The Sidemen are back reading mean tweets again!
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  1. Addie Baker

    Addie Baker3 timmar sedan

    Can we get another one

  2. Joren Weldon

    Joren Weldon5 timmar sedan

    This is ksi’s reddit but to all the sidemen

  3. envy

    envy5 timmar sedan

    I love how jj said beta correctly

  4. icloutwill _

    icloutwill _17 timmar sedan

    No kap feel bad for harry. Watching a few vids in a row it's like everyone is always after harry. Smh

  5. my milk talks to me

    my milk talks to me17 timmar sedan

    tobi and harry should be left out. It was funny for a bit but then I just got wrong.

  6. kris f

    kris fDag sedan

    people writing some of this should be shot.

  7. Survival Games

    Survival GamesDag sedan

    Ethen looks like golhem form lord of rings Edit- when I said this I didn’t see the eathen golhem one yet HAHHA

  8. HelloItsVG

    HelloItsVGDag sedan

    Ksi’s laugh was not a Impostor


    SHAME BROシDag sedan

    if this happend to people nowdays they would cry themself into their autism corner cuz they cant hold people saying n-word

  10. M Rohith

    M RohithDag sedan

    OMFG, I almost cried after seeing some of the comments against Vik

  11. Neev Choudhary

    Neev ChoudharyDag sedan

    Everyone talking abt mean tweets abt harrys autism, vik being indian and tobi but no one really spoke abt jj and the number of teasing him abt his family

  12. Theo Manto

    Theo MantoDag sedan

    they gotta do this again

  13. DI3G0 WS

    DI3G0 WSDag sedan

    YOOO, why does Tobi's nose bigger than the titanic

  14. Random Doggo

    Random DoggoDag sedan

    seems a lot of people think harry has autism

  15. Katy Hill

    Katy HillDag sedan

    on a real though, the comments towards vik, tobi, ethan and harry were just way too far across the line

  16. SteppaT

    SteppaTDag sedan

    Gotta give a hats off to these guys taking it so well

  17. RIP Mamba

    RIP Mamba2 dagar sedan

    we need part 3

  18. ngochongkhai tuanduyenducoffline

    ngochongkhai tuanduyenducoffline2 dagar sedan


  19. ManzRzl

    ManzRzl2 dagar sedan


  20. Nana Gurung

    Nana Gurung2 dagar sedan

    twitteruser: Agressive thrombosis Sidemen and KSI: Hahahahaha Sidemen: silence KSI (continues laughing): What's thrombosis? Me : Hahahahahaha this man makes jokes 10x funnier, luv him 😆

  21. Mia R

    Mia R3 dagar sedan

    I feel so bad for harry he is so sweet

  22. Sanjith Kotaru

    Sanjith Kotaru3 dagar sedan

    This hits different after we know that Ethan felt depressed because of his weight.

  23. Auzzie god

    Auzzie god3 dagar sedan

    Harry's reactions are just hilarious

  24. Sophie Dose Everything

    Sophie Dose Everything3 dagar sedan

    I love Harry’s smile

  25. Sophie Dose Everything

    Sophie Dose Everything3 dagar sedan

    I find harry really attractive☺️

  26. Jackywacky Doodah

    Jackywacky Doodah3 dagar sedan

    Seriously what is it with Autism on this channel?

  27. Vir Prasada-Bridle

    Vir Prasada-Bridle4 dagar sedan

    Vikk was staying strong the whole time, that is MAD. #respectforvikk

  28. Legend Ayub

    Legend Ayub4 dagar sedan

    when the sidemen reads mean tweets, vik Harry and Ethan gonna get bullied

  29. LENZO

    LENZO4 dagar sedan

    Does anybody know Josh is the leader of the sidemen

  30. Fabian Chavez Baisa

    Fabian Chavez Baisa4 dagar sedan


  31. Fabian Chavez Baisa

    Fabian Chavez Baisa4 dagar sedan

    Subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe sub

  32. Fabian Chavez Baisa

    Fabian Chavez Baisa4 dagar sedan


  33. Fabian Chavez Baisa

    Fabian Chavez Baisa4 dagar sedan

    Sebscrib sebscribe sebscribe sebscribeibe sebscribe sebscribe

  34. Fabian Chavez Baisa

    Fabian Chavez Baisa4 dagar sedan


  35. Fabian Chavez Baisa

    Fabian Chavez Baisa4 dagar sedan


  36. Fabian Chavez Baisa

    Fabian Chavez Baisa4 dagar sedan



    MOHID JEELANI4 dagar sedan

    Harry comments were so mean

  38. Sriharshith Kundurthi

    Sriharshith Kundurthi5 dagar sedan

    Bro the autistic comments are just unacceptable man.

  39. NIQQA S1Aya

    NIQQA S1Aya5 dagar sedan

    Is fine vik played mw2 he’s herd way worse

  40. R6_kills

    R6_kills5 dagar sedan

    I guess Vik’s nan ain’t as good as him at clutching the gulag

  41. brandon forest

    brandon forest5 dagar sedan

    i mean at least tobis good at football

  42. Alva Sirait

    Alva Sirait5 dagar sedan

    did they copy the backgrounds from FREETIME

  43. Jakub Olasz

    Jakub Olasz5 dagar sedan

    Actually, that’s so cruel what people are writing, I mean not all of them but I can see, that they are hiding the pain under this fake smile, but deep down they are taking these tweets seriously :(

  44. Sterling Jones

    Sterling Jones5 dagar sedan

    yall should do this again lmao

  45. Captain Retired

    Captain Retired6 dagar sedan

    Should’ve leaked their users

  46. Aidxnz ツ

    Aidxnz ツ6 dagar sedan

    What word is g******g

  47. ComicalConquest

    ComicalConquest6 dagar sedan

    Honestly whoever hates Simon and Harry are weird.

  48. Hardik Biyani

    Hardik Biyani6 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for Vik as he is just facing racism on being an INDIAN and people are talking to finish racism :(

  49. Eddymations

    Eddymations6 dagar sedan

    Every single one just calls Harry autistic and I gotta admit it is pretty funny especially with ksi laughing in the background

  50. सौम्य Pandey

    सौम्य Pandey6 dagar sedan

    So many homophobic comments and people take it as a joke. Really, world is so bad to put things in a box. Anf for sideman guys, they took it all as champ.

  51. Chanchito

    Chanchito6 dagar sedan

    Curry cauldron hahahahaha 🤣

  52. Seb23 vids

    Seb23 vids6 dagar sedan

    tobi is goated whoever hated on him is a simp for addison rae

  53. Memelad

    Memelad6 dagar sedan

    I’m dying 😂😂😂

  54. Wolfroar xx

    Wolfroar xx7 dagar sedan

    I rly like these men. I had to leave something positive, they always make me smile

  55. Andreas Panayiotou

    Andreas Panayiotou7 dagar sedan

    KSgay sounds like muscle man from regular show

  56. Lil Leo

    Lil Leo8 dagar sedan

    Are we going to talk about how josh said the n word?

  57. Shyanne Newell

    Shyanne Newell8 dagar sedan

    These are horrible... I love these guys, I can't believe the tweets they get.

  58. shane m

    shane m4 dagar sedan

    They're millionaires lol they don't care

  59. Richard

    Richard8 dagar sedan

    I actually just feel bad for the sidemen, these comments are a disgrace

  60. Sproli

    Sproli8 dagar sedan

    It’s like xbox party chat

  61. Johanna Lipton

    Johanna Lipton8 dagar sedan

    the fact that people are using autism as an insult is disgusting.

  62. Jayanna Singer

    Jayanna Singer9 dagar sedan

    6:40 is a mile away past the line like past donald Donald Trump rasist

  63. Lenin Mckay

    Lenin Mckay9 dagar sedan

    The ones towards vik are really bad but I can almost guarantee that 90 percent of the comments laughed

  64. just chillin

    just chillin9 dagar sedan

    so much racism and its funny ....goddamn

  65. DRE4M

    DRE4M9 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for Harry all the Autistic jokes🤣😂

  66. Monu

    Monu10 dagar sedan

    One random person who like this will have 1 Million subs in 2 years.

  67. Cv

    Cv10 dagar sedan

    Carpet riding 😂😂😂

  68. Syk AR

    Syk AR11 dagar sedan

    I'm not from the UK so half of the word censored I don't even know

  69. Joshua Evan Fehr

    Joshua Evan Fehr12 dagar sedan

    if anyone told me in person that harry has autism, id be tempted to punch their teeth in bc he's easily the funniest and my favourite of them all

  70. jayz Playz

    jayz Playz12 dagar sedan

    The thing is when vikk played minecraft it may of looked stupid but he made bare ps of it (2 million)

  71. mi Ben

    mi Ben12 dagar sedan

    I feel sad for tobi man

  72. mi Ben

    mi Ben12 dagar sedan

    People are so cruel man

  73. 대니진

    대니진14 dagar sedan

    The only diss people had for Vik was "curry munching" and racial slurs. Some people out there are distusting.

  74. shane m

    shane mDag sedan

    @Adina B bit of a weird thing to say then

  75. Adina B

    Adina B2 dagar sedan

    @shane m nah I'm white mate

  76. shane m

    shane m2 dagar sedan

    @Adina B u black?

  77. Adina B

    Adina B2 dagar sedan

    @shane m shut up white boy

  78. shane m

    shane m4 dagar sedan


  79. Lilyshadowlinx x

    Lilyshadowlinx x14 dagar sedan

    nah why do ppl hate on josh

  80. Trap Vaccine

    Trap Vaccine15 dagar sedan

    Most of those names are better than mine

  81. Kaylee Mcnulty

    Kaylee Mcnulty15 dagar sedan

    aw i feel bad for harry :(

  82. The New Mr.Smiles

    The New Mr.Smiles16 dagar sedan

    Do 3

  83. GB2006 _YT

    GB2006 _YT17 dagar sedan

    8:49 Nowadays, this guy after saying that certain line will probably not be living

  84. GB2006 _YT

    GB2006 _YT17 dagar sedan

    4:36 this dude ran out of things to say. He said "toilet cleaning" as if that's insulting anyone but janitors

  85. souna ghaddaf

    souna ghaddaf18 dagar sedan

    The tweets against JJ evolved to what we now know as "ksi subreddit"

  86. huh what

    huh what19 dagar sedan

    The hitler joke was a little over the top. FU for writing that.

  87. Benjamin Horton

    Benjamin Horton19 dagar sedan

    6:00 ahhh so I guess KSI didn’t go to calculus because it’s obviously pronounced beta (bay-tah)

  88. Benjamin Horton

    Benjamin Horton20 dagar sedan

    I imagine that a vik smells like Biz Markie’s toilet brush

  89. obese explosive rhino

    obese explosive rhino20 dagar sedan

    I see a common denominator. Vikk- your Indian JJ- ur monkey Tobi- fix ur nose Ethan- ur fat Harry- ur autistic Simon- hair ugly

  90. Pea Shit 69

    Pea Shit 6911 dagar sedan


  91. Karl Meade

    Karl Meade21 dag sedan

    4:22 No-one Absoloutely no-one Josh: *BaRs*

  92. AD edits

    AD edits21 dag sedan

    Why are everyone in the comments such snowflakes 🤦‍♂️

  93. Ben Barclay

    Ben Barclay22 dagar sedan

    What was the word that ksi said that began with g

  94. Cobra4811

    Cobra481122 dagar sedan

    God look at these comments new Sidemen fans are soft.

  95. Local Aussie Fag

    Local Aussie Fag22 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for Harry and vik, vik’s comments are too far over the line, and Harry just looks so sad :(

  96. JohnX

    JohnX22 dagar sedan

    *harry hate comments* “autism”

  97. Potato Boi :D

    Potato Boi :D22 dagar sedan

    1:32 listin to jj

  98. Azim Nizam

    Azim Nizam23 dagar sedan

    New read mean tweets during the insidemen sessions

  99. hi bye

    hi bye23 dagar sedan

    rename this to Sidemen get violated #2

  100. Lil toenail

    Lil toenail23 dagar sedan

    8:52 1 year later minecraft back on top

  101. Dacian

    Dacian23 dagar sedan

    these ones are boring compared to the last one

  102. Fortniteplayer101 Game

    Fortniteplayer101 Game24 dagar sedan

    I feel sorry for vikk and harry

  103. Bappo prottec and Bappo attacco

    Bappo prottec and Bappo attacco24 dagar sedan

    Simon's hair so ugly he messin up the green screen

  104. Magik Code

    Magik Code24 dagar sedan

    do more

  105. Angel Ortiz

    Angel Ortiz26 dagar sedan

    Ksi laughing in the background is hilarious

  106. Laggy- ryan

    Laggy- ryan26 dagar sedan


  107. thesimpsons17

    thesimpsons1727 dagar sedan

    These are genuinely awful and unacceptable comments...... Harry totally looks Autistic though.

  108. Angie Hall

    Angie Hall27 dagar sedan

    My face the whole time: 😬😐