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  1. Theresa H

    Theresa H8 timmar sedan

    homie really said no flash photography cuz fish cant blink

  2. Angelina Pototskaia

    Angelina Pototskaia21 timme sedan

    Biology lessons with JJ "technically a horse is just a big dog" 😂

  3. RobloxplayerBacon 123

    RobloxplayerBacon 123Dag sedan

    That Spanish guy said u sucked u mum off


    DANYAL BUTTDag sedan

    18:07 well that didn't end well.

  5. Huell Babineaux

    Huell BabineauxDag sedan

    Wtf is Simon wearing 😂

  6. Robbie Cringles

    Robbie Cringles2 dagar sedan

    Just realised ethan have the fan his jumper 😂😂 class

  7. Abdi Qni bokor

    Abdi Qni bokor2 dagar sedan

    Are we going to ignore that Simon and JJ didn't find someone with sidemen merch, Simon took off his t-shirt and told a random person to wear it lol

  8. Ayan Das

    Ayan Das3 dagar sedan

    JJ lookin like Han Solo on Hoth

  9. Shussassin

    Shussassin3 dagar sedan

    45:51 This did not age well

  10. Baldeep Singh

    Baldeep Singh4 dagar sedan

    That yellow plush was in jj pants check sidemen football (christmas)

  11. Estevan Ruvalcaba

    Estevan Ruvalcaba5 dagar sedan

    I swear sidemen videos can be watched so many times over and over again and never get boring

  12. Tawfiq AlKhoury

    Tawfiq AlKhoury5 dagar sedan

    sidemen to 10mil

  13. Duccer

    Duccer7 dagar sedan

    If u do this in order it’ll have 20 mil views honestly

  14. Andrew Reilly

    Andrew Reilly8 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who say the girl on ethans phone

  15. Naveed Akhtar

    Naveed Akhtar8 dagar sedan

    Y was tobi and josh mic glitched for some time

  16. Ewan Angus

    Ewan Angus8 dagar sedan

    I got a c in spanish 😂😂 Cheers lad

  17. Antonio Jackson

    Antonio Jackson9 dagar sedan


  18. JenCath

    JenCath9 dagar sedan

    did Simon actually take his shirt off??

  19. Damion Sammut

    Damion Sammut9 dagar sedan

    Simon said josh is the snake... I think JJ is

  20. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW10 dagar sedan

    I love all of their excitement when they find something

  21. Ciaran

    Ciaran10 dagar sedan

    37:32 They all pointed in different directions.

  22. Thomas Weingraber

    Thomas Weingraber11 dagar sedan

    Josh just pisses me off

  23. anxietylazer

    anxietylazer11 dagar sedan

    11:43 that's Mexican

  24. Sean Ivan

    Sean Ivan13 dagar sedan

    bez " I know sharks fam!" " is that a shark? :)

  25. A J G O L D Y 10

    A J G O L D Y 1014 dagar sedan

    46:55 not to be rude but I’ve never seen a man so skinny

  26. Marick Baronet

    Marick Baronet17 dagar sedan

    Shut up vik

  27. Oliver Donahue

    Oliver Donahue17 dagar sedan

    Bruh....Simon dapped up slender man....crazy

  28. AJ EPIC 10

    AJ EPIC 1020 dagar sedan

    37:32 love how they all point different ways

  29. Ninja Warrior

    Ninja Warrior22 dagar sedan

    ethan: which way are they? harry, vik and ethan: all point different ways

  30. ThatZupergamer 1

    ThatZupergamer 123 dagar sedan

    37:32 They all point different directions XD

  31. Jadon Xiong

    Jadon Xiong23 dagar sedan

    I swear to God both Josh and Tobi wasn't there early they were cheating by making time for to come back bruh.

  32. Anja Gemini

    Anja Gemini28 dagar sedan

    I don't care what anyone says, TOBI IS ADORABLE

  33. Brandon Heary

    Brandon HearyMånad sedan

    JJ and Simon having fun while the others are sweating

  34. Jon Snow

    Jon SnowMånad sedan


  35. Sarah Hussain

    Sarah HussainMånad sedan

    How corona virus spread 39:32

  36. rachelle delorme

    rachelle delormeMånad sedan

    Tobi from 15:00 - 16:08 is me everytime I’m drunk

  37. Massimo Fiori

    Massimo FioriMånad sedan

    Well spoken slang cracks me up

  38. ayman mahgob

    ayman mahgobMånad sedan

    the intro music?

  39. ayman mahgob

    ayman mahgobMånad sedan

    What the music used in the vid mate? I need to know

  40. Vidhyam Doshi

    Vidhyam DoshiMånad sedan

    I love how Tobi wanted the stuffed animal so eagerly

  41. Claudio

    ClaudioMånad sedan

    31:45 Josh in NPK ends jeez

  42. Tyler Brown

    Tyler BrownMånad sedan

    Didn't ask.

  43. Tea With Seabear

    Tea With SeabearMånad sedan

    JJ: “Aye look it’s a bunch of Viks” AYO BRUH🤣🤣🤣

  44. Owen 4602

    Owen 4602Månad sedan

    That dude did an original song he could copyright them later😳

  45. Jiyuun Huli-jing

    Jiyuun Huli-jingMånad sedan

    43:21 "Theres a bunch of Vik's" 😂😂😂 and daaamn they really do look like him HAHA

  46. SuperiorLeaf99

    SuperiorLeaf99Månad sedan

    never set anything on fire before Ethan I've seen my friend se their hair on fire and I've set something on fire a lot

  47. Jhakoo 0401

    Jhakoo 0401Månad sedan

    Never seen someone so excited to see dogshit

  48. rhiannon conn

    rhiannon connMånad sedan

    *simon talks in spanish* *jj* say more words....

  49. Katie Tiller

    Katie TillerMånad sedan

    tobi is the cutest thing and especially when he gets super shy

  50. jjo appiah

    jjo appiahMånad sedan

    Happy birthday harry

  51. jjo appiah

    jjo appiahMånad sedan

    Happy birthday

  52. Young Santa

    Young SantaMånad sedan

    17:02 bruh I'm dying watching them hyped for founding a dogshit 😂

  53. Shray

    ShrayMånad sedan

    vik is fine with anyone on his team apart from jj

  54. Slavi Ot The Clasher

    Slavi Ot The ClasherMånad sedan

    JJ and Simon's Vikk was the best

  55. Ky @CESC

    Ky @CESCMånad sedan

    37.32 they all pointed a different way

  56. Penny Albritton

    Penny AlbrittonMånad sedan

    thats funny

  57. Katelijn Hovestad

    Katelijn Hovestad2 månader sedan

    Ethan talking about how much he loves sharks was the most wholesome part

  58. Kansastea Goolio

    Kansastea Goolio2 månader sedan

    Simon was telling the truth this whole time 18:09

  59. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear2 månader sedan

    Is it just me that vik talks a lot

  60. Umar Ahmer

    Umar Ahmer2 månader sedan

    Where are the vik lookalikes in the video ?

  61. 2500 subscribers without any video challenge

    2500 subscribers without any video challenge2 månader sedan

    Vik: this clip cost 300 pounds.. Also vik: buy sidemenclothing meanwhile pointing on head 😂

  62. 2500 subscribers without any video challenge

    2500 subscribers without any video challenge2 månader sedan

    Lol 5:32 i bet josh wanted to run into that club 😂😂

  63. Mr. Meme

    Mr. Meme2 månader sedan

    3:48 did he just do a Jay from TGF impression looool

  64. Mr Titan 69

    Mr Titan 692 månader sedan

    Not bad español sidemen

  65. Burls

    Burls2 månader sedan

    VIK said he be the busker if he didn’t find SEtoos but he’d probably be some top scientist

  66. Kuratsaki

    Kuratsaki2 månader sedan

    Ахахах респект камерамену с России

  67. NatTurtle Gaming

    NatTurtle Gaming2 månader sedan

    11:03 😂😂😂

  68. Tommy Swift

    Tommy Swift2 månader sedan

    37:32 that all pointed different directions🤣😂🤣😂

  69. A 25 Dixit Parth

    A 25 Dixit Parth2 månader sedan

    JJ got exited on seeing wet paint as crime scene!

  70. Yxng Cxm

    Yxng Cxm2 månader sedan


  71. goose _

    goose _2 månader sedan

    yeeees the one time i can flex in the sidemen. last year at a dive show i won a dive in the shark tank. they can feed them but i swam with them lol

  72. Poppy Harlow

    Poppy Harlow2 månader sedan

    I love how JJ just screamed "Ay yo it's a bunch of Viks," and then proceeded to intensely eye every single one to find the optimal specimen

  73. Gstar

    Gstar2 månader sedan

    45:20 pause right here and see for yourself 😂😂😂😂🤣

  74. PlanetYTP [ YouTube Comedy ]

    PlanetYTP [ YouTube Comedy ]2 månader sedan

    37:31 That way!

  75. Amelia Russell

    Amelia Russell2 månader sedan

    The way Tobi says sorry to Con for not buying him a ticket. He’s so wholesome🥺

  76. 54JOLTZ

    54JOLTZ2 månader sedan

    39:49 Ignore this comment it's just where im up to

  77. CoolKidSeb

    CoolKidSeb2 månader sedan


  78. Rotten Twinkie

    Rotten Twinkie2 månader sedan

    If the world didn’t have google maps 37:31

  79. OhLordyG

    OhLordyG2 månader sedan

    18:07 this is where it all started

  80. Young Beast

    Young Beast2 månader sedan

    By this point in 2020 I have given up hope and watched every sidemen video 3 times at least

  81. ThePhoenix

    ThePhoenix2 månader sedan

    31:27, just leavin a timestamp for where I left off lol

  82. Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot

    Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot2 månader sedan

    35:29 literally a 5ft shark “geez that’s a big boy” Bondi rescue (Australians): “a sharks been spotted” “how big is it” “oh only a 9footer”

  83. Whore

    Whore2 månader sedan


  84. Niall Stringfellow

    Niall Stringfellow2 månader sedan

    This has as many views as subs... insane

  85. MJarjue

    MJarjue2 månader sedan

    42:27 wys brooo

  86. Mudhaffar Adhwa

    Mudhaffar Adhwa2 månader sedan

    I love how each north, south, east and west of a big city has its own personality For example, west London is posh I'm from Jakarta and where I'm from South Jakarta is the posh area

  87. NerdPlayz 1

    NerdPlayz 12 månader sedan

    Spanish dude: is explaining how he got divorced. JJ: SSSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  88. Mudhaffar Adhwa

    Mudhaffar Adhwa2 månader sedan

    For real?

  89. Brendan Streat

    Brendan Streat2 månader sedan

    Okay but I want ethans jacket. Lol anyone know where it’s from?

  90. Mallory Anderson

    Mallory Anderson2 månader sedan

    I was wondering about the same but with Simons jacket😂

  91. StaR Dust

    StaR Dust2 månader sedan


  92. StaR Dust

    StaR Dust2 månader sedan


  93. gamer husnija

    gamer husnija2 månader sedan

    Wait if they find a broken window thats also a crime scene they could list of two

  94. Sarang

    Sarang2 månader sedan

    in this simon says jj is 5'11 18:07

  95. Archit Aggarwal

    Archit Aggarwal2 månader sedan

    18:09 NO ONE:... JJ : " IM SiX foOt "

  96. Ben Moreira

    Ben Moreira3 månader sedan

    I swear that lion statue josh and tobi went to is the same one JJ grinded on in the Get Hyper video

  97. Jack Cross

    Jack Cross3 månader sedan

    Which way are they: *points three different directions

  98. marie Rimac

    marie Rimac3 månader sedan

    Tobi at 12:25 saying look both ways before crossing is such a small thing but means he’s a real friend he cares for their safety 🥺 we love a careful and caring man ❤️

  99. Itimad Ilyas

    Itimad Ilyas3 månader sedan

    A horse is just a big dog. Omfg

  100. tati’s toilet seat

    tati’s toilet seat3 månader sedan

    51:30 - the way harry said it was adorable I DONT KNOW WHY

  101. Chloe McGrath

    Chloe McGrath3 månader sedan

    5:36 the way tobi runs and says 'we need dis' naw

  102. Sijan Thapa

    Sijan Thapa3 månader sedan