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  1. Briana Castillo

    Briana Castillo59 minuter sedan


  2. Danial Mahmud

    Danial Mahmud3 timmar sedan

    19:09 I laugh so stupid and clever at the same time

  3. Ruben Sanchez

    Ruben Sanchez3 timmar sedan

    What if all this time the massage therapist is his girlfriend

  4. Aziz Ahmed

    Aziz Ahmed5 timmar sedan

    My pe teacher has your merch

  5. Bennet De Chavez

    Bennet De Chavez6 timmar sedan

    why is there a random cough noise at 5:02

  6. GB - 10ZZ 683959 Sandalwood Heights SS

    GB - 10ZZ 683959 Sandalwood Heights SS20 timmar sedan

    RIP Vik at 28:56

  7. saby eugene

    saby eugene21 timme sedan

    Indian rapper

  8. Chimamanda Chimaumenze

    Chimamanda ChimaumenzeDag sedan

    Nigerians are much here tho glad to be one of em

  9. Logan Luxeo

    Logan LuxeoDag sedan

    Toby is just so nice 😂

  10. Gautam Tejyan

    Gautam TejyanDag sedan

    Knowledge strength integrity Man ksi is 10x funnier then lp

  11. Djdj SJSU's

    Djdj SJSU'sDag sedan

    ngl tobi pisses me off

  12. Noah Latimer

    Noah LatimerDag sedan

    Ngl looking back now with behzinga's weight loss/London marathon documentary coming up i really didnt notice how far he was actually came, if u watch past videos u can see the gradual change

  13. Flame - Agar

    Flame - AgarDag sedan

    The third girl got a whole dump truck

  14. Kriimson

    KriimsonDag sedan

    what does she say at 17:37

  15. RASTYAR killer

    RASTYAR killerDag sedan

    44:00 oh mad 😂😂

  16. FrostyG

    FrostyGDag sedan


  17. Safir Dalhatu

    Safir DalhatuDag sedan

    24:53 😭 26:30

  18. Foerst Peterson

    Foerst Peterson2 dagar sedan

    When jj went to go do a second dance move I didn’t get it

  19. Liyandza Twala

    Liyandza Twala2 dagar sedan

    3:58 KSI hyping up Ethan's naughtiness like, "THATS MY BOYY"

  20. The King

    The King2 dagar sedan

    33:51 the way he said Toby is so funny

  21. Logan Tsesmes

    Logan Tsesmes2 dagar sedan

    The way Ethan laughed when vik said I can rap

  22. Logan Tsesmes

    Logan Tsesmes2 dagar sedan

    The way ethanlaughed when vik said I ca

  23. Eatdatpussy 445

    Eatdatpussy 4452 dagar sedan

    Check out JJ's reaction at 44:09. Dude was thinking of everything to not say to her.

  24. probably daydreaming

    probably daydreaming2 dagar sedan

    I love abigail

  25. iMammoth

    iMammoth2 dagar sedan

    45:37 "Is the joke your dress sense" Says the one looking like an erupting volcano wearing a trash bag

  26. Prabal Koirala

    Prabal Koirala2 dagar sedan

    Farkey ra birjung bata Aauda thyo ghara Euta kt k sanga Milyo najara Dilako bhaitari samayo Euta kt lea mana parayo

  27. Goobie

    Goobie2 dagar sedan

    24:51 I can’t 😂😂😂

  28. KAIsibs Does Gaming

    KAIsibs Does Gaming2 dagar sedan

    Miss Johnny: Surprise me! JJ: **Is surprised**

  29. imahomophobe

    imahomophobe20 timmar sedan

    I like how he insulted harrys dress sense but the trans is aware of his ewww looks

  30. KAIsibs Does Gaming

    KAIsibs Does Gaming2 dagar sedan

    22:53 Same

  31. Me Sir

    Me Sir2 dagar sedan

    Anyone gonna mention the fact that Ethans got a Nigerian shirt on Big up Nigeria

  32. Legend 14

    Legend 142 dagar sedan

    Harry is something else

  33. DRM Cylo

    DRM Cylo2 dagar sedan

    Let’s talk about to tobi’s jacket is polo g merch lol

  34. JamesGodden

    JamesGodden3 dagar sedan

    20:57 Tobi saw the future 😂

  35. Adam Fornusek

    Adam Fornusek3 dagar sedan

    43:18..... Explain plz? But it was really funny

  36. Khongelani Ngobeni

    Khongelani Ngobeni3 dagar sedan

    0:45 How did she say no?

  37. pickle rick

    pickle rick3 dagar sedan

    Nobody: Harry: tells his whole life story for pickup lines

  38. Sebastian Hinbest

    Sebastian Hinbest3 dagar sedan

    “Book of Mormon” 💀💀💀💀

  39. moey mousakhani

    moey mousakhani3 dagar sedan

    The girl at 36:21 is just so gorgeous omg

  40. The MCGuffin Show

    The MCGuffin Show3 dagar sedan

    My friend used one of Harry's lines and genuinely pulled a girl.

  41. Slob_Job

    Slob_Job3 dagar sedan


  42. SESOBOY77GOD !

    SESOBOY77GOD !3 dagar sedan

    'Hi I'm 18 my name is baba tunde '😂😂

  43. Lemonste

    Lemonste3 dagar sedan


  44. konka rip

    konka rip3 dagar sedan

    Josh: “6-1 manny on the map” Tottenham fans: *Wink* 42:04

  45. Jim The_Clown

    Jim The_Clown3 dagar sedan

    I thought Josh said Hitler instead of tinder at 0:29

  46. Jim The_Clown

    Jim The_Clown3 dagar sedan

    God my ears are bad

  47. x

    x3 dagar sedan

    I would’ve had the same reaction as JJ at 44:14

  48. Just Mo

    Just Mo4 dagar sedan

    Who’s watching this in quarantine for the 100th time because there bored

  49. Swxrmz EU

    Swxrmz EU4 dagar sedan


  50. So Done

    So Done4 dagar sedan

    Welcome to Simpnation.

  51. Drew Barker

    Drew Barker4 dagar sedan

    Harry really do be poetic tho

  52. Xerø Official

    Xerø Official4 dagar sedan

    Can someone please explain 43:19?

  53. Nicole Schuster

    Nicole Schuster4 dagar sedan

    What did the note say

  54. Ffion Gould

    Ffion Gould4 dagar sedan

    No way this was a year ago wtff

  55. Govind Gomatam

    Govind Gomatam4 dagar sedan

    49:06 My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  56. Noah

    Noah5 dagar sedan

    19:43 actually made my stomach hurt from cringe

  57. Ahmed Hasan

    Ahmed Hasan5 dagar sedan

    Hey shut up Ella

  58. Xavier Sanchez

    Xavier Sanchez5 dagar sedan

    Um what show does simon look like from

  59. Benjamin Leibham

    Benjamin Leibham5 dagar sedan

    22:43 im so temted to send this to my crush

  60. xxxdemonitation

    xxxdemonitation5 dagar sedan

    Why everybody stressing Harry’s slides

  61. Ella Edwards

    Ella Edwards5 dagar sedan

    my name is ella to

  62. Jorgie Bhasvi

    Jorgie Bhasvi5 dagar sedan

    Sidemen:OH HOW ABOUT THEY GET A GF When the vid ends* Sidemen:nvm they all got cancelled but those 3 Dunt get cancelled-

  63. Flights ToothBrush

    Flights ToothBrush3 dagar sedan


  64. Chad Valdes jr

    Chad Valdes jr5 dagar sedan

    Harry has been my favorite sidemen since the beginning

  65. Shayli CROW

    Shayli CROW5 dagar sedan

    19:54 made me cry of laughter

  66. Batricias

    Batricias5 dagar sedan

    Harry is the hero of the story

  67. emma

    emma5 dagar sedan

    The second girl was so confident, I love her

  68. spunkymonkey53

    spunkymonkey535 dagar sedan

    This is their best tinder vid none of them extra man

  69. Drozeroce

    Drozeroce5 dagar sedan

    To the lady in the wheelchair they should've said,"whats the hardest part of a vegetable to eat? The wheelchair."

  70. Σπυρος Τζοβαρας

    Σπυρος Τζοβαρας6 dagar sedan

    After this vid Sim is confirmed gae

  71. 123 seth2648

    123 seth26486 dagar sedan

    Did Vic get one like😂

  72. Aq Mxnce

    Aq Mxnce6 dagar sedan

    2:02 Ahh I shall be watching your career with great interest

  73. Nature Of Fantasy

    Nature Of Fantasy6 dagar sedan

    19:46 did u see that down there ?

  74. Jeff Stewart

    Jeff Stewart6 dagar sedan

    14:25 The way Tobi was so dramtic there I can`t XDDDDDDDD

  75. Karson Lusi

    Karson Lusi6 dagar sedan

    This is brilliant though

  76. Sameer Swain

    Sameer Swain6 dagar sedan

    24:55 I knew what was about to come

  77. the running man

    the running man6 dagar sedan

    Harry has a great sense of humor He’s the funniest sidemen out there

  78. andrewduzgaming

    andrewduzgaming6 dagar sedan

    Can someone explain 43:20 to me

  79. Weston Norton

    Weston Norton6 dagar sedan

    3:58 jj in the back

  80. Deku 3245

    Deku 32456 dagar sedan

    26:27 gets me everytime

  81. Alex C

    Alex C6 dagar sedan

    12:36 he ain’t coming back from that

  82. malaina sharapan

    malaina sharapan6 dagar sedan

    harry is so effortlessly funny

  83. Austin Wilwayco

    Austin Wilwayco6 dagar sedan

    “It’s a hundred percent cotton” *“That’s why I picked it”* Actually pretty good joke

  84. Flights ToothBrush

    Flights ToothBrush3 dagar sedan


  85. BobTheBuilder69

    BobTheBuilder696 dagar sedan

    @Ahmed Muhummed Ali ?

  86. Ahmed Muhummed Ali

    Ahmed Muhummed Ali6 dagar sedan

    @BobTheBuilder69 Fam your are rasist

  87. BobTheBuilder69

    BobTheBuilder696 dagar sedan


  88. BobTheBuilder69

    BobTheBuilder696 dagar sedan


  89. AA2BUNNY !

    AA2BUNNY !7 dagar sedan

    What’s Linda’s Instagram?

  90. Shokran Haidari

    Shokran Haidari7 dagar sedan


  91. Ow1

    Ow17 dagar sedan


  92. Shadz btw

    Shadz btw7 dagar sedan

    They gather the weirdest women’s in the wholeeee world

  93. Kardos

    Kardos7 dagar sedan


  94. Maheishang

    Maheishang7 dagar sedan

    Vikk is Ross actually

  95. Anniaeza Yuan Ebora Angchangco

    Anniaeza Yuan Ebora Angchangco7 dagar sedan

    woman really goes for money :/

  96. Essam Eddine Issadi

    Essam Eddine Issadi7 dagar sedan

    any north Africans?

  97. jonathan campbell

    jonathan campbell7 dagar sedan

    kate sounded like she said im 3🤣

  98. jonathan campbell

    jonathan campbell7 dagar sedan

    am dead!!!!!! 5:05 super noobles

  99. jonathan campbell

    jonathan campbell7 dagar sedan

    simon and harry sus._.

  100. Symphorosa Aladenoye

    Symphorosa Aladenoye7 dagar sedan

    Shoutout to the lady in the wheelchair for taking the joke like a champ lmao 19:54

  101. itsjusxuluu

    itsjusxuluu4 dagar sedan

    somthimg about the back?

  102. itsjusxuluu

    itsjusxuluu4 dagar sedan

    i didnt get it

  103. Tommy G

    Tommy G7 dagar sedan

    It feels a bit plain without tommyinnit

  104. Fili Vuataki

    Fili Vuataki8 dagar sedan

    This is where I question my pick up lines😢😂🤣😂

  105. Yusuf Khan

    Yusuf Khan8 dagar sedan

    11:15 It's treason, then

  106. Jack Simpson

    Jack Simpson8 dagar sedan

    Harry has the best pick up lines lol

  107. Caleb Leo

    Caleb Leo8 dagar sedan


  108. Rickway

    Rickway8 dagar sedan

    So we ain’t talkin about why KSI is using that fake Jamaican accent he got from a rapper from Toronto? Ok

  109. gabriel varvara

    gabriel varvara8 dagar sedan


  110. Lachy

    Lachy8 dagar sedan

    Am i the only person who noticed vik helping picking up the money at 37:30

  111. andre montes

    andre montes8 dagar sedan

    27:06 she sounded like tobi with the “i don’t know “ lol

  112. wolfie

    wolfie8 dagar sedan

    40:00 i think that was kinda rude, i felt bad for her