A montage of all our 2018's Best Sidemen Sunday moments - Sidemen Sundays will resume properly from next week onwards! #SidemenSunday
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:


  1. Taylen;behrent Behrent

    Taylen;behrent Behrent6 timmar sedan

    we still want to know what vik said

  2. Victoria Beautyman

    Victoria BeautymanDag sedan


  3. Zakaria Abdussamad

    Zakaria AbdussamadDag sedan

    literally 90% of the clips are either jj or harry

  4. Endish

    EndishDag sedan

    1:43 the only thing i really pay attention to is how far Ethan has gotten and im really proud of him

  5. Reyvenn_

    Reyvenn_2 dagar sedan

    2:03 bangafied

  6. Alexander Hughes

    Alexander Hughes3 dagar sedan

    14:22 the look on Ethan’s face is priceless

  7. Max Tijsmans

    Max Tijsmans3 dagar sedan

    9:59this is too much to handle harry

  8. Bryan MK

    Bryan MK5 dagar sedan


  9. Charlotte Pitts

    Charlotte Pitts5 dagar sedan

    Harry’s diss at the end was honestly the greatest rap of all time 😂🙌🏻🙌🏻

  10. mustafa omer

    mustafa omer7 dagar sedan


  11. Chelle Eve

    Chelle Eve7 dagar sedan

    4:35 (one of my favourite part for future reference) JME’s name tag: ☁️ ☁️ 💪👨💪 ☁️ ☁️ ✨ ☁️ 𝑱 𝑴 𝑬 ☁️ ✨ JME: I was inspired by josh Josh’s name tag: 𝖩 𝖮 𝖲 𝖧

  12. SniperSd Sid

    SniperSd Sid7 dagar sedan

    Chav is from romania but the English chav made it sorta better and and more richer with clothing's ! .

  13. I-Sprayy24-7

    I-Sprayy24-79 dagar sedan

    What did Harry say in the first clip

  14. Emanuel Santamaria

    Emanuel Santamaria9 dagar sedan

    When Vik Screams wtf is that while sitting on JJ’s laps i can’t 😂😂

  15. Cristy Wray

    Cristy Wray12 dagar sedan

    Harry as a dis track ready

  16. Msaas

    Msaas13 dagar sedan

    1:24 that went from 0 to 100 in a SECOND

  17. Harry Seccomb

    Harry Seccomb14 dagar sedan

    foodie beauty

  18. RideExpedition

    RideExpedition14 dagar sedan

    "Oh *shes* a woman"

  19. Sofia Bradshaw

    Sofia Bradshaw14 dagar sedan

    9:54 just commenting this for myself

  20. Sofia Bradshaw

    Sofia Bradshaw14 dagar sedan

    and 11:00


    BEAST GAMER16 dagar sedan

    Tom Tom? *Me dying from laughter

  22. Joe Myers

    Joe Myers19 dagar sedan

    Vik got the scouter for jj and he stole 90k of him ;-;

  23. Dr_Fill

    Dr_Fill20 dagar sedan

    That Wakanda Forever hits different now 😢

  24. Musta Ka Idle

    Musta Ka Idle20 dagar sedan

    What does a "ting from barking" mean

  25. jonas

    jonas23 dagar sedan


  26. Nikki S

    Nikki SMånad sedan

    Whats 32:14 from?

  27. Tom Park

    Tom Park23 dagar sedan

    Sidemen Movie Trailer

  28. Gregory Kim Ishii

    Gregory Kim IshiiMånad sedan

    Aye fam this video's uploaded on my birthday lmao

  29. Tro ller

    Tro llerMånad sedan

    Remember when fat ethan was a thing?

  30. ApilashTV

    ApilashTVMånad sedan

    20:00 what was that hahaha

  31. Boonie Boonelius Bavardo

    Boonie Boonelius BavardoMånad sedan

    Harry cuts himself Harry:OWWWWWWWWW

  32. Dip KoO

    Dip KoOMånad sedan

    Two 15 second ad without skip

  33. Amethyst _TMY

    Amethyst _TMYMånad sedan

    46:03 hearing it flopping around made me ✨u n c o m f y✨

  34. Tea With Seabear

    Tea With SeabearMånad sedan

    Simon, Josh, & JJ running🤣 🏃🏻 🏃🏻 🏃🏿

  35. CoLniX

    CoLniXMånad sedan

    they really do bully vik but he one of thee richest now

  36. Combat Meerkat

    Combat MeerkatMånad sedan

    I never thought I would witness a pro anit-christmas santa 😂

  37. Mohsina Rahman

    Mohsina RahmanMånad sedan

    32:20 which video is this from ?

  38. Kane Williams

    Kane WilliamsMånad sedan

    Sidemen trailer

  39. Rahul Deepak

    Rahul DeepakMånad sedan

    6:34: RIP chadwick

  40. Tweaks Lmao

    Tweaks LmaoMånad sedan

    29:50 😂😂😂😂

  41. Pratham Kotarya

    Pratham KotaryaMånad sedan

    41:35 jjs all out😂

  42. Kane Williams

    Kane WilliamsMånad sedan

    I’d shag

  43. Pratham Kotarya

    Pratham KotaryaMånad sedan

    5:25 perfect couple

  44. Việt Đăng Nguyễn

    Việt Đăng NguyễnMånad sedan

    1:31:40 the last clip is a treasure

  45. Lexiaa Forever

    Lexiaa ForeverMånad sedan

    Y’all saying how much weight Ethan has lost but I’m glad Josh has too ! Let’s cheer him on too ‼️😊

  46. GRIPEr

    GRIPErMånad sedan

    6:34 RIP

  47. ꧁Sniedge꧂

    ꧁Sniedge꧂Månad sedan

    7:50 and E, hoe seller

  48. Flyx on Sticks

    Flyx on SticksMånad sedan


  49. Sylas Courchene

    Sylas CourcheneMånad sedan

    “How’s your sister”, “hows your mother, heard she lost some weight”. lmfao never insult harry

  50. Tino

    TinoMånad sedan

    what was that at 19:50

  51. Anton Andersen

    Anton AndersenMånad sedan

    6:37 can we take a minute silence for Chadwick. R.I.P

  52. Kane Williams

    Kane WilliamsMånad sedan


  53. Spanakopitaki_Fc

    Spanakopitaki_FcMånad sedan

    Wakanda forever 😞

  54. Bzilzy on mobile

    Bzilzy on mobileMånad sedan

    They should do sidemen hide and seek in the catacombs it will be funny watching them die because they get stuck for the rest if they’re lives :D

  55. Luke Fitzsimons

    Luke FitzsimonsMånad sedan

    Who's watching after Chadwick Boseman died. RIP Wakanda Forever

  56. Jonesyboi

    JonesyboiMånad sedan

    JJ is where he belongs.. in a cage. killed me haha

  57. Lachlan Markert

    Lachlan Markert2 månader sedan

    I was u 10 mill viewer

  58. Arti Buqani

    Arti Buqani2 månader sedan

    16:35 can someone tell me the video title.

  59. Slatt

    SlattMånad sedan

    The sidemen movie trailer

  60. Darkwinner6

    Darkwinner62 månader sedan

    guys watch this video and pls share its about the new vs old ksi:@2B5M

  61. Shahan Islam

    Shahan Islam2 månader sedan

    What was in Vicks hand tho

  62. dabdab 931

    dabdab 9312 månader sedan

    I love it when they are hyped about a little scratch

  63. The Crazy Inventor

    The Crazy Inventor2 månader sedan

    how hasn't this got 10 m views already

  64. Brad the lad

    Brad the lad2 månader sedan

    Can we take a moment to remember how a spicy chip did more damage to JJ than logan paul did lmao

  65. Max is a qt pie

    Max is a qt pie2 månader sedan

    1:01:57 childhood flashback lmao

  66. Max is a qt pie

    Max is a qt pie2 månader sedan

    The fuking tennis racket lmao

  67. Jack Thomas

    Jack Thomas2 månader sedan

    10:00 the piggy got out

  68. Vestock

    Vestock2 månader sedan

    Everyone before u see the rest have a look at Ksi donating to charity 🙏🙏 such a humble guy 46:05

  69. Wallie Wallie

    Wallie Wallie2 månader sedan

    fix the sound

  70. Glo

    Glo2 månader sedan

    Seeing this makes me glad they’re nice to Vik and Ethan

  71. Time stamp terry’s Dad

    Time stamp terry’s Dad2 månader sedan

    14:43 he picked 4 because it was the age he was diagnosed with cancer

  72. Tyler Tracey

    Tyler Tracey2 månader sedan

    22.58 is that real

  73. Voso Koro

    Voso Koro2 månader sedan

    55:06 Simon and Josh killing it

  74. Aurthur Kirksburgh

    Aurthur Kirksburgh2 månader sedan

    Jme: I was inspired by Josh Josh: “J O S H*

  75. DearVids

    DearVids2 månader sedan


  76. Zaynab Najafi

    Zaynab Najafi2 månader sedan

    I keep forgetting that fat Ethan and now Ethan are the same people

  77. Gamer in a Gas mask

    Gamer in a Gas mask2 månader sedan

    1:33:17hillarious moment

  78. Vanessa

    Vanessa2 månader sedan

    oh woah is his girlfriend still nia pickering?

  79. Wyatt Kolm

    Wyatt Kolm2 månader sedan

    petition for santa jj at 5:10 to be a mall santa

  80. RUSH_Rewind

    RUSH_Rewind2 månader sedan

    Harry sounds like a pterodactyl

  81. Patrick Britain-Booth

    Patrick Britain-Booth2 månader sedan

    there is no way jj was being serious:i thinks its Zoella

  82. WINKY

    WINKY2 månader sedan

    Omg josh had lost a bunch of face fat


    VOLT SPORTS2 månader sedan

    How much simp looks Josh when laughing ( at the beginning of the video ) . I want all the world like this. Being happy and laughing lmao

  84. 0fNature

    0fNature2 månader sedan

    to be honest idk why I watched this whole thing

  85. Kaden Cornfield

    Kaden Cornfield2 månader sedan

    Ethan does a good squat

  86. _OneManArmy_

    _OneManArmy_2 månader sedan

    1:09:39 Missed it boys, or is it alright if JJ says it lol

  87. pedrofross

    pedrofross3 månader sedan

    90% of the video is harry and jj

  88. TURNERda kangaroo

    TURNERda kangaroo3 månader sedan

    i feel soooooooooooo bad for vik

  89. Marcella

    Marcella3 månader sedan

    0:33 what did vikk say?

  90. Lowry TV

    Lowry TV3 månader sedan

    5:05 I have never seen that video dear god I died laughing XD

  91. Cablazn Gaming

    Cablazn Gaming3 månader sedan

    Music on 2:12 ?

  92. Mr. Herbert

    Mr. Herbert3 månader sedan

    Im from denmark ;0

  93. Adam McRae

    Adam McRae3 månader sedan

    there was 100% something amazing in that blacked out bag

  94. Phrog

    Phrog3 månader sedan

    Best part 50:53 *Thank me later*

  95. GDSN 511

    GDSN 5113 månader sedan

    Josh as also lost weight


    HERCOGS3 månader sedan

    Pause at 5:27 the cutest couple ever

  97. Xavier Tearetoa

    Xavier Tearetoa3 månader sedan


  98. I3IG_venom 1

    I3IG_venom 13 månader sedan

    11:50 the ebola strikes agen

  99. Adam Mooney

    Adam Mooney3 månader sedan

    Notice how tobi, the only other black guy, took out guns first

  100. DRACO _

    DRACO _3 månader sedan

    Me when Ethan gets bodied

  101. MollyyS

    MollyyS3 månader sedan

    Wait what did vikk say lol at the start?!

  102. maddiexeditss

    maddiexeditss3 månader sedan

    They should’ve had the time JJ said *”wAlLaHi”*

  103. Cobra

    Cobra3 månader sedan

    What did vik say in the second clip?

  104. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda3 månader sedan

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  105. ljcurlyfries :D

    ljcurlyfries :D3 månader sedan

    Anyone else what that was at 19:54

  106. karl emil freitag-rungstrøm

    karl emil freitag-rungstrøm3 månader sedan

    What is in the box at 19:55?