This week the Sidemen are judged by complete strangers once again.
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  1. Briggzsy

    Briggzsy18 timmar sedan

    i never expected the guy in the orange hat to be so savage i fuckin loved him

  2. Yung Baller

    Yung Baller20 timmar sedan

    When jk posed for the women question he full on looked like a tea pot

  3. KTE x MiniPun

    KTE x MiniPun2 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one that realised after watching that video that Tobi is the only normal person in that group

  4. Arathey T

    Arathey T2 dagar sedan

    JJ can get it any time

  5. Dominic George

    Dominic George2 dagar sedan

    under 6 mil HOW???? this was so funny

  6. DSpace

    DSpace3 dagar sedan

    Orange Hat Guy: No offense... Sidemen: *start sweating*

  7. Asmejg 0204

    Asmejg 02043 dagar sedan

    Still waiting for a 24hrs in drag challenge

  8. Edwin is Awesome

    Edwin is Awesome3 dagar sedan

    This was not as good as the first one

  9. STINKO 00

    STINKO 004 dagar sedan

    This Kinda feels like among us

  10. Will3m Jogging

    Will3m Jogging4 dagar sedan


  11. Jacob Hirschhorn

    Jacob Hirschhorn4 dagar sedan

    27:21 JJ: well yes but actually no

  12. blaze • 7 years ago

    blaze • 7 years agoDag sedan

    Dead joke

  13. Emely Olivo

    Emely Olivo4 dagar sedan

    I really thought that someone had a baby 🤭

  14. Y3qh

    Y3qh4 dagar sedan

    Why does everyone hate blue hoodie guy?

  15. winwin’s elf ear

    winwin’s elf ear5 dagar sedan

    orange hat is really attractive

  16. Carlos Pereira

    Carlos Pereira5 dagar sedan

    Am i the only one that thinks that the sped in the blue hoodie looks like the zebra from the movie Madagascar?

  17. Alysha Garoni

    Alysha Garoni6 dagar sedan

    Sidemen do drag, yes do it!

  18. Alex Drez

    Alex Drez7 dagar sedan

    that the inbetweeners girl?

  19. Aussie Mindsets

    Aussie Mindsets7 dagar sedan


  20. Kelly Pepple

    Kelly Pepple8 dagar sedan

    Bring orange hat guy in more

  21. kayden walker dargan

    kayden walker dargan8 dagar sedan

    Stop with the hate comments about the guy in the blue jack I cant like them all

  22. Summer Brooks

    Summer Brooks9 dagar sedan

    I’m sorry but the bald guy is real confident

  23. Sohaib

    Sohaib13 dagar sedan

    we all laughing at how bad the blue jumper guy is at jokes .... made me cringe for a bit

  24. Gerald Stonks

    Gerald Stonks14 dagar sedan

    Sorry but there are 2 scary things, drag queens and clowns

  25. Potato Luna

    Potato Luna16 dagar sedan

    Blue Hoodie just.... he needs to be quiet. It physically hurts to watch and listen to him. Orange hat dude killed it tho.

  26. Michael Lapierre

    Michael Lapierre16 dagar sedan

    Why did I try to do the tea cup like I was superior hhahahahah

  27. Lee Wright

    Lee Wright16 dagar sedan

    No one gonna talk about how theres a blatant claire redfield clone?

  28. Courtney Robinson

    Courtney Robinson16 dagar sedan

    The guy in the orange hat should join side men 😂😂

  29. Jahsegg Omelette

    Jahsegg Omelette16 dagar sedan

    the tosser in a blue hoodie

  30. Ans Kateta

    Ans Kateta16 dagar sedan

    Blue Hoodie Guy more like Bald Jeremy Lynch

  31. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW16 dagar sedan

    Simon in the back acting like he didn’t have a full face of makeup on once and smashed it

  32. Blair Letham

    Blair Letham17 dagar sedan

    Someone link the jumper Harry's wearing

  33. Tanariki Iquxa

    Tanariki Iquxa18 dagar sedan


  34. Hentai is actually life

    Hentai is actually life18 dagar sedan

    This was so funny wtf

  35. Eden Crook

    Eden Crook18 dagar sedan

    Orange hat guy was *spot on*

  36. Monkey Sal

    Monkey Sal20 dagar sedan

    Bruh theres cheese

  37. Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor21 dag sedan

    Omg look at the insecure body language at: 11:22 it made me laugh 😂

  38. Spiralz EU

    Spiralz EU23 dagar sedan

    Tobi felt a bit irrelevant in this video

  39. Hentai is actually life

    Hentai is actually life18 dagar sedan


  40. LoganMalfoyy

    LoganMalfoyy23 dagar sedan

    I live near them fjdkdodo

  41. Royal_Ace

    Royal_Ace24 dagar sedan

    Ethan acc did an almost near perfect impression of mcgregor

  42. Horse Sauce

    Horse Sauce25 dagar sedan

    The dude in the blue is fkn annoying

  43. JellyBOB

    JellyBOB25 dagar sedan

    I swear it’s like all their styles are way better in this video for some reason or is it just me?

  44. JellyBOB

    JellyBOB25 dagar sedan

    The dude in the orange hat was funny and guessed everything right petition for sidemen 2.0 Phil Orange Beanie Jordz Jaimie Con Manny RackaRacka

  45. Abraham Timmybob

    Abraham Timmybob26 dagar sedan

    Blue hoodie pr^ck got a dress code like a year 8, Ethan would spin your jaw

  46. SwedishHouseFifa

    SwedishHouseFifa27 dagar sedan

    I question people who don't know the Sidemen

  47. Paul Ennis

    Paul Ennis27 dagar sedan

    Idk everyone acting kinda sus when he said Vic has no friends

  48. M8Thestarboy

    M8Thestarboy28 dagar sedan

    I’ve never seen Josh get hype until today

  49. Alliea Spencer

    Alliea Spencer28 dagar sedan

    Simon mom was not there for him😭😭😭😭

  50. Shannon

    ShannonMånad sedan

    so jj has had chlamydia twice and no ones talking about it

  51. Nafisa Khanom

    Nafisa KhanomMånad sedan

    4:48 need this video to happen

  52. Itz YaB oi

    Itz YaB oiMånad sedan

    Duck off

  53. Neel4312

    Neel4312Månad sedan

    The guy in the orange hat was a mind reader

  54. Dxnny

    DxnnyMånad sedan

    34:21 Stop the cap

  55. Mr. Seagullin

    Mr. SeagullinMånad sedan

    guy in blue is so very annoying lol

  56. omar jack

    omar jackMånad sedan

    am i the only one that thinks the girl "Dolly"sounds like pinkstylist youtuber ?

  57. DaWoofee

    DaWoofeeMånad sedan

    Why does the dude in all blue look like Keenan Allen?

  58. fredrick777

    fredrick777Månad sedan

    Gross drag act🤢🤢🤢🤢

  59. Benjamin Duker

    Benjamin DukerMånad sedan

    kate looks like daisy ridley

  60. Caleb McKinney

    Caleb McKinneyMånad sedan

    18:42 why did it say our virginity??? 😂😂😂

  61. Noor Masud

    Noor MasudMånad sedan


  62. Simple God

    Simple GodMånad sedan

    25:38 DEFO PEWDS

  63. Pizza

    PizzaMånad sedan

    tobi was just there

  64. Tabish Tariq

    Tabish TariqMånad sedan

    someone get me Ellie's @

  65. Flynn_05

    Flynn_05Månad sedan

    Lol why'd the aussie say mate every time she spoke

  66. Sam Thomas

    Sam ThomasMånad sedan

    Simon was hilarious this video

  67. Clayton Hoyle

    Clayton HoyleMånad sedan

    Can we just appreciate the background

  68. Jade Lewis

    Jade LewisMånad sedan

    9:47 how is tobi baiting his friends

  69. hehe xd

    hehe xdMånad sedan

    6:03 what did he say

  70. Tre' Roberts

    Tre' RobertsMånad sedan

    18:33-18:37 was the best part of this vid 🤣🤣

  71. Mark Adamson

    Mark AdamsonMånad sedan

    React to Ozzy Man Reviews

  72. Taysha Anetta

    Taysha AnettaMånad sedan

    The guy in the blue is so cringe .... ew

  73. Mohak Gabra

    Mohak GabraMånad sedan

    vik wasnt needed in this vid

  74. Mohak Gabra

    Mohak GabraMånad sedan

    6:15 time to end ther carrier (KSIMON)

  75. Mohak Gabra

    Mohak GabraMånad sedan


  76. MidoriyA

    MidoriyAMånad sedan

    blue hoodie guy was just plain rude, not even funny

  77. abbas chouaib

    abbas chouaibMånad sedan

    Someone tell the transy to put pants on

  78. BuRaH

    BuRaHMånad sedan

    11:44 If he was Irish, last thing he'd be is hospitalized from drinking. The Ire ain't no place for the weak livers.

  79. Shaneydan1_

    Shaneydan1_Månad sedan

    That Nigerian guy is low-key funnier than JJ

  80. Memer Man

    Memer ManMånad sedan

    Behind the sidemen is the big building that ally law climed only the ogs will remember

  81. Jeffrey Ysa

    Jeffrey YsaMånad sedan

    Am I only one who noticed The drag woman said problem after everybody said pause to what Josh said

  82. Cameron Van Dijken

    Cameron Van DijkenMånad sedan

    Why did no one mention Tobi this whole video? He was just there when they panned to Harry and Josh!

  83. Alex watchesyoutube

    Alex watchesyoutubeMånad sedan

    Dolly be lookin........🔥 NO HOMO

  84. Dee Best

    Dee BestMånad sedan

    The Nigerian fan is so phoney man!

  85. NorCal Shxdow

    NorCal ShxdowMånad sedan

    I liked my own comment :)

  86. Luca Patsalos

    Luca PatsalosMånad sedan

    Guy in blue is just pissing me off now

  87. Dr Storm Gaming

    Dr Storm GamingMånad sedan

    Why are they at the dock did they bring a body something

  88. chloe mosedale

    chloe mosedaleMånad sedan

    Ethan being so genuinely offended is so funny

  89. Yellow Brawl Stars

    Yellow Brawl Stars2 månader sedan


  90. Yellow Brawl Stars

    Yellow Brawl Stars2 månader sedan

    6:14 OMG LOL

  91. turki rahman

    turki rahman2 månader sedan

    Wtf does this guy look like

  92. Ryan Reilly ツ

    Ryan Reilly ツ2 månader sedan


  93. Sourcerer

    Sourcerer2 månader sedan

    Bruh did the tell the orange hat dude the answers before they took the video cuz he’s gettin them all right.

  94. Christian Crumbs

    Christian Crumbs2 månader sedan

    The first ‘thing’ sounds like philip schofield

  95. VillainousRashid

    VillainousRashid2 månader sedan

    First guy looking like a mop and he’s roasting them lmao.


    GMONEY GILLIAM2 månader sedan

    Toby and that girl look like siblings

  97. Tropical boom

    Tropical boom2 månader sedan

    The guy in the orange hat was having a bloody barbecue

  98. Markus Sandeman

    Markus Sandeman2 månader sedan

    I needa know what pants Toby have on in This vid ✊🏿✊🏻🤩

  99. Nat Le

    Nat Le2 månader sedan

    Shanice was really funny, well able to talk to them.


    FBSS STEVE2 månader sedan

    I brought a spare

  101. Abdulrahman

    Abdulrahman2 månader sedan

    The person comes to say their name and all their reaction is jeez

  102. Parody 7

    Parody 72 månader sedan


    FBSS STEVE2 månader sedan

    Dumb af


    FBSS STEVE2 månader sedan

    Am I boutta get rick rolled