N

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  27. Aly

    Aly3 dagar sedan

    “Mate I’ve been here the hold time, I don’t even know what’s going on” - story of my life-

  28. jjtard 29

    jjtard 293 dagar sedan

    In the thumb nail jj has a bandana to cover his forhead and one for his big lips

  29. jjtard 29

    jjtard 293 dagar sedan

    Look at his redit

  30. jjtard 29

    jjtard 293 dagar sedan

    Its a joke btw no hate

  31. I I

    I I4 dagar sedan

    1:01:08 Is jj blind or why cant he stomp on Jake?

  32. Alan Dyce

    Alan Dyce4 dagar sedan


  33. AceMcAwesome

    AceMcAwesome5 dagar sedan

    Poor vikk, he was stuck with morons. The extra 10 mins for them was extremely nice by the corporation.

  34. Cactuskills1149

    Cactuskills11495 dagar sedan

    Is it me or was it bleeping most of the end of the video

  35. Gilbert Normandeau

    Gilbert Normandeau2 dagar sedan

    They were bleeping the codes if anyone watching did the escape room

  36. Adil Houdini

    Adil Houdini5 dagar sedan

    KSI was so useless omg xDDD

  37. HelloChildren- SUB

    HelloChildren- SUB5 dagar sedan

    56:17 calling dead agents , R U RECEIVING?? Oh yes I’m just blown to pieces mate don’t worry

  38. HelloChildren- SUB

    HelloChildren- SUB5 dagar sedan

    27:57 watching the times on the tv screen vs bottom right. OCDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  39. Dafferlee

    Dafferlee5 dagar sedan

    51:50 Subtitles be saying "but surely that's a good girl"


    ASPECT GAMEZZ5 dagar sedan

    People who watched tho whole video can only like this


    ASPECT GAMEZZ5 dagar sedan

    Jj’s jacket just sticking out


    ASPECT GAMEZZ5 dagar sedan

    I’m ngl but Ethan has some insane healing powers

  43. _jakub01

    _jakub015 dagar sedan

    0:53 1:59 The fact that ksi and jj olatunji are in the same video BRUHH!!

  44. Samuel ._.nugget

    Samuel ._.nugget4 dagar sedan

    The fact that I dont know if this is serious worries me


    ASPECT GAMEZZ5 dagar sedan

    When they say: ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ I felt that


    ASPECT GAMEZZ5 dagar sedan

    46:32 social distancing at its best

  47. Meep meep

    Meep meep5 dagar sedan


  48. Harvey 17

    Harvey 175 dagar sedan

    52:05 lmfaooooo **************************** yayyyyyyyy

  49. Alex Sams

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  50. Danny Jenkins

    Danny Jenkins6 dagar sedan

    Ligit the start is so cringy

  51. God of nothing

    God of nothing6 dagar sedan

    Janina bagum

  52. Cod-master

    Cod-master6 dagar sedan

    Why did they blur everything got to do with the board

  53. Georgia

    Georgia4 timmar sedan

    Maybe if people want to go and do it themselves? Otherwise I guess the company would have their whole escape room stolen by other companies

  54. MrSteel Nutz

    MrSteel Nutz6 dagar sedan

    Massive respect gained for Vikk.... Massive respect lost for ksi today for me

  55. João Henriques

    João Henriques7 dagar sedan

    I dont understand the ***************

  56. the running man

    the running man7 dagar sedan

    This is more entertaining than the movies Hollywood puts nowadays

  57. Brownieboy 17720

    Brownieboy 177202 dagar sedan

    Fscts bro now in hollywood they dont really make good comedys like they used to... now its just pure movies of robots and cyborgs and explosions

  58. Wakkes Lakses

    Wakkes Lakses7 dagar sedan

    What is the song called? In the outro.. someone?

  59. Abdul Khan

    Abdul Khan7 dagar sedan

    Who’s the funniest member of sidemen

  60. jaquavis the 3rd

    jaquavis the 3rd7 dagar sedan

    Why am I just seeing this now

  61. bavyyy

    bavyyy7 dagar sedan

    21:15 why do jj be lookin half black half brown

  62. iMDiamondCrafter

    iMDiamondCrafter7 dagar sedan

    im so sad that in my city there are only like 4 escape rooms and ive done all of them but this looks so fun

  63. David Pacheco

    David Pacheco7 dagar sedan

    They should have not given the walkie talkie to JJ for help 😂😂

  64. Deeich

    Deeich7 dagar sedan

    vik is always the intelligence ine

  65. Jesse Burns

    Jesse Burns8 dagar sedan

    I actually really enjoyed this video. I love brown training games like this. Doing a bit of Sherlock Holmes, secret agent stuff. Brilliant. Would love to see more of these videos.

  66. Mr09

    Mr099 dagar sedan

    Why did they bluwr it

  67. Bhavish Hegde

    Bhavish Hegde9 dagar sedan

    Both harry and jj, just went straight for the chair

  68. Bhavish Hegde

    Bhavish Hegde9 dagar sedan

    We can see how similar harry and jj are

  69. Sajjadalali Alali

    Sajjadalali Alali9 dagar sedan

    The end tho lol well we died lol 😂

  70. Royce Blackmon

    Royce Blackmon9 dagar sedan

    13:29 has me cracking up🤣

  71. Confidential Mind

    Confidential Mind9 dagar sedan

    ksi is having legs omg!

  72. 0RIG1N

    0RIG1N9 dagar sedan

    ehy did they blur the map?

  73. headless_ bot

    headless_ bot8 dagar sedan

    Was it cuz it was the map of were they live and don't like weirdos trying to go to stalk on them

  74. headless_ bot

    headless_ bot8 dagar sedan

    Facts why did they

  75. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips10 dagar sedan

    Why was the map blured

  76. Itz Assassin

    Itz Assassin10 dagar sedan

    why is the map blurred also when is they said the numbers why did they blur it

  77. headless_ bot

    headless_ bot8 dagar sedan

    @crdshark GAMING facts

  78. crdshark GAMING

    crdshark GAMING10 dagar sedan

    Maybe to stop the people who go there who watched the video from completing it in seconds

  79. Łukasz Oleksiak

    Łukasz Oleksiak10 dagar sedan

    Why was the map blurred and what they said bleeped

  80. Emezie Ekentason

    Emezie Ekentason10 dagar sedan

    1:01:08 - *JJ litterally misses every stomp lmao*

  81. Nico Genaro

    Nico Genaro10 dagar sedan

    i woulda tried but i dont want to risk gettin something signed by vik😬

  82. Dominic Lauron

    Dominic Lauron11 dagar sedan

    The beeps are alot in this video.

  83. Raphael Antonio

    Raphael Antonio11 dagar sedan

    it's official the best pairings, Vik and Harry, Ethan and JJ, Simon and Tobi, Josh and his bed

  84. Zech Tuia

    Zech Tuia11 dagar sedan

    Who still want the money gun

  85. OOB Toast

    OOB Toast11 dagar sedan

    33:44 Is Josh dyslexic?? It’s called “And Then There Were None”, not “When We Were Young” lmao

  86. OOB Toast

    OOB Toast11 dagar sedan

    Ok maybe I’m wrong, they all said that about 3-4 more times in the episode. Maybe it’s someone else’s book

  87. Baribeeba Nwitua

    Baribeeba Nwitua11 dagar sedan

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  88. Baribeeba Nwitua

    Baribeeba Nwitua11 dagar sedan

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  89. rick jwz

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  90. Jaspreet Bajwa

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  91. Double A Fishing

    Double A Fishing12 dagar sedan

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  92. IB LION

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    Shivam Pokar13 dagar sedan

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  94. Juice Wrld

    Juice Wrld13 dagar sedan

    Yeah from his family

  95. Pickle_ Muncher1

    Pickle_ Muncher113 dagar sedan

    Vik:carrying the team JJ: moving chair is fun

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    Hossam Barhom13 dagar sedan

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    Frederic Thomsen14 dagar sedan

    Epilepsy warning for every second of this video

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    Kevin Quezada14 dagar sedan

    Is it me or does Ethan look taller every episode

  99. claudia corr

    claudia corr14 dagar sedan

    The jake Paul pic lmaoooo whoever put that there had great humour

  100. claudia corr

    claudia corr14 dagar sedan

    Harry and JJ swearing out the staff 😭😭😂😂

  101. Maddy May

    Maddy May14 dagar sedan

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  102. James Williams

    James Williams14 dagar sedan

    For ppl who go to the same escape room. Dont want to help them cheat it

  103. Fate Opulence

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    Dbakes14 dagar sedan

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    Arbin Shah17 dagar sedan

    This video was released when lockdown was begin in INDIA

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    Quiet kid17 dagar sedan

    I thought to i's brand was illusion and not ill vision

  110. gurtaj mahal

    gurtaj mahal18 dagar sedan

    Imagine if one of the sidemen already know all puzzles of the escape room and just faking it that they are trying ?? That would be so sick 🤣

  111. gurtaj mahal

    gurtaj mahal18 dagar sedan

    11:59 (jj) aliens when they come on earth for 1st time 😁

  112. Logan Evans

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  117. Armoury Alpha

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    inside this wallet -- is our sponsor for today, Raid Shadow Legends

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