We try our hand at Countdown in this #SidemenSunday. Enjoy!
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Kelly: gnaucky
● Miniminter:
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● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:


  1. Jens Wright

    Jens Wright6 timmar sedan

    Y is not a consonant

  2. Gabriel Tinica

    Gabriel Tinica7 timmar sedan

    27:48 when harry invented fatneek

  3. Adam The Goat

    Adam The Goat16 timmar sedan

    Ack nee how

  4. RiPe Waffles

    RiPe Waffles20 timmar sedan

    This might be my favorite Sidemen video.

  5. Deirdre Kelly

    Deirdre Kelly22 timmar sedan

    For the second math question I got 581 💀

  6. piipaa_ auto

    piipaa_ autoDag sedan

    all of JJs words are in the urban dictionary nowadays!!


    RAYAN KASHYAPDag sedan

    Akneehow is underrated

  8. Flam Ham

    Flam Ham2 dagar sedan

    Anyone seen the first words. Well it was YouWea LMAO

  9. Omar Mohamed

    Omar Mohamed3 dagar sedan

    They could have gotten 583 in the maths round lol

  10. Moriz Vblogs

    Moriz Vblogs3 dagar sedan

    Akneehow xD

  11. Linus Budde

    Linus Budde3 dagar sedan

    Urban dictionary actually put JJs “feamep” in the urban dictionary

  12. YouTube Channel

    YouTube Channel5 timmar sedan

    Urban dictionary is open to the public. Considering how many people watched this video, it's pretty obvious at the very least one person would put the word in urban dictionary.

  13. Hugo Karlsson

    Hugo Karlsson3 dagar sedan


  14. Kurt Cocaine

    Kurt Cocaine3 dagar sedan

    KSI; -Knowledge- Strength -Integrity-


    SANDELL4 dagar sedan

    26:32 - benefaction

  16. Mischa Vökt

    Mischa Vökt4 dagar sedan

    All them equasions were wrong haha, multiplication is always before addition

  17. Stone_ Ball

    Stone_ Ball5 dagar sedan

    bruh when jean is an actually word

  18. Nomill

    Nomill5 dagar sedan


  19. Shorya Kshettry

    Shorya Kshettry5 dagar sedan


  20. Sam Dearlove

    Sam Dearlove5 dagar sedan

    Sidemen: makes a four letter word Everybody watching: bruh

  21. dakota gorin

    dakota gorin5 dagar sedan

    By far most underrated sidemen video. Makes me laugh harder and harder everytime

  22. Shahid Karim

    Shahid Karim5 dagar sedan

    16:45 18:30 23:25 27:24 28:12 31:39 35:30

  23. Kirsty Flood

    Kirsty Flood6 dagar sedan

    i mean damn : Gwop Feamep Bambgine Akneehow Plz can sidemen do this challenge again i died

  24. james foster

    james foster6 dagar sedan

    Why is akneehow in the urban dictionary 😂😂

  25. Godseye Overwatch

    Godseye Overwatch6 dagar sedan

    Ethan did nothin

  26. Acerry Reborn

    Acerry Reborn6 dagar sedan

    How did they not Beanie?

  27. Colin Hadley

    Colin Hadley6 dagar sedan

    This video is their best I swear. It has all the elements: - Simon host and dyed hair -Simon bending the rules for JJ - JJ making up words -JJ and Ethan -Ethan getting mad at JJ -Vik being the clear smartest in the group -Old School Friends Josh and Tobi -Harry complaining about the rules -Josh breaking something at the end of the game (so out of character) -Tobi just laughing 😂

  28. Yisrael ישראל brooke

    Yisrael ישראל brooke7 dagar sedan

    14:00 75*7+7*7+8= 582

  29. Drew Wise

    Drew Wise7 dagar sedan

    ah so this is where fat neek KSI started eh?

  30. Not hing

    Not hing7 dagar sedan


  31. Jay Curl

    Jay Curl8 dagar sedan

    Search feamep on google and it comes up

  32. Kwesi Abruquah

    Kwesi Abruquah8 dagar sedan


  33. Unbeatable Gaming

    Unbeatable Gaming8 dagar sedan

    26:38 I was bummed how they couldn’t see HAWKEYE in the clutter of letters. Idiots 😂

  34. Hasan Salim

    Hasan Salim8 dagar sedan

    This video should be called: the birth of fatneek

  35. Ya Mom

    Ya Mom8 dagar sedan

    to this day, i always remember to hit the feamep

  36. Calme

    Calme8 dagar sedan

    5:36 Harry: “let’s play this clever this time” Also Harry: “constonant”

  37. Trace Mcsorley Burner

    Trace Mcsorley Burner8 dagar sedan

    22:00 gaming dumass

  38. Richie Rich

    Richie Rich9 dagar sedan

    i gotta saw jj's words are priceless hahahahahaha

  39. iTz_KarTh1K

    iTz_KarTh1K9 dagar sedan

    27:50 is where it all started


    TANZIL KABIR9 dagar sedan

    7:24 They predicted WAP

  41. Brotata Ftw

    Brotata Ftw9 dagar sedan

    that moment when ksi's word "bamgine" is denied but it end up making it as an actual urban word a couple of months later....... LMAO

  42. Axel O

    Axel O9 dagar sedan

    Best video

  43. Aaryan

    Aaryan9 dagar sedan

    Ayo JJ a simp fam😂

  44. Keter LEGEND06

    Keter LEGEND069 dagar sedan

    i watched this after i ate now then i gotta clean the puke from laughing so hard brb

  45. OG Gaming

    OG Gaming10 dagar sedan

    9-4=5 3+3=6 50+5=55 55*6=330

  46. OG Gaming

    OG Gaming10 dagar sedan

    583 , 75 *8 =600 600 -10+7=583

  47. SwiffVideo

    SwiffVideo10 dagar sedan

    This is a classic Sidemen video that Is funny.

  48. VM

    VM10 dagar sedan

    JJ should use his 3 words in a song

  49. Daniel Morales

    Daniel Morales11 dagar sedan

    Ackneehow everybody ackneehow

  50. Ljfury 06

    Ljfury 0611 dagar sedan

    75x7=525 + (7x7) = 574+ 8 = 582

  51. FluffypurplepOp

    FluffypurplepOp11 dagar sedan

    Poor Kelly 😂

  52. Jack Hand

    Jack Hand11 dagar sedan

    3:19 wen she put a j up Harry said av got one that could mean he got a joint 😂🤨

  53. Matt Brice

    Matt Brice12 dagar sedan

    This video reminds me of simpler times

  54. Rishabh P A

    Rishabh P A12 dagar sedan

    27:50 was the beginning of JJ's new nickname.

  55. Rock Block

    Rock Block12 dagar sedan

    Nah it's the fun way😂😂

  56. Aarav Sudhakar

    Aarav Sudhakar12 dagar sedan

    Bro jj and Ethan predicted wap at 7:17

  57. Tyrone J

    Tyrone J12 dagar sedan


  58. SparkyWolfTail

    SparkyWolfTail12 dagar sedan

    15:20 7*75+8*7=821

  59. Ps Now

    Ps Now12 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  60. Dev Gardi

    Dev Gardi13 dagar sedan

    Simon secretly doesn't like Harry 🤣🤣

  61. SwipyFishy

    SwipyFishy13 dagar sedan

    Did anyone notice that the clock stopped working at 2:16

  62. WintaTV

    WintaTV13 dagar sedan

    Bruv, 50x6=300 and then 3x10= 330

  63. WintaTV

    WintaTV13 dagar sedan

    On the aknehow I noticed u can spell anakin


    VEDANT SURYAWANSHI13 dagar sedan

  65. Maharshi Abhale

    Maharshi Abhale13 dagar sedan

    29:27 if i'am havin a convo with my m8 and i hear this im not meetin him again

  66. John Dooley

    John Dooley13 dagar sedan


  67. Pepsi Man

    Pepsi Man13 dagar sedan

    Akneehow how are im a bandjim btw

  68. Noblefinesse 17

    Noblefinesse 1713 dagar sedan

    The “Ackneehow” got me dying 😂

  69. Martin Kirumba

    Martin Kirumba14 dagar sedan

    28:04 The beginning of a legend

  70. Noah Dip

    Noah Dip14 dagar sedan

    I wonder how many words were made that day

  71. Nick D

    Nick D14 dagar sedan

    Ending is the best part of the video by far😂

  72. Sarah Marshall

    Sarah Marshall15 dagar sedan

    On the last one I got 334.5 :) 50 divided by 4 =12.5 12.5 X 9=112.5 112.5 X 3=337.5 337.5- 3=334.5

  73. anonymous anonymous

    anonymous anonymous15 dagar sedan

    Actually akneehow is in the urban dictionary 😂😂😂

  74. Praveen VM

    Praveen VM15 dagar sedan

    581 is the closest one can get in the number round.2

  75. Divyansh Gaur

    Divyansh Gaur16 dagar sedan

    Let's all wear black and not tell JJ...

  76. NoLifeWonder

    NoLifeWonder16 dagar sedan

    27:50 the creation of a legend!

  77. Eternal Kratazi

    Eternal Kratazi17 dagar sedan

    bangie is actualty a word m8, a new york term

  78. Yash Fofaria

    Yash Fofaria17 dagar sedan

    Ahh... So this is where the word “ *Fatneek* “ came from 27:58

  79. Teominator 360

    Teominator 36011 dagar sedan

    U kinda late bro

  80. Alk

    Alk17 dagar sedan

    This was probably one of the only good hosts so far, she was great!

  81. Max Pierrepont

    Max Pierrepont17 dagar sedan

    9-4=5 5+50=55 3+3=6 55x6=330

  82. Laura Hegde

    Laura Hegde19 dagar sedan

    Did none of them use the ing in that word round? Like beaming?

  83. babatunde

    babatunde19 dagar sedan

    this is peak ksi

  84. Love Norén

    Love Norén19 dagar sedan

    Imagine how fun it would have been if Vikk and Harry came second and how disappointed JJ and Ethan would have been

  85. Cooper Wellington

    Cooper Wellington19 dagar sedan

    Is anyone gonna say how fit that chick is

  86. Hamish Halls

    Hamish Halls19 dagar sedan

    there is a way to do the last maths equation. 9 squared = 81 81 x 4 = 324 324 + 3 + 3 = 330

  87. BringMeTheEverything Official

    BringMeTheEverything Official19 dagar sedan

    Am I only one that I thought Erika costell in the thumbnails?

  88. Sam Finch ludgate

    Sam Finch ludgate20 dagar sedan

    34:52 man said we’re not dumb and then corrected himself to “we’re not that dumb”

  89. Leighton Wynwood

    Leighton Wynwood20 dagar sedan

    And no after watching on wards, Simon already pointed it out 😂

  90. Leighton Wynwood

    Leighton Wynwood20 dagar sedan

    Not to sound like an egg head, but I got 583 for that 582 75x8=600, 600-7=593 and 593-10=583

  91. J Elvidge

    J Elvidge20 dagar sedan

    1:59 ah ha ha

  92. Goodywloss2010

    Goodywloss201020 dagar sedan

    The last maths one; 9 4 3 3 50 - 330 9-4=5 + 50 = 55 x (3+3=6) 6 = 330

  93. Dina Malamud

    Dina Malamud21 dag sedan

    Feamep is just amazing

  94. Sadra Eqbali

    Sadra Eqbali22 dagar sedan

    Bamgin is actually a type of food over here

  95. unknown ?

    unknown ?22 dagar sedan

    Where is babtunde?

  96. angus foster

    angus foster22 dagar sedan

    7/7=1 75-1=74 74*8 = 592 592-10 = 582

  97. KRATØS

    KRATØS23 dagar sedan

    Pls everyone subscribe to them because if they stoped making videos i wont be able to survive this world without them❤️😕

  98. BradleyPlayz

    BradleyPlayz23 dagar sedan

    what was tobi looking for when he asked for an r?

  99. pete vretto

    pete vretto23 dagar sedan

    Bieber drake

  100. Qais Quraan

    Qais Quraan23 dagar sedan

    16:55 I CANTTT😂😂😂😂😂😂

  101. Lord-like-ogm

    Lord-like-ogm23 dagar sedan

    when jj said that 9x50=350 i questioned myself

  102. Noah Greenberg

    Noah Greenberg24 dagar sedan

    Sidemen: doing 9 plus 6 times 10 to get 150 Me: struggling and coming up with 10*(9-6) + 5! which works