For this #SidemenSunday we play Hide & Seek in the Clout House!
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  1. Star_Sku11

    Star_Sku118 timmar sedan

    ethan i let harry have the spot so i helped him harry respect that spot but its not as good as mine

  2. KNJ

    KNJ15 timmar sedan

    Bro pls do a tour

  3. Daniel Yono

    Daniel Yono22 timmar sedan

    Jj is in a room full of corona

  4. Oasis Mirza

    Oasis Mirza23 timmar sedan

    The lizard part was so funny lmaoooo

  5. Sameer Swain

    Sameer SwainDag sedan

    10:10 corona break means a whole different thing now

  6. Charlie Maddox

    Charlie MaddoxDag sedan

    JJ: beat Logan paul Also JJ: scared of a lizard

  7. Leo Richmond

    Leo RichmondDag sedan

    The hype house aha

  8. laurencio_

    laurencio_2 dagar sedan

    11:54 No Words!

  9. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy2 dagar sedan

    Ksi sitting in corona is awesome

  10. Toxin Noxious

    Toxin Noxious3 dagar sedan

    Vik: dying in a creepy cave Meanwhile JJ 8:40

  11. Hannah Mash

    Hannah Mash3 dagar sedan

    Hype house

  12. L47 Nuclear

    L47 Nuclear3 dagar sedan

    Simon sayed the n word

  13. L47 Nuclear

    L47 Nuclear3 dagar sedan

    Said *

  14. shane alyssa

    shane alyssa3 dagar sedan

    This is hype house House

  15. Kyndall Sill

    Kyndall Sill4 dagar sedan

    That's now the hype house

  16. Jackzuku

    Jackzuku4 dagar sedan

    I swear to god Vik always chooses the most uncomfortable or dangerous places to hide Edit: Just realized there's a very similar comment to this already. :P Like @no cap's year old post

  17. R0M4N _Yt

    R0M4N _Yt4 dagar sedan

    Who is watching when this is hé hype house

  18. Latna Matagi-Whanau

    Latna Matagi-Whanau4 dagar sedan

    Wait a second... Was KSI barking at Alissa Violets dogs Paris ans London

  19. Sophie Louise

    Sophie Louise5 dagar sedan


  20. marcelina Glinka

    marcelina Glinka5 dagar sedan

    i just relised that this is the 2020 hype house

  21. Rosie Greenwood

    Rosie Greenwood6 dagar sedan

    Now the tiktok house

  22. Partly Cloudy

    Partly Cloudy6 dagar sedan

    Josh and vicks hiding place is making me sick!!!

  23. Tea _Djopa_

    Tea _Djopa_6 dagar sedan

    This hype house

  24. Danny Mairu

    Danny Mairu6 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who heard Simon say the N-word?? IDK if I heard right but... IDK 🙂

  25. Sparsh Baliyan

    Sparsh Baliyan7 dagar sedan

    JJ saw lizard JJ: Wtf I just saw? Dinosaur?

  26. Petra Devos

    Petra Devos7 dagar sedan

    2.14 looks like faze member for a minut

  27. xz_alowais

    xz_alowais7 dagar sedan

    This is the old faze house not the clout house

  28. Arun Bhandari

    Arun Bhandari7 dagar sedan

    Anyone watching during COVID-19 and sees how many corona beers there are.

  29. Shogun Shien

    Shogun Shien7 dagar sedan

    viks intitial spot wins

  30. Jayphoy Caaminio

    Jayphoy Caaminio7 dagar sedan

    This is the house of hypehouse right now

  31. Sophie Louise

    Sophie Louise8 dagar sedan

    That is hype house new hype house

  32. Pnutter11 Channel

    Pnutter11 Channel8 dagar sedan

    lmao started watching them and now i cant stop

  33. Daddy Chill

    Daddy Chill8 dagar sedan

    Isn’t this now the hype house-

  34. Michelle ann Love

    Michelle ann Love9 dagar sedan

  35. Evie Careless

    Evie Careless10 dagar sedan

    josh: what the fu

  36. Evie Careless

    Evie Careless10 dagar sedan

    bet the Hype House don't know what shenanegens have gone down while they were there

  37. claudia corr

    claudia corr10 dagar sedan

    JJs influence is so strong, now the whole world has stopped for a corona

  38. reece kyle

    reece kyle10 dagar sedan

    ethan could of put lip balm on for angle 10:05 😂

  39. GTA5_YT

    GTA5_YT10 dagar sedan


  40. Mia Rubaine

    Mia Rubaine11 dagar sedan

    I just realised this is where all his dis tracks are filmed

  41. FE4RL3SS

    FE4RL3SS12 dagar sedan

    2020 When I'm watching this and I think JJ could of never found em all without help lol

  42. Pink Guy Joins The Battle

    Pink Guy Joins The Battle12 dagar sedan

    That looks like RiceGum's house ngl

  43. OneidaArmy

    OneidaArmy11 dagar sedan

    Well he did live their

  44. Patrick Hodgson

    Patrick Hodgson14 dagar sedan

    The thousands or so corona cans didn't age well...

  45. elisabeth !

    elisabeth !14 dagar sedan

    ok why tf did vik snitch on tobi

  46. Zane Cassidy

    Zane Cassidy14 dagar sedan

    Anyone else hear Simon say the n word at 4:45 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  47. Fahd Uddin

    Fahd Uddin15 dagar sedan

    wait this is the faze house they bought it I think

  48. Atharva

    Atharva17 dagar sedan

    We need more faze and sidemen content mannnnn......

  49. Shaia Tiatoa

    Shaia Tiatoa17 dagar sedan

    knowing this is the hype house now is saddening

  50. Michael Botha

    Michael Botha19 dagar sedan

    I don’t like faze temperr

  51. Uncle Bobbi

    Uncle Bobbi20 dagar sedan

    Vick: tHe AiR iS nOt GoOd In HeRe

  52. Anshul Desai

    Anshul Desai20 dagar sedan

    3:01 😂😂

  53. Samantha Ramos Quinonez

    Samantha Ramos Quinonez20 dagar sedan

    Y’all at the hype house

  54. Ashlee Ludin

    Ashlee Ludin21 dag sedan

    “He went for a corona break” Bro if only 😳

  55. Abu bakar Hussain

    Abu bakar Hussain22 dagar sedan


  56. Mr.perfect101

    Mr.perfect10122 dagar sedan

  57. Febin cherian

    Febin cherian22 dagar sedan

    good gameplay bro

  58. Psy ch

    Psy ch22 dagar sedan

    *JJ in a room full of corona * well then that not good is it...

  59. Rod Zamor

    Rod Zamor22 dagar sedan

    11:54 SoyBoy JJ


    INFERNAlYT CODM23 dagar sedan

    7:06 JJ See's beer lmao and he get corona lmao

  61. Yash Joshi

    Yash Joshi23 dagar sedan

    4:45 did Simon said "my ni***** calling yeah ?

  62. Nico Ylarde

    Nico Ylarde13 dagar sedan

    Money is calling yeah

  63. Gaming_Girl

    Gaming_Girl22 dagar sedan

    Yash Joshi money I think

  64. Chelle Eve

    Chelle Eve23 dagar sedan

    Don’t forget to subscribe to the sidemen! Let’s get them to 10m :)

  65. hAiDeR fArOoq

    hAiDeR fArOoq24 dagar sedan


  66. animated show

    animated show24 dagar sedan

    Isn't that the hype house

  67. Jasmine Nademmal RainStarlyKey

    Jasmine Nademmal RainStarlyKey24 dagar sedan

    is it just me or that is the hype house now

  68. Evie Megan

    Evie Megan25 dagar sedan

    anyone else watching this in 2020 like wait that’s the hype house 😂

  69. Icy_Aydin

    Icy_Aydin25 dagar sedan

    5:04 My PS4

  70. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi25 dagar sedan

    wtf theres no spiders where vik is. if that was england there would be hundreds of them

  71. Water Jahshdufi

    Water Jahshdufi25 dagar sedan

    Nobody fuck'n cares that this is the hype house

  72. Water Jahshdufi

    Water Jahshdufi25 dagar sedan

    I swear if your here to tell us that this is the fuck'n hype house fuckin leave the video

  73. Martin Kuzmanovski

    Martin Kuzmanovski26 dagar sedan

    7:31 he didn't knew what was coming

  74. xananadu

    xananadu26 dagar sedan

    JJ sat there surrounded by corona... haha... oh

  75. Danny Hdz

    Danny Hdz26 dagar sedan

    Okay another SEtoosrs and their famous but why do they go to the hype house I noticed when he showed me the little tent

  76. Baerto

    Baerto27 dagar sedan

    All i need to say. Faze hide and seek. Looks the same

  77. Rhys Waggitt

    Rhys Waggitt27 dagar sedan

    Man stopped for a corona. Seems fitting to watch


    ISMAIL AHMED27 dagar sedan

    Simon says n word

  79. Matt D

    Matt D27 dagar sedan

    The absolute irony of 7:37

  80. Silas Chambers

    Silas Chambers29 dagar sedan

    Are we not gonna talk about how JJ had corona?

  81. Bruh hurB

    Bruh hurB29 dagar sedan

    11:55 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀


    OTF DERRILMånad sedan

    Everyone: panic JJ: Drank

  83. Ismail Chahine

    Ismail ChahineMånad sedan

    Anyone watching this in September 2020?

  84. nevin elias sibu

    nevin elias sibuMånad sedan

    Jj is the best seeker

  85. yungtrip

    yungtripMånad sedan

    Did JJ fr just yell squirrel at that little lizard 😂

  86. Ben Ward

    Ben WardMånad sedan

    Has ksi never seen a lizard wtf

  87. dylan white

    dylan whiteMånad sedan

    Is it just me or did Simon say on the roof on the phone tha "my n word is just calling

  88. belayet hossain

    belayet hossainMånad sedan

    this house has a lot of memories of every house

  89. The Shaw Show

    The Shaw ShowMånad sedan

    10:12 oh no...

  90. CombatWombat

    CombatWombatMånad sedan

    4:48 i aspected simon there

  91. Adam Bellaab

    Adam BellaabMånad sedan

    This is the Faze hose

  92. Thomas Sigler

    Thomas SiglerMånad sedan

    jj blind af

  93. i8 Shamz

    i8 ShamzMånad sedan


  94. Francesco Calamari

    Francesco CalamariMånad sedan

    your most unattractive angle

  95. Pam Smith

    Pam SmithMånad sedan

    11:54 Surprise, MothaF***a!!

  96. FlyBoy747

    FlyBoy747Månad sedan

    I've been saving up to buy Sidemenclothing merch.. my heart really hurt when Toby threw his hoodie from the roof!😭

  97. Kian Naidoo

    Kian NaidooMånad sedan

    Vics attitude in this video is pathetic like wtf... for a short person he is too dramatic

  98. Immortal Soul

    Immortal SoulMånad sedan

    Who's that

  99. Nikheil Ghosh

    Nikheil GhoshMånad sedan

    Isn’t this the hype house

  100. Sonny Goodman

    Sonny GoodmanMånad sedan

    7:45 who would’ve thought JJ would be happy in a room full of Corona

  101. Unique Thoughts

    Unique ThoughtsMånad sedan

    oMg WhAt A fUnNy CoMmEnT

  102. Sydney !!

    Sydney !!Månad sedan

    JJ scared of a lizard 😂😂😂

  103. Sydney !!

    Sydney !!Månad sedan

    Thomas petrov watching this like: 👁👄👁

  104. Ege Şengül

    Ege ŞengülMånad sedan


  105. Nikolai Akpunarliev

    Nikolai AkpunarlievMånad sedan

    outro song please?

  106. Tizzy P

    Tizzy PMånad sedan

    New hype house 😂❤️

  107. WarThunderDaily

    WarThunderDailyMånad sedan

    me watching and seeing that they have a whole room full of corona HMM

  108. Geetanjali Mukherjee

    Geetanjali MukherjeeMånad sedan

    4:46 can someone please tell me if i heard that right

  109. Immortal Soul

    Immortal SoulMånad sedan

    No it's money is cooling yeah