The Sidemen take on some SERIOUSLY HOT ONES as they try 10 of the World's HOTTEST sauces!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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  1. nathan situmorang

    nathan situmorangTimme sedan

    Ethan is way smarter then i gave him credit the fact that the said if we copy and paste the world and he said that the space would be destroy

  2. Jack Dutton

    Jack DuttonTimme sedan

    Low key wanna see jj punch a horse

  3. Mr Man

    Mr Man4 timmar sedan

    Sidemen need to do a hot ones part 2. Like so they can see

  4. Tristan

    Tristan5 timmar sedan

    22:50 had me dead

  5. M2WAVY

    M2WAVY5 timmar sedan


  6. Chinmai T.A

    Chinmai T.A6 timmar sedan

    If the aliens are so advanced why would they even bother coming here to see stupid humans trying to destroy their own planet

  7. Imkolben

    Imkolben6 timmar sedan

    I just heard we touched tips then I got an ad

  8. shalom bhatta

    shalom bhatta6 timmar sedan

    JJ's reactions are just the best

  9. Karim Khalil

    Karim Khalil8 timmar sedan

    At 17:21 jj screams like he"s done it with a girl then found out it was a guy

  10. Exern06 Perez

    Exern06 Perez8 timmar sedan

    Vick is supposed to be the one who has the most resistance against spice.

  11. Byron Maddigan

    Byron Maddigan11 timmar sedan

    I feel bad when they r going to take a crap

  12. JG7

    JG712 timmar sedan


  13. Jason Cheema

    Jason Cheema13 timmar sedan

    vik and jj:about to die Harry and josh:I thought it was ketchup

  14. Blaze FN

    Blaze FN13 timmar sedan

    JJ taking after Deji in that Fifa video ONLY REAL KSI OGS WILL UNDERSTAND

  15. Blaze FN

    Blaze FN13 timmar sedan

    Who remembers when simon always made Ethan come up with a discount code on the spot

  16. Ibrahim Javaid

    Ibrahim Javaid14 timmar sedan

    How come the black guy reacted the worst

  17. Leah Halsey

    Leah Halsey15 timmar sedan

    sorry i lost it at 37:09 😂😂😂


    AZMASTER15 timmar sedan

    dinosaurs roar because theyrevocal chords are made out of bone therefor they did the thing where they simulated the voice and it came out as a roar so there u have it

  19. tehcno man

    tehcno man15 timmar sedan

    Oh no our snake is dying

  20. F Shah

    F Shah15 timmar sedan

    josh trying to steal from the alien - typical coloniser :'(

  21. Pari

    Pari16 timmar sedan

    My question the the aliens: Is the earth flat?

  22. Dylan Damps

    Dylan Damps16 timmar sedan


  23. Signe Jonsson

    Signe Jonsson17 timmar sedan

    i love how in the end, harry was eating ice cream with his hands while vik was wiping his mouth with a napkin. Such a difference

  24. n_wiz

    n_wiz18 timmar sedan

    Josh is disgusting when he eats wth

  25. hmm

    hmm18 timmar sedan

    37:37 lol

  26. Katie Clarke

    Katie Clarke20 timmar sedan

    jj mate i love ya ik ur mouths sore but screaming GET ME MORE CHICKENNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! at people is ignoratnt

  27. Sam Warren

    Sam Warren20 timmar sedan

    Does anyone else kind of taste the spice sort of???!?!?!?!?

  28. per gunnar

    per gunnar20 timmar sedan

    sheesh toby

  29. Frake.e

    Frake.e21 timme sedan

    It's good jj and vik weren't together. Jj would've done more than just bully him

  30. Ilven Guedes

    Ilven Guedes22 timmar sedan


  31. Ricardo Gutzmore

    Ricardo Gutzmore22 timmar sedan

    #ethan is dunce

  32. Michael Lahira

    Michael Lahira22 timmar sedan

    Kenyan?? 👇🏾

  33. Augustus Autumn

    Augustus AutumnDag sedan

    Imagine the sidemen collab with the try guys

  34. Noicatnetxxx

    NoicatnetxxxDag sedan

    Harry saying "Are they trying to come to my country" is the funniest thing ever

  35. Jlister Gaming

    Jlister GamingDag sedan

    36:11 - *Chicken*

  36. didgo

    didgoDag sedan

    37:07 no Harry something we DIDN’T know

  37. Mihir Singh

    Mihir SinghDag sedan

    8:14 is goated

  38. FaZe Erykah

    FaZe ErykahDag sedan

    The way josh eats his wings😂

  39. vortex destroys sometimes

    vortex destroys sometimesDag sedan

    36:25 that was just depressing ☹️

  40. Zion Mak de Souza

    Zion Mak de SouzaDag sedan


  41. Arthur Roberts

    Arthur RobertsDag sedan

    For context, Nando’s extra hot is 35,000

  42. Liam

    LiamDag sedan

    Dude Harry is not normal lmao

  43. dheemanali

    dheemanaliDag sedan

    This is how many times vik Said like 👉🏾 1000

  44. Ganesh Bandari

    Ganesh BandariDag sedan

    As an indian Vik disappoints me

  45. QŤR

    QŤRDag sedan

    19:52 Nice JJ 😂😂

  46. Sophie Blunt

    Sophie BluntDag sedan

    Harry: that’s a deep question, man *cuts to Ethan talking about dinosaurs*

  47. aron hassan

    aron hassanDag sedan

    Zerkaa finnnisshed dem wings quietly

  48. Just Seenless

    Just SeenlessDag sedan

    19:54 brah why is nobody talking about how jj just f%cking gave the lolly a glug glug 5000😂

  49. BL4Z3 ROD

    BL4Z3 RODDag sedan

    Guys sidemen has 3 channels right which mean if sidemen end they can post on the others cause it's More Sidemen and Sidemen Reacts

  50. Ren Shaji

    Ren ShajiDag sedan

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that the channel 'sidemen react' has only one sub?

  51. Ahmed Kambal

    Ahmed KambalDag sedan

    Anyone else just come from sidemen reacts to lil bored? 😍😍

  52. Tom Jenkins

    Tom JenkinsDag sedan

    Why do they all talk like black Londoners now? 😂

  53. The KazeKage

    The KazeKageDag sedan

    17:35 what Jesus actually wanted

  54. Ashliee Zivo

    Ashliee ZivoDag sedan

    How is no one talking about how jj said he likes getting his arse licked and no one is roasting him, rahhhh. Reddit has clearly matured lol

  55. Sexytim

    Sexytim11 timmar sedan

    Nah hes been saying it for literally years, so its old news

  56. Arvind Krisanto

    Arvind KrisantoDag sedan

    10:09 did ethan say Bali?


    HOWARD MOONDag sedan

    Papa buss

  58. Tomas Mackin

    Tomas MackinDag sedan

    Any1 what ethan said???

  59. Rudy

    RudyDag sedan

    The confused,disappointed tobi look to harry 😂1:58

  60. cxnzz_

    cxnzz_2 dagar sedan


  61. d1ger D1ger

    d1ger D1ger2 dagar sedan

    I want to try the last sauce to see if it's all of that

  62. Graffiti Artist

    Graffiti Artist2 dagar sedan

    I dont care what fan i am I dont like jake paul or the sideman i only like the hot ones tv show so yea Idc if i get hate

  63. An Intellectual

    An Intellectual2 dagar sedan

    Ksi is gonna eat the hottest pepper in the world one day then discover the mysteries of the universe

  64. SabZ

    SabZ2 dagar sedan

    I wish Harry and JJ were on the same team lol

  65. Brian Dimaano

    Brian Dimaano2 dagar sedan

    it really shows Vik's lack of biology knowledge when he thinks ANTS, one of the hardest working animals on the planet, run around in circles not getting anything done

  66. Izak Hayduk

    Izak Hayduk2 dagar sedan

    i forgot how funny that moment was lmaooo @37:07

  67. Mcbootyqway Inc.

    Mcbootyqway Inc.2 dagar sedan

    Jj was a little extreme😂😂😂

  68. RecklessRazak

    RecklessRazak2 dagar sedan

    10:14 Tobi: duplicate the world My brain: minecraft

  69. Ewan Crosby

    Ewan Crosby2 dagar sedan

    6:44 😂

  70. Ll lol

    Ll lol2 dagar sedan

    If they r tryna come to myy country ILLEGALLY than i say shut the borders.

  71. Spr1nten

    Spr1nten2 dagar sedan

    actually looks like a bunch of crackheads XD (i know why...)

  72. TuftedKibbles 24

    TuftedKibbles 242 dagar sedan

    Just wait till it comes out jj

  73. candyMayor **

    candyMayor **2 dagar sedan

    I wanna do this sooo bad omg it would be amazing

  74. Drippy Amr

    Drippy Amr2 dagar sedan

    22:42 😂🥵🌶🍗

  75. amelia.c_xo

    amelia.c_xo2 dagar sedan

    39:12 oh no 🤣

  76. amelia.c_xo

    amelia.c_xo2 dagar sedan

    31:10 Harry 🤣🤣

  77. Jeff Your dad

    Jeff Your dad2 dagar sedan

    Harry:Have u ever been to Egypt Vik and Tobi : no have u Harry: no but I played with mo salah on fifa that had me gone

  78. Jack Mitchell

    Jack Mitchell2 dagar sedan

    37:27 is so funny

  79. tayooo zhao

    tayooo zhao2 dagar sedan

    Did jj say finish in Chinese?!

  80. Shubhrojit Choudhury

    Shubhrojit Choudhury3 dagar sedan

    I have to ask; What was with Josh molesting the wings so brutally? I respect that he wanted to finish every wing, but the way he was going at it!

  81. Artforias Basketball

    Artforias Basketball3 dagar sedan

    How many tissues is Vik gonna use bro, just use one after U finish eating all of them

  82. Michael

    Michael3 dagar sedan

    Harry would’ve voted for trump if he was American

  83. YT-Blackboy2004

    YT-Blackboy20043 dagar sedan

    outro toby:ooh oh no no no no no takes another bite: Shaking head oh no no no no no

  84. XxSummonxX

    XxSummonxX3 dagar sedan

    Didn’t they take the idea from Shaun Evans

  85. glitterbaby00

    glitterbaby003 dagar sedan

    Did Tobi have to eat this x3?

  86. glitterbaby00

    glitterbaby003 dagar sedan

    @Crispy Cookie thanks! Admittedly I didn’t watch the whole vid.

  87. Crispy Cookie

    Crispy Cookie3 dagar sedan

    He did

  88. ButcherOfBlav1ken

    ButcherOfBlav1ken3 dagar sedan

    why are the white guys the best with spice tho

  89. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones3 dagar sedan

    So I'm new to the sidemen channels but that last one. The God slayer thing. We use to put it in brownies and take it to church bake offs and called it brownies from hell. Also I had about 6 drops on a single cracker and thought I was gonna die.

  90. GD Alexxiz34

    GD Alexxiz343 dagar sedan

    Sidemen: Can we have an episode? First we Feast: No. Sidemen: Fine, I'll do it myself.


    ARAS ARSLAN3 dagar sedan

    Vik's controller disconnects somtimes lmao

  92. Yohan Rajapaksha

    Yohan Rajapaksha3 dagar sedan

    Vikks struggling on sauces while hairy literally drank it

  93. Thomas Someone

    Thomas Someone4 dagar sedan

    Vik didn’t answer but he is def baby spice

  94. B T R

    B T R4 dagar sedan

    3:15 I missed the part where Tobi said he'll check on Vik later because he was getting deep

  95. Gabriel Sondak

    Gabriel Sondak4 dagar sedan

    JJ: WHERE"S THE LOLI!!! I NEED THE LOLII!!! uncultured human: fair enough.. it's spicy i bet.. Cultured human beings: *calls FBI*

  96. Afro Goliath

    Afro Goliath4 dagar sedan

    JJ and his reactions just carried. I’m dying the whole time.

  97. The Sims Empire

    The Sims Empire4 dagar sedan

    JJ: I have a yellow belt in karate Toby: huhhhhh🧐🤣🤣🤣

  98. Archangel c

    Archangel c4 dagar sedan

    Yea screw Jake Paul

  99. GOTP

    GOTP4 dagar sedan

    One of their best videos

  100. RNG_Annas _BTW

    RNG_Annas _BTW4 dagar sedan

    Is no one going to talk about harry drinking the hot sauce

  101. Pratham Bhalerao

    Pratham Bhalerao4 dagar sedan

    32:55 harry didn't even look like that when downs many bottles of vodka and not pooping for 11days😂😂😂fs

  102. Gilles Bertheau

    Gilles Bertheau4 dagar sedan

    Theres gonna be sone good 💩

  103. Activityyy

    Activityyy4 dagar sedan

    Damn, JJ was gobbling that frozen glizzy pop.