The Sidemen take on THE CHASE in this #SidemenSunday. Enjoy!
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Kelly: gnaucky
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● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:


  1. Sidemen

    SidemenÅr sedan

    Some of the questions got messed up but it wouldn’t be a Sidemen video if things didn’t go wrong would it🤷‍♂️ happy Sidemen Sunday!

  2. Liam Orphan

    Liam OrphanMånad sedan

    @Wraith to

  3. Bryan Mendoza

    Bryan MendozaMånad sedan

    UI yum up use to

  4. Jacob Boasman

    Jacob Boasman2 månader sedan

    Hahahahahahahaha I can’t breath hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣tiktok video

  5. MatPat510

    MatPat5102 månader sedan


  6. Sameeh

    Sameeh3 månader sedan

    That's why it's entertaining

  7. Abdulla Alhammadi

    Abdulla Alhammadi2 timmar sedan

    Toby:what do cows drink a: water b:milk c:pina coladas Ethan 50,000 on the line: milk

  8. Vicky Blacker

    Vicky Blacker5 timmar sedan

    me at 11 getting more than ethan !!!! : ]

  9. mouine mhb

    mouine mhb8 timmar sedan

    hahahaha so much questions answers are incorrect 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. UHK 14

    UHK 14Dag sedan

    34:28 JJ defends Simon

  11. KingZK 43

    KingZK 43Dag sedan

    Jesus Christ Ethan

  12. Taylor Lewis

    Taylor LewisDag sedan

    I mean cows do drink milk as well as water

  13. Tapiwa Tatuba

    Tapiwa Tatuba2 dagar sedan


  14. Mr Inconsistent

    Mr Inconsistent2 dagar sedan

    They shouldve had something to show viks answer before tobi says something, Vik couldve been cheating

  15. Axreus

    Axreus3 dagar sedan

    But the diameter of earth is 12,742 km . fraud 16:30

  16. Just Cause

    Just Cause3 dagar sedan

    Song at the end?

  17. _melissa. anne

    _melissa. anne3 dagar sedan

    I don't think I've ever been more upset when vik got the phineas & ferb question wrong

  18. _melissa. anne

    _melissa. anne3 dagar sedan

    44:07 that's actually really cute

  19. Kurt Cocaine

    Kurt Cocaine3 dagar sedan

    KSI standing for Knowledge, Strength, Integrity... Since recent videos I've seen. It should be changed to; Knucklehead, Sickly, Insincere 😆 There's no knowledge or integrity, that's for sure! I'll give him strength though! Hahaha still love the guy either way, I just love the irony! 😆

  20. Kurt Cocaine

    Kurt Cocaine3 dagar sedan

    It's not that Ethan got the obvious cow question wrong... It's how he was absolutely, 100% confident with it! Oh man, the pain from my stomach from laughing so much and the absolute cringe. This will go down in history.

  21. TTV Cryptic

    TTV Cryptic4 dagar sedan

    ‘ ‘

  22. TTV Cryptic

    TTV Cryptic4 dagar sedan

  23. Sonny NGO

    Sonny NGO4 dagar sedan

    Y’all know cows drink milk

  24. Youlose 123

    Youlose 1234 dagar sedan

    19:27 baby cows drink milk

  25. Youlose 123

    Youlose 1234 dagar sedan

    Vik could have just said he knew all of and they just trusted him

  26. ID EK

    ID EK4 dagar sedan

    Can someone actually tell me wtf sacre bler means, the thing jj always says in french lmao

  27. lucas liu

    lucas liu4 dagar sedan

    For the question with state that has 3 vowels at the end I would saw Hawaii

  28. Darkstarkiller360

    Darkstarkiller3604 dagar sedan

    Tobi: what do cow drink Ethan: Milk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Mr slayxx

    Mr slayxx5 dagar sedan

    c quoi la petit mort j'ai jamais entendu ca wesh

  30. X-Entrik 97

    X-Entrik 975 dagar sedan

    I laughed so I hard at the Indian currency part I got a little headache

  31. Stefan Nield

    Stefan Nield5 dagar sedan

    No push backs? Definitely not the chase.

  32. Da Void

    Da Void5 dagar sedan

    I swear Vik was just copying what Josh was doing

  33. Jedidiah Nerpio

    Jedidiah Nerpio5 dagar sedan

    Not even I knew billboards are illegal in Hawaii, and I live here😂

  34. Kingmickah6 515

    Kingmickah6 5155 dagar sedan

    Because he says the right answer after he revealed the answer

  35. Kingmickah6 515

    Kingmickah6 5155 dagar sedan

    How do we know if he is cheating

  36. Dilsher Brar

    Dilsher Brar5 dagar sedan

    It's never coming home lol...

  37. Hamish K

    Hamish K5 dagar sedan

    I was so annoyed when tobi let Ethan away with that 😤

  38. vibe

    vibe6 dagar sedan

    7:40 lol

  39. carley desi

    carley desi6 dagar sedan

    technically cows do drink milk when they are babies but...

  40. Alpha Mogg

    Alpha Mogg3 dagar sedan

    Yeah but they aren’t known as cows when they’re young

  41. Kale Martin

    Kale Martin6 dagar sedan

    Tobi:what do cows drink? JJ:bro easy money Ethan:milk(him realizing that this is why his dad left him)

  42. brubrubru bru

    brubrubru bruDag sedan


  43. Kale Martin

    Kale Martin6 dagar sedan

    Ethan has had an amzing glow up throughout the past years but my man is DUMBER THAN A ROCK

  44. adarsh sastry

    adarsh sastry6 dagar sedan

    OMG that's a stupid joke cause cows drink milk and water.

  45. Faizan Majeed

    Faizan Majeed6 dagar sedan

    Bro Ethan got the diameter right, diameter of the earth is 12,742 km

  46. Gibson H

    Gibson H6 dagar sedan

    Ethan said milk so confidently loool

  47. Aron Hutch

    Aron Hutch6 dagar sedan

    To be fair I’m Canadian and I had no idea we had a fuckin’ national saying

  48. Bibek Thapa

    Bibek Thapa6 dagar sedan

    47:52 harrys reaction 😂😂

  49. Mischa Vökt

    Mischa Vökt6 dagar sedan

    Diameter of the earth 8000km sure tho hahahaa

  50. Finnur Darri Gíslason

    Finnur Darri Gíslason6 dagar sedan

    7:38 is the best

  51. Varad Kakodkar

    Varad Kakodkar7 dagar sedan

    Pissed that they had the diameter question answer wrong!!!

  52. lasersoldier234

    lasersoldier2347 dagar sedan

    all the french that know that it wasn't la petit more xD

  53. carbohydrate child

    carbohydrate child7 dagar sedan

    i was rooting for vik the entire video

  54. carbohydrate child

    carbohydrate child7 dagar sedan

    i love vik

  55. DeadPool CutieFace

    DeadPool CutieFace7 dagar sedan

    My guy said piccolo i died inside

  56. Josie Malone

    Josie Malone7 dagar sedan


  57. Valvu Ex

    Valvu Ex7 dagar sedan

    that chaser could easily cheat

  58. luca funi

    luca funi7 dagar sedan

    my mans really said cows drink milk

  59. Cameron D.

    Cameron D.7 dagar sedan

    7:40 0:46 19:27 47:31

  60. Mark Allan

    Mark Allan7 dagar sedan

    Vik just copies what they say or the right answer

  61. Liam Nixon

    Liam Nixon7 dagar sedan

    7:40 this had me dead

  62. OT Gaming

    OT Gaming8 dagar sedan

    Cows don’t drink milk

  63. Kavin

    Kavin8 dagar sedan

    16:49 Its wrong Diameter is 2*6400km so its C


    RISH GAMING8 dagar sedan

    Simon's charity ain't in the description. I'm crying right now

  65. John Dixon

    John Dixon8 dagar sedan

    31:11 josh 🤣🤣🤣

  66. Sonak Shah

    Sonak Shah8 dagar sedan

    Vik is actually smart

  67. JayXDual

    JayXDual8 dagar sedan

    Hey, but baby cows drink milk so....

  68. Jonas Horlacher

    Jonas Horlacher8 dagar sedan

    Josh is mediocre, Behz is a dumbass. Harry is the drug addict. Simon likes to butter up the host to get easier questions and jj is the imposter

  69. No No

    No No8 dagar sedan

    Sidemen: definitely not the chase Morgz: definitely not MRBEAST

  70. David Simonyan

    David Simonyan8 dagar sedan

    Babatunde would've answered the question "What do cows drink?" correctly. It's wotah :)

  71. Kenay ylmz

    Kenay ylmz8 dagar sedan

    49:51 50:20

  72. Jake

    Jake8 dagar sedan

    They forgot about push-backs in the final round when the Chaser gets an incorrect answer, that's in the real show.

  73. Gavin Dillon

    Gavin Dillon9 dagar sedan

    How do we know vik wasn’t just choosing the right answer?

  74. Elmo

    Elmo9 dagar sedan


  75. Raph barney

    Raph barney9 dagar sedan

    Everyone: talking about things relevant to Wales JJ: I also like Charizard

  76. Owen Turner

    Owen Turner9 dagar sedan

    The diameter of the earth is 12,742 km not 8000 km


    DHRUV RASTOGI9 dagar sedan

    19:25 Me when i go to school after the lockdown

  78. Abdirazak Mohamed

    Abdirazak Mohamed9 dagar sedan

    Ethan dad must be pissed....imagine leaving ur son and he becomes multi millionaire

  79. Gaz Snaith

    Gaz Snaith9 dagar sedan

    Dont calves drink milk? If so technically is correct

  80. Tomas Bower

    Tomas Bower9 dagar sedan

    Next time try writing the answers down on a whiteboard?

  81. James Hackney

    James Hackney9 dagar sedan

    Plot twist, cows actually do drink milk. The baby ones

  82. Jack Byram

    Jack Byram9 dagar sedan

    Did his dumbass just say cows drink milk..... why is Ethan famous? He actually answered worse than any 5th grader


    VIV-HYDRO -VIV10 dagar sedan

    6:31 😂

  84. Dimitrije Radivojevic

    Dimitrije Radivojevic10 dagar sedan

    There is a very similuar show in serbia so sus. 🤔🤨

  85. Krishna Naudiyal

    Krishna Naudiyal10 dagar sedan

    16:35 vik's giving facts for distance around the earth but the question asks the diameter so he actually didn't know the answer lmao, my man cheated.

  86. Sam Thompson

    Sam Thompson4 dagar sedan

    the earth is flat

  87. Isaac Leslie

    Isaac Leslie10 dagar sedan

    Me on the way to kill myself after Tobi says chwest for the thousandth time

  88. kieran fitzsimmons

    kieran fitzsimmons11 dagar sedan

    19:20 Ethan u idiot

  89. Umer Khwaja

    Umer Khwaja11 dagar sedan

    Cows drink milk🍼🍼🍼

  90. Mr. Ben

    Mr. Ben11 dagar sedan

    Why is Kelly's insta linked in the description? 🤔 She's not even in the video

  91. Bohdi Edwards

    Bohdi Edwards11 dagar sedan

    VIK should of just let JJ get it so they lose $45000

  92. Nitro Distortion

    Nitro Distortion11 dagar sedan

    When they said the options cotton Ksi couldve just said C instead of cotton

  93. Maxwell Sodeke-Guerra

    Maxwell Sodeke-Guerra11 dagar sedan

    27:25 what is Harry's facial expression

  94. Kaitlyn Oxtoby

    Kaitlyn Oxtoby11 dagar sedan

    Lets all wear black and not tell Harry

  95. Ps Now

    Ps Now11 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  96. Magenta XN

    Magenta XN11 dagar sedan

    I’m Canadian and just wanted to let u know it’s not moose’s it’s moose

  97. Caitlyn Grace

    Caitlyn Grace11 dagar sedan

    Wait can’t vik just copy what the person has said if it’s right or change his answer? 😂

  98. Chloe xo

    Chloe xo11 dagar sedan

    that’s what i thoughtttt😂

  99. Hope Cuellar

    Hope Cuellar11 dagar sedan

    I’m the biggest simp for Simon. I’d risk it all for that man.

  100. Bobthreetimes

    Bobthreetimes11 dagar sedan

    How has no one commented on Harry first knowing what devils lettuce was

  101. XronaldoX

    XronaldoX11 dagar sedan

    Vik: That is the best way someone has lost 50k Also Vik: Split JJ: steal

  102. Jessica Harmer

    Jessica Harmer2 dagar sedan

    Not just meee

  103. Dank Tank

    Dank Tank12 dagar sedan

    Bro is it just me or is Vikk like really cool nowadays I know that sounds childish but yeah

  104. Sirak Teclebrhan

    Sirak Teclebrhan12 dagar sedan

    How do they know vik isnt just choosing the right answer? I mean he answers after tobi says its right..

  105. John ‘You know who has the first question’ Morgan

    John ‘You know who has the first question’ Morgan12 dagar sedan

    Paul sinha looks different today

  106. YungVitaly

    YungVitaly12 dagar sedan

    Just saying pewdiepie got to 100 mill subs first not T series

  107. Max Lumpkin

    Max Lumpkin12 dagar sedan

    Vik is smart boi

  108. GlitchJedi

    GlitchJedi12 dagar sedan

    It was dedalus not Icarus

  109. Muhammad Fattan Ar-rasyid

    Muhammad Fattan Ar-rasyid12 dagar sedan


  110. Disc on mobile

    Disc on mobile12 dagar sedan

    KSI your laugh is terrible