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  1. Jumbomuffin 13

    Jumbomuffin 134 minuter sedan

    4:08 I don’t get it

  2. Colin Hyre

    Colin Hyre9 minuter sedan

    I just watch this every week

  3. Tobias Nathanael Parinussa

    Tobias Nathanael Parinussa2 timmar sedan

    JJ actually is right Ethan got rejected infront of 30 mil people. It only took 7 months

  4. Shaun welch

    Shaun welch4 timmar sedan


  5. Michael Dukes

    Michael Dukes4 timmar sedan

    The second time Ethan did his “trick shot”, the Instagram notification popped up and made the pop sound right as he..well......popped

  6. Aidan O'Connor

    Aidan O'Connor5 timmar sedan

    last one is hilarious

  7. Daniella D

    Daniella D8 timmar sedan

    awwww how could they say no to Harry 🥺🥺💜

  8. Brock

    Brock8 timmar sedan


  9. Phillip Maiman

    Phillip Maiman8 timmar sedan

    When she didn’t get the James Bond reference 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Cody Hoffmann

    Cody Hoffmann10 timmar sedan

    let’s be honest no one likes elz

  11. Leslie Lim

    Leslie Lim11 timmar sedan

    Anita:”what a sellout!!”😂😂

  12. Caitlin McCann

    Caitlin McCann11 timmar sedan

    Kiera: I'm not really into gingers. Caylus: 😢

  13. Subscribe For This Egg 1k challenge

    Subscribe For This Egg 1k challenge12 timmar sedan

    Re-Watching in quarantine because MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS MATE

  14. dank_ bitch

    dank_ bitch13 timmar sedan

    My favourite is Toby 😂 the job one was so funny for me for some random reason 🤷‍♀️

  15. Wolfie_broken2446 Colvin

    Wolfie_broken2446 Colvin13 timmar sedan

    I subed

  16. Wolfie_broken2446 Colvin

    Wolfie_broken2446 Colvin13 timmar sedan

    I’ll sub

  17. Wolfie_broken2446 Colvin

    Wolfie_broken2446 Colvin13 timmar sedan


  18. Jude Whitby

    Jude Whitby13 timmar sedan


  19. جماعة كاستل كلاش المتهورون

    جماعة كاستل كلاش المتهورون13 timmar sedan

    The clip that we all came for 41:46

  20. Niall Oconnor

    Niall Oconnor13 timmar sedan

    COVID at the start of the video yeah subscribe

  21. Jan jaranjanjan

    Jan jaranjanjan14 timmar sedan

    When ever KSI and Ethan meet in the NO section, they hug each other like little bros 💜💜💜

  22. JT Vlogs

    JT Vlogs15 timmar sedan

    what was wrong with the person at the end she was saying some weird things and she kept like popping her lips pls someone tell me what was wrong with her it was quite funny as the sidemen found it funny as well

  23. Lorne David

    Lorne David15 timmar sedan

    I thought pancake was yesterday 😅🤣

  24. ginga ninja

    ginga ninja15 timmar sedan

    im ginger im never gonna get a girlfriend am i :((

  25. billy bilton

    billy bilton15 timmar sedan

    i will sub if ksi leaves the sidemen

  26. Crazy Gamer

    Crazy Gamer15 timmar sedan

    38:06 what did she said ?

  27. djrocks567

    djrocks56715 timmar sedan

    7:55 man used 'sus' before Among us lmao

  28. Erlid /:\

    Erlid /:\15 timmar sedan

    Bruh sidemen is not getting 10 mill Im crying

  29. djrocks567

    djrocks56716 timmar sedan

    oof when I saw Anita I was so happy!

  30. Thomas O'Neill

    Thomas O'Neill16 timmar sedan

    When Vik lied abt his age to Shadey......

  31. Kunal Ketkar

    Kunal Ketkar18 timmar sedan

    What was the censored Simon joke?

  32. Bobby Chowdhury

    Bobby Chowdhury18 timmar sedan


  33. Bobby Chowdhury

    Bobby Chowdhury18 timmar sedan


  34. Cars And Blades

    Cars And Blades18 timmar sedan

    The last chick was brilliant.

  35. Craig

    Craig19 timmar sedan

    Anita a legend

  36. Nick Monino

    Nick Monino19 timmar sedan

    4:40 am i the only one who realizes where this was going?

  37. Craig

    Craig19 timmar sedan

    35:20 she said willne and Talia I think

  38. Hussein ali

    Hussein ali20 timmar sedan

    10:57 I'm still waiting

  39. Yousniff

    Yousniff20 timmar sedan

    7:55 Calfreezy: That’s a bit sus! Everyone: *omg he predicted the future*

  40. Jack Hannon

    Jack Hannon21 timme sedan

    Does anyone know the website for the jacket freezy had on and the jumper Simon had on

  41. Oscar Tamay

    Oscar Tamay21 timme sedan

    Ksi looked like juice wrld Also rip juice wrld

  42. Fischer Hall

    Fischer Hall21 timme sedan

    Anyone ever realize that when Vicky said no to Ethan that JJ called how many views the video would get

  43. AV B

    AV B21 timme sedan

    I don't understand the tank joke that Stephen said.

  44. Jonah Jameson

    Jonah Jameson22 timmar sedan

    Toby looks like a younger me at my parents wedding

  45. Tcakey

    TcakeyDag sedan

    7:54 um

  46. Hixsaw

    HixsawDag sedan

    Sidemen need to do more of these with Stephen

  47. Joshua Baker

    Joshua BakerDag sedan

    how dare the 2nd to last girl say that to the warzone goat

  48. Denise Holt

    Denise HoltDag sedan

    Look at vicks insta

  49. Dennis Playz

    Dennis PlayzDag sedan

    He YEETED the money

  50. Bad things happen let it go

    Bad things happen let it goDag sedan

    tobi: I'm obsessed with suit. I'll find any excuse to wear a suit. My mind: *ELIJAH MIKAELSON*

  51. Papa Smurff420

    Papa Smurff420Dag sedan

    How can she say the wii is a trash console

  52. Soya Sause

    Soya SauseDag sedan

    All my homies hate emz

  53. Nuer Athuai

    Nuer AthuaiDag sedan


  54. Solo Bucky

    Solo BuckyDag sedan

    She like bbc

  55. Armaan Shafan

    Armaan ShafanDag sedan

    22:33 ksi called it 30 million views.

  56. First Last

    First LastDag sedan

    38:06 WHATDID SHE SAY?

  57. Vanessa Smith

    Vanessa SmithDag sedan

    keira bridget is infinet's gf

  58. Dammu Manoj Vignesh

    Dammu Manoj VigneshDag sedan

    JJ : Trend setter Others : jokes

  59. John Grider

    John GriderDag sedan

    23:05 bruhhhh I was born in 2006

  60. Michael Pataky

    Michael PatakyDag sedan

    She's more orange than Donald Trump

  61. M W

    M WDag sedan

    Calfreezy is so boring, doesn’t belong in sidemen videos

  62. Mohammad Chaudhry

    Mohammad ChaudhryDag sedan

    43:45 she really got offended

  63. WTF Guy

    WTF GuyDag sedan

    I see all of us cultured *bois* have regrouped to watch some of the best Sideman videos ✊

  64. Piffy

    PiffyDag sedan

    dude Sweet anita was here lmao she made this video so much better

  65. Gaz J

    Gaz JDag sedan

    38:07 - what did they bleep out? 🤔

  66. Faysal Alhussin

    Faysal Alhussin14 timmar sedan

    That JJ and his gf are cuter I think

  67. Adriel Luis Abaoag

    Adriel Luis AbaoagDag sedan

    Question is did Callum tap tho?

  68. LOL BOB

    LOL BOBDag sedan

    Who else pressed f5 after harry said his line xD

  69. Perado

    PeradoDag sedan

    Are we not gonna talk about how ugly the fort girl was

  70. xitz_shakirax

    xitz_shakiraxDag sedan

    Kiera is there

  71. Chuckey Chort12

    Chuckey Chort12Dag sedan

    Callus straight out of H&M with that nasa hoodie


    HP MICHAELDag sedan

    The 21 year old girl from 5:43 is *so* easy to read!!! Skip her, for real !

  73. Itz Fluffy#1108

    Itz Fluffy#1108Dag sedan


  74. Nur Sharrief

    Nur SharriefDag sedan

    Me when I see the time of the video “ Lol 😆 I’m not watching all of this” Also me 48 minutes in: “oh um 😐 I guess i was wrong”


    KAYKAY- SLAYDag sedan

    I didn’t get the tank joke.

  76. Temtech

    TemtechDag sedan

    47:42 underrated dark joke.

  77. Different Boss

    Different BossDag sedan


  78. heavenspicnic

    heavenspicnicDag sedan

    subscribe to me!

  79. Conerh2o Conerh2o

    Conerh2o Conerh2oDag sedan


  80. heavenspicnic

    heavenspicnicDag sedan

    subscribe to me!

  81. Tanhu Ulusoy

    Tanhu UlusoyDag sedan

    Wtf was Anita doing

  82. lucy comfortdjh

    lucy comfortdjhDag sedan

    she has terrets

  83. Sir Alf

    Sir Alf2 dagar sedan

    Petition to get Simon to tell us where that hoodie is from

  84. heavenspicnic

    heavenspicnicDag sedan

    subscribe to me!

  85. IamSam

    IamSam2 dagar sedan

    When Keira came I was shook.

  86. Kim Jong Il

    Kim Jong Il2 dagar sedan

    7:00 josh did a MADNESS

  87. Jt Flash

    Jt Flash2 dagar sedan

    "I Beat Logan Paul" has to be one of the biggest flexes for KSI

  88. Vickster The Trickster

    Vickster The Trickster2 dagar sedan

    Shadeyy was so pretty

  89. Dark Mayhem

    Dark Mayhem2 dagar sedan


  90. cylas holmes AKA HitMark

    cylas holmes AKA HitMark2 dagar sedan

    4:46 i thought he was gonna say something else 👀

  91. Roozbeh

    Roozbeh2 dagar sedan

    I bet every girl is ugly without makeup

  92. Karmalita JoAnn

    Karmalita JoAnn2 dagar sedan

    Anita is a queen-

  93. Jonathan Elliot

    Jonathan Elliot2 dagar sedan

    JJ is da best doctor


    CHRISTRENZ ENRICK GEOL Arceo2 dagar sedan

    i thought jj would say im jj with a j!

  95. Hailey Benavidez

    Hailey Benavidez2 dagar sedan

    Lol lets talk about how many times I cringed

  96. Heruy Mekonnen

    Heruy MekonnenDag sedan

    Lol let's talk about all the times I asked


    BENJAMIN LEE JING TENG Moe2 dagar sedan

    But her link is not on top of the description

  98. P Burrows

    P Burrows2 dagar sedan

    Lauren Alexis is a gift from the heavens

  99. George Griffiths

    George Griffiths2 dagar sedan

    cal knew who lauren alexis was because he became so smooth

  100. Nathan Atwine

    Nathan Atwine2 dagar sedan

    Lesson: be like tobby

  101. badman sami

    badman sami2 dagar sedan

    Brh at 48:29 the person is from TV sho

  102. KarmicCartoon

    KarmicCartoon2 dagar sedan

    33:14 Simon wasn’t lying tho... her links are at the top of the SEtoosrs section

  103. Transformation Loops

    Transformation Loops2 dagar sedan

    They should make a book about ksi pick up lines

  104. Abraham Campillo

    Abraham Campillo2 dagar sedan

    this is so straight, cringeeee

  105. tenny

    tenny2 dagar sedan

    The last girl has my heart lmao

  106. HelloItsVG

    HelloItsVG2 dagar sedan

    KSI laugh is the best

  107. Froggo

    FroggoTimme sedan

    @Madellina Martindale why u here

  108. Madellina Martindale

    Madellina Martindale2 timmar sedan

    @Froggo why u here

  109. Froggo

    Froggo2 timmar sedan

    @キルア why u here

  110. キルア

    キルア3 timmar sedan

    Its like : euhc,ahh,uhhe,ahahah,ehhu

  111. Froggo

    Froggo16 timmar sedan

    @Madellina Martindale why u here