This week the Sidemen host a talent show where a load of fans were invited to showcase their best talents!
Special thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to take part in this, whether you made the video or not, we appreciate you!

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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  1. liammoto-BTW

    liammoto-BTWTimme sedan

    Mongraal playing the drums

  2. Alfbulldog

    Alfbulldog2 timmar sedan

    That magic trick guy just threw the 4 of diamands on the floor

  3. Niclas Boeriis

    Niclas Boeriis3 timmar sedan

    27:20 he is good

  4. Watermeloone boi

    Watermeloone boi4 timmar sedan

    Are we all just not gonna talk about the last one?

  5. Leila Hassan

    Leila Hassan5 timmar sedan

    It’s sooo hard to impress JJ

  6. iTzAm

    iTzAm5 timmar sedan

    JJ is such a simp

  7. Kyle Perrault

    Kyle Perrault6 timmar sedan

    harry, ethan, josh, and tobi had soooo much more fun than the other team and were way nicer to them

  8. Rockstarontap Games

    Rockstarontap Games6 timmar sedan

    Is it just mine or did your audio cut out at 26:05?

  9. angela mitchell

    angela mitchell12 timmar sedan

    I swear vik has no soul

  10. Evøid Ółłèŷ

    Evøid Ółłèŷ12 timmar sedan

    The things people do. 😂😂

  11. Dakota Horler

    Dakota Horler13 timmar sedan

    Did anyone else’s audio cut out when that guy played the piano

  12. ragingbull games

    ragingbull games19 timmar sedan

    Vik takes it too serious to the point were he ruins the video

  13. Danay

    Danay19 timmar sedan

    Not3s caught me off guard 🤣

  14. wisardi

    wisardi22 timmar sedan

    36:56 bruh

  15. baily xo

    baily xoDag sedan

    tob looks like willy wonk

  16. Nathan Mekker

    Nathan MekkerDag sedan


  17. GreenShadow38

    GreenShadow38Dag sedan

    Jj simp

  18. Bobba G

    Bobba GDag sedan

    They need to do this again but without vik

  19. LoadxWar 2

    LoadxWar 2Dag sedan


  20. Alextheninja 23

    Alextheninja 232 dagar sedan

    I clicked on this thinking it said 5 mins ago but it was 5 months

  21. Anvay Kudva

    Anvay Kudva2 dagar sedan

    JJ is just taking it too seriously

  22. Sorrow Beats

    Sorrow Beats2 dagar sedan

    23:56 if jj needs a bandana this guy does too

  23. Gangster Bluey

    Gangster Bluey2 dagar sedan

    JJ's a Big Simp!!!

  24. Drewcand0 !

    Drewcand0 !2 dagar sedan

    1:58 is my favorite reaction

  25. Saansh Shetty

    Saansh Shetty3 dagar sedan

    JJ being the Simon Cowell of Sideman Talent Show!

  26. Ducky_Squad

    Ducky_Squad3 dagar sedan

    JJ hitting on some guys Mum tho xD


    ASPECT GAMEZZ3 dagar sedan

    2:21 my mum tellin the sweets guy that she doesn’t want the sweets

  28. Dave comb

    Dave comb3 dagar sedan

    3:48 everyone tries to look good ..... but not harry

  29. AkM_Hamza767

    AkM_Hamza7673 dagar sedan

    NO JJ that's not a nice thing to say!!!!!!!!

  30. Souheil Janbeih

    Souheil Janbeih4 dagar sedan

    why is the age of the competitors soo young

  31. Oofy Dog

    Oofy Dog4 dagar sedan

    Vic looks soulless the whole video

  32. Lockey

    Lockey4 dagar sedan

    Some strange people watch Sidemen

  33. Hakeem

    Hakeem4 dagar sedan

    Girl that told her mum to go away I would've said no just for being that disrespectful

  34. CrSoham

    CrSoham4 dagar sedan

    Harry= *Content*

  35. Jeff Bet

    Jeff Bet5 dagar sedan

    My mom walked into my room at 32:19 I’ve never seen her more confused

  36. Maya Singh

    Maya Singh5 dagar sedan

    JJ should’ve acted as Babatunde in this vid

  37. Cal

    Cal6 dagar sedan

    I love the sidemen

  38. Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

    Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode6 dagar sedan

    That poor little boy cutting his hair thinking the big boys will like him any better for it. Sort it out lad.

  39. flex-_-lex

    flex-_-lex16 timmar sedan


  40. Lucky Mayne

    Lucky Mayne6 dagar sedan

    song 29:43???

  41. Hate my life

    Hate my life6 dagar sedan

    The last one was the best🤣🤣

  42. NanaSupalupa

    NanaSupalupa6 dagar sedan


  43. Jimbo0411

    Jimbo04116 dagar sedan

    34:54 Me chilling with unsolved Rubin cube I got 7 years ago

  44. Jimbo0411

    Jimbo04116 dagar sedan

    They should have got Ethan to fill in for Simon on BGT not Ashley Banjo

  45. Jimbo0411

    Jimbo04116 dagar sedan

    Ethan Cowell everyone

  46. Logan ellis

    Logan ellis6 dagar sedan

    someone pls pls tell me what song that guitar solo is pls

  47. Sean Kilmurray

    Sean Kilmurray7 dagar sedan

    Don't lie no one actually came for talent

  48. Mr Shayan_Origins

    Mr Shayan_Origins7 dagar sedan

    JJ is the Black Simon Cowell

  49. Joe H Games&More

    Joe H Games&More7 dagar sedan

    That first girl on JJ judge panel teeth said /\

  50. N V R L X N D

    N V R L X N D7 dagar sedan

    Why does the Kermit voice guy look like a young bluesdank

  51. Cadynce Williams

    Cadynce Williams8 dagar sedan

    The jokes about ethan's dad not being around are getting way out of hand!!!!!

  52. Spikez

    Spikez4 dagar sedan

    I mean if he says it not funny then I'm sure ppl will stop, some 9 year old with a Harry styles pfp isn't going to stop people making dark humour jokes

  53. Phax Pulse

    Phax Pulse8 dagar sedan

    1:52 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  54. Clone Army

    Clone Army8 dagar sedan

    Harry during the opera singer 👁💧👄👁

  55. Estevan Espinoza

    Estevan Espinoza8 dagar sedan

    Man said I could do the SpongeBob laugh 👁👄👁

  56. xXjacoXx007

    xXjacoXx0079 dagar sedan

    JJ should have judged as babatunde

  57. The Best boss

    The Best boss10 dagar sedan

    did anyones audio got cut out at 25:47

  58. The Best boss

    The Best boss10 dagar sedan

    i love how at 3:24 none of them said anything to change the way she put the camera respect

  59. Saiful Islam

    Saiful Islam11 dagar sedan

    Someone explain for me what was 2:34

  60. Liam Gustafson

    Liam Gustafson11 dagar sedan

    Ayyy I have the same profile pic

  61. Ali Farrag

    Ali Farrag12 dagar sedan


  62. yellow_snowman

    yellow_snowman12 dagar sedan

    they should’ve said no to the guy who cut all his hair just to see his reaction

  63. Ziyad Pervaiz

    Ziyad Pervaiz12 dagar sedan


  64. Surresh Guhan

    Surresh Guhan12 dagar sedan

    By the sword- Slash.

  65. Idris Gobindram

    Idris Gobindram13 dagar sedan

    He moves it out of view very quickly

  66. Idris Gobindram

    Idris Gobindram13 dagar sedan

    The magician swapped the pack under the camera

  67. Joseph Musyoki

    Joseph Musyoki13 dagar sedan


  68. Andrew J.

    Andrew J.13 dagar sedan

    Loll Electric Guitar guy KILLING IT

  69. st4tik t0rCh

    st4tik t0rCh13 dagar sedan

    i like how there are some people who actually have a talent and other people who just meme

  70. Jam Jamama

    Jam Jamama14 dagar sedan

    They should feature quackity

  71. Imagine '

    Imagine '14 dagar sedan

    did anyone else hear like no audio for the piano guy?

  72. Gacha_ Unknown

    Gacha_ Unknown14 dagar sedan

    Didn’t ksi do something like this with me beast and quacky ??

  73. Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor15 dagar sedan

    The funny about this is that everyone on the talent show was more talented than Josh 😂

  74. GMV6673 PlayStation 4

    GMV6673 PlayStation 415 dagar sedan

    22:36 and pause tell he doesn’t look like James Marriott

  75. Micah Dudley

    Micah Dudley15 dagar sedan

    This is ethan dad ✨ nonexistent✨

  76. Isobutane _

    Isobutane _15 dagar sedan

    ksi is a simp

  77. Nathanael Stuck

    Nathanael Stuck15 dagar sedan

    34:12 fake scramble. Watch my vid to see real solves

  78. Mark Knill

    Mark Knill15 dagar sedan

    shut up vik


    DROP BEAR DAVE16 dagar sedan

    Amazing what people will do to get laughed at few seconds by youtubers

  80. aheid bakheit

    aheid bakheit16 dagar sedan

    JJ be simping at 36: 52

  81. Baby Boy

    Baby Boy11 dagar sedan

    Dem cheeks

  82. Alex Boitano

    Alex Boitano16 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else's video go quiet during the piano part

  83. Nyaleengi

    Nyaleengi17 dagar sedan

    Wait, what was drawing of???

  84. BloxyBrawler17

    BloxyBrawler1717 dagar sedan

    It’s clear to say, Simon Minter and Simon Cowell are nothing alike

  85. Callum Mcmonies

    Callum Mcmonies17 dagar sedan

    How don't they know he DKrapartist is man are pagans

  86. Callum Mcmonies

    Callum Mcmonies17 dagar sedan

    Gyally at 4:00 is acc sick


    EXTREME TONNY17 dagar sedan

    why does vik look like a dubai prince

  88. TTVolly_YT 12

    TTVolly_YT 1218 dagar sedan

    It sounded like I’m gonna Knick your mummy

  89. TTVolly_YT 12

    TTVolly_YT 1218 dagar sedan

    Btw it was at the opera part

  90. Fritoschips 81

    Fritoschips 8118 dagar sedan


  91. Fritoschips 81

    Fritoschips 8118 dagar sedan


  92. Baker O'Neill

    Baker O'Neill18 dagar sedan

    18:54 “even your huskie wants to kill itself”😂😂😂

  93. 1 Popcorn

    1 Popcorn19 dagar sedan

    I can't stop replaying the clip of the dude who sang the Frank Sinatra! I think I might be in love with him!

  94. karvanoppa lankinen

    karvanoppa lankinen19 dagar sedan

    30:05 that's just a basic easy solo i think sidemen doesn't know about guitar playing

  95. karvanoppa lankinen

    karvanoppa lankinen15 dagar sedan

    @GRADEZ i was just saying

  96. GRADEZ

    GRADEZ15 dagar sedan

    karvanoppa lankinen shut up no one cares

  97. chronos 020

    chronos 02020 dagar sedan

    What headset does JJ and Tobi use

  98. Fnatic JW

    Fnatic JW20 dagar sedan

    37:16 at least jj is right for once

  99. Baby Boy

    Baby Boy11 dagar sedan


  100. Khalil Khan

    Khalil Khan20 dagar sedan

    NOT3S at 17:46

  101. IM Dubs

    IM Dubs20 dagar sedan


  102. Imad Musa

    Imad Musa21 dag sedan

    My bad Ethan is 🗑 what

  103. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool way21 dag sedan


  104. abel Weldemariam

    abel Weldemariam22 dagar sedan


  105. XxTwilightWolfxX

    XxTwilightWolfxX22 dagar sedan

    Why is no one talking about the opera singer? She was super good!

  106. Don’t Sub

    Don’t Sub22 dagar sedan

    JJ do be skimping doe

  107. uniqq MagmaZx

    uniqq MagmaZx22 dagar sedan

    WE NEED MORE OF THESE!! Who agrees?