The return of Sidemen Football challenges!
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Josh Lewis:
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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  1. Aidin Custovic

    Aidin Custovic3 timmar sedan

    I’m sorry vik but u don’t deserve to be in a the sidemen

  2. Lydia Lewis

    Lydia Lewis5 timmar sedan

    Its a draw Simon cheated Lol 😂

  3. Aresenal_ Marionette

    Aresenal_ Marionette22 timmar sedan

    Harry is the worst.

  4. wizz

    wizz23 timmar sedan

    Name of the beat at 8:26 anyone ?

  5. Tom Connolly

    Tom Connolly23 timmar sedan

    Song at 08:05?

  6. ᄋᄉᄋ K I E A N O

    ᄋᄉᄋ K I E A N ODag sedan

    11:03 this ball just made Ethan look like the whole circus

  7. Tyler Cully

    Tyler CullyDag sedan

    since when was vikk good and jj a pro keeper

  8. Nyah Taurima

    Nyah TaurimaDag sedan

    is josh (Harry’s brother) okay? he literally jumped in the opposite direction to which the ball was coming ahah

  9. TARUN

    TARUN2 dagar sedan

    that dude is actually wearing a lingard jersey🤦‍♂️

  10. ox seshann

    ox seshann2 dagar sedan

    Still babatunde is a legendary keeper

  11. Korbin Tidwell

    Korbin Tidwell2 dagar sedan

    every time Harry had a Goalie they where trash and JJ was going tryhard

  12. Unknown Paradox

    Unknown Paradox3 dagar sedan

    8:02 damn

  13. Glixch

    Glixch3 dagar sedan


  14. Alex Pillsbury

    Alex Pillsbury3 dagar sedan

    Why can’t Harry be with them

  15. G rover

    G rover3 dagar sedan

    Yoooo KSI is sick in goal!

  16. TheMassiveTank

    TheMassiveTank3 dagar sedan

    What’s the song called at 13:14

  17. Rizo Mala

    Rizo Mala3 dagar sedan


  18. itisbebo

    itisbebo3 dagar sedan

    JJ is an unreal gk

  19. itisbebo

    itisbebo3 dagar sedan

    harry is an amazing brother he supports his brother all the time

  20. E

    E3 dagar sedan


  21. diego ruiz

    diego ruiz3 dagar sedan

    I love Tobi. Ur canceled that’s two yellows that’s a red. IT CAME BACK!! 7:40

  22. Asan Siva

    Asan Siva3 dagar sedan

    4:02 the fact that he said adidas and says Nikes moto 😂😂😂

  23. Oisin Sheehan

    Oisin Sheehan3 dagar sedan

    JJ my new goalie he's not bad

  24. a.e plays

    a.e plays3 dagar sedan

    Kinda wanted w2s to win

  25. jay katikano

    jay katikano3 dagar sedan

    Ksi is better than keppa

  26. Nugget Productions

    Nugget Productions4 dagar sedan

    Ksi is a pretty good goal keeper

  27. Mohammed Alireza

    Mohammed Alireza4 dagar sedan

    Because he all ways wears lingard

  28. Mohammed Alireza

    Mohammed Alireza4 dagar sedan

    Does w2s brother support Man Utd

  29. Skydust

    Skydust4 dagar sedan

    Harrys brother is a trash goalkeeper

  30. darthsampo

    darthsampo4 dagar sedan

    jj mvp

  31. Trap Music Nation

    Trap Music Nation4 dagar sedan

    We gonna ignore the fact that tobi said adidas just do it when it’s Nike motto.

  32. Mitchell Touma

    Mitchell Touma4 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or is just the next goat at keeper


    MADMACKS4 dagar sedan

    1:34 it actually didnt hit go in slowmo

  34. Exotic Clipz

    Exotic Clipz4 dagar sedan

    Anyone notice when tobi said adidas just do it but just do it is nike

  35. Tommy Gilheaney

    Tommy Gilheaney4 dagar sedan

    jj diving for the ball. meanwhile josh looks at the ball go in

  36. Saad Bilal

    Saad Bilal5 dagar sedan

    To be honest, Harry’s brother looks older then him

  37. O Coropijnita

    O Coropijnita5 dagar sedan

    Love vik's lack of athleticism lol

  38. Alisterzxx

    Alisterzxx5 dagar sedan

    5:15 anyone know the song?

  39. Billy Chambers

    Billy Chambers5 dagar sedan

    Dang Tobi has gotten so better

  40. Mitch Patterson

    Mitch Patterson5 dagar sedan


  41. Stevan Billingsley

    Stevan Billingsley5 dagar sedan

    The sidemen cheated

  42. SR Effxctz

    SR Effxctz6 dagar sedan

    Who else misses them play soccer

  43. Jessairo Fonseca

    Jessairo Fonseca6 dagar sedan

    Simon and Tobi are amazing

  44. Gxo George

    Gxo George6 dagar sedan

    7:28 his face

  45. Isabelle Silva

    Isabelle Silva6 dagar sedan

    Josh is better than Harry

  46. Jordan Stewart

    Jordan Stewart6 dagar sedan

    JJ the new Black Goalie

  47. ITZZ TAY

    ITZZ TAY6 dagar sedan


  48. LegSpider

    LegSpider6 dagar sedan

    Josh (Harry's brother) is better than Harry lol

  49. Fghgy Gugug

    Fghgy Gugug7 dagar sedan

    Harry’s dad and brother kinda suck as goalies

  50. Fghgy Gugug

    Fghgy Gugug7 dagar sedan

    I like how tobi is always so exited when it comes to playing sports

  51. Dazerk

    Dazerk7 dagar sedan

    Jj is insain


    AMAZINGLY RANDOM7 dagar sedan

    JJ diving just makes all the shots look even better


    CGV WIPER7 dagar sedan


  54. Christian Smith

    Christian Smith7 dagar sedan

    Dylan Dicker Burgess

  55. JD Peffers

    JD Peffers7 dagar sedan

    Why are we not acknowledging that Harry was way closer to the goal in every event?

  56. De Gekke Voetballers

    De Gekke Voetballers6 dagar sedan

    I saw but didn’t comment and I don’t know why

  57. Karim

    Karim8 dagar sedan

    The fact that a 11 year old can shoot harder then vik bothers me

  58. Harry The gamer0203

    Harry The gamer02038 dagar sedan

    Bestclub ever

  59. Andrè Rahaman

    Andrè Rahaman8 dagar sedan

    Thats unfair

  60. Hannah Anderson

    Hannah Anderson9 dagar sedan

    Just do it is Nike u nice Christian man

  61. David Cankalp

    David Cankalp9 dagar sedan

    Tobi: Adidas ”just do it” Its Nike ”just do it”

  62. Marvin Cannon

    Marvin Cannon7 dagar sedan

    It's a joke

  63. The Meme Dump

    The Meme Dump9 dagar sedan

    Why didn't they just air dribble musty flick top bins? That's like impossible to save

  64. JohnX

    JohnX9 dagar sedan

    How the feck didnt i find this video

  65. Michael Dukes

    Michael Dukes9 dagar sedan

    I never noticed Toni saying ADIDAS, just do it 😂

  66. fofo beak

    fofo beak9 dagar sedan

    Can we just like this comment because of harry's dad what a nice guy

  67. RISHEE is7

    RISHEE is79 dagar sedan

    The ball doesnt want VIK to score 21:00 🤣

  68. RISHEE is7

    RISHEE is79 dagar sedan

    To be honest harry should have won the direct corner because the sidemen's goal was very far so it's easy to score but harry's goal was so near so I will consider harry won that round And also sidemen took 13 chances

  69. david toth

    david toth10 dagar sedan

    whats the song name when is saying yeah aha?

  70. Nase-karma YT

    Nase-karma YT10 dagar sedan

    Adidas just do it aha it’s Nike

  71. Doomscizor YT

    Doomscizor YT10 dagar sedan

    Damn tobi’s is the bomb

  72. vb

    vb10 dagar sedan

    Vik ruined the video tbh

  73. MixerYT

    MixerYT11 dagar sedan

    omg i didnt know that tobi had so much skill

  74. Aaryan Zaman

    Aaryan Zaman11 dagar sedan

    Jj > Prime Neuer

  75. TheOnlyOne1 HD

    TheOnlyOne1 HD11 dagar sedan

    8:15 :O Tobi's goal :O

  76. Jake MCARDLE

    Jake MCARDLE11 dagar sedan

    I don’t know who’s better Toby or Harry #w2s

  77. Danny Burns

    Danny Burns11 dagar sedan

    Prodigal Ball!

  78. M2S

    M2S12 dagar sedan

    Harrys brother has to play in the sidemen Charity match if there is one anyways

  79. M2S

    M2S12 dagar sedan

    We found a backup goalie for liverpool

  80. Jake MCARDLE

    Jake MCARDLE11 dagar sedan


  81. Evander Herbert

    Evander Herbert12 dagar sedan

    Tobi: Adidas, just do it Me:Bruh

  82. Nyasha Timire

    Nyasha Timire13 dagar sedan

    Whose here in October just browsing through the sidemen channel in Lockdown

  83. Akhdan Fidzli

    Akhdan Fidzli13 dagar sedan

    21:46 PANNA!!!!

  84. bruh 09idiot

    bruh 09idiot14 dagar sedan

    8:00 one of the best goals that sidemen ever seen

  85. mohammad jassem

    mohammad jassem14 dagar sedan

    This is funny

  86. Naman Kumar

    Naman Kumar14 dagar sedan

    I can't beleive i watched this video 3 months ago

  87. Alex Kavanagh

    Alex Kavanagh14 dagar sedan

    Is Harry still in sidemen

  88. Kwamen Waters

    Kwamen Waters14 dagar sedan

    Tobi: AdIDaS, jUsT dO iT......

  89. Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot

    Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot14 dagar sedan

    12:37 me:🤰🏼🤰🏼

  90. Mamun Ellyas

    Mamun Ellyas15 dagar sedan

    Jj's goal keeping is better than harry's goalkeper

  91. Isaac Smith

    Isaac Smith16 dagar sedan

    Tobi: adidas just do it Me:🤦🏻‍♂️ I thought u were better Tobi

  92. Darhnell As

    Darhnell As17 dagar sedan


  93. codeman90000000

    codeman9000000017 dagar sedan

    Harry's brother is better then him lol 😂🤣

  94. Tristan

    Tristan17 dagar sedan

    At 21:46 Josh do Corner Kick Hit the Post And The Ball Went Throught JJ Legs

  95. son goku

    son goku18 dagar sedan

    jj good goal keeper

  96. Ben

    Ben18 dagar sedan

    Josh is bigger than Harry now

  97. SHAOL1NN x

    SHAOL1NN x19 dagar sedan

    what's that song from 22:30?

  98. Charlie Abouserhal

    Charlie Abouserhal19 dagar sedan

  99. wpeoruty

    wpeoruty19 dagar sedan

    I felt annoyed when he said” the sun comes out a bit “. Im from Saudi Arabia 🔥

  100. wpeoruty

    wpeoruty15 dagar sedan

    Jordan Harker because Saudi Arabia is a desert which the sun is burning 🙂

  101. Jordan Harker

    Jordan Harker15 dagar sedan

    Did we ask were ur from 🤔

  102. Leonidas Tolentino

    Leonidas Tolentino19 dagar sedan

    its not fair sidemen taking more shots

  103. Gogeta Gohan

    Gogeta Gohan19 dagar sedan

    Are we not gonna talk about JJ save against Josh in the two touch challenge, that was insane

  104. Finners Good

    Finners Good20 dagar sedan

    jj would be a good goalie

  105. OOF_Fn Guerra

    OOF_Fn Guerra20 dagar sedan

    I’m not the only one who likes that harry’s brother is in this.