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    RISH GAMINGDag sedan

    This is eathan he has eatan too much

  2. Roger Susanto

    Roger SusantoDag sedan

    1:33 just like his fall guys character

  3. Kylee Bullard

    Kylee BullardDag sedan

    every single time jj was talking on the talking thing i couldn't stop laughing i was crying tears lol this vid was mad funnyLMFAOOOOO

  4. Aiyana Nickens

    Aiyana NickensDag sedan


  5. Amal Joe Sojan

    Amal Joe Sojan2 dagar sedan

    That part where Ethan fell on the hurdles and that earthquake joke on him had me dead😂😂😂😂

  6. VØSE

    VØSE2 dagar sedan


  7. AJIsHungry

    AJIsHungry2 dagar sedan

    Fall guys irl

  8. Leila Hassan

    Leila Hassan3 dagar sedan

    When Ethan wins he becomes a Nigerian when he lost he is a British

  9. Destiny washington

    Destiny washington3 dagar sedan

    Just had me rolling🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣this is the funniest video

  10. Gaming Tk543

    Gaming Tk5433 dagar sedan

    ksi roasts jj olatunji at the beginning

  11. JxretS PlayS

    JxretS PlayS4 dagar sedan

    I couldn’t stop laughing when Ethan body slams the floor in the hurdles

  12. Ps Now

    Ps Now4 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith, belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  13. Iceecube 7

    Iceecube 74 dagar sedan

    poop jj is the best and his song ...I M FILLIN LOOSE.Wowwwwwwww

  14. Whore

    Whore4 dagar sedan

    1:42 13:26 14:53 20:13 20:27 22:56

  15. Scratchin Hitz

    Scratchin Hitz4 dagar sedan

    What an intro🤧🔥🔥🔥

  16. carbohydrate child

    carbohydrate child6 dagar sedan

    the narration was too good

  17. Neeraj Nemiraj

    Neeraj Nemiraj6 dagar sedan

    jj should commentate more frequently

  18. Arafamin812 gaming

    Arafamin812 gaming6 dagar sedan

    i thought ethan would smash this challenge because he had the experience of being fat

  19. Kevin Prempeh

    Kevin Prempeh6 dagar sedan

    14:40 where it all started 😂

  20. Bla Brushan

    Bla Brushan7 dagar sedan

    When they added the earthquick sound on ethan i died of laughter

  21. toxickid FROMYT

    toxickid FROMYT8 dagar sedan

    Poor lion


    TAMIA DARLING9 dagar sedan

    please do more i was laughing the hole time

  23. AvocadoGaming YT

    AvocadoGaming YT9 dagar sedan

    This is so funny

  24. Flika

    Flika11 dagar sedan

    Jumping into your dms ĺike

  25. Flika

    Flika11 dagar sedan

    The origin of babatunde

  26. Joana Charles

    Joana Charles11 dagar sedan

    KSI is so annoying. His jokes aren't funny. Stop making fun of Christianity

  27. Flika

    Flika11 dagar sedan

    If u hate him PISS off

  28. Tushon and Curtis Jordaan

    Tushon and Curtis Jordaan11 dagar sedan

    Ethan the Nigerian 🇳🇬

  29. Moses Dau

    Moses Dau14 dagar sedan

    12:52 jist 😂

  30. Parikshith Reddy

    Parikshith Reddy15 dagar sedan

    Damn i subscribed to sidemen just to see jj's voice

  31. Parikshith Reddy

    Parikshith Reddy15 dagar sedan

    Damn i subscribed to sidemen just to see jj's voice

  32. Jay 19

    Jay 1915 dagar sedan

    The greatest commentator ever in history

  33. Aquil CODM

    Aquil CODM15 dagar sedan

    I love how he introduced Josh like ‘Next up Josh’ and said nothing else

  34. Lachlan Lay

    Lachlan Lay15 dagar sedan


  35. Burning bacon

    Burning bacon15 dagar sedan

    I like the way they run when their throwing the javelin

  36. Shane Moore

    Shane Moore15 dagar sedan

    This is a year old already dosent seem that long ago it seems like 2 month ago 😭

  37. FMZak

    FMZak16 dagar sedan

    Bruh I went mad when I realised this was at the track I run at. I went madder when I realised that the sidemen can run the 100m in sumo suits faster than I can on the regular.

  38. Charlotte Baker Wilton

    Charlotte Baker Wilton17 dagar sedan

    These roasts 😂I cant- 🤣🤣🤣

  39. Tarnveer Singh

    Tarnveer Singh17 dagar sedan

    3:26 Why does ut say that Ethan is from Nigeria?

  40. Seth_NL

    Seth_NL18 dagar sedan

    They set the hurdles up backwards...

  41. Katelijn Hovestad

    Katelijn Hovestad18 dagar sedan

    "Shut up ksi" ~baba tunde lmao

  42. Messi fan boy

    Messi fan boy20 dagar sedan

    Shout out for the trees in the background for providing enough oxygen for tobi's nose dunno the thing

  43. Austin_exe

    Austin_exe21 dag sedan

    Harry has all the javelin practice from throwing chairs

  44. Akhil Antony

    Akhil Antony21 dag sedan

    Here we can see how fall guys was created.......

  45. ᴊ ᴇ s s ᴇ

    ᴊ ᴇ s s ᴇ23 dagar sedan

    Fall guys

  46. solllem

    solllem23 dagar sedan

    Simon is literally the most talanted one, he has the most consistent win rate in all kinds of challenges :D

  47. afffnan

    afffnan24 dagar sedan

    no one: literaly no one: not even angry birds: jj: making angrybird sound effect 16:16

  48. Sebastian Baron

    Sebastian Baron18 dagar sedan


  49. thesimpsons17

    thesimpsons1725 dagar sedan

    JJ was absolute gold on commentary here 😂

  50. SquareBraceX2

    SquareBraceX225 dagar sedan

    This is legit a better Fall Guys vid than their actual Fall Guys vid

  51. SquareBraceX2

    SquareBraceX225 dagar sedan

    This sounds so much like old-school KSI lol

  52. Katelijn Hovestad

    Katelijn Hovestad25 dagar sedan

    Lawnmower guy is my favourite sideman

  53. Mehdi @CESC

    Mehdi @CESC28 dagar sedan


  54. Juan Torres

    Juan TorresMånad sedan

    7:56 “when jj says lock the door”

  55. RealDonkeyKong

    RealDonkeyKongMånad sedan

    Vik looks like the most unathletic human being in the javelin throw 😂

  56. Weird Watch

    Weird WatchMånad sedan

    *you’d think there is cake at the end of the track* 5:25

  57. Antwayne Hanson

    Antwayne HansonMånad sedan


  58. Leelan Willemse

    Leelan WillemseMånad sedan

    Vik must be India flAg

  59. Gee KASEKE

    Gee KASEKEMånad sedan


  60. Brandon Salas

    Brandon SalasMånad sedan

    Babatunde the legend was born this video

  61. Abdullah Al Xayed

    Abdullah Al XayedMånad sedan

    15:45 the way he looks at his spear 😂😂😂

  62. PoppyPlayz Stoof

    PoppyPlayz StoofMånad sedan

    Even re watching is hilarious 😂

  63. Mazen Adel

    Mazen AdelMånad sedan


  64. Rohan Chugani

    Rohan ChuganiMånad sedan

    9:26 jj is from great Britain

  65. Samirrr

    SamirrrMånad sedan

    Babatunde was unleashed

  66. Can I Hit 1k subs by the end of the year? ?

    Can I Hit 1k subs by the end of the year? ?Månad sedan

    This video was definitely made just to bully Ethan about his weight lol

  67. Field Kasrel

    Field KasrelMånad sedan

    When JJ started coughing was anyone else relieved it was a year ago and not during the pandemic

  68. Zakary Laroche Bouthillette

    Zakary Laroche BouthilletteMånad sedan


  69. Tea With Seabear

    Tea With SeabearMånad sedan

    This video was FILLED TO THE BRIM of great quotes that I can’t even quote ANYTHING😭😭😭But ayo! Big ups for having JJ be the commentato!!

  70. Iggy

    IggyMånad sedan

    The 5.4K dislikes all are people who didn't like Babatunde as the second host.

  71. Joe Mensah

    Joe MensahMånad sedan

    Simon deeed eeeet

  72. Harsh Patel

    Harsh PatelMånad sedan

    "Unbelievable, Believable "😂😂



    Fall guys IRL

  74. Mehdi @CESC

    Mehdi @CESCMånad sedan

    There is something wrong find it and comment it what it was (pause the video and click on this-->) 7:52

  75. Liam Brennan

    Liam BrennanMånad sedan

    9:04 said flipin heck in the narration and the actual video

  76. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool wayMånad sedan

    'Unbelievable, i don't believe it, i can't believe it, should i believe it ? It's happened so i guess I have to believe it unbelievable believable' 😂

  77. Shaneydan1_

    Shaneydan1_Månad sedan

    Nobody can commentate like JJ istg😂😂😂he's funny asf

  78. Mason’s Mowing & Landscaping

    Mason’s Mowing & LandscapingMånad sedan

    Can someone’s tell me why one cameraman is always shirtless 🤷‍♂️

  79. L3on 4v0rny0

    L3on 4v0rny0Månad sedan

    I swear the fall guys run animation is taken from this video😂

  80. Massoud Asefi

    Massoud AsefiMånad sedan

    yeeeees babtunde i love this caracter

  81. Nicole Corbett

    Nicole CorbettMånad sedan

    “Aye yo shout out to the guy with the lawn mower”

  82. Manuel Marcella

    Manuel MarcellaMånad sedan


  83. Charlie Conway

    Charlie ConwayMånad sedan

    Fall guys irl

  84. Bulletz

    BulletzMånad sedan

    Ngl Jj being the commentator is very entertaining ofc let’s not forget babatunde being a commentator hahaha

  85. Omar Meeran

    Omar MeeranMånad sedan

    By far the best vid of sidemen only because of JJ's commentary

  86. DeXdshot

    DeXdshotMånad sedan

    Bruh I laughed right at the start I'm crying 😂😂😂😂😂

  87. Fazal Kadri

    Fazal KadriMånad sedan

    Fun fact : I'm here exactly 1 year later

  88. Ageing Acorn

    Ageing AcornMånad sedan

    Fazal Kadri just thought about that

  89. Bad big c Ayem

    Bad big c AyemMånad sedan

    2 years ago Ethan wouldn’t of needed the soomo soot

  90. Gammofication

    GammoficationMånad sedan

    This is where Fall Guys Originated from

  91. Sayed El Sherif

    Sayed El SherifMånad sedan

    that's a fall guys video? LOL

  92. Ýøúřđèáđ Mf!

    Ýøúřđèáđ Mf!Månad sedan

    and the birth of babatunde was made

  93. da phuc

    da phucMånad sedan

    jjs comentary

  94. HRH

    HRHMånad sedan

    Babtunde tho

  95. Kyle Tomasek

    Kyle TomasekMånad sedan

    irl Fall Guys?

  96. victor soeby

    victor soebyMånad sedan

    why was josh so deflated lol

  97. Aritra Bandyopadhyay

    Aritra BandyopadhyayMånad sedan

    Looks like Fall Guys stole the idea.

  98. {Anime_Kitty}

    {Anime_Kitty}Månad sedan

    Sometimes I feel like JJ has D.I.D. XD

  99. Sridutt Lanka

    Sridutt LankaMånad sedan


  100. Nimrod Barzvi

    Nimrod BarzviMånad sedan

    “Babatunde” got me crying 😂😂

  101. Tendo Ayyub

    Tendo AyyubMånad sedan

    Shout out to the lawnmower,lamp and guy with a bike lol

  102. Zain Ahmed

    Zain AhmedMånad sedan

    6.9 MIL VIEWS!!!!

  103. Flaming Storm

    Flaming StormMånad sedan

    Who just skipped to the bit when babatunde started commentating