This weeks #SidemenSunday features the Sidemen trying to out-eat eachother again, but this time it's who weighs the most that wins! Who do you think will win?
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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  1. Sandra B

    Sandra B4 timmar sedan

    U lot fat? .. I’m 12, 5’2 and weigh 64 kg 😔

  2. Adam Brickell

    Adam Brickell4 timmar sedan

    I'm nearly the same weight as vik and I'm 13 I am probably the same height as him tbh

  3. Sidemen_Tekkerz 10

    Sidemen_Tekkerz 106 timmar sedan

    22:20 fam, u mad

  4. Marjamummo

    Marjamummo9 timmar sedan

    How is harry 83 kg (same weight as me) and alot shorter than me but i look alot fatter than him

  5. Pranay Neppalli

    Pranay Neppalli9 timmar sedan

    16:04 i don't think jj realised he was 95.6 so he didn't lose weight

  6. Divit DaDude

    Divit DaDude10 timmar sedan

    5:33 This is the start of a beautiful song

  7. Nabil Muhammed

    Nabil Muhammed11 timmar sedan

    Harry is there anywhere but London on sidemen Sundays

  8. Shad0w1o1

    Shad0w1o113 timmar sedan

    The camera man was getting a bit too comfortable with the sidemen he fully pissed tobi off

  9. Johann_NZ

    Johann_NZ16 timmar sedan

    Harys loud talking is making him loose calories.

  10. IsYourSister Cute

    IsYourSister Cute18 timmar sedan

    idk cant remember

  11. IsYourSister Cute

    IsYourSister Cute18 timmar sedan

    i think like 40 kg fat

  12. IsYourSister Cute

    IsYourSister Cute18 timmar sedan

    they shouldve had cornbeef that has a pretty good a,ount of fat in it

  13. RAHOOM _

    RAHOOM _Dag sedan

    12 year old me watching Vikk weighing him self at 58 and I’m on 60.... 😏-->🥩🍗🍖🍔🌭🍟

  14. Ahleshin Moodley

    Ahleshin MoodleyDag sedan

    32:56 little did he know

  15. Grace Van Horn

    Grace Van HornDag sedan

    honestly them joking about corona and then soon after being quarantined for months is so funny😂. none of us excepted this to happen lol.



    Harry:Mushrooms aren’t that calerific Harry:This meal is LOTS of CALORIES

  17. Jamie Sweet

    Jamie Sweet2 dagar sedan

    I could never do this. I don’t eat a lot and I don’t gain a lot of weight. If I overeat I would definitely vomit. I get hungry like every 1-2 hours but I just don’t eat a lot of food in one sitting.

  18. Zipple is Cracked

    Zipple is Cracked2 dagar sedan

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not even God himself: KSI: I JUST GOT A BRAIN FREEZE FROM WATER

  19. Midget

    Midget5 timmar sedan

    I mean if the water is really cold-

  20. Caitlin Olsen

    Caitlin Olsen2 dagar sedan

    Watching again, these videos make me so excited to move out to the UK at some point, the food just always looks so good

  21. Horse Cow Gaming

    Horse Cow Gaming2 dagar sedan

    15:20 same

  22. KrishPlayZ

    KrishPlayZ2 dagar sedan

    so.... this hasn't aged well....

  23. PingoMine37

    PingoMine372 dagar sedan

    when I eat an 2kg meat, I get 5kg more bro im pissed

  24. Zaila T

    Zaila T2 dagar sedan

    Ummm I’m from the US can someone please covert😭

  25. TheActualRealKazoo

    TheActualRealKazoo2 dagar sedan

    when i saw josh the first time i thought he was 46 but then i realized it

  26. bxkzy

    bxkzy2 dagar sedan

    ksi was fat before he did the challenge

  27. Queency Alvaro Zia

    Queency Alvaro Zia2 dagar sedan

    13:11 karma

  28. Marnin Jansen

    Marnin Jansen2 dagar sedan

    2:48 holy damn he has gigantic foots wtf

  29. JamesyHamesy

    JamesyHamesy2 dagar sedan

    why i am i more heavier then tobi

  30. KrishPlayZ

    KrishPlayZ3 dagar sedan

    Guys just pause at 7:00 :))))))

  31. IJC_13

    IJC_13Dag sedan

    @KrishPlayZ I did I don’t get what’s up with it

  32. KrishPlayZ

    KrishPlayZDag sedan

    @IJC_13 Do it

  33. IJC_13

    IJC_13Dag sedan


  34. Jovstarki

    Jovstarki3 dagar sedan

    RIP the chicken

  35. ii_Shad0w_ii

    ii_Shad0w_ii3 dagar sedan

    nice montage of fully grown men drinking water like 3 year olds :)


    ASPECT GAMEZZ3 dagar sedan


  37. Daniel Schwartzman

    Daniel Schwartzman4 dagar sedan

    KSI woke up in his bandana😂

  38. Meg Duke

    Meg Duke4 dagar sedan

    Ethan was so drunk lmaoooo

  39. TCNA Asmr

    TCNA Asmr4 dagar sedan

    Harry is a different breed

  40. عبدالله

    عبدالله4 dagar sedan

    At least Harry had breakfast 😂

  41. Riley Sollerud

    Riley Sollerud4 dagar sedan

    I see No difference between those two pictures.

  42. Billie Chambers

    Billie Chambers4 dagar sedan

    17:03 is me after eating

  43. beinglittleisamazing

    beinglittleisamazing4 dagar sedan

    Berry is discosting

  44. Brian Chao

    Brian Chao4 dagar sedan

    Me: Sees the cover of KSI before and after. Me: Hmm, nothing changed wut happened

  45. AJ8

    AJ84 dagar sedan

    34:19 Top 10 funniest sidemen moments for sure

  46. Angel Christova

    Angel Christova4 dagar sedan

    But jj stayed the same

  47. Acogkid 2445

    Acogkid 24454 dagar sedan

    Josh got 80 kg no comment harry saying hes fat lol

  48. Noah Brown

    Noah Brown4 dagar sedan

    Bruh I love harry😂😂

  49. Sameer Swain

    Sameer Swain4 dagar sedan

    18:52 that looks like the Pizza Hut logo fan

  50. Kai Owen

    Kai Owen4 dagar sedan

    I can't tell the difference in the thumbnail😂

  51. Krishna Gokulan

    Krishna Gokulan4 dagar sedan

    Funny thing is Ethan was laughing and drinking Corona He got the virus lol

  52. Kasey cavoretto Full send

    Kasey cavoretto Full send4 dagar sedan

    The only challenge hary likes is ones that u need to eat alot

  53. Kujo

    Kujo5 dagar sedan

    What did he say at 34:20 ???


    ALEJANDRO VERACRUZ5 dagar sedan

    simon just had a faze clan shirt when he saw jj drinking a lot of water and then he change his shirt

  55. Edwin Pratt

    Edwin Pratt5 dagar sedan

    Ethan should've had Koeksisters 🇿🇦 They can make people get Biig

  56. Caitlin Olsen

    Caitlin Olsen5 dagar sedan

    Harry: Im so fatttttt I weigh 83 kggggg howwww Also Harry: As a better looking stomach + v-line than 70% of the frat guys I go to school with...

  57. William Lewis

    William Lewis5 dagar sedan

    What's a Sidemrn vid without several toilet clips

  58. GA GHOST

    GA GHOST5 dagar sedan

    Big up to Harry he’s probably is the only one that ate the most on this challenge

  59. Abdullah Shah

    Abdullah Shah5 dagar sedan

    We could now call vik vveek Man weighs 59 something KG’s



    KSI already had the most weight

  61. Zachary Goh

    Zachary Goh6 dagar sedan

    OMG same tbh i also sheet whithout any cloths on

  62. Cooper Evans

    Cooper Evans6 dagar sedan

    Harry cutting the camera because he got the shell in the bowl . . =

  63. Cooper Evans

    Cooper Evans6 dagar sedan

    Harry in a gaining weight challenge Harry taking a crap

  64. Zoe Czuth

    Zoe Czuth6 dagar sedan


  65. YT Astrol

    YT Astrol6 dagar sedan

    Harry thinking his fat 🤔 but then I look at my cousin who’s ur age and is 154kg

  66. Roland Lõuke

    Roland Lõuke6 dagar sedan

    Ethan coughed and now he actually have covid😂

  67. ROARZ Z

    ROARZ Z6 dagar sedan

    I could somehow smell it 4:30

  68. Rabia Khan

    Rabia Khan6 dagar sedan

    Josh: I could drink SODA all day UK:how?

  69. They.better. Have. WiFi. In. Hell

    They.better. Have. WiFi. In. Hell6 dagar sedan

    @32:56 well that didn’t age well.......

  70. MANG T

    MANG T6 dagar sedan

    KSI looks like he already done the challenge a few days back

  71. Izzahan 265

    Izzahan 2656 dagar sedan

    behind ethan is ethan in the pas wearing the same jacket 19:19

  72. Rav Lazanya

    Rav Lazanya6 dagar sedan

  73. aiman.k_b_e _

    aiman.k_b_e _6 dagar sedan

    6:59 The bread peice that fell:GOODBYE HARRY(Jojo refrennce)

  74. Justin In

    Justin In7 dagar sedan

    I’ve got an assignment to do and an exam to study for and I choose to watch sidemen videos. Procrastination at it’s finest

  75. brian ali

    brian ali7 dagar sedan

    I'm a 108kg


    ᏦᎬᏒᏁᎬᏞ_ᏢᎾᏢ7 dagar sedan

    Me: too young to be here Also me : heavier than Tobi and vik

  77. Drippy Drip

    Drippy Drip7 dagar sedan


  78. For Book Writers

    For Book Writers7 dagar sedan

    I'm from the US and this is what we eat every day and we have like six meals a day but we call two of them snacks. Even tho I'm American I still call it football.

  79. Garrett O

    Garrett O7 dagar sedan

    Harry is 83kg and thinks he’s fat

  80. Ashton Couto

    Ashton Couto7 dagar sedan

    I'm 13 and weigh as much as vic

  81. Fifa Boy

    Fifa Boy7 dagar sedan

    Same Harry

  82. Mystic Shush

    Mystic Shush7 dagar sedan

    Harry : I am late to my flight Harry : he still eats

  83. Mystic Shush

    Mystic Shush7 dagar sedan

    JJ: my stomach hurts His belly : it always hurts

  84. Super Chelsea

    Super Chelsea7 dagar sedan

    Surprised jj didn't do well actually hard for him to put more weight on than he already has

  85. cl1Xy6696

    cl1Xy66967 dagar sedan

    FLIGHT IN 15 MINUTES 15 minutes later Harry still has not put the butter on his toast

  86. Paige Van Beek

    Paige Van Beek7 dagar sedan

    Tobi`s intro made him sound like a 14 year old after listening to Billie Eilish on loop for 30 minutes.

  87. Divan Carstens

    Divan Carstens7 dagar sedan

    My brother weighs 68 kg

  88. spyk_racc

    spyk_racc7 dagar sedan

    jj just sleep with that bandana on

  89. Abdulrahman Almoamary

    Abdulrahman Almoamary7 dagar sedan

    I'm fatter than vic and I'm 12

  90. triston wills

    triston wills7 dagar sedan

    tu gut hikenstin

  91. Unknown Lazar

    Unknown Lazar7 dagar sedan


  92. Dozinho Afonso

    Dozinho Afonso8 dagar sedan

    JJ: if I'm taking so much water I could die. Babatunde: *Agressive babatunde noises*

  93. Diyaa Hammond

    Diyaa Hammond8 dagar sedan

    Josh grandpa woke up so early and got ready and already got the groceries meanwhile the others are still sleeping

  94. drip_fydro

    drip_fydro8 dagar sedan

    I recommend 9:40 on the video

  95. drip_fydro

    drip_fydro8 dagar sedan


  96. DrippyDylan&Blake 123

    DrippyDylan&Blake 1238 dagar sedan


  97. AwsomeMayHam

    AwsomeMayHam8 dagar sedan

    well I just do this every day

  98. Luna Louise

    Luna Louise8 dagar sedan

    Proof jjs mussels absorb all his calories 😎

  99. Luna Louise

    Luna Louise8 dagar sedan

    Toby is my winner 😘🤠

  100. RhydonK

    RhydonK8 dagar sedan


  101. Kinda Kian

    Kinda Kian8 dagar sedan

    Jj already completed it before the vid even started

  102. Shawnta Anderson

    Shawnta Anderson8 dagar sedan

    Why the hell does jj seing his arms like that when running

  103. Aries

    Aries8 dagar sedan

    Anyone else love how wholesome harry is

  104. Cheetoh

    Cheetoh8 dagar sedan


  105. Dogan Can Ayik

    Dogan Can Ayik9 dagar sedan

    I was 59.3KG on the 4th of September and now I'm 59.8KG after 6 weeks. Can't gain it now that I want to it's mad..