Sidemen Attempted To Copy A James Charles Make Up Tutorial, this was the result. #SidemenSunday
Sidemen Clothing:
James Charles Tutorial:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:


  1. Liptuna

    Liptuna5 minuter sedan

    anyone watching this in 2050


    OH MY STRESS14 timmar sedan

    BrOo why is Harry so prettyyyy

  3. Crazzay Queeny

    Crazzay Queeny17 timmar sedan

    7:12 how does HE KNOW

  4. Williamg209

    Williamg20919 timmar sedan

    Harry is so bi

  5. mikaluna12

    mikaluna12Dag sedan

    Harry and Josh were too cute here xD

  6. Nimco km

    Nimco kmDag sedan

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 jj/ksi is the worst makeup artist but funny artist

  7. ashleigh agnes

    ashleigh agnes2 dagar sedan

    I havent laughed like this is forever 🤣

  8. r y o

    r y o2 dagar sedan


  9. Riley Kern

    Riley Kern2 dagar sedan

    We love the lack of Toxic Masculinity

  10. Thomas Roberts

    Thomas Roberts2 dagar sedan

    I love that they got click to be in the vid R.I.P click

  11. Alexis McCray

    Alexis McCray2 dagar sedan

    Omg I've never found harry cute until now

  12. mc

    mc3 dagar sedan

    0:40 she's hella cute

  13. Abbey Weersing

    Abbey Weersing3 dagar sedan

    low key why does simon look like black swan before jj puts lipstick on his eyes

  14. Ψ ρrαησο Ψ

    Ψ ρrαησο Ψ3 dagar sedan

    Bro. That’s sus.

  15. Elijah Wynn

    Elijah Wynn3 dagar sedan

    Tobi looks mad ashy

  16. Zoop

    Zoop3 dagar sedan

    Tobi looks like a want-to-be crack dealer

  17. Mumblezz Volgz

    Mumblezz Volgz3 dagar sedan

    Miniminter looks like a selection choice from elder scrolls V

  18. Tilly Stuart

    Tilly Stuart4 dagar sedan

    How is this a year ago😂😂😂

  19. Charlotte Muncaster

    Charlotte Muncaster4 dagar sedan

    Harry is so preciousss🥺 he was rlly feeling himself honestly love it

  20. Carlo Marcel

    Carlo Marcel4 dagar sedan

    I thought the next to sidemen in Australia where the misfitz

  21. Īàm Đř.Śťõńé

    Īàm Đř.Śťõńé4 dagar sedan

    JJ nailed it

  22. sukh k

    sukh k4 dagar sedan

    Poor Toby

  23. Chill King

    Chill King4 dagar sedan

    JJ is babatunde level brain in here 🤣

  24. Potato Luna

    Potato Luna5 dagar sedan

    I want to see James do Harry's makeup now. Seriously Harry looks so good in makeup. I wanna see it done well.

  25. Wal Ter

    Wal Ter5 dagar sedan

    Harry doesnt seem to be autistic in this vid

  26. Sky

    Sky5 dagar sedan

    19:40 Lazar, what was that accent ??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. ella rose

    ella rose6 dagar sedan

    Mate Harry looks the best and I feel like he’s the most picky like look at Simon 🤣🥴

  28. Summer Brooks

    Summer Brooks6 dagar sedan

    Josh does have a bit of girl side in him that we never knew of

  29. Caitlyn Grace

    Caitlyn Grace6 dagar sedan

    At the beginning I actually thought Josh’s was very decent well done josh 😂

  30. Moblie Boy

    Moblie Boy6 dagar sedan


  31. Alessandro Taylor

    Alessandro Taylor7 dagar sedan

    I heard James Charles is VERY aggressive Josh - 2019

  32. Angelina Pototskaia

    Angelina Pototskaia7 dagar sedan

    Harry actually looked kinda good

  33. Ben Lane

    Ben Lane7 dagar sedan

    harry being autistic: 0:00 3:51 4:42 10:01 13:03 17:48 19:20 20:35 20:48

  34. Angelina Pototskaia

    Angelina Pototskaia7 dagar sedan

    the question is how does Simon know how JJ does his lube...

  35. Emmy Brooke

    Emmy Brooke7 dagar sedan

    Slightly red of course

  36. Ruva Mutero

    Ruva Mutero8 dagar sedan

    who's here after calfreezy's video just to see harry 😂

  37. sukh k

    sukh k8 dagar sedan

    This video made me realize Harry is actually so beautiful

  38. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW8 dagar sedan

    Harry was so gassed for this

  39. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW8 dagar sedan

    Now how does Simon know how JJ does lube

  40. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW8 dagar sedan

    Josh does better makeup than me

  41. Jamie Sweet

    Jamie Sweet8 dagar sedan

    I bet makeup artist probably had clients like Harry at least once in their life.

  42. Emmy Brooke

    Emmy Brooke9 dagar sedan

    I wish Simon let ja spit on it

  43. Emmy Brooke

    Emmy Brooke9 dagar sedan

    Josh is James Charles 2.0 lol

  44. Lemme Alessio

    Lemme Alessio9 dagar sedan

    I love it how Vik is treated like a king and Simon is getting demolished.

  45. kai_anime

    kai_anime9 dagar sedan

    Let's go lazar beam is here

  46. Anvay Kudva

    Anvay Kudva9 dagar sedan

    i lost some brain cells after watching this video

  47. Exotic Moments

    Exotic Moments9 dagar sedan

    Damn it’s 😹

  48. Nemisis 007

    Nemisis 00710 dagar sedan

    Harry seems like he's in his element in this vid.

  49. Flika

    Flika10 dagar sedan

    Poor Toby T_T

  50. Old Chap

    Old Chap10 dagar sedan

    If Tobi was white he would win

  51. Cr7 Mes10

    Cr7 Mes1010 dagar sedan

    Here after calfreezy vid😂

  52. Sir Bennett

    Sir Bennett11 dagar sedan

    Anyone else here from freezy's latest vid!!!

  53. Poppy Carlisle

    Poppy Carlisle11 dagar sedan

    not me coming back to watch this video to see how “autistic” Harry was being because of the comment that was read out on Freezys channel lmao

  54. AMaZ0

    AMaZ06 timmar sedan

    what was the comment?

  55. Reilly Brown

    Reilly Brown5 dagar sedan

    HAHAHAHAH same

  56. Alicia Archibald

    Alicia Archibald5 dagar sedan

    Hahahahahahahaha double like

  57. Chromosome Waltz

    Chromosome Waltz6 dagar sedan


  58. Xd Pagsta20

    Xd Pagsta207 dagar sedan

    Same init

  59. Lucy Pearson

    Lucy Pearson11 dagar sedan

    Harry is actually so pretty tho 😂

  60. Adnan Lukman

    Adnan Lukman11 dagar sedan

    jj the best make up artist he is going to beat james charles he is very lucky that he got ksi

  61. Archie jay

    Archie jay12 dagar sedan

    Harry is legit sick his make up doesn't bang lol

  62. not okay

    not okay13 dagar sedan

    Simon: "my trousers are getting ruined, I'm doing it in my pants" Americans: wha- whaatt??

  63. Welsh Gaming

    Welsh Gaming15 dagar sedan

    is it a coincidence that this video is 7 months old and Harry hasnt uploaded in 7 months? did it waken something up in the lad lol

  64. Shadow Claw

    Shadow Claw17 dagar sedan

    Not gonna lie Harry looks wonderful 😗

  65. Jumbo Jiblet

    Jumbo Jiblet17 dagar sedan

    Poor Simon 😂

  66. AshtonDubZ

    AshtonDubZ17 dagar sedan


  67. Oliver Tree Is A Scooter God

    Oliver Tree Is A Scooter God18 dagar sedan

    Harry was low key beautiful

  68. Lone wolf Clipzx

    Lone wolf Clipzx19 dagar sedan

    Tobi looks like rock Lee from naruto

  69. Keith Teng

    Keith Teng19 dagar sedan

    I saw Lazarbeam

  70. Keith Teng

    Keith Teng19 dagar sedan


  71. Jaymir Bergrok

    Jaymir Bergrok21 dag sedan

    jj is so damn good in makeup

  72. Parsa Rathernotsay

    Parsa Rathernotsay22 dagar sedan

    Damn the heck Josh is very surprisingly good at this. Surely he's practiced before

  73. haha haha

    haha haha22 dagar sedan

    20:35 19:20

  74. Yasmin Gonzalez

    Yasmin Gonzalez22 dagar sedan


  75. Mouza alghafli

    Mouza alghafli23 dagar sedan

    OH GOD

  76. Stinky Cheese 902

    Stinky Cheese 90223 dagar sedan

    Why do I wanna see a James Charles and sidemen collab a year later?

  77. Shohzad Dhillon

    Shohzad Dhillon23 dagar sedan

    The amount of memes on jj's reddit if he had done makeup

  78. a dank llama

    a dank llama24 dagar sedan

    flashbacks to the first sidemen video when they did the face painting challenge :O

  79. Russell Mcerlain

    Russell Mcerlain24 dagar sedan

    Toby: does a 69 joke Sdmn: don’t get it Toby: follows on with Kai his African bro

  80. Nxtty

    Nxtty24 dagar sedan

    poor vikk

  81. Thomas wubalem

    Thomas wubalem25 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsey reacts to bad food/chefs James Charles reacts to bad makeup/artist

  82. Taylor Elise

    Taylor Elise28 dagar sedan

    Man I really wish jj tried

  83. Katelijn Hovestad

    Katelijn Hovestad29 dagar sedan

    Harry and josh were so into it and its pretty adorable ngl

  84. Amy and Grace

    Amy and GraceMånad sedan

    I think jj Did the best job

  85. Amy and Grace

    Amy and GraceMånad sedan

    Harry be complaining meanwhile Vick not complaining at all 😂😂😂

  86. Help me get to 100 subs pls

    Help me get to 100 subs plsMånad sedan

    I love it when Lannan,Cray and Elliot are on Sidemen

  87. Flacon

    FlaconMånad sedan

    This is the biggest flop in sidemen’s history.

  88. Flacon

    Flacon3 dagar sedan

    @Grapes this video is so bad the idea, execution it’s just a big massive L

  89. Grapes

    Grapes4 dagar sedan


  90. 0fNature

    0fNatureMånad sedan


  91. hadi salloukh

    hadi salloukhMånad sedan

    Simon look like Pennywise 😂

  92. Jamaicans Try

    Jamaicans TryMånad sedan

    Harry is such a Queen I love it loool

  93. Ollie Chilvers

    Ollie ChilversMånad sedan

    Ethans on the sofa in jj scene

  94. Holly Littlejohns

    Holly LittlejohnsMånad sedan

    Josh is so good at makeup! Why is no one mentioning that 😮

  95. Yo Mum

    Yo MumMånad sedan

    9:56 wtf

  96. Tianna Pethybridge

    Tianna PethybridgeMånad sedan

    When simon kissed JJ

  97. Jurassic World gamer

    Jurassic World gamerMånad sedan

    Harry:actually looking good Tobi:clown Simon:tribal warlord...

  98. Priyanka Rudra

    Priyanka RudraMånad sedan

    Why does Simon look like 2000s Jeffree Star after at 10:00

  99. -__-

    -__-Månad sedan

    Why is Josh so good at makeup

  100. Umer Balghari

    Umer BalghariMånad sedan

    fam made tobi looking like an african angry bird

  101. Caitlin Little

    Caitlin LittleMånad sedan

    I can't get over how pretty Harry looks wtf

  102. ms bs

    ms bsMånad sedan

    Seems like two is better than four!

  103. Tea With Seabear

    Tea With SeabearMånad sedan

    Josh did so well😂

  104. Drippy

    DrippyMånad sedan

    Imagine James Charles commented on this video!😂

  105. Saahil Pahilajani

    Saahil PahilajaniMånad sedan

    Harry: Now time for the white right? Me: Bet he's said that before. LOL

  106. wldn

    wldnMånad sedan

    tobi looks like he wants to die

  107. DvDplayer

    DvDplayerMånad sedan

    just randomlly picked a part of the video ( 14:38 ) and... ffs jj